Saturday, January 19, 2013

Manti Te'o eHarmony Ad

Blind Item #2

Apparently it has been awhile since this C list talent wise married to an actor, all movie actress with A list name recognition had seen one of her former lovers. The two women could not keep their hands off each other and were actually making others around them uncomfortable because of the fact that our actress is married to someone else.

Blind Items Revealed

May 3, 2010

This married couple is still married but it is pretty much for show. She is an A list singer who drags her husband out of the house for shopping and things. The only reason she is keeping him around is because she has a new album coming out and doesn't want to talk about marriage. She doesn't wear her wedding ring even when they are out together. She makes him sleep in the guest house or at his friends. Meanwhile she has "friends" who come stay with her.

Christina Aguilera

A Can't Miss Assassination Attempt That Did Miss

I don't know what I would ever do if someone was standing one foot from me with a gun aimed at my head and ready to pull the trigger. The politician about to be killed fought his attacker and somehow, the gun misfired and the target was not even hurt. The attempted assassin was arrested. I would have nightmares for life.

Blind Items Revealed

January 6, 2013

This former reality star and now B list celebrity is moving on really quickly from her husband. Why so fast? She has a new guy locked and loaded that she started seeing while married and he wants to get married and so does she. Did I mention that he is extremely wealthy and is bailing her out of a little situation that has not come to light yet.

Bethenny Frankel & Warren Lichtenstein

Blind Items Revealed

**Note** I really thought I revealed this before Whitney passed away but I can't seem to find it. If it is a repeat, I apologize, but there are more coming.

April 1, 2010

This former A list singer. Oh, wait. Well, I guess she is still A list. Yeah, still A list, but more on reputation. Anyway, this singer was at a concert this week. Not actually performing, but just in the audience. Right there in the audience she pulled out a crack pipe and lit it up. No worries at all. Yes, it was dark and other people were smoking other things, but to actually pull out a crack pipe? Problems. She did look like she was enjoying he concert though.

Whitney Houston

Blind Items Revealed

**Note** This was originally revealed back in July 2010, but thought for those of you who have never seen it, that it might be worth seeing again today in light of the allegations against Mark.

March 5, 2010

#1 & 2 - This great looking C list actor from a huge hit network ensemble show had a high school girlfriend. Well one time our actor decided to make a tape of the two of them having sex. The girlfriend had no idea because the camera was hidden. Our actor then gave copies of the tape away to his friends and it spread like wildfire. Not only did it damage this girl in high school, but when she tried to join a sorority in college someone told everyone there about the tape and she was rejected.

#1 - actor
#2 - show

#1 - Mark Salling
#2 - Glee

Mark Salling Is Being Sued For Sexual Battery

Unless you watch Glee, you probably have no idea that Mark Salling plays Puck on the show. Well, Mark is now being sued by a woman who claims that Mark forced her to have sex without a condom. Roxanne Gorzela said the pair dated for several times and the last time they had sex she said she was willing to, but told him he needed to wear a condom. He forced himself on her without a condom and then had sex with her. Later, she went to his house to confront him about it and fears that he might have given her an STD. When she arrived she found him in bed with another woman and when she demanded he take an STD test he grabbed her and then pushed her to the ground. Roxanne says she then went to the police and filed a police report.

Blind Item #1

This B list reality star has a significant other. She always says it is serious and they are committed to each other, but he sure never acts that way. In the past few days he has been left alone and spent an hour hitting on this foreign born B list all movie actress. She kept trying to get away from him and talking to other people and he kept drinking and hitting on her and touching her and grabbing her arm until she was forced to just leave the event to get away from him.

Manti Te'O Says He Is Innocent

In an interview with ESPN, Notre Dame player Manti Te'O says he is innocent and was not a part of this vast hoax. He also says that he knows it was crazy to just have an online relationship and never meet the person, and that he made some mistakes during the time, but that he was not a part of it. The video below is Jeremy Schaap discussing the audio interview he did with Manti and some of the quotes from Manti. Apparently the interview lasted well over two hours and that Manti was really consistent with his story.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

RIP Gussy Moran who became the first woman to wear a short skirt while playing at Wimbledon. This caused a huge uproar. She was 89.

Presumably Adele is carrying her baby under the blanket and not just doing all of this for show all day.
Bradley Cooper in Paris.
Benicio Del Toro and Kimberly Stewart take their child out shopping.
Chloe Moretz on her way to Paris.
Not only does Charlize Theron look good, she is willing to move her own boxes.
Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz on their way to see
Scarlett J on the opening night of her new play.
This is a shot of Demi Moore and Harry Morton from their date last week. Don't really care about that, but look at how tiny Demi's legs are.
The reason Donald Trump is smiling is because he thinks he can probably get Katherine Webb to unzip that zipper all the way down.
It is not two of Elizabeth Banks. It is Elizabeth and
her body double.

Random Photos Part Two

Ethan Hawke is now a blonde.

Emmy Rossum right before her singing debut. Her aunt, Vera Wang was not in attendance.
Ke$ha is probably kicking herself for not attending Men's Fashion Week in Paris. She loves facial hair.

So, a guy in Australia managed to find this 12 pound gold nugget. Yeah. $300K just like that.
Hilary Swank cashing a check in Hong Kong.
Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough rekindle their friendship at a Nicholas Sparks event.
Maria Menounos was there too.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Kanye West and the first of what promises to be many furs at Paris fashion week.

Mark Wahlberg and his kids have matching shoes. His wife chose to not participate.
Natalie Portman takes some time off from mommy and me to go to a business meeting.
Russell Brand gets some help throwing away his Katy Perry collection,
Robin Wright looking good in London and then joining
Kate Mara and Kevin Spacey.
Salma Hayek and her daughter hop on a flight.
It is hard to believe that Sarah Michelle Gellar had a baby just a short time ago.

The Ultimate F Bomb News Bloopers

Blind Item #6

This D list celebrity with A list name recognition is trying to sell a story about he hooked up with his B list celebrity ex and baby mama who has A++ list name recognition. Apparently he needs the money and is willing to sell the story even though it would destroy his current relationship.

John Mayer Sings Live For The First Time In Two Years

John Mayer performed Wednesday night at a fundraiser in Montana to thank the firefighters who saved his home from a fire this summer.

Blind Item #5

For the second time in the past two years, this A list all movie actress is sleeping with a guy who also slept with her daughter.

Jennifer Lopez Hates Her People Magazine Cover

No one ever said that Kneepads is brilliant at making people look spectacular on their cover. They are all about making moms look good with babies and sometimes a wedding photo. Otherwise they are very much the Good Housekeeping, Redbook kind of publication and you are not going to get the same result you would on Maxim or Allure or Vogue. You are going to get what Jennifer Lopez got. The soccer mom look with heavier makeup. Jennifer Lopez hates the cover because she says it makes her look old. Jennifer is 43. They don't retouch a lot so what they gave you is pretty much what she looks like but with better lighting. I'm still shocked she is even on a cover or doing the typical Kneepads cover story. Never would have happened ten years ago.

Four For Friday - It Was A Whirlwind Love Story Or A Quickie

It is Friday today. Nothing really new to report in the weekly announcements so will just remind everyone that I will be here all weekend and will have a reveal or two from the archives tomorrow. I'm thinking of a really big blind item to reveal if I hit 20,000 followers on Twitter so add me @entylawyer.

On set romances are nothing new. They happen all the time so they are not really blind item worthy. It is not even that big of a deal if one of the people happens to be married. This particular hookup though is important for who it involved and the circumstances and the bonus they gave the world which is about the only clue anyone knows they even met. Our actor is A list in looks and A list in talent, but on the scale of Hollywood is probably B list. All movies. Married. Academy Award winner/nominee. One day not that long ago he was visiting a friend of his who was shooting a movie. They got to talking and suddenly this now married, but then single A+ list celebrity spots the actor and screams and runs over and says that she is his biggest fan. Our actor is flattered, but despite her fame, he is not quite sure who she is. He is amused though and she wants to talk to our actor all day and knows all his roles and has a hundred questions. Our actor has never met a fan like this and she is certainly attractive and won't stop touching him. He is used to women wanting to be with him and he is picking up the signals. He excuses himself after an hour, but the next day he is back. The next day the pair spend more time together, but again nothing happens. The third day he is back for more and this time, they spend an hour in her trailer. People on the set were shocked how she went from diva to groupie in a second and how she won't stop smiling. This goes on for about a week. Everyday. All day when she is not shooting they are together. After a week, he has to go film and back to his wife and she knows she needs to go back to her real life and her boyfriend. As a fitting send off though, our actor films just a few seconds for the movie so they can always remember their time.

Your Turn

I think I did this about a year ago, but it is always fun to revisit it with new readers coming in all the time. First record, or album or tape you bought. Do you still have it? If you switched from vinyl to CD, did you but it again on CD?

Blind Item #4

This foreign born actress who is probably a B- in her own country and maybe a D here but with B list name recognition makes her money on red carpets and hotel bedrooms now. Her biggest client ever paid her $35K for two nights. With a check. That bounced. Always should be cash. Our actress went ballistic when she found out it had bounced. Caused a scene where she was and almost got tossed out of the place where she was.

NY Times Review Of Going Clear - Lawrence Wright's Book About Scientology

You really should read the review of the book if you get a chance (Click here). This is the gold that Wright has unearthed.   Scientologists believe: "The planet Earth, formerly called Teegeeack, was part of a confederation of planets under the leadership of a despot ruler named Xenu. To suppress a rebellion, Xenu tricked the confederations into coming in for fake income tax investigations. Billions of thetans were taken to Teegeeack where they were dropped into volcanoes and then blown up with hydrogen bombs.”

Hubbard apparently had all this come to him while he was sitting in his dentist's office.

Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers is Real World Cancun with guns and Disney tweeners gone bad all supervised by a Kevin Federline looking James Franco.

Blind Item #3

This B- list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was at an event out of the country recently. As part of his contract he requested that a staff of 5 women be available 24 hours a day to have sex with him. The country where our actor was visiting has legal prostitution so the A list company said sure and had the women available to him. I'm guessing they don't want their very rich, female customers to know about this little transaction.

Chumlee Will Be A Ring Bearer

In what appears to be probably a very special episode of Pawn Stars with every History Channel show contributing someone to the event, Rick Harrison is set to get married in July in Laguna Beach to his long time girlfriend. The pair had originally just planned on something quick in Vegas in the back of the pawn shop, but now is going to be over 100 people, involve History Channel crews and Danny Koker of Counting Cars marrying the couple while Chumlee acts as a ring bearer. Do you think Rick bought the ring or someone brought it into the shop looking for gambling money?

Blind Item #2

Massive fights about her coke use have led to this A list couple on the verge of splitting. She is an almost A list at this point all movie actress and he is a B- list at this point all movie actor. He does not do drugs. He has lots of other vices and issues, but he doesn't do drugs. She does. They fight. She now says she has stopped, but hasn't. She just does more when he is not around. This would be a tabloid cover if they split.

Robert Wagner Refuses To Talk To The Police

Now that there is a fresh coroner report with evidence showing that Natalie Wood was beaten prior to her death, Robert Wagner has decided he no longer will talk to police who are investigating the case once again. Uh oh. Wagner's attorney says that his client has spoken to the police numerous times in the past 30 years and has nothing left to say. Of course it is very strange that he is willing to talk to them for 30 years and then when they have some questions he has not had to answer before about the beating she took before ending up in the water he suddenly decides to get quiet.

Blind Item #1

This former A list all movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has dropped to a B because of her crippling depression which makes her unable to work much had a recent relapse. She had been doing much better and had been taking her meds, but decided she didn't need them and ended up holed up in her hotel room out of the country for a few days and would not come out. Finally she let one of her friends in who said that our actress needed to be at an event and that she was getting paid to be there and our actress got up, got dressed and was out the door and acted like nothing had happened. She is really on the edge.

George Takei Still Doesn't Like William Shatner

It has been about 45 years since George Takei and William Shatner first worked together on Star Trek, but you get the feeling that George has thought about yelling at Shatner everyday of those 45 years. Last night on Watch What Happens Live, George said that William Shatner was the "biggest douche" on the show and that everything revolved around Shatner and that he could not stand for someone to get more attention and used to have the director always focus on Shatner's reaction rather than what other people were saying. So, basically wanted everyone to focus on his face and the rest of the dialogue could just be done off camera. George said this was not a one time thing but a daily, regular thing.

Subway Has Been Ripping Everyone Off

I'm not sure why no one had ever bothered to measure a Subway foot long sandwich before, but once Matt Corby of Perth, Australia did it this week and discovered his sandwich came up an inch short, the entire world has been out measuring Subway sandwiches and so far there have been very few reports that anyone has found an actual foot long sub. On average it looks as if 60-70% of all foot long subs made are about one inch less than they should be. Combine that with a 25% reduction in the amount of meat each Subway shop is putting on the sandwich on a year over year basis, and an increase in prices and you have a recipe for a scandal. I have great experience in not measuring up but it usually deals with a part of my anatomy not named stomach. The company says that the stores are to blame for not baking the bread at the right temperatures. All the stores? The company says the bread shrinks during baking. So, if we want an actual foot long sandwich we have to eat the bread raw?

Too Much Barney The Dinosaur Leads To Attempted Murder

The son of the Barney The Dinosaur creator has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. Apparently 27 year old Patrick Leach got into an argument with a guy and shot him in the chest on January 9. The man is expected to be fine after being treated at a hospital for his wound, but Patrick was arrested. I wonder if growing up he had to watch Barney non-stop. Just forced to sit and watch every episode because his mom created it. Then when he finished he had to watch it some more. probably has a lot of pent up rage over Baby Bop.

Lance Armstrong Admits Doping - Doesn't Seem That Sincere

What got me the most when I was watching the interview between Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey where Lance admitted he cheated all those years, is that he does not seem to care about all the damage he caused by denying everything all these years and all the lawsuits he filed when people accused him of doping He simply said he did inexcusable things. He ruined lives is what he did. People went bankrupt after he sued them.  He also said that he stopped doping in 2005 and when he made his comeback he did so clean. Uh huh. And that after he retired he never doped in any of the other sports in which he has competed. Uh huh. So, you were doping for years and years and then just stopped? I think he is trying to make himself look good. As I have said before, everyone seems to cheat in cycling, but what makes Lance different is the way he ravaged the lives of people who ever accused him of it.

Dear Abby Has Died

Pauline Phillips, a California housewife who nearly 60 years ago transformed herself into the syndicated columnist Dear Abby (pictured above with her sister, Ann Landers) has died in Minneapolis. She was 94.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Charlie Sheen on Dr. Oz yesterday was great. If you can find it, you should watch it.

Hello Elizabeth Banks.
Flea and Anthony Keidis in Australia together.
Nahla seems like she is always having a good time with Gabriel.
Amber Heard and her new French model girlfriend.
Jennifer Lopez takes Casper out to dinner for finishing all his chores.
Apparently Kevin Bacon has a new show which if you watch any FOX or their affiliates has been drilled into your head every five seconds for a month.
Lea Michele after leaving a bikini wax place. Seriously.
Meanwhile, her fellow Glee star, Dianna Agron checks out dumpsters.
AnnaLynne McCord all dressed up on the 90210 set.
Shenae Grimes - not so much.

Random Photos Part Two

Last night a new restaurant opened in Vegas. Holly Madison smiled for the cameras but looked depressed when she was not posing.

Kate Upton looked amazing. Ate at the restaurant but when the party moved to a bar, she had to go home. She was denied. Only 20.
Ashley Greene at two pieces of sushi. When more food was brought out, she excused herself and left the event.
Stacy Keibler was there.
Maria Menounos
You know it is a crazy party when Elijah Wood is working as a DJ.
Krysten Ritter lived up to her reputation as the biggest b**ch in Hollywood. Nasty to reporters and everyone else.


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