Friday, December 15, 2006

Four For Friday

For the first of the four blind items, we head back to NYC.

What B+ actor who has worked with the brother of our celebrity couple yesterday has a thing for women that look exactly like his sister? When this actor is with his sister or his girlfriend no one can tell the difference at least from the front. Several people have mentioned that the actor’s sister has a little more back. Is that why the girlfriend has been putting on weight?

This actress/ mother in her 30's has always worked as an actress since her arrival in Hollywood. A bit part here and a bit part here, until while working for a notorious Hollywood madam she ran into a big spending, playboy/actor/trick who just could not get enough of her. He changed her life and got her more work allowing her to rise to a comfortable B Lister.

This A list actor and producer loves filming movies outside the US. The reason? He does not like the labor laws in the US. For his latest movie, he made all the extras including the children work for up to 19 hours straight often without any type of meal breaks. If anyone complained, they were fired, sent home without the money they had been promised, and replaced with someone else not as picky about food and working conditions.

NY or LA for the last one? I will let you decide

This actor/actress couple are both solid B listers. They have flirted with the A list in the past, especially her. What makes this relationship so unique is their very special arrangement. They are the perfect couple in front of the cameras. However, when the cameras are off, he goes on his merry way to find his man of the week with her blessing. Her joys include shopping and more shopping. Men and sex are not at the top of the list.

Did I say the last one? Bonus time

On a recent flight from NYC to LA this top tier television host had to do the walk of shame through First Class on the way to the back of the plane. First Class was full and in some of those seats were celebrities who this talk show host had mocked and made fun of in the past. Although they did not utter a peep, the celebrities did manage a snicker or two as the talk show host averted his eyes and pretended something was wrong with his carry on bag. That walk can take forever with all those eyes focused right on you.

So you know what I hate? I hate the fact that this girl who spent the night with Vince Vaughn is actually named Laura Mallory Lane instead of Laura Malory as she was previously known. Now I need to go back and change everything. Ms. Lane knew exactly what she was doing from the moment she saw Vince. From her "I only have a headshot to give" to her wanting the media to go away and leave her alone, by telling the media through countless interviews, go away and leave me alone. "But before you go you can take some more photos and does anyone know a good agent?"

Angelina Jolie loves Brad Pitt. "We met and it was blah blah blah."

"We are going to have twenty more kids and blah blah blah."

"I am the disciplinarian."

"The UN is doing great things all over blah blah blah."

What? Wait a second go back. She is the what? The disciplinarian? Does that mean that she dresses up in latex and makes Brad her bitch? Oh, wait she is talking about raising the kids. Well, you never know. It could extend further.

Paris Hilton insists she has been celibate for the last seven months just as she said she would. First, does doing it with another woman count? Second, wasn't there a scene outside her car one night about a month ago where she was screaming for some guy to come out or she wasn't going to f_ _ _ him that night? The only statement of hers I believe is that she likes kissing and making out more than sex. She has said repeatedly she does not enjoy sex with men which only leaves the ladies.

Courtney Love is helping Pete Doherty quit drugs. Does anything else really need to be said?

When Jessica Simpson says she "wants to get John Mayer in the studio" does that mean what I think it means or am I just being a guy?

I do not know if this is Marcia Cross with her girlfriend or just some random redhead or someone from her family, but this website is convinced it her girlfriend.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The blind items are below, but first another link which I am going to make permanent because it is so good and I know everyone who reads this site, will love this article. Nerve. com has compiled the 40 Best Celebrity Rumors ever. What could be better than that? From The Saved By the Bell cast dying in a car wreck to Oprah being gay and Anna Wintour pining away for Bob Marley. I had forgotten so many of these and now they are all back. Peter Smith did an incredible job of compiling all these rumors. Enjoy.
I did add labels to all the previous posts which makes navigating through everything slightly easier. I am working on adding links but it is time consuming so it will take a few days. A special thank you goes out to Captain Disco for the HTML code to make it possible.
For this afternoon we are moving away from the beautiful LA to the just as lovely, although MUCH colder NYC for some blind items.

So imagine if you will a 4-story walk up (for those of you not familiar with the term, think a building with 3 apartments and you have to "walk up" to get to the upper floors) in NYC that is in need of a little repair but that has become the home of celebrities within the three units in the building.
One of the neighbors is a celebrity couple with a new baby. The wife has a brother who is an actor who is friends with a bicyclist who is friends with an actor who loves hanging out shirtless.
Seriously, you should have that part by now.
So anyway, a new celebrity moves into the building. An A-lister as both a producer and actress. This new neighbor wants everyone to call her "Chris." NEVER call her by her real name. There is no such person who lives in the building. The new neighbor is just a normal person named "Chris." Look past the fact that most normal people do not have an assistant living with them 24 hours a day constantly reminding people that only "Chris" lives there. I guess you could look past the fact that the actress sits on her front steps outside typing away on her laptop, smoking, chatting with passerby, but is just "Chris" when she goes back inside.

Actual situation and conversation–

There is a play date with a neighbor and the celebrity couple who live on the 4th floor. Neighbor has a huge stroller and does not want to carry it up four flights of stairs. Knock on door of the first floor apartment of our reclusive celebrity.

Assistant answers the door -

"Excuse me, is there anyway I can leave this stroller down here in the foyer. As you can see it is heavy and I am already carrying this 2 year old. So would you ask _______ if it is ok?"

The assistant replies, "there is no one who lives here by that name. Chris is the person who lives here and would have to make that decision. You will have to ask Chris."

"May I please ask her then?" asked the woman carrying the now screaming 2 year old.

"Chris is not here right now, and I do not know when she will be back."

With that the door slams shut, and our neighbor left the stroller downstairs anyway. Good for her.

I was going to save this second one tomorrow, but I am feeling festive, even though I know you are going to spend all day reading the Top 40. I am too, so don't worry.

What married female pop star keeps coming back to her same basic hairstyle, look, and appearance because when she changes it, her husband wanders off to find a transsexual who has that look?

See, this is the kind of story I love. Girl rises up from literally nothing to become an incredibly popular singer that all America falls in love with. Grandfather raises the girl and spends his life savings to witness her ascenion to fame. Dad gets out of jail in time to see his daughter at the height of her fame. Dad becomes desperate for money and sells daughter's stuff on E-Bay. Sounds like the movies, but actually it is Kellie Pickler from American Idol. When did she cut her hair. Why does she look 35 now? Why does it look like her dad is used to holding her like that? I bet Kellie could write a book that would make heads spin.

So, I thought the Kellie picture with her dad was the grossest story of the day, but it turns out I was waaaay wrong. No, the story that makes me shudder the most today is this. It seems Rod Stewart who has a lovely fiancee has trouble making love to her and needs to concentrate. However, if given the chance to take a shot at Camilla Parker Bowles he would not need to concentrate at all. Now, I am not one for rumors, but could this be because Camilla looks more like a man?

This just in!! Beyonce just wants to be normal. Did you know Beyonce walks in the park to be normal? Of course if you come within 50 feet of her, then a swarm of bodyguards will beat the living hell out of you, but she wants to be normal. P.S. She is not a diva either. I was going to post a pic of Beyonce, but honestly, I am tired of seeing her everywhere lately. I think Jay Z might be getting tired of her also because he does not want to commit to marrying her. Jay Z, please keep thinking along those lines.
Oh, is that Jennifer Hudson's pic instead of Beyonce? Is that because even though both got nominated for Golden Globes, everyone is using Jen's photo? Think Beyonce might be a little miffed today? But remember, she is normal.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So this afternoon some more updates, hints and two new blind items. One of the blind items will be easy, and the other more difficult. I am hoping that tomorrow’s blind item will be a long one. Then of course on Friday there will be the usual Four For Friday group.

I spoke about L’s Trust before and the process is going to stretch out for awhile, but I think after the first of the year I will give out her name. There is no real reason to not reveal it except for the wrath of J, but I am willing to live with that. So look for that around Christmas. I have another really nice item for Christmas which does not involve a celebrity but is just a really holiday-ish story I think everyone will like.

Both celebrities who also escort were on the same cable channel but not the same show. I will tell you their shows were not on VH1 or Bravo. Now when I say that, I realize VH1 has highlight shows and Best Week Ever and such, and I really do not know if they have been on that. I know Bravo did something with Battle of the Reality Stars and maybe they did something else as well, and I do not know if they have been on that. All I am saying is their actual shows were NOT on either of those cable networks.

The A-list actor with the video cameras throughout his house is in a Top 25 grossing film for 2006.

The A-list producer who is the boy-toy slave also had a movie that is a Top 25 grossing film for 2006.

The New Zealand couple having sex in public you should be able to figure out and I am kind of disappointed you have not yet.

The actress with the sex and pre-nup has had a very long career and is over 40. (Regardless of the age she claims)

I really cannot say anything right now about W & B which is the HIV infected woman by her cheating husband.

The NBC couple is another that I am disappointed you have not guessed.

The Vegas swinger club item revolves around a network show. Everyone tends to let that word slip by.

The A-list actress taking it all off story will reveal itself (no pun intended) in the next few weeks.

The latest Jackass has guest starred on several shows over the past two years and is rumored to be getting a new starring role on a show next year.

OK Here are the new blind items for today.

The easy one.

What music producer’s wife is afraid of having her secret life with women revealed?

The difficult one

This former A-list actor has not had a hit move in almost a decade. It turns out he is not a very good landlord either. This slumlord/actor has several apartment complexes that his corporation owns. At least 50 tenants throughout his properties have filed suit against him in small claims court over the past two years. The reasons for the suit range from uninhabitable living conditions (no heat in the winter, no running water at time, and sewage backups are just a small list) to evictions without the proper notice. This slumlord has kept his identity a secret for the most part in these actions by hiding behind his corporate veil. Now as his tenants are catching on who is the man behind the living conditions, our slumlord is afraid of bad publicity which will derail the slightest chance he had to relive his former glory as an A lister.

Things have been really quiet on the gossip front the past few days. It seems like there are 10 stories in the world and they are just getting recycled over and over. We can read about Angelina and her love of Brad or Rosie and the Asians or Nicole Richie for the 25th time. But, I search and search and search and will stop at nothing to find you something you hopefully have not read yet.

Do you think maybe Johnathan (who spells Jonathon like that?) Schaech went out with Heather Locklear to get some publicity? I think so, although Heather Locklear has gone from Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora to David Spade and now Mr. Schaech. Not quite the same type of guys. BTW, the headline says Hot new couple. That is really taking things a little too far.

Peter Boyle who played Ray's dad on Everybody Loves Raymond died on Tuesday. I watched Ray, but for me Peter Doyle will always be remembered for his movie roles. Over the last few seasons of Ray, he really was showing his age. You never really realize all the work of an actor until they pass and their credits are listed. He was in so many good movies and had so many good roles. He will be missed.

Did Mel Gibson plagiarize Apocalypto? A Mexican filmmaker seems to think so. He also says he was paid about $10USD for his work as an expert on the Mel Gibson film which was the #1 movie over the weekend. Most of these kind of stories never pan out, but you never know when someone will actually win. Also, probably no one though this guy would ever say anything to anyone and that $10 was enough to buy him off. $10? Are you kidding me? I do not care if he worked an hour on the movie. $10?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon is working hard to get his new Wonder Woman film off the ground. He's been through just about every casting agency in town looking for his lead -- Julianna Margulies was long thought to be the frontrunner -- and is now rumoured to be looking in Bollywood. Indian actress Priyanka Chopra (who is a hottie and former Miss World) is being pressed by media in London, where she lives, to talk about the film, but she's being as coy as possible. "Until something happens," she told one reporter, "I don't want to talk about it. I'm not confirming the news or denying it right now." All of which, naturally, is taken by most to mean she's landed the role for the highly anticipated adventure flick -- which is almost guaranteed to make an international star out of its lead.

Pete Doherty is always in trouble but never has anything happen to him. Granted, this seems kind of harsh, but still. The point is, he always gets away with it and one of these days someone other than himself is going to get hurt.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Things on my mind -and then if you read it all I will give you some updates on people and some hints as well as a new shorter blind item --

So there has been a great deal of commenting about the blind items. Here are some clarifications and explanations and whatever other words you want to use.

First, you need to remember they are blind items. They are blind items for a reason. Take yesterday’s blind item for example. There is nothing holding me back from revealing RR and BB’s names except for the fact I do not want to see BB hurt anymore than she was. As far as I know about ten people know the whole story and that is the way it is going to stay. RR is an ass and I do not care if he gets hurt, but if I give out his name, then BB gets hurt because people will put two and two together. Many of the blind items would also hurt one side or the other and I am just not going to do that.

Another example would be the kindness from last week. The person in question did not want any publicity. I did ask her if it would be alright if I mentioned it and she agreed as long as she got to read it first. I let her and she made a change or two and let me post it. As far as the jackass item of last week, my friend did not want to be revealed and I agreed. I do not hurt my friends.

I am not blogging to make anyone’s life miserable. I am blogging because I wanted to try it and felt I had some things I wanted to share. I have no other motive for my blog. I do not run ads and think I am about the only one who does not. I am not trying to get a movie deal or book deal or any other deal. I am not here to make anyone miserable or to expose their flaws and misdeeds to the world except in a way that allows people to gain a new perspective on Hollywood and what I deal with on a daily basis. The blog does take a great deal of time and is definitely making my workdays longer. Because of that, I try and just post twice daily at about 930am PST and noon PST. If I see something cool like the video from yesterday then I will post it because I want to share it not because I want to increase traffic to the site.

I do not really change dates or places at all in the blind items with the exception of the MV story. If I use the term a couple or several then I mean couple or several in the same way that anyone else would use that term. Unless someone shares a story with me, none of the events in the blog happened more than about ten years ago and in that case I would say about ten years. I am very careful about the words I use which is one of the reasons the blind items take so much time. Look at the Vixen blind item. I said as far as I know she is not married. I know she was not married at the time the events happened. After the events happened I do not usually keep up with that person’s life. I do not go to IMDB to check on every detail post event. It turns out Vixen has married but I only know this because I went and checked.

I increased the font size on the blog and might increase it just a touch more, but then the letters become distorted. If you click the workfriendly button then the entire blog transforms into something similar to a word document. It not only makes it look like you are working, but also will ease the strain on your eyes.

Some updates and hints -

"Meth" is doing great. She was the one who told me about the dentist. She is happy because her ex and the 20 year old broke up. Meth is actually in pre-production on aa film and it is her biggest part in years.

The client who did the cop a "favor" is still strung out on crack but has managed to avoid being busted. She has a new bf who knows nothing about the crack. He however is really rich and middle aged and cannot believe his luck that a "famous hottie" (her words not mine) is attracted to him.

The first kindness item in which the actress crossed the highway to help the woman with the baby–The actress in question called me after reading it and said she did it more out of anger that other people were not helping than anything else. She just could not believe people could just not do anything. She also said that the stares she gave people as she crossed the highway was the reason people finally started to help and not because she was attractive. She does not consider herself "anything special."

The first Jackass has a new album coming out. He will also be on tour in Europe throughout the spring. Enjoy.

The punisherz are still incredible and just wrote a new song. They want to tour Japan in the New Year.

A&P the adopting for the sake of adopting couple are still not really working. For those who do not think you cannot be blackballed in Hollywood think again.

The gay B lister who came into my office after the NPH situation did decide to accept the movie role. It is a monster role which will make him a star. He said it was ok to tell everyone he took the part. He just wants to leave the role a mystery "for now."

The guy who made the 15 year old pregnant. I really have no news of the girl. As far as the guy goes, he does not work much. The last thing I would hope for is that he become popular again.

The pap who was watching the house is STILL watching. As far as I know he has been there for over a month. He is waiting for one picture which will be worth about two years of taking regular pictures.

I will go over the rest later this week, including the smaller blind items.

Here is a new blind item for you -

This B list movie star (in Academy Award nominated movies) claims he is a US citizen. In actuality he is an illegal immigrant who is deathly afraid of being pulled over while driving. He also has angered producers because he cannot leave the country to promote the movies he is in. If he leaves the country he will not be allowed back in. His excuse is that he is afraid to fly. He loves acting but at the same time wants to quit because he is afraid that with attention comes the chance someone will reveal his true situation. Because he entered the country illegally he cannot just marry someone for a green card and so he waits every day for the knock at the door.

The LINKS of the day

You know I am all about exercise and finding anyway you can make it less boring is great with me. If strip classes do that for you, then more power to you. Then what creeps me out about Lindsay Lohan and her strip classes? The fact that she takes them with her mom. When I read that, all I can do is think of scenes from Vegas Vacation where Randy Quaid tells his stripper daughter to show everyone the move, ole Daddy taught you.

On a more serious note though, I am seriously happy for LL since she has gone one week without drinking. No joke, no nothing, just happy for her. Ever since I met her I have been pulling for her.

Speaking of Dancing, did anyone know there was Dancing With The Stars tour? I guess I do not watch enough television. Is anyone going to this? It appears from this story that perhaps the Toronto, Canada show was sold out and they added more tickets. Is that true for the rest of North America as well? Here is the complete list of tour dates in case you want to check it out. By the way it is sponsored by Slim-Fast. Nice.

Wow - Just cannot get enough of Dancing With The Stars - Wait a second we just talked about them. But wait, there's more. The Duchess of York is going to be on the next season of the show.

So the reason Queen Latifah and her girlfriend have been fighting is this woman who has been having an affair with Queen Latifah's girlfriend. Got it? All I know is that I would not want to make the Queen angry so both of these other women better run fast. I also know that the woman in this picture is the current girlfriend and should probably ask for a headstart.

Monday, December 11, 2006

A little background.

In Korea there is an all-girl group which is extremely popular not only in Korea but all over Asia. The girls are all teenagers ranging in age from 15-17 and the image they portray is sexy and their lyrics are as suggestive as lyrics can be in Korea, while at the same time being the innocent virgins they are all supposed to be and the public demands.. All over Asia people, especially teenage boys and girls love this group. They are one of the highest selling groups for 2 or 3 years in a row. The girl who is the subject of our story is 17 at the time. Lets call her "BB."

In the US, you have a singer who is going on tour throughout Asia. He is a rock/rapper and has a reputation for not being innocent and for being an ass. His group is talented and they do very well for themselves. This guy is the typical "rock star" with the attitude and stereotypes to match. He is about 30 at the time this all happens. Lets call him "RR."

It turns out BB is a fan of the music of RR and so at an event in Korea they meet and she is fawning over him as a teenager would when meeting someone she admires or has a crush on. RR is used to having his way with his fans and does not realize that maybe things in Korea are just a little bit different. He just thinks she is another groupie he is trying to get in bed and does not realize that this will be her first time and she considers it much more serious than he does. To him it is one night, to her, she is thinking marriage. One night of sex and he never will think of her again. She will think of him all the time and wonders why he has not returned her calls.

About two months go by and she realizes she is pregnant. This is a BIG problem (no pun intended) Although not reality, the stereotype is that young women remain virgins until they marry. This is even more true of someone who is a celebrity of the stature of BB. She is on posters in every teenagers bedroom in the country and most of Asia. She cannot be pregnant. However, she is and she knows who the father is. BB is part of a huge group and cannot just disappear. She only tells her family and the group’s manager. Not even the rest of the group know exactly what is wrong with her. The only thing they know is there will not be many tv appearances or concerts for the next year. Abortion was never really an option. Adoption is the only option and the adoption must be done outside the country.

BB’s manager finally discovers who the father is and tracks down the management team of the father. Of course RR’s management team has had this problem from other fans. However an abortion is usually the answer given and funds dispersed for this purpose. With BB they have someone who is underage and a huge star in parts of the world and is believable and needs to hide the situation as much as RR"s team wants to. RR agrees to pay for BB to stay in the US to hide at a hotel and to pay the costs for the birth and adoption and anything else that is necessary.

During the pregnancy, BB and RR rarely see each other. BB still wants to be with RR and RR does not have the guts to say he does not want to be with her and so strings BB along for the ride. He gets so caught up in the game that he starts talking about marriage and even adopting the baby himself when it is born. This game goes on until about a month prior to delivery.

At that point in time RR meets someone he wants to be with and totally blows off BB. He does not tell his new flame about BB or the situation being played out. BB tries to get in contact with RR but RR refuses to speak to her. BB is crushed and feels like RR has lied to her and made her even more ashamed to be in a foreign country, hiding out from fans and delivering a baby that no one wants. She feels abandoned and betrayed and alone and attempts suicide. She is rushed to the hospital. She and the baby are saved. She tries to call RR and tell him about the baby, but again he refuses to speak to her. He has someone in his life. He tells the management team to stop paying the bills, but they ignore him because they do not want this to get out. In an interview with a magazine he is quoted as saying he has no kids and no plans on having any. He is just having a good time and enjoying life.

The baby is put up for adoption. BB goes back to Korea where the group breaks up and many of the girls try a solo career. BB steps away from the spotlight even more and remains in seclusion for another year. She is just now trying to reestablish her music career.

RR continues on and becomes even more of an ass. He finds someone else and then someone else and so on. I would tell you what happens in more detail to RR but it would give it away who he is. Needless to say I am not a big fan.

You will get the blind item post at about noon PST. In the meantime, I just had to post the following two things.

"Dawn" who is in the original The Office got married over the weekend. There is video when you click the link. I love the original and for those of you who have not seen it, you really should watch it. I love the US version also, but the styles are completely different.

It looks as if her husband has an OBE which allowed them to get married at St. Paul's Cathedral but apparently does not mean you are employable in your own country. They met when both were looking for work in LA.

One other thing. Laura Malory (now Laura Mallory Lane) is the name of the woman who was with Vince Vaughn in Budapest. How is that the only photos of her that are available are head shots? That should tell you something. In case you have not seen a photo of the 20 year old, here she is. P.S. Look for her and the gang of Laguna Beach to start hanging out. I just think she will be added to the circle and they will all become one big blur.

Hypothetical quote from Laura mixed with real- "I just cannot believe all the attention I am getting. It is not like we had sex. We just had something similar which was just as good. I am so unprepared to handle this. I know it seems odd that I e-mailed 22 friends to tell them about Vince, but I just do not know how to handle this. Here I am in Budapest and really have no pics of me for you to use. Well, there is this one headshot I have. I am an actress just here on vacation. OMG. tell LC I love her. "

If you care what she really had to say and thinks, click here and then scroll down past Paris and her sister getting it on like Cruel Intentions.

Well I had a rough weekend and am really paying the price this morning. Very tough to get going, but somehow will muddle through. I actually have a really good story this afternoon that had totally slipped my mind. It concerns a rock/rapper who got a girl pregnant, lied to her and so much more. It even takes place in two different countries.

For those of you who e-mailed this weekend, I promise I will get to you at some point today. I always write everyone back, but depending on the nature of your request or the time I have available it can take a few days to write back.

To make up for the shorter/later post this morning I will try and post a few additional times today.

This link works for the following three comments/stories ---


Kate Winslet finds ultra-thin models disturbing and keeps her daughter away from images of those models. I think this story is actually boring as hell, but it did allow me to talk about Nicole Richie for a second. Not her arrest which everyone is talking about, but how about her height and weight which she gave to the police. 5'1" 85 pounds. 85 pounds? I know she wishes she said 100. 85 pounds? Wow. The other thing about this Kate story is her husband the director does not seem to have those same issues. I think someone today should go back and look at the people he has cast and see if they are "normal" like Kate, or super-thin like Nicole (well, not that thin.)


Do not ever call Tori Spelling an idiot. That garage sale of hers was a publicity stunt to end all publicity stunts. Can you imagine if another D-Lister had a garage sale. Would there be helicopters and news cameras swarming? Hell no. Tori and her team and the people at her reality show played this perfectly from start to finish. Now, for full disclosure. I have known Tori for almost ten years and so there is no way I would ever slam her anyway, but this was an incredible stunt.


Pete Doherty at the scene of a death. I am sure you have read it before. He will probably be convicted somehow of the crime but as a punishment will have to pay a small fine and autograph some CD's for poor children.


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