Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #15

March 28, 2019

Those close to this disgraced former A- list mostly television actress from a long running hit show know the identity of the person footing the bill for legal services in exchange for sex. He has got some very big pockets and is close to some other people who also are in need of legal services for the same issue. What people didn't know is who is the second person she has been hooking up with. The guy she says she wants to be with forever. No one has seen him. It is a jaw dropper. Apparently it is one of the people that was investigating her. Not sure if the person is local or federal. It seems like a huge conflict of interest regardless of their jurisdiction.

Allison Mack


timebob said...

once again, protecting the identity of the men while outing the Woman. Under his Eye much Enty?

Vita said...

Alison must have some kind of mojo to go with that branding iron if she got one of the people that was investigating to now be supporting her financially in addition to just shagging her

Sal Salington said...

Notice how the grand conspiracy items don't get reveals?

That's how you know they're the ones that are made up just to drive traffic.

Count Jerkula said...

Once a bitch know the pussy is a commodity, she gonna exploit that resource until the well go dry.

TamwellSully said...

100% right.

hunter said...

I feel like I have not found the secret to successfully exploiting my pussy.

Count - maybe you could share some tips.

Just the tip...

Count Jerkula said...

The basics, Hunter, is to target a guy with a huge ego, because they are the easiest marks. Feed the ego, bleed the wallet. Make him feel as special as you can. "I never do that, but with you i would try." "I always fantasized about doing that, but was waiting for someone special/i trust/with the right sized cock to do it with. I could see us maybe doing it." Etc. The right mark will be so full of himself, he wont question your lies.

HushHush said...

@Hunter Bahahaha. Count is giving away his secrets for free. Mack and Raniere did it in instalments, first in groups, then if you're, ahem special and gifted, one on one- just promise not to tell the others!

Still curious who these two guys are.

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Aquagirl said...

This isn’t a reveal without knowing who the guys are.


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