Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Random Photos Part One

How can Andrew McCarthy still have that much hair. With no career at all you would think he would have pulled it all out by now.

Dane Cook should have worn Life Alert.
Someone please tell me what the hell is on the top of Britney Spears' forehead. Is that glue where the wig goes?
Checking in again with the ageless Bernadette Peters.
And a closeup to show that she really doesn't need any photoshopping at all to look great.

I don't really have anything to say because I was going to comment on IQ's and then I thought that would be unfair. So Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale get a break today, but now that I look more closely. Are those ski boots Ashley is wearing?
Sheila E. Wow she looks great.
In her new film, Sandra Bullock plays a Dominatrix who lost her clothes and so had to borrow her dad's bathrobe.
Just what the world needs. Another 19th century Victorian film.
I don't really have anything to say. It's just been awhile since we have seen Evangeline Lilly and so here she is back in Hawaii and fixing her top.


Tracee said...

Dammmmmnnnn! That's Sandra Bullock?! She looks beat up! But so does Andrew...[sulking]

wood1107 said...

I LOOOVE Bernadette Peters! That is all.

budford said...

Scalp dye? Like Fabulous Baker Boys?

Moonmaid said...

I think Andrew looks pretty good for a guy who spent many years with alcohol problems. I hear he is sober now, and I hope he gets his career back. He was a pretty decent actor.

Unknown said...

WHAT does Bernadette Peters do to look THAT GOOD??!! Isn't she like 60 now? If anyone knows her beauty secrets, please tell me!!

ablake said...

Andrew McCarthy? Would still hit it.

Bernadette Peters has been and will always be creepy as hell to me. She looks great, sure, but that voice..ugh

Theresa said...

Try 18th century. Very much not the Victorian period.


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