Monday, September 24, 2007

Best Of London Fashion Week

Prince and Mrs. Sting

Boy George at his show. He's not really a boy anymore though is he? Actually I don't think he really ever was a boy. A boy toy yes, but a boy, no. I'm happy for George though and hope he is doing ok.

Pre-dead rat. Courtney Love, Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Mario Testino.
74 years young. Miss Joan Collins
Tara Reid actually looks really, really good here. This is how she needs to dress all of the time. If we only saw photos of her looking like this for the next year she could probably shed much of her party girl image.
My personal shopper Tom Ford with Claudia Schiffer who looks better than she has in ages. It almost makes you forget the whole David Copperfield thing. Almost.
Sadie Frost well on her way to old maid status.
I believe the gentleman on the left may have taken the wrong type drugs to enjoy the carousel because he looks as he fears that his horse may turn around and actually bite him. Peaches Geldof on the other hand looks like she belongs.
Ten seconds after this photo was taken, Naomi Campbell threw the phone at the photographer. Not really, but it wouldn't surprise anyone if she blew up again. She probably is smart enough to limit her explosions to private areas and directed against employees she has paid in advance for the pleasure of screaming at.


Unknown said...

Sadie Frost is probably finally drug-free, and has subsequently gained weight. Her dress probably a bad choice, though.

kellygirl said...

I really think that George Bush should dress up for Halloween as Boy George.

mandjo said...

Courtney Love looks as if she is channeling Alexis Arquette.

mandjo said...

minus the make-up

kellygirl said...

Tom Ford is The Hotness!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gah - Joan Collins looks GREAT! She doesn't look like she's trying to not be an older woman, she just looks like an amazing, gorgeous older woman who takes care of herself. IDOLIZE.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . Tom Ford truly is the only gay man that broke my heart simply by being gay. No matter how hard I close my eyes and wish, he's still gay. Oh well. He's exquisite.

Reese said...

Sadie Frost is looking a lot like a less attractive version of Monica Lewinsky these days.

Was the Peaches Geldof carousel-riding photo taken in Katie Holmes' bedroom?

Joan Collins does look good.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Is it impossible for Courtney Love to close her dang mouth? I have yet to see a picture of her without that mouth hung open in the last year.


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