Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blind Item #3

This former second fiddle on an almost network hit that was recently canceled got a huge break in her career when she was cast to star in a network hit that needed afresh face. Apparently that weekend she spent with the married A list movie and television actor helped her land the role. You know, his wife is so incredibly nice that this really sucks.

Blind Item #2

This B list celebrity who does not do reality and has only one famous celebrity husband still manages to be famous because of her look. Well, she had to take three weeks off from showing that look after one of her patrons/customers/friends who she was with for the first time went a little far during sex and battered her badly. Unfortunately because she does not want the public to know how she makes most of her income she could not call the police, only her doctor. She has been known to enjoy rough sex but this went way too far.

Blind Item #1 - Old Hollywood

To see this woman in the last few years of her life was to see a shadow. A pasty shadow who looked as if she would crumble at any time. I guess in a way she was the original coke mom but her drug of choice was heroin. Introduced to her by some musicians she met at a recording studio they showed her what to do and how to inject it. One of them also became her lover and that would have been a scandal still reverberating if it had been discovered at the time. For her there could be no crossing any racial lines like that. The last year or two of her life the forever A+ lister would wear long sleeves to cover the tracks on her arm. Is it any wonder her kids had such huge addiction problems?

Marcia Wallace Has Died

Marcia Wallace, the voice of The Simpsons' Edna Krabappel who earlier played the receptionist on The Bob Newhart Show, has died. She was 70.

Blind Items Almost Revealed

March 24, 2011

This B- list movie actress who would probably be A if she had any acting talent at all has started looking for a new boyfriend. The thing is since she prefers women it is a little tougher. But, to make things interesting she has offered to throw in her girlfriend too if the guy is willing to pony up and be our actresses boyfriend.

She is married now. That didn't take long. The husband is more interested in looking in the mirror anyway so it probably works out well. She has changed girlfriends too. The old girlfriend was replaced with someone younger she found from a dog sitting Craigslist ad.

Blind Items Almost Revealed

January 20, 2011

This almost A list always foreign born movie actor was dining at a restaurant two nights ago with his B list movie actress significant other. When our actor saw who was serving them, our actor told his significant other they could ask for another waiter because it turns out our actor had slept with the waiter. His significant other replied, "Oh, its ok, I slept with him too."

The actress has slipped down to B-/C+ and is a new mom but not with the boyfriend in the blind who makes his living off one franchise now

Blind Items Revealed

January 10, 2011

#2 - Affairs happen all the time, but when they involve a long time married Academy Award winner/nominee actor who presents to the world a very loving home front it is worth a blind.

Warren Beatty

Blind Items Almost Revealed

November 8, 2010

I don't know if you will ever get the first person in this blind, but he is a celebrity. He is a gay actor/singer/and bff of one of the biggest A list female singers in the world right now. Anyway, a few years ago our celebrity was involved in a relationship with this A list movie actor. Not just a fling, but a real relationship. Not living together, but it was still a relationship. Anyway, it ended a few years ago after our A list actor went from mainly (with one exception) obscure small roles to international stardom. Our celebrity says there was so much pressure on the relationship from so many different people and agents and managers it just could not survive.

The A list actor is foreign born and is probably down to A- now. He also has a tenuous connection to Josh Lucas.

Blind Items Revealed

October 19, 2010

#2 - This engaged B+/A- list comedic actor failed to mention he had a serious girlfriend while he made promises and slept with this will someday be A list but right now B- list film actress. She is ticked and has threatened to reveal everything to the unsuspecting girlfriend.

Seth Rogen/Emma Stone

Blind Items Revealed

September 27, 2010

#3 Anyway, one time, this still A list Academy Award nominee/winner actor who has also done lots of television called the dealer at 3am and begged the dealer to come to his house and bring some more coke. The actor was having as huge party and someone had spilled a huge bag of coke onto white shag carpeting. Apparently a bunch of drunk and high people had all tried to use a carpet take to gather up the coke, but were so f**ked up they did not realize it was just sliding right through the rake. One person was do desperate for the coke that they vacuumed it up but this was at a time when they still had vacuum bags so they cut open the bag and the coke was all mixed up with lint and other stuff. Did not stop the people from trying to snort it though. Eventually the dealer came out and charged enough from that one sale where he managed to buy a car just from that one night.

Robin Williams

Blind Items Revealed

August 17, 2010

#1 - This former WWE entertainer has come a long way down from her height of fame. You can now find her servicing club promoters in return for getting booked at clubs.


Blind Items Revealed

August 11, 2010

This very good looking B-/C+ actor who is recently unemployed after being on a hit network show came out of the closet this week. Kind of. After always being seen with different women he went to party of friends and family with his boyfriend.

Wentworth Miller (Almost three years to the date of that party is when he came out publicly to the world. He said it was his coming out anniversary.)

Blind Items Revealed

July 21, 2010

What A list musician, despite being married, only sees his kid(s) when he knows his B list actress wife is not around. He has not lived with his wife for almost a year and she is fine with that. She likes to pretend that everything is still perfect so won't tell anyone. Meanwhile he can't stand to be around her and she drives him crazy.

Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow

Friday, October 25, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Ben Affleck shows off his recent workouts.

Britney Spears and her coffee photo of the day.
I kind of feel like Diane Kruger is dressed like a nurse here and is about to give a sponge bath.
Demi Lovato and that hair of hers. I really don't like it. It's old Katy Perry.
Fran Drescher in a rare pap photo.
George Clooney found someone to take home.
Hello Gabrielle Union.
Long time no see in the photos for Alyson Hannigan.
Kirsten Dunst mangled her hand. Probably bit by a lion. Or she fell down.

Random Photos Part Four

Hilaria Baldwin feels like she is a star now. Posing solo on the red carpet even though

Alec Baldwin was there. That is usually a red carpet no no.
Harvey Keitel and his wife were there.
Joy Philbin has enough star power to pose solo without the ancient one.
Hilary Duff skipped her sister's book launch event in NYC.
Johnny Depp shows of his 70's game show host hair on a date with Amber Heard.
Jamie Foxx gets an eyeful of Eva Longoria's breasts.
Umm Bryce Dallas Howard has lost a million pounds. She weighs less than her dad now.
Kate Bosworth got a magazine cover.

Random Photos Part Three - Armani Party

During the day Naomi Watts is a soccer mom but at night

she wears velvet skirts and goes to Armani parties.
Renee Zellweger was there with her boyfriend. That is a whole lot of hair.
Leonardo DiCaprio was there with Martin Scorsese.
Dianna Agron went with the high waist look. Not a fan. makes it look like your boobs are touching your waist.
Lauren Hutton looks amazing.
Ditto Glenn Close.
Ricky Martin gets loved on by Roberta Armani.
Even Anna Wintour took time off from cauldron stirring to show up.

Random Photos Part Two

Katie Holmes joined Twitter and this is the photo she gave us. It's like the sweatpants version of an avatar.

Kim Kardashian went out with Kanye West again. Isn't he on some concert tour right now? Is she going bare belly? How much surgery do you think she has had since the baby was born?
Kate Middleton out partying. Well, Duchess style.
Speaking of partying, Lindsay Lohan is back in NYC having a one woman party.
Matt Damon and Kenny Chesney. Huh.
Matthew M out at an event with
Kevin McKidd. Who would you rather?
Michelle Williams looks thrilled about Halloween doesn't she?
Naomi Campbell after dinner. Not that she ate, but she went to a restaurant and presumably looked at a menu and ordered food.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today. The tail is for later when Nicole Richie gets home.

Robert Pattinson hangs out with Isla Fisher at an Australian film event that also brought out
the Wachowski siblings.
If you were the guy with Snooki wouldn't you want to be Oz rather than the scarecrow?
Sharon Stone pulling her own luggage at LAX.
Ashley Tisdale out with her soon to be husband unless she bails or has second thoughts which is probably not a bad idea.
Long time no see Ty Pennington.
Taylor Swift loves Pink and so do I and I hope Pink feels better real soon.
It has been a looong time since Victoria Beckham showed any cleavage. Maybe she is trying to spice (no pun intended) things up with David Beckham again.

Blind Item #10

This A-/B+ list celebrity/singer/former reality star who has been in the news a lot lately once spent a bunch of her money to make her song number one. She bought 100K copies of it.

Blind Item #9

This former A list talk show host who probably wishes she had not got fired so she would still be famous got fired because she snorted lines of coke off her celebrity boss' desk and bragged about it after. She has been trying to get her old job back but won't be able to until her old boss moves on.

Tom Hanks Is A Very Nice Guy

Blind Item #8

This former "It Girl," was an up and coming actress until she got involved in a love triangle with an A list mostly movie actor and at the time an A list mostly television actor. The movie actor got her hooked on drugs and now she is a barely holding it together heroin addict who earns money any way she can now.

Blind Items Revealed

June 30, 2010

The celebrity ex-boyfriend of this former A list television actress and now unemployed B lister has been spreading tales about their sex life. #1. Only sex under the covers and in bed. #2. Only at night or with the lights out and curtains closed in the bedroom. #3. No sooner than one hour after eating. #4. He had to turn his phone off, but she was allowed to leave hers on and to answer calls during sex. #5. No talking during sex. #6. Only certain music was allowed but he was allowed to choose between the four or five offerings. #7. No sex on consecutive days.

Jamie Kennedy/Jennifer Love Hewitt (Client List had not started yet which is why she was unemployed)

Four For Friday - He Wanted Him Gone

Announcement time. It is the last Friday of October. I can't believe next week the time changes and that it will be November. Sure, just the first of November but as soon as you say that word the world becomes two months of pigging out and chocolate covered bacon gift baskets. I will be here all weekend blogging my fingers to the bone. Reveals and blinds all weekend for those of you who want to hang out. If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer

This had the chance to be a full blown love story. If it was a movie the good guy would have won. Unfortunately it is real life and that sometimes gets in the way of happy endings. Not the happy endings of massage parlors but happy endings like we enjoy in movies. Give a test audience a movie that doesn't have a happy ending and it better be something magical or they are going to force you to change it.

Anyway, these two were meant for each other. She is a foreign born A list mostly movie actress and he is a foreign born A list mostly movie actor. They first hooked up on the set of a movie and they never left each other. From day one through the end of filming they slept together and ate together and worked together. Sure, they made a crap movie but they had love or lust or passion or something. Sure he needed rehab and she had been juggling some complicated other relationships but it was love or lust or passion or something. Then they didn't. Being stars got in the way. This was not your typical set romance where the movie ended and so did the relationship. It could have had legs. It just wasn't the right time.

Our actor moved on to other booze and drugs and women and our actress moved on to other men and got herself pregnant. Well, not herself. I mean a guy helped get her pregnant. He is very good at getting women pregnant. He is also very rich and he wasn't sure how he felt about a long term commitment. He preferred check writing and moving on to the next woman. So, our actress was A list and alone and then our A list actor walked back into her life. Perfect timing. Instantly there was orchestra music and choirs singing and they immediately turned into some domestic couple that did everything together.

This lasted a few weeks and the baby daddy saw what was going on and it made him a little jealous. A lot jealous actually. He broke things off with a super model and rushed to the side of our actress. He threw money and jewels at her and tried to woo her. Nothing could shake her away from the actor. Then our baby daddy did something very sneaky. He got the actor to start drinking again. Once the actor started drinking again he crashed hard and partied hard and the domestic bliss was gone and was replaced with absences and drunken fights and lots of screaming. Our actress is a good screamer too. The next thing you know the actor was gone forever and the baby daddy firmly implanted himself in the life of the actress. He also still has sex with models but that is a blind for another day.

Your Turn

If you were forced to spend an entire day hanging out with one of the Kardashians who would you pick?

Blind Items Revealed

May 28, 2010

#4 - This female C list singer/reality star had a promotional appearance the other day for which she had been paid in advance. Everything was set up and ready to go. When she arrived she demanded an extra $5000 for herself or she would leave. Because they were in a bind the very large company paid her, but after the event told her they would not be using her again.

Julianne Hough

Blind Items Revealed

April 9, 2010

#3 & 4 & 5 - This former B+/A- list movie actress who now focuses on another entertainment career once cheated on her A list movie star former boyfriend with another A list (at that time) movie actor. Although she says it isn't cheating if the guy can't get it up.

Juliette Lewis/Brad Pitt/Woody Harrelson

Blind Item #7

This C list mostly television actress who is lucky to have an acting job has been doing press for her lucky project and threw a huge diva fit when she was pushed back for another guest and had to go second. She threw out the do you know who my husband is card. Yeah, that is a huge winner. This is where it gets crazy. When the host asked her about her husband she played it cool but walked off the set and told her publicist that she was her own person and no one better ask about her husband again.

Blind Item #6

This former B+ list mostly television actress who is always one of my favorites despite her not being much more than a C- list after thought and now sometime movie actress is saddened by the lack of offers she thought she would be getting after her most recent efforts backfired. She has devised a new plan she thinks will help. She wants to be spotted with another woman and have people think she is bi-sexual. That is so 2010. What she needs to do is give up on the acting thing and head towards the reality light. Only there will she achieve her goal of being famous and fawned over. She could also do porn but needs to make it different to stand out.

Blind Item #5

This A list mostly movie actor needs to have a hit soon or he is going to drop to B list. Maybe that is why he is going so method for his current role. Anyway our actor was spotted at a club the other night with a guy who is most definitely not his girlfriend. Someone brought out a cell phone to take a photo and our actor went off on the guy and then two others got involved and the guy taking the photo was bombarded by people screaming at him about outing people. No punches were thrown but hey, lots of screaming. A shove perhaps? A finger poke?

Blind Item #4

This C list reality star who probably thinks she is an A list reality star and celebrity is only on television because of who she is married to. So, if she wants to keep all of that then maybe the four hour sessions with the trainer should be scaled back. Her former A list celebrity husband is not that stupid. Maybe he doesn't care. Maybe he is cuckolded.

Ramseys Knew Who Killer Of JonBenet Was - Helped Him Get Away

The grand jury indictment of John and Patsy Ramsey has been released. We knew the child abuse charges were going to be in the document. What we didn't know was that apparently John and Patsy Ramsey knew who the killer of their daughter JonBenet was and helped him go away. The indictment says, "the parents intended to delay or prevent the arrest of the alleged killer." Umm, yeah, that is probably why John Ramsey didn't want to have this document see the light of day. If they had given up the killer then they would have to admit their role in the death of their daughter. The grand jury indictment says they were accessories to the crime of murder and their participation in the abuse of JonBenet led to her death.

Blind Item #3

This is kind of like a real version of Sister Wives. Oh, I suppose that is real since it is reality. Hmm, ok well it is like that but without the religious stuff. This actor who is B- list and on a hit cable show is living with two women and alternates who he sleeps with at home. Out in public he is only seen with his actress girlfriend. The actor believes this type of three way relationship is a better dynamic for families. Uh huh.

Blind Item #2

This former B list mostly television actor who had his very own show for a couple of seasons was married to someone from an A list acting family. A list if you multiply all the names. No addition. Anyway he has branched out. What was just him helping out a friend has turned into five guys all working for him as gay escorts and all based out of his own house. He charges them rent and takes a cut of their earnings.

Blind Item #1

By my spy's account it took just under 20 minutes for this silver haired B- list mostly television actor from a very hit show to sit down at a bar and order a drink and have a woman who is not his wife approach him. He bought the woman a drink and soon had his hands all over her body. 20 minutes after he sat down they walked out together.

Kylie Jenner Is Trouble

I can't believe I'm talking about another generation of Kardashians. Yes, their last name is Jenner but if Kris has her way Kylie and Kendall will soon change their name to Kardashian. If you think the children are growing up normally you are wrong. If you somehow thought Kylie was the quiet normal child you are wrong. This week at a Beverly Hills hotel, 16 year old Kylie walked into the bar with Jaden Smith and some others and tried to order an entire bottle of booze. The hotel turned her down.

She then literally said, "Do you know who I am?" If you are saying that at 16 what do you think she is going to be saying ten years from now after her fourth rehab stint and second marriage? She then grabbed all her friends and screamed at the staff that they would regret turning her down. Somehow I don't think they regret it at all. Kylie probably went home and had a maid bring her several bottles of booze.

Jon Cryer's Ex Wants To Be Able To Afford The Best Hit Man

Do you remember the name Sarah Trigger? She is the ex of Jon Cryer. They have a kid together. She is also accused of hiring a hit man to try and kill Jon. Yeah, the mother of your child tried to have you killed. What makes things worse for Jon is that he is forced to pay the woman who wanted him dead $8K a month in child support. Now she wants more.

Probably after doing research she discovered the reason her plan went detected is that she couldn't afford thevery best hit man available. So, she is asking for $90K a month. Apparently she has the kid about half the time now which scares me because I don't think someone should be parenting a child if they tried to hire a hit man to kill their ex. It shows some stability issues. She says the money is because her son feels inferior to the other kids at his school because they all take expensive vacations and he can't afford them or have great birthday parties and feels humiliated.

Here is the solution to that problem. Change schools or tell your kid to deal with it and the fact he won't see the kids again in a few years. Every kid has this problem. The reason she wants all that money is because SHE is tired of feeling inferior to the other parents and is using the kid as an excuse.

Everyone Hates Bethenny Frankel

The NY Post has an article today that takes a turn trashing Bethenny Frankel. It has become a national sport. I am right with them on the dislike but the problem is that when every tabloid starts piling on then people start to feel a little warmth for the person and feel bad that she is getting trashed on a daily basis and then next thing you know they all love her and are watching her show and she sticks around forever. Or she does a Rosie and walks away and is never loved again.

In their article they say Bethenny never talks to the audience and never interacts with them. She comes on set to film and then walks off. She is the same way during the rest of the day. She only does the bare minimum and does not like to speak to others or interact with any of her staff. Kind of sounds like her marriage. Wait, there I go piling on. The last thing I want to be doing is talking about a successful talk show for her so I will back off for now. Oh, but her daily random pap shots have to go. She makes it so obvious. "Wait until I pick up my daughter from school and then snap me."


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