Friday, July 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

May 30, 2019

The relationship track for this swimsuit model is dizzying. She first popped up on my blind item radar almost exactly a half dozen years ago. There she was in a reveal and all having to do with an A+ list mostly movie actor who had at that time yet to win an Oscar. Her strategy was bold even then. It was all about publicity and getting ahead and nothing was going to stop her. She was into acting then. That didn't really work so she switched her focus to music. That she decided was her path to stardom. She modeled herself off the network reality star who did acting and singing but ended up just doing judging.

She thought dating an A list mostly movie actor from an acting family might be the way to go, but his way never really usually goes that way. Then, when he couldn't help her career she bounced over to an actor/musician with big Hollywood connections. She called him her soulmate. The thing is though when he didn't advance her career, she was gone.

This time she moved straight to music, but also made sure to keep that celebrity thing going with the offspring of a permanent A++ lister. She called him her soulmate, but again, things didn't work out quite as planned. No career help. The thing is though, the A++ lister actually gave her a break, but she didn't call him her soulmate.

So, moving on she thought she had found the one. I mean this guy was a solo artist and a member of an A list group. Hey guess what? He was her soulmate. This time she even got married. The thing is though, there was no helping her career so she crashed and burned out of that marriage to someone who she is calling her soulmate and he actually looks like he might be helping her career. She does finally have music out. One song, but hey it is a start.

I would have named the song Soulmate, but she chose a different name.

Model - Alyssa Miller
A+ lister - Leonardo DiCaprio
Following Career Of:Julianne Hough
A list from acting family - Jake Gyllenhaal
Actor/musician with Hollywood connections - Mark Wystrach
Celebrity offspring - Lukas Nelson
Solo artist/member of group/guy she married - Cam Avery/Arctic Monkeys
New soulmate to finally help release one of her songs - Korey Dane


Count Jerkula said...

Had to google pics of her. She's not in the same realm as Hough. Her best bet is to get knocked up and pop out an 18yr scholarship.

Snatch and Ladders said...

Busy girl.

Sd Auntie said...

she is a star in her own mind. stick to swimsuits .

tinydancer61 said...

Never heard of her.

Thursday November said...

She's actually attractive, unlike most of these "models" today. In 10 years she'll start calling herself a "muse".

orlando salerno said...

Cam Avery was in Tame Impala, not Arctic Monkeys.

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longtimereader said...

Aren't half of those men gay? just googled her, she's no J hough as the Count correctly pointed out.

runner chick said...

Other than Leo, Julianne and Jake - I don't know who any of those people are. I think they all need career help.

pickyvegetarian said...

never heard of her, she really gets around ... i don't understand why people want to be famous so bad, seems like it sucks


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