Friday, January 06, 2012

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Hugh Jackman needs some California sunshine. The guy is looking pale. Ripped, but pale.
Justin Bieber and his dad trying to look cool on the beach.
Justin got a new Jesus tattoo and
has about 20 new girlfriends who follow him everywhere he goes.
Juliette Lewis is now a redhead. Kind of looks like Katey Sagal in Married With Children.
LeAnn Rimes is on vacation again. Third one in a month. In Hawaii this time.
Madonna, her boyfriend and her family heading out of Geneva after their vacation.
Also on vacation, Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough.
Simon Cowell. A lonely man on his yacht which rents for $450,000 a week. Yes, for one week.


Cheryl said...

I'll take Hugh anyway I can get him!

How many bikini's does Leann own? Like clockwork, she always show up in a new one after Brandi has been in the news.

Rita said...

Ohooh, looks like all of the reveals are here!

Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell
Bieber (with douchey looking dad!)

From now on Enty, please use that picture of Leann whenever you feel the need to post anything about her.

MM said...

Oh look, Leanne's so skinny that she can fit in a child's inner tube.

Feisty said...

This will probably be the only time I ever say this but - I like what Juliette Lewis is wearing. I'm not even a big leopard print fan.

EmEyeKay said...

that tattoo of Justin's is supposed to be new, but it sure doesn't LOOK new - there's no redness or raising of the skin.

Enty sure answered some blinds!

Patty said...

Bieb's dad looks like a tool.

Look at those legs on Juilette. Amazing!

Seacrest and Cowell vacation pics. Possible clue to a blind?

Congrats Leann, you are so skinny you fit in a little childs toy. *eyeroll*

Sasha said...

The picture with Justin and all the girls, kids, dog, etc. following him looks like it is right out of a commercial.

Texshan said...

I see the douche doesn't fall far from the tree in the Bieber family.

Looks like Juliette is using L'Oreal Lightest Auburn, just like me!

ForSure said...

Can we add Leanne Rimes and her paid pap photos to the NO MORE list for 2012 with Paris, LiLo, and the Kartrashians? Ick.

Sherry said...

Oh, Texshan another redhead. We defnitely have more fun! Boy Justin is scrawny!

hunter said...

WHAT the HELL is Bieber's dad wearing?

soooooo wroonnnggggg

RenoBlondee said...

Yep, nice blind item pics, lol.
Gawd, I can't believe girls want to sleep with that little twerp Justin, ugh. Not one iota of sex appeal.

Sylvia said...

Can someone please explain the blind item comments. I am lost lol...

Beaver and his dad look like white trash. Does Beaver think that having a tat is going to make him a man LOL. I also can't stand those stupid baggy shorts.

Madonna looks like an idiot with that hat..

RocketQueen said...

Lol - that's what I'd call a solid reveal. Thanks, Ent.

The Beebs seems to have sprouted in the last year - he looks a lot taller. And skinnier, which is really just "ew" to me when I picture him and Selena doing it (which I honestly don't picture much guys, really)

Rita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carrie L. said...

Texshan & Sherry, include me in your redhead club. I recently darkened mine so it's about the color of Juliette's - love it! I think she looks great, too.

Yeah, Enty definitely answered two of today's blind items in the photos. Awesome! The Biebs just grosses me out, though. He's so scrawny. Yuck x 100.

Missjenny619 said...

Feisty - I'm with ya on Juliette's dress. Stunning! And I am not into animal prints either. But wow, that dress is amazing!

Del Riser said...

@Patty, Juliette's legs are FAB. If I was a man I would def be a leg man.

LeAnn is pathetic.

The Biebs looks like a stick figure caricature. Just so "little boyish".

Poor Ryan no snuggo's with the furry titted one.

Sherry said...

Michael K has some pics of LeAnn gettin' all frisky with some "friend" on the beach as if to say, "oh, I swing with the girls too!" Loser.

Carrie: Welcome to the Redheads Club. Mine is much more a deep copper with a touch of burgundy.

Jessie said...

Juliette looks amazing.

A guy should have a sexy back, Beibs looks like he has a lady part sprouting at the bottom.

Himmmm said...

Dear Mr. Beeburr:

This letter is in reponse to your query to our television offices about your proposed new reality show "Big Daddy Beeever's Island Adventure". I'm sorry to say that our schedule is full for the coming season so we won't be picking you up. Thanks for sharing your, uh..."pilot" of the program. We really enjoyed it! If you will, allow me to offer just a top 10 few praises and tips for your show:

1. No sir, we don't think it's really creepy at all the way you keep oiling up the inside of your son's thighs while suntanning. No more creepy than Dad-Son tattoos. And no, I don't have Hulk Hogan's cell number.

2. Those girls on your "island" really seemed YOUNG. Like VERY YOUNG. But yes, I believe you that they're all legal. I loved that charades segment where they were mouthing the words "HELP ME" with fear in their eyes. Great actresses! Now THAT's REALITY TV!
I smell an EMMY!!

3. We all enjoyed the segment of your program called "Courtney Stodden's Tijuana Donkey Show". I had no IDEA she was so...flexible! And yes, I DO think Kris Kardashian would co-host with you (but I think Kendall is a bit...uh, petite...for that sort of thing right now. I'm sure in a few years Kris will love for her to star in that segment. Right after her Kendall-Jayden Smith human toilet/sex tape is released).

4. We really liked the promo tie-ins you did with Astro-Glide, Trojan, and Vivid Video. I'm sure you could get Valtrex, Lysol, and Purell to sponsor it too!

5. While we think the hidden camera sections of the show starring your son and Selena Gomez in an all-night coke-bender nipple-raunch were tasteful, I don't think that "release" she signed (in crayon? really?) was legal enough to allow us to air it. And YES, I DO think Joe Francis and Roman Polanski WOULD buy the raw footage from you.

6. No sir, it's not "douchey" at all to call yourself "Daddy Beever". Having that VERY SPECIAL Father's Day episode with Michael Lohan, Hulk Hogan, and Pimpa Joe Simpson is pure TV gold! I'm sure it'll really warm the gag-reflexes of creepy pedo-parents everywhere.

7. Honestly? I think having Casey Anthony on to pole dance to "Father Figure" is pushing it a tad much. Even for us. (Even WE have limits!) Give her a few months though. Remember, Hollywood LOVES a comeback!

8. The the scenes of you in bling-bling, trucker hats, and a mesh speedo on the beach in Baywatch slo-mo to Rupert Holmes' hit "Pina Colada/Escape"...running to embrace Octomom? Beautiful! Stunning! I haven't been so emotional since the last episode of MASH.

9. I'm sure Ali Lohan is very talented sir, and I'm SURE her mom approved, but there are laws. We cannot air that scene...ever. (I didn't even know midgets could DO THAT without a ladder? LMFAO!).

10. One final tip: Judging by the photos on CDAN today? If your son wakes up tomorrow next to a dead, underaged, Thai boy dressed in a bedazzled Harry Potter outfit - it would STILL only be the SECOND most embarassing thing to happen to him this week.

Stay Golden Beevey Boy.
Rev. Pat Robertson
Seacrest/Kardashian Television Studios Inc.

Dani said...

@Himmmm - THAT was pure gold. I choked on laughter.

btw - is your name a PPG tribute?

MizCaramel said...

Himmmm I so missed you!!!

Now what's this about blind items revealed, guess I have to read further...

Maja With a J said...

Himmmm! You're back! And with a funny post, to boot *L*

Himmmm said...

Thanks MizCarmel and Dani - I was kinda 'fraid someone might take that parody seriously (ick-nast!).

Dani, to reveal a longtime mystery - the origin of the name HiMMMM comes from a running joke with Enty actually. We're both big fans of the Cannonball Run film. Dom Deluise plays a crazy guy who slips into the role of Capt. Chaos. But Burt Reynolds forbids the mention of the name Chaos, so they refer to him as: "Himmm".

As for MY true identity?
I have an oddly located office. Literally next door to many other celebs who also have prod. deals/offices.
Sometimes when I'm in the office (very rarely), a few pals stop by to visit or check CDAN from my computer. So sometimes THEY offer to opine too (esp. if an article is about THEM lol).
Well...I'd hate to ruin anything, esp. my ability to be myself or worry about offending others. So just know that I'm just like all you other great folks here - just another person just like you ;-)
I'm so thankful for ALL the kind/warm comments and welcome backs this week. I wish I COULD do this all the time, but sometimes...I have to revert to my Capt. Chaos self and save the world! j/k

lutefisk said...

I wish I didn't see the mesh Speedo comment while I was eating. :0

Rita said...

@Himmmm- LOL!

EmEyeKay said...

@Himmmm, that was awesome!

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Damn, Himmmm, you're on fire today! I didn't know whether to laugh or gag over that one! (That's what I get for trying to eat ice cream while reading CDAN, eh?)

ardleighstreet said...

I would rather have a pale Hugh then a Hugh who has skin cancer.

Himmmm, so glad you are back!! You've been missed.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Isn't it sweet how LeAnn fits into a kiddie inner tube!

@Himmmm - Love it.

califblondy said...

Thanks, Himmmmm, say hi to the celebs reading about themselves on CDAN.

Okay, I'm in the dark with the blind reveals. Can somebody please spell it out for me (and the other lost souls)?

Mango said...

I wonder how long it will take Eddie Ciprian to burn through Leann's cash?

Welcome back, Himmmm - that was great!

White.God.of.Fuck said...

Father Bieber looks like he's wiping a skidmark into his swin suit.

Is Simon Crowell a homo?

Rita said...

@Califblondy - Read fully Enty's blinds for Friday. As well as the guesses.

Also, because not all were able to befriend him on Facebook, he will be reposting the last blind and reveal he had on Jan. 2nd, as well as the answer to one of Friday's blinds.

Hopefully #3, that was a mouth full as well as a brain teaser.

NYCGirl said...

What exactly does LeAnn Rimes need a vacation FROM?

Principessa said...

Reality? And the knowledge that no matter how skinny you get, you can't starve away the ugly?

figgy said...

Himmmm, missed you! Post more please!! :-D

NYCGirl said...

Principessa, she seems to be on a permanent vacation from reality!

bookworm said...

Peter Sarsgarrd ( however you spell it (I'm to lazy to scroll back up to check) is well kinda fugly. I've also thought Jake G was toothy tile- I've also heard that Peter S. could be Grey Goose. GOSH! I hope not! He's not nearly hot enough for Jakey! Now my guess for Grey Goose (Austin Nichols) is a match made in heaven for Jackey- AN is sex on stick to me!


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