Thursday, September 27, 2007

Something In Common Besides Sleeping With Brad Pitt

There must not be anymore tall people to measure or clothespins on tongues to count because the Guinness Book Of World Records has now determined that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are the two most powerful actresses in Hollywood.

I'm guessing their criteria must have been actresses who generate a great deal of noise but are box office poison. The two actresses do seem to film all the time but unfortunately the films they appear in generally suck.

The researchers for the 2007 edition of the records compendium awarded the joint title after assessing the earnings and PR coverage of actresses across the globe in the last 12 months.

See, their criteria doesn't say anything about whether the films were good, or a box office success or anything that really relates to power.


Khemenu said...

Angelina pulls a lot of weight despite her shitty box office record. People want to see her in movies but she keeps making stupid stupid choices. She must be offered some half decent movies, right? She's not blacklisted or anything, is she? I'm not saying she has to make serious art house films or anything, but if your going to make a blockbuster type movie, at least hold out for a good one.

Tania said...

Judging by the reviews I've seen, Angelina's latest offering does not suck. In fact it's said to be very good, and her performance is praised. So maybe she's broken the bad movie streak? Maniston is doomed though... ;-)


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