Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zac Efron In Room Raiders

I used to watch Room Raiders all the time, but don't remember the "celebrity" version of it. Prior to High School Musical, Zac was still considered a "celebrity." Who knew?

Blind Items Revealed

November 11, 2011

#3 - This former B+ list television actress from a very hit teen drama type show and now pretty much always unemployed but still pap worthy when spotted actress faced a $10,000 cleaning bill when she recently left her apartment in the middle of a lease. She could not afford to pay the lease and owed the cleaning bill because apparently she could not be bothered to ever take her dog outside and was very bad at cleaning the messes up.

Mischa Barton

Blind Items Revealed

October 31, 2011

To me, this one is kind of sad. This actress was once a B+. Hit television show, celebrity boyfriend, top of the world. Now, she is probably down to a C, does primarily awful movies and has been wandering aimlessly for what seems like a year. She had some really bad publicity about that time and just has not quite got everything back together. Well, a few weeks ago she started seeing this actor who is A list but probably deserves to be C list because his acting is awful and his movies never make money. When I say she started seeing him, they saw each other one night and then had sex about four hours after meeting. It was like love at first sight for her, but for him, it was just a conquest and someone or something to do that night. Our actress has always latched on quickly to guys and it is one of the reasons she has not had the greatest success in relationships. Guys walk all over her. She tells her friends that she blames her childhood. Anyway, she has been following the actor for the past couple of weeks to everything he attends. She showed up unannounced at his place once, but after his reaction to that she stopped. When he sees her some place and no one else catches his interest he will take her to her place, have sex with her and then leave. If he sees someone else he likes he just ignores the actress and carries on with the other. It is really kind of creepy and kind of sad all at the same time.

Rose McGowan and Gerard Butler

Dial A D Lister

I want to thank everyone who has sent me the links to the articles and posts about being able to dial a celebrity, or at least someone who thinks they are a celebrity. Newser had the best writeup. To me it is crazy that people would be willing to spend $18 a minute to speak to Michael Lohan. That means you think he is worth $1000 an hour. That is crazy. Even crazier though is that Dina Lohan charges $20 a minute which means she is getting $1200 an hour. Of course that is more than Lindsay Lohan makes, so if you can get the work, then I guess take it. If I am going to spend $20 a minute, then I am going to spend it on Tila Tequila because you have a chance to actually get something crazy to discuss for the rest of your life or she may marry you, do drugs or any number of other things while talking to her. Octomom is just $12 a minute, but of course the entire time you will probably hear kids in the background. The agent who sets this all up gets 50% so congratulations to them. Apparently people are doing it. Danielle Staub made $7000 last week. And people must need mesh shirt advice because Michael Lohan did make $3500 last week.

The Sun Says Ashton Kutcher & Rihanna Have Been Having Sex For Two Months

Chris Brown is not going to be happy. In fact, I think at this point he is deciding who he wants to punch first. His current girlfriend or the one he cheats on her with, namely Rihanna. Of course he could try and punch Ashton Kutcher, but Chris is a big bully and will only hit someone who never will hit back. The Sun says Ashton and Rihanna have been having sex for the past two months and she wants to join his Kabbalah group with him. This would also mean that Ashton is cheating on his girlfriend of four months which is also entire probable. I just don't see Ashton and Rihanna together. I think it is a great story and think if they are together it would blow up into some amazing disaster car wreck glorious spectacle, but as much as I want that, I don't see it.

Mark Steines Leaving Entertainment Tonight

First Mary Hart decided to leave Entertainment Tonight and now Mark Steines says he is leaving the show after being on for 17 years. People just don't leave cushy jobs like this one. It is easy work with great money and you have no responsibilities other than reading what is typed onto the teleprompter for you. I think Mark replaced John Tesh. Talk about an idiot. John left this cushy job because he thought that people would rush out and buy his records and sell out his concert tours all because he wrote one song for the Tour De France. You go from being on television very night to everyone saying, "who?" Is John still married to Connie Sellecca? I'm too lazy to look it up. She starred on Greatest American Hero and then married Tesh and has never been seen again. Maybe locked up in the basement?

Police Investigating Whitney Houston Cocaine

The Beverly Hills Police Department is investigating the cocaine found in Whitney Houston's body with the lack of cocaine found at the scene of her death. I'm sure the BHPD will do the same outstanding job it did investigating the death of publicist Ronni Chasen. So, it will be crap basically. The police have to leave it open and say they are investigating the drugs, but do you really think they care? I don't. I think they will be happy when the whole thing dies down and they will say something like they explored all avenues and saw no reason to continue the investigation. Do you think someone like Ray-J is going to get arrested for it? The police want it all swept under the rug.

Speaking Of Placentas, Tori Spelling Is Pregnant Again

Tori Spelling announced yesterday that she was pregnant. I think she was upset that with bigger, higher profile celebrities announcing their pregnancy that no one was noticing that she also had a bump. I think people also forgot she had a baby and if they saw the bump just assumed she was still pregnant with whatever number baby she had before. So, to make sure everyone knew she is pregnant she went ahead and released a statement and now she is happy that she is the center of attention until someone who ranks higher than D list says they are also pregnant or Lindsay Lohan gets arrested, whatever comes first.

January Jones Eats Her Own Placenta

Here is something nice to start your Saturday. January Jones gave an interview to Kneepads and says that she thinks she is nice and healthy after the birth of her son because she encapsulated her placenta and has been eating it. Look, I know it is an option available to parents and Tom Cruise has been probably hoarding Katie Holmes' placenta for himself all these years. Actually, maybe he ate it raw. What gets me is that January says that humans are the only mammals that don't eat their placentas. You want to know why January? Because we are the only animals that really do not have predators. Other mammals do it so they can hide the scent of their baby. Plus, any nutritional value is probably gone by the time you dehydrate it and turn into powder and for all you know they could have given you tea to be taking in capsule.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

I'm not sure how Bethenny Frankel ended up on top, even accidentally. I am going to have to fire myself.
Christina Hendricks always is so damn happy. Hit show, husband, great money. All good reasons.
Hello Elizabeth Banks. I miss you on 30 Rock.
As you know Malin Akerman is my actress crush right now so deservedly should be on the top spot right now, but I don't want to play favorites. Plus, she is with Abbie Cornish here so it is not like it is Malin all by herself.
Elizabeth Olsen on the set of her new movie.
Fergie says yes to her vodka and no to X Factor. All lies perpetrated by Simon.
Gabriel Aubry and Nahla at the mall.
Heidi Klum has her dad pick her up at the airport. Hey, if your kid was your meal ticket, you would pick her up at the airport too.
I don't know if I have ever seen a pap photo of Joseph Fiennes. Now I have.

Random Photos Part Two

How come after Jennifer Garner gives birth and comes out in public, she looks like a woman who gave birth a few weeks ago, but when Beyonce comes out she looks like someone who does not?
Jennifer Larence is much less glammed up and is a two fisted drinker. That is a great quality.
Josh Hutcherson kind of has that Daniel Radcliffe look about him doesn't he?
Kristen Bell hanging out with Seth Rogen's wife. Eventually I will learn her name.
Kate Middleton tries to teach her dog new tricks, but he just wants potato chips. Although he would probably say crisps wouldn't he?
Katharine McPhee at some event last night. Smash got renewed for another year but the creator is leaving, the show did awful compared to how much money was spent on marketing and its lead in, but renewed is renewed.
Katy Perry goes for the Rihanna lookalike hair and the strobe light dress.
Second oddest combination of the day. Lana Del Ray and Marilyn Manson. If they hook up, my mouth will hit the floor.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Milla Jovovich has not been in the photos a long time. I have missed her.
Nicole Richie looks way better than the last time a few years ago when she was spotted in a bikini. You have your Michael Lohan and Verne Troyer nightmares, that one of Nicole gives me some.
The look of joy on Prince Charles' face makes up for his lack of basketball skill on the court.
The strangest combination. Mike Tyson and Rosie O'Donnell.
Scarlett J in Paris. What happened to that guy she was dating for like two seconds? She always goes on vacation with guys and then they split. Snores?
Did you know Sarah Jessica Parker and Vanessa Paradis were besties?
Ashley Tisdale would like us all to hate ourselves as she Tweeted this photo of herself on the beach. Maybe next year I will go to the beach. Meh. Maybe 2015 would be a better option.
Tyra Banks shows off her world class acting skills.
Vanessa Lachey shows off her baby bump.

Hunger Games v Hungry Hungry Hippos

Ted C Blind Item

Do we have any Blind Vice couples with happy endings? Stealth Stud-Poof and his BF? Eh. Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream? Definitely not.

So it was with naïve, battered hope we were all holding out for a Toothy Tile and Grey Goose's happy ending, right?

Don't think we're getting it:

Because even though put-upon Grey has looked the other way during Toothy's past indiscretions this latest one's a little harder to stomach.

T2 had the nerve to not exactly discreetly hole up in a fancy hotel room recently with a coworker. From one of his movies, no less.

It did not go unnoticed by the posh inn's even more posh clientele.

This is a far cry from one of Toothy's back-alley pretty-boy quickies, and it's a situation Grey's finding it much harder to not let bug him.

We say why try? Isn't enough enough?

Come on, true love's one thing (especially when you have family together), but unending masochistic devotion's entirely another.

Grey, stop pretending you're Saint Suck-Up and completely move on, already.

AND IT AIN'T: Brandon Routh, Lenny Kravitz, Jon Hamm

Four For Friday - The Backstabber

Don't forget that every Saturday morning I find a blind item from my archives and reveal it. It is as big of a surprise to me as it is to you as I just randomly search through them until I find one. As always, if you would like some blind items that are not on the site or want to have the opportunity to see some quality drunken Tweeting, then follow me on Twitter ------------> over there.

This actress is A list through and through. She has achieved about the most success an actress can receive. Money, fame and awards. She wanted to be the world's sweetheart, but if they knew how she got to her lofty position they would be rethinking their judgment.

When Backstabber came to Hollywood she thought she was hot and that she could make it on her looks. Back home she was always the prettiest and she figured she would be here too. Nope. Not even close. She was smart enough to figure that out and also learned about the casting couch really quickly. Her first roles were secured via the casting couch and also led her to do some things she has never done since on film. It is true that she has attempted to buy some of those earlier films and then make sure no new copies are ever released.

In one of her casting couch experiences she met a mentor who has guided her almost every step of the way. Although they stopped sleeping together after six months when Backstabber threatened to tell his wife, they have been good friends ever since and Backstabber makes sure to send over some young actresses she runs into looking for a break to his office to keep him happy.

It came to Backstabber's attention that there was a role which would be perfect for her but the lead had been promised to someone else. Another actress who had very similar qualities and beat out Backstabber for a career defining role and made her white hot. Destined for A list (and still with great name recognition, but not Crash & Burn from yesterday), she made a few more movies and now has one bomb after another on television and in movies. Backstabber started whispering in ears that this actress had a drug problem and could not be relied on. She told everyone she could about the drugs and booze and erratic behavior. None of it was true, but what was a shoo in for the actress and her spot as the actress to watch disappeared in a flash and went to Backstabber.

This is where it gets interesting. On the set, Backstabber met her soon to be husband, but he was already having sex with two of the other still B list co-stars and would have laughed if you told him what Backstabber had in mind. Aside from the casting couch, Backstabber was not and is not a sexual person. She does it out of duty. For this guy though, she knew that would not work. She seduced and teased and the next thing you know, the guy had left the other two co-stars in the dust and was on his knee in a second trying to marry Backstabber. To be the world's sweetheart you needed a husband. Mission accomplished. The only misfire Backstabber had was that her husband would chat in a second and with Backstabber only having sex with him once a month at the most, he would go wandering and straying. She did not mind when he was quiet about it, but after she paid for the third abortion for him, he was out the door.

While they were married, Backstabber continued to climb the Hollywood ladder. Drug accusations here, sending over some of her "friends" from back home to spend the night with a studio executive. To get the ultimate prize, she actually did have sex with a few people who could make or break things for her. She has no actress friends left in Hollywood because she has talked smack about everyone of them. She works for charities but only because it is expected. She has said privately that she keeps every penny she has ever made and that she is not going to give her money to a bunch of broke people or the N word on the street. Oh yeah, she is racist. Probably more so than anyone at a KKK rally. Movies with black people? Not if she can help it. Earlier in her career she could not control it. Now? Casting approval. No black people. Other minorities? No thank you. If she sees you drinking she will try and have you fired. Swearing? She better not hear you. Yeah, so it was a real treat when she had to work with a guy who dropped F bombs every five seconds and had a string of hookers and booze in his trailer the whole shoot. You can see her grimacing the entire movie.

Your Turn

The fastest you have ever driven. The fastest you have ever been a passenger in a car? Either one. I once went about 120mph as a driver. I don't think I have ever been a passenger in a car that went faster. Maybe. My dad really liked his booze and one night when I was really young it was getting towards cut off time and the closest place was about five miles away because we were on vacation. He might have gone faster.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHAT TV star and separated single mom has turned to a popular dating website to find Mr. Right? The gorgeous 40-something actress is tired of dating social-climbing Hollywood actors and vapid Malibu millionaires, so she set up a profile using a photo of one her nonfamous friends!

If A Car Travels At 80 Miles Per Hour, Than How Far Does It Go In One Hour?

So, how long do you think this guy slept on the couch for posting this video?

Dr. Drew Says Lots Of Jersey Shore Stars Are Addicts

Over at Wetpaint, they got an interview with Dr. Drew about The Situation and Dr. Drew was his usual Dr. Drew self. He said that The Situation should not be filming this season and that at least every guy on the show is addicted to steroids if nothing else, but that there could be more. As for The Situation, he says, "I would like to see him in sober living and NOT in the house they normally shoot in. Frankly, the fact that he’s going into production at all this summer gravely concerns me. He needs to focus and he needs quiet and I think he needs at least a year to himself to work on his recovery. I have to be honest, I think it’s a terrible idea he’s going into production so soon."

I think its terrible the whole show is going to production soon. I think we need a one year break from the cast. They are on 365 days a year at this point.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This very popular East Coast comedian was photographed heading into a local soup kitchen in NY to do some service last week. When he saw the photographer, he offered to pay him for the photos because he didn’t want to publicize his work at the shelter. He claims that if it gets out in the press, he wouldn’t be able to serve his community as freely. The photographer agreed to delete the photos and the comedian’s secret is safe.

Missing Teen's Dad Is Registered Sex Offender

So, if a 15 year old California teen goes missing a mile from her home and her dad is a convicted sex offender whose crimes involved girls younger than 14, who do you think should be the number one suspect in the disappearance of his daughter. This was not a one time thing that Steve Lamar did. He was charged with 12 felony counts of committing sexual acts with three girls younger than 14. He plead guilty to one charge and was sentenced to just one year in jail. So, probably got out after two months. Now his daughter is missing.

Last Friday Sierra Lamar disappeared on the walk to the school bus stop. Her backpack was found but nothing else. What is Nancy Grace saying about this?

Would Your Ex See Sex Photos Of You?

Buried in a story in The Enquirer about Melissa Gilbert being in love with some guy she met in France over New Years is a line that says something about Melissa till being technically married and that her husband still gets jealous. When he saw sexy bedroom photos that Melissa and her new guy had taken, he apparently got jealous and upset. Huh? First of all Melissa just met the one guy and two days later was taking photos in bed with him. Second of all, how did her ex see the photos? They don't live together do they? So how does he see them? He comes over to pick up the kids and she says, "Hey want to see me naked in bed with this new guy I started seeing?" How do you get to that point in a conversation?

Teen Invites Porn Star To Prom - School Says No

I remember back in the day Howard Stern set up some high school kid with a porn star for his prom and the couple actually went out more than once. I think it was Houston who was the porn star, but my memory is a little shaky. Anyway, I don't think this teen from Minnesota remembers that, but he took to his Twitter, much like Marines did for Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. The teen asked 600 porn stars to his prom saying he would pay for everything and give them a massage. One said yes. You know, for an 18 year old kid in the midwest, getting one out of 600 to say yes is not bad at all. Actually, there were two who said yes, but one of them the kid would have to pay for travel expenses. Can you imagine if the Marines had to pay for Justin and Mila. Please. Still though, the one who wanted travel paid is Melanie Piper and that is who the teen chose. School officials found about the whole thing though and said she could not come. That it would be disruptive. Can they really decide who people bring as their dates? That seems arbitrary.

Hit And Run Victim Wants $100K From Lindsay

Mark Geragos is the lawyer for the guy who claims to have been hit by Lindsay Lohan. According to TMZ, Geragos also says there is video which shows Lindsay hitting the man, then trying to get out of the drivers seat and stumbling and bumbling over to the passenger seat while the passenger switches to the driver's seat. You would think there would be pictures of that considering how many paps were there and not just one lone video. The man wants $100K before next week or he will talk to the police. This is a shakedown. Do I think Lindsay hit the guy? Probably. Do I think she hurt him? No. Too many people saw it and if the guy had been injured that badly we would have known at the time.

Elizabeth Taylor Died One Year Ago

It is hard to believe it has already been a year since Elizabeth Taylor passed away. All that is left are a bunch of her jewels which were auctioned and scattered around the world; trashy books still to come out; and, of course, the ultimate degradation of her memory, Lindsay Lohan portraying Elizabeth Taylor in a movie. Seriously? I really find this disturbing. It is not that Lindsay cannot play the drug addict part well because she can, but there was something about Elizabeth that made her rise above everyone else and some sort of "it" quality that made kings want to give up their kingdoms for her and men to leave their wives and to sell everything they owned to give her the perfect gift. Lindsay has trouble getting guys to give her extra sauce for dipping her McNuggets.

Mean Pleads Guilty To Hacking Celebrity Cell Phones

The man who made sure the entire world saw nude photos of Jessica Biel will plead guilty this Monday here in Los Angeles. Christopher Chaney managed to hack into 50 e-mail accounts, including Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera and then posted their photos online and whatever other information he could find. He could face 60 years in jail, but the guilty plea means he will probably serve much much less. Maybe like a year. The photos and results of his actions will be around way after he gets out of jail.

Kim Kardashian Is Flour Bombed

It has been almost two months since Kim Kardashian has been mentioned on the site and I think we are all better people for it. It shows there are other people to discuss, and that life goes on perfectly well without her or her family. That being said, when she gets flour bombed, then that just makes the day super special so we should talk about it and discuss. Last night, Kim hit a red carpet because she has a new perfume coming out called Sex Tape For Fame - The New Hollywood which shows she is fast becoming irrelevant and that everyone in the past two weeks has taken shot after shot at her and she is going down.

I don't need to say much more, lets just take a look at the video shall we? Apparently it was about Kim and her need to wear furs.

Whitney Houston And Drugs - Was She Murdered?

I know I Tweeted yesterday that I was not surprised that Whitney Houston was found with drugs in her system. Coke, pot, prescription pills and they all contributed to the whole "accidental drowning." Was it accidental? Could be, but this woman had a huge tolerance for drugs and it could be that she was just really upset at someone and maybe they decided to do a little something about it. Maybe Whitney was seeing someone that someone else wanted to see. Maybe there was jealous between Whitney and another person about other things. All, I am saying is that Whitney could have got a little sleepy and slid down the tub, or maybe Whitney got a little sleepy and was helped down into the tub. There are three interesting backstories that were going on in Whitney's life and any one of them could have led to something. For the most part, I am not a conspiracy guy, but there are a few questions I have about this whole accident thing and three very good suspects.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Courtney Love trashed out of her mind.
AnnaLynne McCord and her boyfriend. Beach attire is for anywhere now.
Meanwhile, Jessica Lowndes is wearing something very orange.
Gwen Stefani must be getting hair tips from Katherine Heigl.
Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley's son enjoy a night out together.
They went to a premiere which also had David Tennant there.
More Hugh Jackman on the set of Les Mis.
Jessica Alba having fun with Haven.
Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu filming the new Sherlock Holmes.


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