Thursday, September 27, 2007

DNfromMN Reviews Feast Of Love

Here's a decent movie getting a decent sized release, and the last time I saw a preview for it was over 6 months ago. This is a date movie.This is a chick movie, and an English major movie. You're tipped off in that it is adapted from a book. It comes across as an indie movie, and it plays like a book. It's like Short Cuts, lite. It's similar to The Safety of Objects or other literary adaptations. I did feel like I had seen this movie almost identically before, but when I checked the IMDb,the other movie had some different subplots, but the same type of cast.So, if you loved "Playing By Heart" with Jolie, Phillipe, Scully from the X-Files, Sean Connery and Gena Rowlands, you will LOVE "Feast of Love".

Quick summary: Morgan Freeman is an aging college professor who is a master of observation. He watches several couples fall in and out of love over the course of 18 months. Coffee shop owner Greg Kinnear's wife falls for another woman in front of his own eyes and he doesn't even notice. Alexa Davalos is the mysterious woman who falls in love at first sight with Kinnear's head barista. Radha Mitchell is the woman who doesn't believe in love.

The movie has some funny scenes, but in the end, I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a drama. Dramedy?

There are some tender moments and the characters you are supposed to love you do. The acting really is top notch, and everyone's beautiful. My favorite touching scenes are with Morgan Freeman and his wife played by Jane Alexander (who rivals Julie Christie in "Away from Her" for being a beautiful older woman).

There are also lots of graphic sex scenes. It's something that kinda threw the whole audience, it was like, "Wow, they're naked... AGAIN!...WHOA and THEY'RE naked now, too!" (don't worry, no naked old people).It's something that gives it some indie cred, but seems unnecessary(Mr Skin note: boobs of Davalos, Mitchell, Selma Blair, and her Penelope Cruz looking lesbian girlfriend; full frontal of Mitchell and maybe a little Davalos). Maybe that will be the motivation to get your boyfriends to see it with you.

Using my ratings from last time: $0.00 (watch bowling on TV before this one shows up) to $16 (tickets plus treats), I'd give this a good $8.00.Worth a see, maybe bring your girlfriends for a good cry and "awww, why doesn't my boyfriend do that?".


kimishoe said...

I read this book years ago (a couple of times actually), and it really is good. It's sitting on my bookshelf right now, too. I had no idea it was even being made into a movie until I saw a preview on the telly. Then I had to go back to the book to make sure it was the same story.

Tania said...

I've never heard of it, but based on this I may like it.
Enough with the bare boobs and female full-frontals though - what about seeing some willy for a change? Anybody with me? ;-)


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