Friday, July 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 18, 2019

I think it goes without saying that in Hollywood, life and art are interchangeable with one
another, especially when you consider Quentin Tarantino’s latest effort. Although, I think
even he would have a hard time concocting a story such as this one. The main subject of this
blind is someone we will refer to as BK.

Back in the day, BK got a part in a movie, a movie that was quite a big deal when it came
out. He was bought onto the film by a former A list director thanks to a particular skill he
had. The A list director felt that having him on set would lend more authenticity to a certain
scene and it’s fair to say that he was right on the money. The scene, while not overtly
explicit made a lot of people very uncomfortable when the movie came out and I think to
this day it still does.

Fast forward a few years after the movie’s release and BK had gotten into a lot of trouble.
The trouble came when he met a person who we’ll call MC. Both BK and MC had a lot of
things in common and hit it off pretty well, MC was actually known in a certain corner of the
entertainment world and this impressed BK. They also shared a love of drugs and booze. On
the night they met they both kicked things along by doing all sorts of drugs and drinking
heavily into the early morning. Eventually, they ended up back at MC’s apartment and
continued to drink and party some more before BK ended up having sex with MC.

Later on, MC made it clear to BK that they didn’t have a future together and that he should
just go home. Now BK had a lot of personal issues, mostly bought on by alcohol and drug
use. Being in the condition that he was in & hearing that from MC caused him to fly into a
rage. So right then and there he brutally bashed and stabbed MC to death before fleeing the
apartment and going into hiding. A week or so had passed after the killing and BK continued
drinking very heavily. During this time MC’s body had been found by the police and the story
was in the media. BK decided that it would be a good idea to contact someone known to MC
and recompense for his latest sin, albeit with the privilege of anonymity.

What BK didn’t know was that someone else would eventually give him up, someone who
wasn’t known to the police or the person BK contacted. In turn, BK was identified as MC’s
killer and promptly arrested. When police found him in his apartment he was drunk out of
his mind and incoherent, but still protesting his innocence. He would spend the next two
decades in prison for the murder of MC but early in his sentence, he got an unexpected visit
from an old friend, the A list director. At the time, the director was going through a few
troubles of his own and was coming off a massive bomb. He was working on a new movie
and wanted to speak with BK regarding the content of the script.

They got talking and eventually the conversation turned to MC, BK admitted that he did, in
fact, kill MC in cold blood despite his pleas to the contrary. Not only did he confess to that
murder, but he went into detail about several other ones, some that dated back to the time
they worked together on the movie. These murders were well known and the director has
never really spoken at length about what BK told him, but sources say that he knows a lot
more than he is letting on. As for BK, he was eventually released from prison, but he has
since vanished and no one really knows what happened to him afterward. When you
consider the movie that he was in, he wouldn’t be the only one to meet a mysterious fate.

BK: Paul Bateson
MC: film critic Addison Verrill
Movie: "The Exorcist" 
Director: William Friedkin
Particular skill: radiographer
Massive bomb: "Sorcerer"
New movie: "Cruising"


herbert arnold said...

good morning everyone. did you guys see that kevin spaceys accuser has dropped his case? its on drudge.

Hanniam said...

Allegedly, Bateson died in 2012.

Guesser said...

@Herbert arnold, just as Enty said.😕

Thia said...

So what was the particular skill that Paul had?

Thia said...

Nevermind, found it.

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Sd Auntie said...

radiologist. vaguely remember the scene and too scared to watch that movie again. his Wikipedia is fascinating. glad he is dead though.

Ladybugmo1 said...

I am not finding any record of his death.

tinydancer61 said...

@guesser I thought the same thing. I was half expecting that to be a solved item today. Never doubt Enty!

yepthatsme said...


Hanniam said...

@Ladybug: that’s why I said allegedly. But it looks likely unless he faked his death/got a death certificate recorded in his name. (Not discounting this option given his history working in the medical field.) There’s an entry in the SSDI for a Paul Bateson that matches all of his publicly known vital info with a date of death in 2012.

Hanniam said...

@Auntie: I’ve never watched the movie* and all Wikipedia alluded to was lots of blood in the scene. Do you remember why there was a radiographer involved in a scene with all that blood?

*Personal superstition, so I don’t plan to watch it either.**
**But don’tcha just hate it when Wikipedia assumes everyone has seen something and plays it coy?

Thia said...

I found the scene on youtube.

A said...

Sd Auntie said...

pictures on google show her under a blanket and he is with his machine. must be that really horrible scene with her floating and spinning her head around. uggh

Puddy said...

@ Thia

It's literally revealed right in front of your face, Jesus Christ.

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DerekHarvey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gerbil S Sac said...

But this "blind" is pretty much just lifted from Wikipedia. Seriously, this one is in no way a reveal.

Gerbil S Sac said...

Meanwhile, on Wikipedia, the exact same story...


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