Sunday, June 30, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 20, 2019

He isn't going to leave his wife, but this former B list celebrity from a family that has a former A lister does want a cash infusion. He knows what will make that cash pile grow in a hurry is a sex tape with the former bff of the reality star. The reality star who is only relevant because of a sex tape the former B lister once made. The former bff is thinking about it. It would be an easy $1M or more.

Ray J/Jordyn Woods


yepthatsme said...

If only they could get RITA WHORA in there, they will enough bodily fluid samples to inhabit MARS!

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OKay said...

A guaranteed mill for a sex tape? Sign me up. You'll see some shit you can *never* unsee. :)

Krissie said...

too many pronouns

Red Velvet Boots said...

Literally who would pay for a sex tape like this?


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