Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #28

January 7, 2019

Golden Globes

I often debate with myself whether this A- list mostly television actress from a long running network hit will get another decent acting gig when the show ends. Anyway, she got into a screaming match with some woman and it was about an ex of the actress and some cheating. Why does it matter? The ex being referred to I think was the former husband but it was unclear.

Kaley Cuoco


sandybrook said...

Oh it's been a long time since he ripped into Kaley for getting married against his wishes.

sandybrook said...

Anyhow I think Kaley has enough money from her contract on that show to never have to work again, just like she won't ever be reading this site again.

E said...

Agreed @sandy. I've always loved Kaley and no matter what anybody says she's a good comedienne and her body is unbelievable. I don't envy celebs but I would kill to look 1/10th that amazing

TwoDots said...

At one point didn’t people think she was VIP Blonde?

sandybrook said...

No that was supposedly or thought to be Anna Lynne McCord, another Enty friend. It wasn't.

TwoDots said...

Oh I thought in the early VIP days, Kaley’s name was thrown out there. Wasn’t VIP a gym instructor or something?

I’m guessing you don’t subscribe to the podcast?!

sandybrook said...

Maybe before I started reading here it's possible, but all the time I was here it was ALM.
I don't do podcasts,I'd go bankrupt because a lot of people I know in real life do them, at least 50.

Rosie riveter said...


Count Jerkula said...

Alleged Penny wasnt VIPBlond.

If it wasnt actually Penny, then it had to be an assistant, PR person or complete loon fan.

Count Jerkula said...

She just signed an exclusive multi yr deal with i forget which network, and is going to produce and star in a drama for their coming streaming service, as well as develop other projects.

Vita said...

I dont know too much about her personal life, other than the stupid short marriage and love of horseback riding, but I think she seems fun and likeable, and was adorable as Penny. Unless she can really bs like a champ, she always comes off as genuinely grateful for the cosmic lotto she hit.

Count Jerkula said...

Whatever advice John Ritter gave her, her PR/marketing/management team is stellar. She can probably live 5 lifetimes off the Toyota and Priceline ads she was in. Seemed like forever i saw her in almost every commercial break.

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TeeHee@U said...

LOL But, why is Kaley different than Anna Paquin or Emilia Clarke? Two fed your ego?

Emilia is a recently failing actress...yet, these other two women are absolutely irrelevant.

You have always had a thing against ASkas and Kit Harrington and Emilia.

Yet, had Zero clue with your blinds that it was actually the woman slut Richard Maddeson of this year who was caught with his live in BF.


Count Jerkula said...

Teehee, please dont compare paquin and clarke. Paquin is an oscar winning actress w/ box office success in the xmen movies and she still got as naked in the last season of true blood as the first. Clarke is only known for getting titty jigglin doggystyle hammered by Momoa and she kept covered up in the disaster that was GOT's final season. One is a fan pleaser, the other a fan user.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Kaley's dad is a CA Realtor.

If Kaley and her dad are smart, he would have found her long term RE Investments that would supply the whole family with monthly income for life.

Most celebrities who quickly make a ton of money don't have any money management skills.
So, they think buying a mansion, or over priced cars &/or jewelry demonstrates wealth.

It doesn't.


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