Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hef Is Losing It

There may be three, possibly four people in the world who haven't seen Pam Anderson naked. Even if you have not wanted to see her naked, you just can't help it because she takes her clothes off so often and seems averse to wearing anything that takes longer than five seconds to remove.

Obviously Hugh Hefner is not a complete idiot and knows that 3 or 4 people buying a magazine is not worth paying Pam Anderson a great deal of cash to take off her clothes when she would probably do it for free. He needed inspiration, and after two hits of Viagra and an herbal enema from Holly he came up with an idea he thought was brilliant.
Hef decides that all guys like seeing two women together, or in his case three, and decides to pair up Pamela Anderson with the stalker from hell Denise Richards because nothing says turning a guy on like two 40 year old women pretending to be hot for each other in photoshopped pictures.

Allegedly Playboy is offering the pair $1M to do the issue which would be the January 2008 issue. Does this mean each one will get $500K or each will get $1M, because although Pam would probably do it for free, Denise has a reputation as a big earner and I don't think $500K is going to meet her price. Now you may be able to offer to pay her so much money per hour and that might work, but I don't think a flat fee of $500K is going to do it.


merrick said...

is this the answer to the previous bi about the gold digging wife??

Tracee said...

Donna, which one? The one about a gold digger on the yacht who got a new STD? Cuz I thought it was Denise. She's my fave golddigger.

Denise needs a job Ent. And she's a publicity whore. She'll do just so she can say what a bastard Charlie was. I'm putting $ on it.

merrick said...

tracee .. there was a bi awhile back about a gold digging celeb wife who was going to pose for playboy ... said...

A million dollars will buy a lot of chapstick!

Tracee said...

Hmmm. Donna, I must've smoked that brain cell where that BI was located away because I forgot it!


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