Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Love Pink's Publicist

I don't really care if Pink and her husband Carey Hart are getting a divorce. I think they are but that is kind of beside the point in this post.

What I love is that US Weekly asked Pink's rep for a comment on the report that Pink told all her friends at dinner a few weeks ago that,“We’re just not getting along anymore. We each need our space. We need our distance. It’s not like it was when we first started, and we are going to end it.”

Pink's rep called the story "complete bullshit."

Whether or not her rep was lying through their teeth you have to love the fact they just came out and gave a statement that is truly representative of what Pink would say if a reporter asked her. That's how it should be.

Can you imagine Pink ever saying, "Carey and I are committed to our relationship. Each marriage has its ups and downs but we remain the best of friends and have a marriage that is not unlike so many others in the industry where demands on our time do not let us spend as much time with each other as we would like."

Hell no. Pink would just say, "mind your own f**king business," and she has a rep that personifies her which is really refreshing.


ablake said...

Agreed and agreed Ent. Good call.
I don't know much about this woman but I know she can outsing just about every other thing the record companies are trying to sell and she has been more than candid about her past.

mooshki said...

That is very refreshing. Go Pink! and Go Pink's Publicist!

Unknown said...

I met Carey in Honolulu last year. Really nice guy!

Cute too!

__-__=__ said...

I thought they were a great couple. I guess nothing lasts. Good luck to them.


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