Thursday, September 27, 2007

Simon Being Simon Or Did He Really Save A Life?

I will let you decide if this was just plain luck or if Simon Cowell should be credited with being a hero.

During the audition process for X Factor which is an Idol type show, Simon Cowell unwittingly saved a girl's life when he said her voice sounded "weird.

The girl, Jacqui Gray was treated to the usual Simon nastiness after she auditioned, but he also said, "Something weird happens in your throat when you sing."

Gray went to a specialist - who found the potentially fatal lung disease in time.

She recalls, "I was told that if I had not caught it in time it could have killed me, which is frightening.

"I am just so glad that Simon said something, and that made me do something about it."
A spokeswoman for the show says Simon was thrilled Gray's problem had been diagnosed, adding, "It is great to hear that Jacqui is on the road to recovery.".

You know Simon is just sitting around his house with his tight t-shirts, chain smoking and ordering his girlfriend around with just a big smug smirk on his face. Now, when Paula Abdul says he's a jerk or an ass, he can look at her and say that he saved someone's life by being an ass and all she's done is, well, nothing really.


Tania said...

I saw that edition of the show & yes, Simon did say that to this contestant. She DID sound odd, for sure.
But I'd have thought such a serious desease would have symptoms which would have prompted her to see a doctor before that. Maybe she was planning to do it anyway, and Simon saying that just gave her a way to do it AND sell a story!
God I'm so cynical... ;-)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

What is this "potentially fatal lung disease" that causes you to sing weird? I wanna know!! lol.


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