Thursday, September 27, 2007

Calum Best Has A New Victim

I'm not sure what the attraction is to a guy with no apparent income, a serious drug habit and a lust for hookers, but Calum Best just keeps finding women who want to be with him. At a Halo 3 launch party in London, Calum Best turned down the advances of his ex-girlfriend Sarah Harding who is in the group Girls Aloud. She reportedly was devastated that he blew her off.

The reason Calum turned her down was that he was there with Kimberly Stewart. I didn't think it was possible to take a step down from Tommy Lee, but Kimberly Stewart has found a way to do it. I think the only thing that could possibly be lower on the sliminess scale would be if she started swapping spit with Pimpa Joe.

I'm sure Rod Stewart must be very pleased with the decisions his daughter is making when it comes to whom she dates. When she starts popping Valtrex everyday let's just see how happy Daddy is then.


Khemenu said...

Kim Stewart has been friends with Calum Best for a while. By friends I mean, "friends". I also don't understand the attraction. He's not that good looking(even back when he had a full head of hair), he has no discernable skills or talents beyond being slutty and taking drugs, he barely can support himself financially and he isn't exactly discreet.

Oh shit! Lindsay Lohan was right when she said he was the male version of her.

jin said...

he is k-stew's ex.

he is also a dealer.

lots of cheap blow = lots of starlets.

Patsy said...

So who's slummming here, Calum or Kimmie?

Tracee said...

Patsy I think it's an even toss up. They both looks like they came from the depths of a dumpster.

Obviously, Kim has a drug problem, her pick of partners screams it. said...

I don't think Rod Stewart much cares what decisions she makes.

Unknown said...

Please, they are perfect for each other.
A match made in hell.

Virgo74 said...

All of Rod Stewarts kids look like him!!! Strong genes!!!

I read somewhere that her feet stink.


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