Friday, September 28, 2007

Four For Friday

#1 This drug addled celebutard from a foreign land (not U.S.) is in a new relationship with a celebutante who is the daughter of someone sexy. Seems the celebutard hit on the celebutante's step mother at a recent event. He was rejected, but the celebutante still adores him.

#2 This slightly chubby female Top 40 singer who is in the valley after coming down from a very big peak, has always had whispers surround her about her sexuality. Turns out they are more then whispers. Our singer and her girlfriend are now living together. To make it look more palatable, she also invited another woman to move in so it looks like they are all roommates. Having the third woman move in also makes it easier for our singer to indulge in the pills she loves so much as the third woman is also the singer's dealer.

#3 This award winning, married with children B list film actor who is in a top ten 2007 film, was in a hotel room last Friday night when he made arrangements with the concierge to get a companion for the night. The concierge arranged for an escort. The next thing that happened was the actor was on the other end of the phone screaming at the concierge because a male escort had been sent. It seems as did many others that the concierge thought our actor was a closet gay. Turns out at least for that night, he wasn't as a female companion was sent over and the concierge paid out of his own pocket for the service to make amends.

#4 This A+ aging Academy Award winning actor has been in this space recently for some wacky summer adventures. Now, he's back in LA and for some reason that no one can fathom has started turning up at garage sales every Saturday morning. No one knows if he is just being generous or he's losing his mind because he is buying absolute junk and keeps buying junk until his car is filled, and then he drives off. It has happened the past three Saturdays.


Patsy said...

Calum whats-his-name, Kimmie Stewart and her step mom, Penny Lancaster for #1.

test said...

agree with calum/kim/penny for #1

kelly clarkson for #2

no idea for #3. jack nicholson? he's always doing bizarre things.

Anonymous said...

I'm with patsy on Calum for #1.

Stacy said...

#1 is Kim Stewart and Calum Best.

#2 I really want to say Missy Elliott, but she's more a rapper.

#3 Matt Damon? He has two kids since his wife has a daughter from a previous marriage.

#4 no clue.

babyface shane said...

1 callum best and kimbo stewart
2 ?
3 ?
4 Jackie boy?

Unknown said...

1. Callum Best/Kim Stewart

2. Kelly Clarkeson

babyface shane said...

2 alicia keys??

Patsy said...

Ooh, Kelly Clarkson is a good guess for #2.

Unknown said...

Most def Kelly Clarkson for #2 and Jack Nicholson for #4.

Shelly said...

1. Calum Best
2. Kelly Clarkson
3. John Travolta
4. Jack Nicolson

Jim said...

I think #1 is Calum Best too, but... he was born in the U.S.

But most people think he is British because of his father and the fact he has lived there a lot.

Still him though, not that anyone gives a shit where he is from.

blooter said...
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Lazy Kate said...

#2 is Kelly Clarkson

captivagrl said...

iwall7- great! except travolta, he's more A list and does not sleep with

Reese said...

1. Calum Best and Kim Stewart
2. Kelly Clarkson
3. Could be Travolta
4. Jack Nicolson

Sounds like the years of drugs and drinking have finally caught up to Jack. How would you like to see him bargaining for someone's old croquet set next Saturday?

Anonymous said...

1. Callum/Kim Stewart

2. BRITNEY SPEARS! There has been a lot in the press about her sexuality. And she just had her "cousin" Ally move in with her.

3. Hugh Jackman

4. Jack Nicholson. Has been a popular guess for other BI's over the summer. Was off on adventures (on a yacht somewhere) now back in LA.

jax said...

About Schmidt anyone?? lol oh jack you crazy f#ck.

1- callum best-at-nothing
2 kelly muffson
3- revolta
4 jacky boy.

Zabbie said...

2. Queen Latifah
4. Tom Hanks?

Cooper's Mom said...

#1 is def Calum and Kim Stewart - read it in a UK site yesterday.

#2 immediate thought was Kelly C. who else, right?

#3 had no clue but John Travolta is a genius guess

#4 Jack N is definitely the man as reports and pics of him and his 'wacky' behaviour where all over the tabs whilst i was in London over the summer.

bmini said...

1. kim Stewart and Calum or whatever his name is...
2. Kelly Clarkson
3. Hugh Jackman
4.jack N

Emily Stroop said...

Ooh, Hugh Jackman is a good guess.

Any big 2007 films for him?

GammaGirl said...

1. Definitely calum best, the pics were everywhere.

2. Kelly Clarkson. Those rumors that she's a lez don't seem so crazy anymore.

3. Hugh Jackman IS a good guess.

4.Jack N..."wacky and aging",who else could it be? hahaha

kellygirl said...

not for one minute do I believe Travolta would hire a female hooker.

mocha said...

its too obvious to be britney. besides she JUST hasn't come down from a large peak in her career, she's been in the valley for four years!

kelly clarkson was riding high on the success of since u been gone & her new album my december bombed. pills? could be how she's losing weight.

Anonymous said...

The only way Travolta would ever hire a female hooker is if she also had man parts. He is not doing very well at convincing people he's straight.

I kind of like the Britney guess, even though it screams Kelly. Britney is way into pills and it fits her, too. Bigger hints could have been given to point to Britney, but they would have been obvious. I'm going with Shitney.

Unknown said...

omg you are so right about #2 being Britney!! That makes so much sense! I was thinking Kelly Clarkson at first too, but it just doesn't fit perfectly (esp. the part about the pills - Kelly is almost a straight edge), but it fits Brit to a T!!! What the hell is with everyone saying #2 is Travolta?? He is gay, people - that's really well-known. (There's even a pic of him sweetly kissing a dude on the lips as he's getting on a plane).

MnGddess said...

You know #4 is Jack Nicholson, and he's just, um, researching for a new role.

Yeah, that's it.


Unknown said...

1. Calum Best and Kimberly Stewart

2. Kelly Clarkson/Janet Jackson/Britney

3. Neither Travolta nor Jackman. Possibly Matt Damon or Russell Crowe.

4. Absolutely Jack Nicolson

parissucksliterally said...

Not Britney. ENT would have referred to her as "trainwreck" or something of that nature.
Kelly Clarkson is my guess.

Hayden Christensen for #3?
not Travolta though.

Anonymous said...

1. Calum Best/Kimbery Stewart

2. Kelly Clarkson

3. No idea

4. Jack N

Unknown said...

i say queen latifah for number two. kelly clarkson isnt chubby! and for all the crap the press has been giving britney about gaining weight i doubt she's any bigger than a size nine.

Kathy K said...

Kelly has totally gotten chubby .... I only know because her figure is just like mine, and when I gain weight, I gain it just like she does.

Take a look at any pictures of her taken over the summer (not photoshopped pix for mags, just street shots). She has gained considerable weight and even by midwest standards, we'd call her chubby.

parissucksliterally said...

he says "SLIGHTLY chubby" and come on, I love Kelly, but she has some weight issues.

Stacey Charter said...

2) torn on this one between Kelly and britney... but leaning towards kelly

3) can't be travolta can it? isn't he on set w/ his wife and daughter?( and i presume son that he never talks about)how about Tim Allen? (yes wild hogs is in the top ten for 2007...unbelievably!)

4) in this space recently for some wacky summer adventures = Jack Nicholson

Unknown said...

I don't get the impression that Kelly would be hooked on drugs, though. Also, I didn't find very good evidence of her being a lesbian on the internet. It's all just speculation based on...nothing much as far as I can tell. She wrote "behind those hazel eyes" as a reaction to being dumped by that guy from Evanescence.

Unknown said...

1. agreed stewart/best- there have already been pics released of them together.

2. Kelly Clarkson- career wise she matches the profile. Also, she is always pictured with the same group of chicks. Alicia is just gearing up for a record that is coming out.

4. Probably Jack, but don't we need him a little crazy?

but 3...

I don't think Hugh Jackman is gay... BUT he did star in a review of a very famous gay man on broadway and I think he was even nominated for a tony for it. SO, if he was at a NY hotel, I could easily see the savviest concierge making the easy slip, wayyy before any of the other suggestions.

Unknown said...

1 stewart/best

2 kelly, dont want to offend her but latifah is beyond chubby.

3 is travolta, as a pr stunt. i cannot imagine somehow asking for an escort saying: send. thanks. If you gonna pay that much, you give more details of what you would like to have? wouldn´t you?

Yet again, why would you need the concierge, when you already have your agencies in place? you´re either abroad like Cruise (but no hit 07) or unexperienced like Efron( but no kids).

4. jack, experimenting with this new currency as payment for the students he will spank in LA...

Virgo74 said...

1. Calum and Kimberly Stewart/Penny Lancaster.

2. Kelly Clarkson

3. I compiled a list of the top ten grossing films so far for 2007:

1. spiderman 3
2. live free or die hard
3.fantastic 4, rise of the silver surfer
4.i now pronounce you chuck and larry
5. blades of glory
6. hairspray
7. ghost rider
8. harry potter
9. transformers
10. sherk the third

The only one I could think of is John T, but he is gay, Hugh jackman was in none of these movies.

Tobey Mcguire? He is B status, even with the Spidey success, married with child?

Ralph Fiennes also starred in a top grossing film, Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix, but we all know he ain't gay!!! Instead of snakes on a plane, dude was having sex on a plane.

4. This screams Jack. From spanking to junk collecting. He goes to extremes, doesn't he?

Virgo74 said...

PS!!! Tobey has some new films coming out as well, Brothers (2009)Tokyo Suckerpunch (2008)and Quiet Type (2007).

maryconte said...

Nicholas Cage for #3?

(I read this site all the time and immediately thought of him when I saw the BI plus "Ghostrider")

Hannah Hosh said...

What about Adam Sandler for #3? I wouldn't assume the he's gay, but he is married with a child...

Hannah Hosh said...

Or Will Ferrel for #3? I would consider he and Adam Sandler both B list actors...

Unknown said...

B-list, married with CHILDREN ... more than one child.

Travolta and Jackman, both bearded, but gayer than Prada frocks on a lovely spring day.

The Bourne Ultimatum is No. 5 on the list for 2007 so far, but Matt Damon only has one child.

Rush Hour 3 is on the list. Jackie Chan? Chris Tucker?

Anonymous said...

I still say Britney for the #2 guess. Here's why . . . just a day before this BI, there were posts on other sites about Britney strangely hanging out in THE VALLEY, just out at bars with Ally, her new roommate, instead of her usual Hollywood hangout. So that explains the "valley after coming down from a very big peak" part.

dee said...

what about Mike Myers?? He's been rumored to be gay....and he's in Shrek the Third..

Siemens said...

#2 - Mariah Carey.

bg said...

#4 Kevin Spacey! "has been in this space recently."

ablake said...

Tobey Mc is an excellent guess. When Leonardo hit with Titanic he and Tobey and Eligiah Wood were always together and some of the more catty items about them in gossip rags implied things about their special friendship.

tigereye said...

#1i like that the celebutante is the daughter of someone sexy--'if you want my body and you think i'm sexy'- i so rarely actually get BIs, I enjoyed reading that!
along the lines of i don't ever know BIs, #2=Kelly Clarkson?
#3-haha, oops!
#4-either he's losing it, really really bored, or in the midst of a practical joke to someone who's going to get a lot of shit, soon.

haha, then I read the comments, damn I'm on a role today! =) yeah yeah, i know I"m behind, was out sick!

Death is not a joyride. said...

has nobody thought of Jessica Simpson for number 2?


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