Monday, July 23, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 7, 2018

How did the poison get administered? That is the question the foreign born A list celebrity wants to know. It nearly killed him. His protectors also want to know who did it because, it could easily have been one of them that was poisoned instead. The near death experience has the A lister ready to reveal a bunch of things, regardless of who it helps or hurts. That will probably lead to new attempts to kill him.

Julian Assange (probably the reason Ecuador is renewing their push to get him out of the Embassy. Also may be why that A- list celebrity friend of his visited three consulates here in LA on Saturday.)


sandybrook said...

The dreaded inside mole, happens all the time.

Todd said...

Exactly Sandy! Did we learn NOTHING from numerous seasons of the TV series 24?

Brayson87 said...

His goose is cooked, prison or death, either way he's going into a box. He'd better start revealing things asap.

sandybrook said...

They probably didn't air vienticuartro in Ecuador Todd.

plot said...

Assange is such a drama queen. Oh, he'd love to survive a poisoning, be dragged into court on a gurney to answer question in a whisper through parched lips.

He is a thoroughly compromised source as far as being any use to intelligence anywhere, just like Paul Manafort. That makes him an end point, in the chain of arrest and negotiations, not a link.

Too bad Assange chose the wrong side to play on. Sad.

longtimereader said...

The best journalist of the few decades about to be offed as supposed 'freedom loving' types esp. on the centre left dem side rejoice in his fall. Utterly depressing. Funny how very few true defenders of liberty are left on both the left and right to support him.

plot said...


"Trump will pardon him"

Maybe. The GOP is awfully loyal to Vlad these days and a pardon would put Assange out on the streets again...where anything can happen.

Or, we don't want him. So he spends his time in UK lockup for jumping bail, is let out on the streets...where anything can happen.

No safe spaces for Jules when the Big Bear comes calling.

plot said...

"The best journalist of the few decades "


You mean the guy who altered videos and text releases? Is that what journalists do?

Ur funny.

plot said...

Oh oh oh!!

You mean the guy who tried to convince everyone that HRC personally killed Seth Rich, even after Rich's family told him to STFU about their son???

Is that what journalists do????

Ur delusional.

Humor Me said...

Pamela Anderson for the celebrity visiting the Embassies.

Unknown said...

Plot you're so predictable. How did I know when I clicked comments that your stupid ass would be here spamming nonsense? Take off your tinfoil hat out of your house sometime, man.

Sadie said...

During the 2016 election, Assange dropped his mask of 'independence' and openly endorsed Russian promoted hoaxes and candidates, notably Trump. In so doing he revealed he was just a tool of Putin like Snowden. So his usefulness to Putin has reached an end. And Putin must be worried Assange might reveal more about his relationship with Russian intelligence. I'd be scared stiff if I was Assange.

HH314 said...

Yeah he is a Russian stooge, just like the current president. if anyone is poisoning him, it's the Russians, they've had some practice recently

Unknown said...

The latest Gallup poll shows that fewer than 1% of Americans still buy the Trump/Russia narrative enough to consider it the most important issue facing the country. Keep beating that Russia drum, suckers, and let's get that down to 0%! We know you can!

Assange needs to dump the fucking data already. Yes, it'll be messy and hard for people to handle. Too bad. That's what we get for abdicating our responsibility as citizens to think for ourselves.

Traitorhater said...

So sad to see so many Americans are delusional. Assange will go down in history as one of the greatest heroes of our amazing times. He exposed the corruption and even worse, the pedophilia of the powers that were. After having read Podesta's sick emails anyone who stands up for these traitors and perverts is on the wrong side of right.

Spudmonkey said...

plot, you pathetic little leftist faggot, show yourself to the door.
then hang on it, you insignificant little cunt...

IanPhlegming said...

Plot is lying about the videos and emails being changed. That was a failed attempt to frame Assange that unraveled in less than two days, just like the attempt to frame him as a pedophile fell apart in less than a single news cycle.

The chans are killing the mainstream media and the Hollywood entertainment cabal.

Waiting for something here about Dan Harmon. Brutal weekend for that man. But not brutal enough.

Portis said...

"Assange needs to dump the fucking data already."

Could not agree more. I've often wondered why he didn't drop it before, but I suppose it is possible he's been in detention so long that the damage control teams may have been able to neutralize much of what he would expose. And the media is so ridiculously corrupt at this point (they're not even trying to pretend anymore), I'm not sure much of it would be allowed to get coverage, other than coverage of the "nothing to see here, folks" type.

Sadie said...

Wow, the psycho rightwing Russian trolls have taken over this site.

Katrina's Voice said...

Hey; someone needs to start monitoring this site for the troll bashing back and forth. Used to come to CDAN and read comments and be somewhat amused, entertained, and dare I admit... enlightened. Now - seems like everyone is intent on tearing each other down. Let's stick to the blinds vs. attacking each other... k?

T. W. said...


Love you for telling it like it is!

Sd Auntie said...

Just ignore the rude comments.its all one person under different names.

mike m said...

You can always tell who the msm retards are at whatever site you comment on, Russian bot or Russian troll are their calling cards.

Sal Salington said...

I guess we'll find out if he really had a deadman's switch.

That'll be fun for everyone!

nonyabusiness said...

You all take this gossip site and its comments too seriously. If you don't like what's being commented, ignore it. It's not difficult. Stop being so damn sensitive.

just sayin' said...

Honestly, larp-troll-with-your-multiple-pro-and-con avatars, praising yourself and trying to make one of your personae the new CDaN cool guy -- do you think your arguments using one avatar debating another about the Russian investigation are convincing anyone of anything? Your sense of self-importance is quite breathtaking, but equally tiresome.

Himmmm said...

Plot is such a bitch.

cc423 said...

Julian Assange is a Putin puppet.

just sayin' said...

I love them all in their own way, but it really does get tiring some days.

just sayin' said...

No need to rub my nose in it, lol. I'm "woke" now, if you will.

just sayin' said...

It's impressive as hell, btw. I don't mean to diminish that, but would love if we could talk straight up about it someday.

T. W. said...

Perhaps Assange is holding on to info for leverage. Or maybe it is so explosive, revealing certain info will guarantee his death.

plot said...


"Btw..I love Putin. He cares about his country"

He cares so much he lets his Kleptocrat friends steal everything valuable inside the country and put the profits offshore, well out of range of being taxed and actually contributing to the people of Russia.

Vlad cares so much about Russia he can't possibly raise money from his Kleptocrats to fix it's enormous infrastructure problems. Jeez, Vlad won't even contribute personally to that necessity for the people of Russia.

Vlad cares so much for Russia that he doesn't even keep the excellent universities, started by the Soviets, open on a daily basis or churning out stellar scientists, doctors, writers, engineers, linguists...

Yeah, that old Vlad really cares, man, he cares.

plot said...

"There is no evidence of Russian Meddling in the Elections."

The existence of Carter Page is ample evidence of Russian meddling, and there is a whole lot more where he came from.


"Plot is lying about the videos and emails being changed."

Nope. Assange admitted he edits videos and releases as he sees fit. Why don't you believe his own words?

@T. W.

"Perhaps Assange is holding on to info for leverage. Or maybe it is so explosive, revealing certain info will guarantee his death."

That's not going to work. Assange is untrustworthy as a source or a witness to anything (just like Paul Manafort.) He has contradicted himself so often, and spread deliberate lies, that anything he has as leverage is easily dismissed out of hand.

He isn't of much use to anyone right now. Too bad for Jules no one cares enough to protect him.

Himmmm said...

Plot you need a hard fucking.

Kathryn said...

He helped the Russians and now Pammy looks bad.

just sayin' said...

A little off-topic (a lot off-topic) but important and interesting:

AbbyRock said...

Assange is a hero. The Left loved him until he exposed Hillary. He has always said that it was not the Russians who did the hacking.

The storm is here. Beware any pieces of s_hit satanic worshiping pedovores.

Unknown said...

He's always been a pro at things like violating protocols
and reproducing other egotistical Neanderthals
To all our greatest allies he decides to say 'Get Outta Here'
while doing all he can to satisfy his Daddy Vladimir.

There never was a military draft he couldn't dodge and he
is excellent at advocating racists and misogyny
He likes to make up stories with convenient exclusion
of topics that he finds make him feel threatened like COLLUSION

He excellently persuades his base that Mueller's hunting for a witch
instead of their own President who's obviously Putin's bitch
He calls reporters fake and say the Democrats are sour grapes
Then lies awake at night and thinks about those Russian pee-pee tapes
Thanks RR

just sayin' said...

+1 Skitty Kitty. Randy Rainbow rules.

just sayin' said...

Sandybrook, hope you don't mind my asking, but did you have some work done recently?

Melody the First said...

I'm amazed by the kek trolls Enty lets on here.

Goog, Trump cannot pardon anyone connected to his own crimes, and Assange was definitely linked to his treason.

And yes, I'm sure.

Kno Won said...

I thought maybe too much Florida sun.

plot said...


The keks were invited in by Mr. Hedge, aka Gabe Hoffman, and AJ Benza probably at Enty's request.

Spudmonkey said...

hahahaha melody clark, you dipshit cunt, I find it unbelievable that you were once the fastest sperm! Your fathers nuts must've been whacked with the retard stick in his younger years...
You first say you are amazed by the trolls enty lets on here, before instantly becoming one with you very next 2 retarded sentences: "Trump cannot pardon anyone connected to his own crimes, and Assange was definitely linked to his treason. And yes, I'm sure."
hahahahaha mental muppet you are!
Do you honestly go through your sad little life believing such bullshit?!!
Wow, the next 6 and a half years are gonna be a nightmare you, aren't they, sugartits!...

Spudmonkey said...

Dito sluttykitty....

Omg said...

I'm don't think Assange has a side. He probably has info on Hillary/Obama. He might have info on Trump. He might have info on the Russians. Either way the Clintons or Russians probably want him dead. Good luck buddy!

plot said...

Oh Assange has a side that he has been on for the last 7-8 years. Wikileaks changed around that time to not caring if they exposed the identities, medical conditions and club memberships of ordinary citizens. Assange called them "participants" so he deemed them tainted enough to reveal even though it put them in grave danger in countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

That's around the time his senior editors quit and when the Guardian rejected him and any of his "leaks".

That's around the time when WL became a propaganda site.

Priviliged White Girl said...

Exactly. Assange is no hero.

Habibti said...

Spill the beans Julian!

Bubbles said...

Well that explains Pammy's photo shoot at The Ivy. I knew something was up when they claimed she brought her french world cup winning "boyfriend" to meet her mother. Like you only go to The Ivy when you want the world to know what you're doing. Good job Pammy on pushing that narrative.

Mahasthamaprapt said...

Lol @ the “treasonous Russian collusion” conspiracy theorists.
They released the FISA.
It was all based on the Clinton-funded RUSSIAN propaganda.
They never verified or corroborated it.
They perjured fabricated evidence to illegally spy on Trump then engaged in a seditious conspiracy to remove him.
They left a papertrail of everything: FISAs, Strzok-Page texts, other FBI agents texts, emails & internal documents.
Brennan led this seditious conspiracy that’s why he’s barking so loud to try to avoid PRISON.
He perjured himself to congress multiple times about the dossier, not knowing about it, not using it, when he briefed Sen. Reid on it in August who immediately leaked it all according to plan.
Strzok then texts Page about Reid’s leak: “Here we go!”
Have you read the Strzok-Page texts(“we’ll stop [Trump]’s like an insurance policy[.]...there’s no big there there{2 days after Muelled was appointed}”)?
If “there’s no there there,” if the only “evidence” they had was the dossier, why would Rosenstein appoint a special counsel?
Brennan thinks if he stays loud enough & projects his own crimes into Trump he can avoid prosecution by saying it was politically motivated, when in reality it was Trump who was targeted by corrupt Clinton, DNC, Obama admin, Rosenstein & Mueller.

Ask yourself, “why won’t Rosenstein recuse himself?”
He wrote the memo to fire Comey so he’s a material witness in an obstruction case & he perjured the last FIS/ warrant with the fabricated dossier evidence & everyone knew that it was “salacious & unverified” by the time (June 2017) when he signed it, right after he appointed Mueller so they could spy on Trump.

They failed.
They left a papertrail.
They’re screwed.
The media lies to you.
Why do these corrupt elites who own the MSM hate Trump so much?
Why do the corrupt global elites hate him?
Why do they keep trying to kill him(F-16 had to intercept plane in airspace above Trump’s NJ golf resort?”

Why is Trump always a step ahead?

You’ve been propagandized to believe a “treasonous Russian collusion” conspiracy theory which is actually what HillRy, DNC, the corrupt Obama admin & Rosenstein did.
The dossier was info Steele paid Russian intel & government officials for.
Theyvcommitted campaign finance laws laundering the money to FusionGPS via Perkins Coie(democrat hit squad).
These corrupt pedophile elites are exposed. They don’t have protection anymore like the corrupt Clintons & Obama did with NXIVM celebrity sex-slave cult that trafficked children, branded their slaves & performed sick experiments on them(Nazi level shit) who got protection in exchange for huge being an invite-only member of the Clinton Global Initiative, donating to the their “charity,” campaign donations & at least $33k in free airfare(WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY SOINF ON THAT PLANE?!).

Not even 2 year into Trump’s presidency & NXIVM has been destroyed, leaders arrested & indicted & facing life sentence in prison.
Trump declared a national emergency & an executive order on human rights abuses(human, sex, slave, child, organ trafficking) pedophilIa & corruption that allocates federal resources to target it, freezes & seizes all of their assets & these people are loaded(Bronfman sisters, Raniere, Allison Mack, etc).
Do you think these people are just going to plead guilty & go to prison or do you think they’re going to flip?
WHAT do they know?
Do they have blackmail videos?

Corrupt elites are exposed & running scared.
They’re desperate.

Wake up.

What came first: the anti-Trump propaganda or the anti-Trump hate?

Spudmonkey said...

@Mahasthamaprapt, nicely summed up!
plot and the other Hilary losers will hit you with abuse and their own special snowflake brand of indignation/head buried in the sand ignorance, but you NAILED IT!
It'll all pick up speed in august and onwards - will be great to watch it all go down when these fuckers start to fall...

Enthusiasm Quotes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the lazy lioness said...

You are so on point. We are on the right side of history. The left are brainwashed and useless not to mention traitors!!!

the lazy lioness said...

Fuck off libtard

Da Mac said...

"Too bad Assange chose the wrong side to play on. Sad."

You're a clueless moron, who has simply no f%&ing clue. Beyond belief.

For you idiots who think Russia would go after him: He has exposed the corruption at the heart of U.S. politics, which is why he is a man wanted by the many dirty power douce bags in Washington.


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