Monday, September 24, 2007

Sex And The City Continues

This is the continuing saga of Sex and The City as I see it.

From left to right--Charlotte-insecure; Carrie-Feels as if she is superior to the other three and treats them with hidden disrespect beneath her plastic exterior; Miranda-would have no other friends and probably would never have got laid in life if it weren't for these three; Samantha-Easier than a blow up doll.

This is the first shot we have seen of Samantha. Not wanting to go all out and put a sign on her back that says "I'm a whore," she does the very next best thing which is to wear bright red so loud that people are blinded. Her goal is to blind or disorient because even though she is a whore she realizes she is more GMILF rather than MILF and so wants to make the first move.

We see Miranda for the first time as she looks for another whiny 35 year old Blockbuster employee to pretend to like while fantasizing about being Carrie's bitch.
Speaking of the bitch. Carrie has discovered that Mr. Big had no soul to steal, so now she will disrespect the other women even more and really make them feel inferior to her as she cackles her way to leaving them all behind when she has no more use for them.


Town Bike said...

Dear God, Kristin David aside, they all look so haggard.

WTF is going on with that 80s power suit Kim C is wearing?

Unknown said...

Kim looks like she is going for a Krystal from Dynasty look. LOL Love her bag though and Kristin's Chanel one too.

mandjo said...

Hello!...hello.....ello.....llo... Where is everybody? I can hear the crickets chirping.

Unknown said...

How is it you never write about sports???

Other than gossip.

October's coming up and football just started.


Reese said...

That last picture of SJP reminded me of a British Vogue article I read about her several years ago that said she had a face like a mule. Only now the mule has aged considerably and not well.

jax said... of one.

no one cares about sports...this ain't no sports site. said...

This is ENT - not ESPN

MnGddess said...

Perfect, Brenda!

And I like ENT's story way better that what will actually appear on screen.


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