Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Warner Brothers Gets Technical And Emotionless About Death During Batman Filming

It was first reported that a special effects crewman had died during filming onset while working on the new Batman movie.

Now, Warner Brothers has come out with a statement trying to push the death as far as possible from the Batman set and possibly jinxing the film before it opens or associating the film with any kind of death.

What did happen was that an unnamed special effects expert was following the Batmobile on a racetrack in Surrey, England when the car he was in crashed into a tree. It had been reported the victim was trying to figure out how to film a car chase scene for Batman: The Dark Knight.

A spokesman for Warner Brothers Pictures insists the accident did not take place on the film set and actors Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Heath Ledger were not involved.

A statement reads, "There was a fatal accident at a special effects facility for The Dark Knight on the afternoon of 24th September. A technician on the film died when the truck he was in struck a tree following a test run. "Warner Bros. Pictures and the entire cast and crew of The Dark Knight are deeply saddened by this tragedy and their hearts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of the deceased."

The way Warner writes the statement they make it sound as if there are numerous special effects facilities all over the world working on Batman (which is not true) and this guy just happens to work at one of many and he died, following a test run. So, he didn't actually die while doing anything specifically for the film and the film should not be associated with his death or in any way held responsible for his death.

I just hate when corporations are corporations. I understand why they do it and I have to do it also, but it doesn't mean I like it or enjoy it. Instead of just being sorry the man died, you have to try and not bring any bad press to the filming and thus Twilight Zone it, and simultaneously you have to establish your position that the decedent was not an employee of Warner Brothers but rather of the special effects facility. This is done so the family doesn't try and come get money from Warner Brothers. If he was under the direction and control of the special effects facility and their employee, Warner Brothers would not have any financial liability. But hey, the good news is the stars are all fine and Warner Brothers made sure you knew they were fine before even get around to sending best wishes to the deceased.

Makes you love movies doesn't it?


JMS said...

Another reason The Academy didn't want to give awards for stunt work. Lack of safety for the best effects.

I don't like Batman movies anymore. The last one sucked.

Unknown said...

Too late, WB. The story is linked on Drudge with the headline,

BATMAN crew member dies running 'Batmobile'...

The link takes you to the BBC article that includes the statement Ent mentions.

Production Girl said...

My condolences to the family.


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