Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sex And The City Continues

As Charlotte and Carrie compare whose outfit is the most outrageous, Charlotte discovers that one of her shoes has a scratch on it. She immediately calls home to have her shoe polisher Pepe whipped and the price of a new pair of shoes deducted from his pay. When informed that the price of her shoes costs more than she pays Pepe in one month, Charlotte responds, "I pay him that much?"
When Carrie and Samantha run into each other on the street, Carrie whispers in Samantha's ear how much she hates Samantha and to tell her that if she wants to stay friends with the remaining three women that Samantha needs to stop wearing so many solid colors and to start looking more like the curtains in a Motel 6. Having spent so much time on her back in motels and hotels with strangers she has just met, Samantha knows exactly what Carrie is referring to and promises to show all the other women that she also can be a horrendous fashion statement and a poster child for those who want to be color blind.
Having not had sex in almost 45 minutes, Samantha begins to orgasm on the street in order to attract attention from anyone in the NY Metropolitan area she hasn't slept with.
While Carrie informs Miranda that Carrie has put Samantha on double secret probation for her fashion violations, Carrie is mugged by Pepe's wife who needs money to feed the children. Charlotte who has no idea Pepe even has a wife, talks to no one in particular, simply because everyone else in NY is tired of listening to her whine about everything in her life while doing absolutely nothing to contribute to society.


Lainey said...


Unknown said...

I am loving your SATC plot Ent LOL LOL

GammaGirl said...


Unknown said...

Your comments help bring sense to such a senseless waste of film.

Production Girl said...


I think your storyline will be MUCH better then the movie version, LOL.

Queen Beatnik said...

Cynthia Nixon is wearing a hideous dress. Absolutely dreadful. On the other hand, SJP looks like she's wearing a sofa. Can you imagine seeing these clothes on the big screen?


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