Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All I Got Was A Quarter

Actually the first time I lost a tooth I think I did get a dollar from the tooth fairy, but after that it was all about the pocket change. I bet you never had a tooth that was worth 14 cents because the tooth fairy didn't have more pocket change.

Well Maddox Jolie doesn't have that problem. I guess there must be a tooth fairy for rich people and one for poor people and Maddox is definitely on the route of the tooth fairy who lives large. Maddox gets $50 per tooth and so far he has lost four teeth so that is a quick $200 for the six year old kid.

If I were him, I would just take some of that $200, go to a dentist and spend $100 to get the rest removed. Perfectly willing to gum my food for a few months if the tooth fairy is going to drop a quick grand under my pillow when I'm asleep that night.

So if Angelina Jolie pays $50 for each tooth from Maddox, how much does she pay Brad Pitt for fillings? Bad pun wasn't it? Well I just had to try. It seemed like there was a sex joke just waiting and it didn't quite come out like I wanted. Does make you wonder though if Angelina makes Brad dress up like the tooth fairy because somehow I don't see Angelina doing that.


kellygirl said...

please, for the decency of all humanity, can we just leave the kids out of it!!!!!

Lainey said...


Anonymous said...

Does she ever wear anything else?


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