Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Photos Part One

And the sad thing is I thought this was a Madame Tussuad exhibit.
After seeing this photo I went out and bought four Volkswagen's because obviously if I do I can also get a shot at someone as hot as Heidi Klum.
I guess Britney Spears got married sometime in the last 24 hours. It must have been a hell of a wedding to fit in between Quizno's bathroom visits, tanning sessions, and wig therapy.
You know that I'm really into Alicia Keys lately, but is she going for a bike ride later, or did she come straight from the weight room or something because those gloves are kind of freaking me out.
I will say it again. Amanda, if you ever read this. Go back to your natural hair color. Don't be like everyone else.
"Hi, I'm Uma Thurman and it's perfectly natural for me to be on the streets of NY on my scooter. The fact that I'm immaculately dressed and look completely perfect doesn't mean I knew the paps would be waiting for me even though I called them and told them when I would be leaving home."

Winona Ryder and Maria Tomei in Milan. That would be a fun way to spend a weekend.
Having given up on her comedy career, Kathy Griffin is now a flight attendant for American Airlines, complete with the fake smile and hair extensions.
So Cash Warren and Jessica Alba are moving into together. That should work out well. Maybe Cash will chip in a couple of bucks for a new garage door opener or something since Jessica is actually going to be the one buying the place. Maybe she thinks if he is with her 24/7 he won't cheat.
I didn't get much sleep last night but Hilary Swank actually looks decent. Not gorgeous, but very pretty.


GammaGirl said...

don't knock the scooter! I think that a longboard/skateboard would have been cooler, but scooters are fun. There. I admitted it.

I agree with the Amanda Bynes comment, but assuming she stays on course and she stops making teen movies, I think she has the potential to stick around for a while...

littleoleme said...

Is Wynona in line for a blood transfusion?

Aaron Weber said...

My God. MTV has replaced its reality stars with robots.
Thank you for alerting me to this dangerous new development. I have expounded upon this theory here: said...

Holy crap Winona Ryder is looking ruff!

Unknown said...

I thoroughly agree - Amanda needs to stop screwing with her hair!!! She looks sooooooo much better natural!


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