Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sex And The City Continues

Carrie hires an assistant (C.A.) who formerly worked at Kramerica Industries which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vandalay Worldwide. C.A. was hired because the five minutes a day that Carrie actually works was proving to be too much for her brain because of all the talking out loud to herself she does each day. Therefore, she hired an assistant whose sole qualification is that she is as bad, if not, a worse disaster fashion wise than Carrie so of course Carrie thinks C.A is fabulous.
Meanwhile, Carrie's normal twin sister Larry has come to town. Carrie's other sister Daryl couldn't make it. Larry has come to New York in order to try and prevent her sister from administering any more kisses of death. It seems that Carrie's sisters are unable to get any action because any guy that comes into contact with them fears the sisters are also soul suckers just like Carrie. Carrie and Larry have never got along because Larry doesn't bleach her blond every other week and because Larry buys her clothes at a mall.

Across town Samantha demonstrates to a group of marketing professionals what her reaction was the first time she had to swallow.
Now however, she loves it so much she has turned it into her very own special treat which she is trying to market to other nymphomaniacs to get them through the day, and gay hikers as a protein boost while in the wilderness.
As we see Charlotte today she's ecstatic that she managed to make it home last night in time to see Pepe being beaten and forced to polish each and every shoe before being allowed to go to bed. Right now Charlotte is on her way to ask C.A. to introduce her to Diddy because C.A. must know Diddy because all black people know each other.
Having finished her frozen treat, Samantha dons this outfit in order to fulfill her Great Pumpkin fantasy which involves Charlie and Linus staying up in the pumpkin patch with her all night while she screams "Good Grief" each time she has an orgasm.


ablake said...

And like Freddie Mercury Pre-Queen:
Nobody cared.

Not towards you Ent, just..they are trying entirely too hard with this. Releasing pics daily of the shoot?

Glamour Boy said...


Virgo74 said...

Must have been a slow day for gossip. I am soo tired of seeing pics of the upcoming Sex and City movie!

It will probably flop.

Rhianna said...

I've never watched S&TC, but I love your commentary on their movie shoot ENT. Thanks for the laughs, and keep 'em coming!

Emily Stroop said...

This running SATC narration and photo essay is juvenile and boring. Please stop.

Unknown said...

Kramerica and Vandalay, I love it. You manged to hit the nail in the coffin and make me snort my morning soda through my nose while muzzling the laughter at work. Keep up the sad commentaries on this Golden Girls reunion movie.

Unknown said...

Oh, I think J-Hud looks adorable (really! no sarcasm)...except for the boots & purse. ;)

__-__=__ said...

The shoes! The shoes!! What happened?!?!?! My eyes!!!!!!!!! Oh, my eyes!!

link88 said...

Really, Kevin? Did you really snort soda through your nose in a fit of uncontrollable laughter at this? I guess it's possible.

Even if some people thought this was funny enough to laugh out loud, I wish people (on all blogs, and nothing against Kevin) would come up with a new way to express that they thought something was funny - everyone is always snorting coffee/soda/wine and spewing beverages and food at the computer screen in fits of hysterical laughter. I don't think it is THAT common to get just the right combination of sip just at the right time combined with something so sidesplittingly funny that you can't finish swallowing your drink before chucklng. And food - the need to spew it out of your mouth with the force of your spontaneous laughter? I've done those things as a kid/teenager and as an adult while drunk, but I was with friends, not reading someone's wry comments about some celebrity photos.

Sorry - just a pet peeve that I find hard to believe when people write it all the time!


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