Monday, September 24, 2007

Pete Doherty Takes Advice From Courtney Love--Gives Kate Moss A Dead Rat

A few words of advice Pete. Actually, I don't think any number of words of advice would ever get through that thick head of yours. The only reason I suspect you are listening to Courtney Love is that she is probably keeping you in a very suggestible state.

Since Courtney has no life of her own and everything she touches turns to crap, she thought she would spread her death and gloom touch to Pete Doherty. Pete, allegedly inspired by Courtney and the New York art scene, bought Kate Moss a brooch. Nothing wrong with that. Hey, it might even get her back. Doubtful, but Kate has shown a certain knack for loving the drug addled Crisco criminal, and so it might have worked, save for one thing.

Attached to said brooch, was a dead rat. Granted it wasn't freshly killed or covered in bubonic plague, but it is still a dead rat. Probably better than a live, squealing rat which would create a fuss if you clipped it onto your blouse, but, still, it is a rat. Not a quiet, cute little white mouse, but a big New York style sewer rat with a really long tail that you can wrap around one of the buttons on your outfit.

Pete thinks it's really cool and Courtney does to. Hell, if Pete keeps listening to Courtney she might push him over the edge also and wind up with a gun in his mouth. Then she can run around selling off Babyshambles rights for eternity to rent-a center stores and ice cream chains. Sorry, I got carried away.
By the way, I've always liked the photo above, not because of Pete but because of the old man. I like to imagine he's either Pete's dad or a guy who is in shock to see the free world again because Pete just got off for the millionth time, the guy behind him is seeing sunlight for the first time in 30 years because he got that long for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family. As he stumbles out he can be heard muttering to himself, "I should have just slept with the judges too."

1 comment: said...

So he did he actually give the rat and brooch to Kate?

I think a Pete/Courtney hook up would be splendid. She hasn't had a sacrifice in years and she's getting hungry.....


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