Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random Photos Part One

You would think that if David Beckham can run like this when shopping that he could somehow run on the soccer field and start earning some of that bazillion dollars the Galaxy is paying him.
Christina Aguilera on her way to audition for pregnant Kabuki theatre.
Speaking of Kabuki theatre. This photo was taken at midnight. Guess where Britney Spears is headed. How did you know? Am I the only one who doesn't go tanning at midnight?
Kirsten Dunst is back in town and also back with Johnny Borrell. Guess he needed the money and was willing to close his eyes and hold his breath.

You would never know that moments before Jennie Garth and her husband actually kissed goodbye. Even the limo driver looks pissed.
Mischa Barton at National Contraceptive Day. This is too easy. I'm all for contraception, but unfortunately Mischa's parents must have not been big fans.

This is Mischa shortly before the Contraceptive Day festivities. What is the purpose of even wearing a shirt if you are not going to button it? I'm all for sexiness and cleavage, but when your buttons are undone to the point that they are below your bra, I think that is crossing what I like to refer to as the Michael Bolton line and that is just too far.
Speaking of going too far. How far is Disney going to take this "showmance" before they determine that Vanessa Hudgens has paid her penance and let Zac Efron find other friends to play with.

I dream of having enough money to have someone who walks next to me and their only job is to look pissed off. Uma Thurman has obviously reached that goal. I congratulate her, and on the Victoria Beckham tribute hat.
Tyra Banks had a wardrobe malfunction, but a staffer fixed it right up with some aluminum foil.
It doesn't even really look like Natalie Portman does it? I think she looks good but she has always been her own person and now it seems she is slowly turning into everyone else in LA.
I will say one thing for Leonardo DiCaprio. He gets out among the people and doesn't mind having a beer gut.


Unknown said...

Mischa Barton has such a weird skinny-wide body! I'm sure nature didn't intend for her to be this thin, because her frame is reaally wide. Weird. That's all.

Reese said...

Leo's riding a bike to remind us that he is eco-conscious, and to help lose the beer gut.

Kitty said...

Is that a baby bump on Tyra B?


Tracee said...

Thick or skinny I love me some TyTy. Except when she gets all Oprah like on guest's asses.

Jenny's husband is hot.

Emily Stroop said...

Peter Facinelli is a fox. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I really liked Fastlane.

Virgo74 said...

Misha needs to get more meat on her because she is very hippy.

What in the world does Brit have on???? Still out partying.

Kirby Holt said...

I'd hardly call that a beer gut.


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