Thursday, September 27, 2007

Godfather III Bites Francis Ford Coppola In The Ass

A group of five masked intruders staged a daring daylight office invasion of Francis Ford Coppola's Argentinian home/office yesterday. The five thieves tied up all the employees present and made off with everything in the office that had a plug.

Computers, phones, coffee makers, and cameras were just some of the many items the thieves stole. One of the computers stolen has a copy of the script for Tetro which is a story about Italian immigrant artists set to begin shooting next year and starring Matt Dillon.

The home is in the trendy Palermo district of Buenos Aires. Coppola was not in Buenos Aires at the time of the robbery, and none of the employees were reported as being hurt. Other than money no motive has been given for the robbery but obviously it must be some kind of payback for the torture known as Godfather III.


melcon80 said...

I used to love this site because I could be somewhat discreet at work. Now with all these ads I might need to give it up. Sorry ENT!

Unknown said...

hiding like an old Nazi for Godfather III???


This man is the brilliant director.


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