Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Celine Dion is just living her best life and we are along for the ride. If you want to join her, you have one final chance to get your photo included. Email it to entlawyer90210@yahoo.com
Chelsea Handler was at Wimbledon today.
Kate Hudson on the set of her new movie.
Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa and their kids in Venice.
Lindsay Lohan looking for new business.
Marion Cotillard doing the Fashion Week thing in Paris.
Margot Robbie and
Nicole Richie are doing the same thing with
Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4 (Tricia and her family flipping off Epstein's island)
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Reader Photo #7
Reader Photo #8
Reader Photo #9
Reader Photo #10
After four hours of trying, Selena Gomez finally got the shot she wanted.
Sofia Richie trying to sell some bikinis with the help of Jasmine Sanders.


MontanaMarriott said...


Enty you got the most smoking hot readers, HEYYYYYYY!

Enty is it me or is the dark mark on LiLo's right cheek/backside a bruise?!? If it is why is no one talking about that?!?!?!

Tricia13 said...

Hiya Readers!
Chelsea Handler looks like an old lady... I guess all that vitriol and unfunny catches up!
Celine looks silly,Lindsay just-what? Huh? Still ?
Nicole R and Margot R look amazing.....:)

MontanaMarriott said...

Oh and why does Lisa Bonet look as if you hug her she either stinks or smells entirely of patchoulli?!?!

Tricia13 said...

We’re cruising by Jeffrey Epstein’s island so we’re inspired lol (backdrop). Promised @Vita I would try...:(no pig 🐷 head) but flag flying...:(

Drewholtaus said...

Yachtin' aint easy!

sandybrook said...

Hey readers, Tricia, blue lips, and dog. Vic you said you sent in a double exposure pic and 6 is double exposed, that you?
Celine needs to eat more. Kate Hudson either needs to lose the baby fat or stop wearing stuff like this.

cheesegrater15 said...

Nicole Richie is starting too look like Michael Jackson's mugshot. Yeesh.

Thia said...

#7 is my favorite. I love that dog!

LOL@Tricia and the rest of you are gorgeous. Enty sure has some hot readers!

AS for the famous people - I think Nicole R. looks fantastic in that photo.

yepthatsme said...

Reader #1 is pretty awesome, looks like he is contemplating on doing some crime fighting after the photoshoot! He also has a side kick, a hooman male wearing a hoodie and smoking a cigar!

Florin said...

Selena looks like she's working hard to be Demi Rose.

All the readers look great. Since I was on vacation when it was posted, I'm the bee guy.

Count Jerkula said...

The Kravitz girl not being one of the kids made this much easier.

P - Robbie - I wouldnt murder the vagina, but she gonna need to sit on a bag of peas when i'm done, cause it gonna be wore out and sore.

M - SellyG - pawing her juggs as my meat stick disappears into her babyface would be amazing. Definitely take a couple puffs of a doobie to make it more intense.

B - Hudson - make her put on some fabletics and rub her dainty dumper all over my face, then bite a hole in em to get at the starfish for some gentle, luving buttsecks.

John the peon said...

I bet Derek will accuse Tricia of being on the way to deliver her kids to that island,remember folks stay on your meds.😎😎😎

texasrose said...

All look great but #10 WOW!

Huckleberry said...

I think Selena looks smokin hot at her current weight.

This is an exceptionally attractive group of readers here. #9 is totally my type! *drool*

Lissette said...

WOW! We have beautiful readers!!!

Brayson87 said...

Reader #1 showing there's a certain satisfaction in enjoying good tobacco on a crisp snowy day, especially with a friend.
Reader #2 hit the fields to enjoy a jay I mean nature.
Reader #3 is wasting the beauty face filter, no need to improve.
Reader #4 and family are totally awesome but watch out for security forces!
Reader #5 and pal have mastered the art of the group selfie.
Reader #6 is a blast from the past.
Reader #7 proves that dog always has your back.
Reader #8 just met her new roommate.
Reader #9 contradicts her cherubic face with a devilish grin.
Reader #10 is rocking her Tinder pic.

Brayson87 said...

Celine you look unwell these outfits aren't helping, Handler looks about decade or two older, Hudson still knows how to accessorize, you know it's a fun family where the parents dress crazier than the kids, always figured the rest of LiLo's skin looked healthier than her face guess not, never remember who Cotillard is, damn thought Robbie was hitting the books before I saw Chanel, Nicole with interesting shoes for that outfit, Ian seems to be in disguise, Selena proves that nothing looks better on a woman than not being with Bieber, and Sofia mastering that lost soul look while Jasmine hitches up her own dress.

Wee S said...

Hey guys, #9 here! Thanks for the confidence boost brayson87 and huckleberry! That devilish grin was lost for a while, but I'm glad to have it back.

James Howlett said...

So much beautiful

Violet617 said...

Nicole Richie looks like Joan Crawford in the 1960s

Brayson87 said...

@Wee S, You're welcome. Everybody gets down but not everybody gets back up. :)

Vita said...

Hey, Tricia! It was a πŸ„ cow statue, but thanks for looking. And, your family salutations are much more exciting!

Florin, thanks for the ID, lots of beekeeping fans here!
Wee S. Nice to meet you! Cute pic and happy you are happier!

Hello the rest of you! Yet ANOTHER set of beautiful people in clever pics! Not to mention a couple awesome pooches and a whacked out bird!

Littledrunkinhooker said...

Waiting for DQYDJ to lose her last functioning brain cell when she sees Tricia 13's picture🀣🀣🀣

Guest777 said...

Yeah Tricia13!!!! Kudos!

Tricia13 said...

Thanks dudes:)❤️πŸ‘

Sd Auntie said...

great Shot Tricia!! such pretty readers!! sofia Ritchie looks fantastic!

Fifi LaRue said...

Celine Dion needs to soften her hair, let it drape, it's too severe. A necklace was needed also.
Kate Hudson looks good after giving birth.

AngelSleuth said...

@violet617! I thought the same thing! Those eyebrows!!

Henriette said...

Mamoa has to lose the jail wide leg pants.

VikingSong said...

There's nothing gentle or loving about "buttsecks" (anal "sex") nor is it actual sex. You're also about as funny as cancer, you infantile prick.

Count Jerkula said...

Obviously VikingSong has ever had someone care for his/her buttocks enough to be gentle or loving during muddy love.

If it is not sex, the forcibly doing it w/o consent is not rape, right?

Aquagirl said...

Celine needs an intervention—she looks like a corpse. Chelsea decided recently that she DOES want a l/t relationship. Now we know why. Kate—that’s not a very good ad for Fabletics. I thought the headline for LL said ‘looking for new bruises’. Momoa & family look as if they fell off the gondola. If he traded his striped pants for a striped shirt, he could be the gondolier. Selena looks good & happy—I hope she’s leading a healthier life these days. Margot always looks good.

Clearly the readers are the stars here ✨⭐️🌟✨!

@Tricia: thanks for the photo πŸ™πŸ»! Hopefully DQYDJ is in a straight jacket πŸ§₯ right about now.

AmesR09 said...

Of all the horrible people in Hollywood you're always unnecessarily rude to Selena G. All the readers look good though! Cheers.

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nat said...

Theres me number 3!! haha thank you everyone for being kind <3 Im so happy I'm on a thread with Damon bloody salvatore!! haha shame about his ball and chain tho! Readers you all look amazing as usual xxx

longtimereader said...

Hey! reader photo #1 is me in the '90s!

nat said...

and thank you @Brayson its the kylie cosmetics instagram filter which i know is cheating but its the only way il play with blue lips haha :)

BitterBlondin said...

OMG Nikki Reed is looking all sorts of an old lady, no?!?

Nubian princess said...

LOVE IT TRICIA! I'd do the same!

Brayson87 said...

@longtime, Wait, you were in the cast of Clerks? ;)

Vita said...

Nice to meet you, Nat and Longtimereader!

longtimereader said...

OH S***! I may have wrongly spoken. The bloke from Reader #1 LOOKS like me in the '90's as a true English-'pretend' hip-hop fan desperately trying to pretend i came from south central. I'm, a regular middle height, middle aged Englishman from middle Englgand. I may have lost my hair but thankfully my waist is the same 32" thanks to regular visit's to the local pool. I'm not remotely vain/courageous enough to send my photo in.

nat said...

thank you @vita you too!


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