Friday, January 30, 2009

Four For Friday

#1 & 2- This must be obvious week or something because this is about the fifth or sixth one that has been really easy. This one is not difficult, nor that juicy, or even blind item worthy, but it is funny as hell. This former B list television actress who is now a C list wannabe film actress and sometime blog writer with a substance problem and has a sister who probably is not her biggest fan has made a big deal about the fact that she has a new love in her life. This new love is the singer of a band that sounds a lot like the name of a band that was really good back in the day and has the same number of letters and the same consonants at the beginning and the end. Anyway, this singer has been on tour away from his beloved but in one recent city he performed in the past few weeks he spent the entire night holding hands, and making passes at one woman. The woman asked him why he was hitting on her so much when he had our actress waiting for him. "Oh, I'm just with her because she can't get a job to save her life and wants the publicity." There is probably more to it than that, but the fact that he said it shows what he thinks of her at least.

#3 & #4- I will believe it when I see it. This one comes from a really good source, but even I find it hard to believe. Apparently this C list actor from a fairly hit television drama/action show met this C list genetically blessed actress and the C list actress is now pregnant. What makes this exciting and interesting is the fact that our C list actress' dad already threw the actor out of the house once when he caught the couple in bed together. So, yeah, she still lives at home. Not underage or anything. Just lives at home.

Random Photos Part One

No Johnny Depp, but this is Alyson and Vanessa Paradis so it is kind of like Johnny, but not really.
You hold a sign for me, then you get a couple of chances to be in the photos. So, here is Brittny Gastineau.
The very lovely Camilla Belle.
It has been awhile since Carla Bruni Sarkozy has been in the photos. Look at that smile on her face. It must be because Rachida Dati, our favorite French Justice Minister resigned her post. I just want to know who the daddy is. It is not the same person as Salma Hayek's baby. He denied it last week. I am going with the President of France or maybe his son. Jean Reno could be choice. Perhaps Jerry Lewis. You know how the French love Jerry Lewis.
It has also been awhile since Chris Evans has been in the photos.
Probably the most adult photo of Dakota Fanning I have seen.
Yeah, Djimon looks happy right now, but Kimora is just reeling him in.
Diane Kruger looks great, but I have no idea what Joshua Jackson was thinking when he decided to wrap his neck in layers of material.
A first time appearance for Edi Gathegi.
Yeah, when you saw what was in Heidi's hand what was your first thought? Yeah, you thought it was a Virgin Mary car dashboard statue? Then I realized it looked more personal in nature if you know what I mean.
Jennifer Hudson arriving in Tampa for Sunday's Super Bowl.
She might not be able to sing it, but I know they are getting divorced. You don't take a public walk after you have lunch. No one in LA walks more than five feet to the valet guy. So, this walk around the block after lunch is them attempting to prove they love each other. Yeah, you can see the expressions of joy and love on their face.
So was that whole Kellan Lutz / AnnaLynne McCord romance staged or what? I just don;t see them together.
Lifehouse - Tampa
Milla Jovovich looks amazing here. Well, she looks amazing anywhere really.
I think the dog is really debating whether it wants to go home with Natalie Portman.

Movie line of the day. "You call your cat an it? Don't you know if it is a boy or a girl?"
"I respect it's privacy."
I thought Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe disliked each other.
Rihanna - Tampa
Hey, look who popped up from the 7th Circle. Rose McGowan.
I will let all of you comment on Rumer Willis.
Taylor Dayne is starting to look younger. She must have a great surgeon. We almost had favorite 80's song on Your Turn today after I saw this photo. "Tell It To Your Heart."
The fake laugh of the day goes to Taylor Swift.
It was a tie for The Verne today. Three fake smirks.
Or Renee's back. See. It was a tossup.

Quick Hits Part Two

That Is Waaaaaay Too Much Information - I really think there comes a point in time when people need to learn to self censor. Such is the case with Suzanne Somers who decided that she just had to share to the world via Oprah that Suzanne takes 60 pills a day to stay fit. OK, That is excessive but I am okay in knowing that. She also says that she rubs a syringe of estrogen on one arm every day. Two weeks out of the month she rubs progesterone on the other. OK, now we are getting into some weird stuff but I can handle it. Oh, and to top off her daily regimen she injects estriol into her vayjayjay everyday. She must be a joy to live with.

A Match Made In Hell - According to celebuzz, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy are doing the dirty already. Of course if Jennifer Love Hewitt made Rich Cronin wrap his peen in two condoms you know that she made Jamie Kennedy wrap his in some kind of ziploc freezer bag. The two deserve each other. If they ever had offspring the kid's first word would be diva.

More Baby News - The National Enquirer is reporting that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are going to adopt a baby next month. If that is the case they better hire a team of nannies because if neither of them wants to get up at 7am and hear construction going on next door, you know that neither of them is going to wake up at 3am to change a diaper or feed the baby. Why even bother to have a baby if you are just going to hire someone to do all the parenting and only use the kid as a photo-op?

Your Turn

Today is guiltiest pleasure or something you would be embarrassed to tell anyone. I don't want to hear answers like, "I eat ice cream after midnight." I want answers like in the car all I listen to is Barry Manilow or when I am at home alone I sit around watching Kim Kardashian. I want you to blush when you are writing this and hoping that no one you know is going to read it and make fun of you for the next five years. That is what you should be feeling when you type it.

Quick Hits

Tori's Daughter Says Mama - Tori Spelling did some press at an event last night and said that her seven month old daughter said Mama for the first time the other day. Apparently Liam was not impressed and said, 'Mama, mama. What's the big deal? I can say that." No word yet on whether Dean has learned how to say the word job or has any plans of ever getting one that does not consist of him glomming on to whatever fame Tori has.

Ellen Asks A Great Question - You know Ellen is very nice to celebrities and does her share of butt kissing, but she also knows how to sneak in a question that everyone always wants an answer to. While taping an interview with Justin Long for her television show, Ellen asked Justin if it was awkward doing press with an ex-girlfriend. Great question. Justin's answer was, "Up until this point it's been not awkward at all."

Kendra Gets Her Own Show - Well, now we know how Kendra plans on making a living, at least for the next year. Kendra Wilkinson has been given her own reality show which will follow her over the course of the next year as she prepares to get married. Wow. It just sounds like something that will glue me to the television. Like I really care about watching her readying herself to get married. You want me to watch television? Put a damn camera in that woman's house with the 14 kids with no editing. I will be glued to that.

A Day In The Life Of America Young - Getting Set On Fire

Below is Episode 5 of America Young's Groupidity web series, but above, is something that freaks me out. I know she talked about getting set on fire last week, but until I saw the photo, it was not something I could really get in my mind. It was for a television commercial for a cable company I think. It was right after she got set on fire that she finished shooting and then went and had her audition for New Moon. She still has not heard anything back from them, but that is still a great story. "What did you do today?" "Not much. Got set on fire and had an audition for New Moon. Same old. Same old."

Groupidity Ep 5 HD from Groupidity on Vimeo.

I'm Skinny - I Can Leave The House Now

Have you ever noticed that after a celebrity gives birth, for the next few weeks or even a month all you see is the dad everywhere? The dad is the one making all the public appearances and the mom is nowhere to be seen. Now, sure I know lots of women need to recover. But, in the real world I think most women after they have given birth do manage to get out of the house at least once in the first month. I mean it could just be a trip to the grocery store or taking the baby to see their friends. Whatever. They don't just stay in the house. But, if for some reason they are staying in the house they are probably not inside the walls working out 24/7 to get their body back in shape.

Yesterday, Rebbeca Romijn decided to make her first public appearance since she gave birth to her children back on December 28th. So, what has Rebecca been doing since then? It looks like she chose the 24/7 workout routine. Hey, I'm glad she looks good and she is probably thrilled she dropped the baby weight, but this is another one of those times where I think Hollywood just does their best to make the rest of us feel as miserable as possible.

Why not go out a week after you had the kids? Let the world see that you are human. Instead we see her a month later with a perfect figure, brand new clothes, hair and makeup perfect and no sign that she gave birth to twins one month earlier.

And don't think it was a coincidence that she just happened to be there and a photographer saw her. This was planned. It was letting the world know she was ready for her next role and to get her face and name back into the press. Although Calabasas is home to lots of celebrities, you rarely see paps just sitting there unless they have been tipped ahead of time.

One time I want to see a celebrity act like a normal person after they give birth and not try and pretend they have some super human genes that the rest of the world doesn't have.

Is Scuba Diver A Profession?

Pamela Anderson has found new love at her trailer park. According to US Weekly, Pamela has found a guy named Jamie Padgett at her trailer park and is totally in love. "She is more in love than I have ever seen her before," said a source. Yeah, I wonder if this source knows how many times Pamela has been in love or lust or just whatever else it is Pamela does with guys.

Pamela, if you will recall moved to the trailer park while her Malibu house was being remodeled. Now if she would only get a little remodeling done to herself. OK. That was in bad taste. It is obvious she has been remodeled extensively and whoever did the remodeling has done their best but it just has not been good enough.

So, what does Pam's new love do to make ends meet? He is a scuba diver. Yeah, I know you can go scuba diving and that there are professional divers who make a good living, but the article just says he is a scuba diver. I don't know how exactly you make a living just going for dives. It sounds to me like maybe he is either a professional beach bum and landed the golden ticket in Pamela Anderson or that someone got the story wrong and he makes a living teaching scuba diving or is a professional diver.

Either way, according to the source, Jamie is "a totally moral, nice, normal guy." Uh huh. That is why he finds Pam's innocence and morality so comforting. It's like one of those new blankets with sleeves.

At Least The House Was Cleaned

One thing burglars love is knowing that when they break into a house no one will be there to stop them. I guess everyone in the world knew Amy Winehouse was not at her London home and so it was just a matter for burglars to decide the best night to break into the house and take what they could. Apparently that time was yesterday as burglars took about $35,000 worth of items from Amy's house and apparently also left the place a big mess.

By the time the cops came, the burglars were long gone. The items which were stolen were mostly electronics and guitars. I'm actually surprised she only had $35K worth of stuff in her house. Of course if they found any videos or anything like that, their haul could be much more impressive when they sell them.

What cracks me up is that they left the house in a mess. Are you trying to tell me the house was spotless before they got there? The house was probably worse than Pete Doherty's place. The burglars didn't wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, they wore them so they wouldn't catch some kind of disease.

"The flat is in a real state. It had been cleaned up in preparation for her return. Now she will have to start from scratch to replace what has been stolen."

Umm, it is a few guitars and some television sets. I don't think it will take her that long to replace them. You would think that there would be some kind of an alarm system but according to the police, if there was one it was not on. The police only came because the burglars dropped some things in the street and started making some noise as they were leaving.

Tony Romo A Cheater? - What Do You Think

So, all week we have been focusing on the Jessica Simpson curves issue, but because of that have totally neglected the story Star Magazine ran earlier this week that said Tony Romo cheated on Jessica. Now, I would not put it past Tony to cheat on Jessica and I think we all know Jessica has no problems cheating on other guys. I don't know if she has ever cheated on Tony. I am talking about pre-Tony.

Star Magazine said Tony cheated on Jessica at Jessica's house. Besides being very sex, lies, and videotape -ish, it seems to me that this would have had to happen in Nashville then and that most of the friends would have been friends of Jessica since she is the one who lives there. Maybe they share the house and the friends. I don't know. The quotes are pretty good though and come from people actually at the party.

"Everyone was talking about it downstairs. The girls were saying it was so wrong and shady of Tony to cheat on Jessica - especially in her place!"

Apparently though so far, anyway, this has not caused Jessica to love Tony any less because she was so excited to see him earlier this week. Now, since the report lots of agencies have tried to get a statement from Tony about the accusation and there have been no responses at all. None. You would think he would say no or at least something if it wasn't true. Instead just silence while every member of Jessica's family has now said something about the curves. This story keeps getting pushed out of the headlines because of the curves.

Interesting. What do you think? Did Tony cheat?

Evan Rachel Wood Is All About The Character

So, do you remember when everyone was saying Mickey Rourke and Evan Rachel Wood were caught making out after the SAG Awards? Yeah, and everyone thought it was kind of gross that a 56 year old man and a 21 year old woman would be doing that, but it was Mickey Rourke and Evan Rachel Wood so at that point basically all the natural order of things ceases to exist in any kind of relationship.

Anyway, Evan Rachel Wood was highly distraught by the accusation that she might be caught making out with a much older guy. Oh, wait. Evan that wasn't you f**king that married older guy. What was his name? Oh yeah. Marilyn Manson.

Now, the funny thing is that unlike most celebrities who are put in this position, she doesn't actually blame bloggers, or tabloids. Well, I mean she does for making it spread like a fire, but not for the original story. No, that special honor goes to Mr. Rourke himself. As she told Rolling Stone,

"I’m upset because I feel disrespected by the press and by Mr. Rourke." So, what I think she is saying here is that Mickey might have spread the word that he was doing the groping and kissing with Evan. So, basically he wants everyone to know that even though he is 56, he can still get a 21 year old actress when he wants her. Good to know Mickey. So, if Evan had left it that, I think we would have all felt sorry for her, maybe said a silent apology and moved on to the next 40 year old guy she found. But, Evan decided she had a little more to say.

"Just because I’m single doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of me. It’s unfair that the performances might suffer because of all of these distractions."

Ummm. Evan. What performances? The movie finished a long time ago. You know that is what you have been watching up on the big wall with the pictures that move. Oh, and if you are talking about what people might think about your acting in it. Award season is over pretty much. So, just because Mickey said he made out with you didn't distract from the fact you were not nominated for anything for your performance. You were not going to get nominated anyway. So, tell us Evan. How do you feel about Mickey now that he has done this to you.

"I'm not attracted to him, he's too old for me. Nothing ever happened and nothing ever will."

Mim - Movie Review - Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Before we get to the film review proper, I need to briefly comment on the two trailers which preceded it – Jonas Bros: The 3D Concert Experience and Hannah Montana: The Movie. The first looks like unmitigated cheese (as expected), a clear duplication of the earlier Hannah/Miley concert film in format and formula – hey, if it worked for her, why change it? And we are talking about formula films here, let’s face it…this is Disney after all. Not much else to note other than that for what is supposed to be a ‘candid’ look at the Jonas boys ‘behind the scenes’, it’s clearly scripted and staged to the nth degree, but again, we’re dealing with an entity that likes to exercise full control over even the so-called private moments of their charges, aren’t we - so no surprises there. It goes without saying that the tweeners will love it.

Another matter entirely is to watch the wholly unappealing Miley Cyrus wheel out her Hannah Montana schtick for what must surely be the last go-around, judging by the way she looks on screen. Yes readers, Hannah is growing up – or should I say growing old(er) - and it aint pretty…girlfriend is looking rough. Of course we all see pap shots of her every single day but nothing really compares to how cruelly one’s imperfections are magnified on that big screen. What is she, 16? Well she looks about 35 and not a very good 35 at that. Add to that one of the worst overbites ever to grace celluloid and you can’t help but feel sorry for the photoshoppers working on the posters. A telling moment is offered when Miley is seen hurtling down a hallway on a buggy, only to burst through one of her own ‘Hannah’ banners, thereafter sporting Hannah’s face, torn from the poster, over her own…the difference between the real Miley and the photoshopped Miley is startling, and you wonder why instead of opting for a bad veneer job she didn’t just visit a good craniofacial surgeon for a complete jaw reconstruction. Lord knows she could afford it. Or maybe not after the continuing drain her father’s hair-straightening and underwear model addiction is having on the family finances.

But I digress.

To Confessions of a Shopaholic. Overall, this was a thoroughly likeable film, if a bit slow in the first half. Isla Fisher proves she can more than carry a film in this charming little bit of escapism, made very timely by the fiscal mire we now find ourselves enduring, courtesy of those to whom her character’s $16k credit card debt would look like an absolute gift right about now. For the rest of us it’s a slightly more hysteria-inducing reality (and a shade too close to the truth for this correspondent), just as it is for Fisher’s Rebecca Bloomwood, shopping fiend turned financial columnist when she takes a career detour and inadvertently lands a job writing for a magazine dedicated to the penny-wise.

However it’s more pound-foolish as Rebecca continues to shop up a storm in the face of all sense, and I have to admit this had me wanting to slap her on many occasions throughout the film…but in a tough-love sort of way, you understand. Fisher manages never to let her character tip over the edge into complete caricature, which would be so easy to do in this broadly-drawn film, though she does teeter on the edge for much of the first 40 minutes or so. What saves her is not just her genuine warmth but the fact that unlike many actresses out there, she can actually move her face, and you end up being won over by her sheer likeability and obvious willingness to send herself up.

PJ Hogan is mostly on form in this flick, doing what he does so well – feel-good comedies with off-beat heroines who we relate to and find ourselves cheering for – but you do get the sense sometimes that this is a groove he’s wearing a little bit thin. Perhaps this is why the first half drags as it does…it’s tempting to think that right at that moment it was all about to descend into high farce, someone gave him the same slap that Rebecca was shaping up for, and it’s like he wakes from his trance and the film suddenly whips into life. Up until that point, everyone is just coasting along, almost going through the motions, with some characters verging on whiny and annoying…so it’s not a moment too soon really.

The film really gets a lift from its stellar supporting cast, of whom I have to say my personal favorite was Wendy Malik (of Just Shoot Me fame), playing the ‘Cruella de Vil’ of support group leaders as the no-nonsense ‘shopaholics anonymous’ group facilitator. The usually fabulous John Lithgow turns in a nothing performance (nothing but the pay-check, thanks) with admittedly very little screen time, and Kristin Scott Thomas takes her flawlessly snooty French accent out for a turn as editor of ‘Alette’, the fashion magazine which bears her name and which is Rebecca’s personal Everest in the story, until her credit card debt gets in the way that is.

Hugh Dancy is likeable but somewhat underwhelming as Fisher’s love interest…perhaps it was his underbite which was distracting me. It could be that I spent too much time ruminating on the fact that between him and Miley you could just about manage to make a decent jawline out of the spare parts…anyway, I guess he was okay, if a little wet. Kind of meh, if you know what I mean…I know there are others who see it differently, and each to their own…he just doesn’t float my boat (I’m more of a Colin Firth sort of girl), but that certainly doesn’t detract from the fact he plays a reasonably solid foil to Fisher throughout.

Playing her usual oddball character as Rebecca’s mother is Joan Cusack, who I swear looks increasingly strange every time I see her in a film. Never conventionally beautiful, I can’t quite put my finger on what she’s doing to her face that actually makes her look more pinched and squinty-eyed than age can account for as the years progress…certainly she sports the immobile collagen-filled top lip that seems so de rigueur amongst older actresses these days, but other than that…I don’t know. But whatever she’s doing, she really needs to stop.

Special mention must be made of John Goodman’s wig, which really needs its own acting credit here – it showcases its versatility throughout by displaying a different parting and shade in every appearance, defying continuity for sure but nonetheless delivering a standout performance by managing to never quite look natural, no matter what angle the hair-and-makeup people try. As for Goodman himself I have to say it’s a little sad to see the big man these days…it’s been a long road from his days as the bluff and cuddly Dan on Roseanne, one that has been littered (by all reports) with boat-loads of booze and coke amongst other things…and boy, it shows. Only a few months out of rehab when filming began, it’s hard not to wonder if he hadn’t begun to fall off the wagon again while playing the part of Rebecca’s dad, given he looks so drawn and bleary-eyed at times. It would be tempting to argue that his hair-piece does most of the acting for him, but no matter what the circumstances, he always manages to light up whatever scene he is in. I can’t deny it, I like the man. PLEASE GET SOME HELP JOHN, YOUR FANS LOVE YOU.

Of course the review wouldn’t be complete without making mention of the many fabulous (and sometimes downright strange) outfits in the film, which have Patricia Field’s signature stamp all over them. I have to be honest and say I had no idea what she was thinking pairing the green scarf with the outfit she did in one of the key opening scenes, and this is coming from someone that pretty much always likes what Ms. Field does, even if I can’t always wear it myself. That said, the film was a feast for the fashion senses and shows she has lost none of her touch as a costumier and stylist, even if her Johnny-come-lately fashion-designer credentials are a little bit suspect.

I haven’t read the Shopaholic books myself, but understand from those who have that there is little to disappoint fans here, despite the fact that large tracts of detail from the books don’t make it to the screen. Such is the way of the adapted screenplay my friends.

Despite my nit-picking, I must stress that I really liked this film, and I loved Isla Fisher in it – she is a great comedic actress with just the right light and shade to make a role like this work (not to mention her utterly enviable hair, the colour of which seems totally unique to her and which I think she needs to slap a trademark on stat). There are plenty of laugh out loud moments, as well as a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it debut appearance of the poster from up-coming Bruckheimer flick, Prince of Persia – from memory the only bare chest we get to see in the whole film. Unfair!

In these times of economic stress, Confessions of a Shopaholic rings all the right notes - not only is it a lovely light-hearted bit of escapism, it is also (believe it or not) a timely message on frugality - giving lie to the doom-merchants who predicted only a few months ago that the timing was all wrong for such a (supposedly) frivolous film. Personally, I think the time is just right, and you could do much worse than spending a few of your hard-earned bucks going to see this film.

I Was Wrong - This Is A TV Show

Earlier in the week I made a joke about he woman who had octuplets and how she was halfway to her own television show. Now however, I think she is well on her way to having a television show. I also think that I am not quite understanding something here. The woman who gave birth to the octuplets already had six children. 6 +8 = 14. That is a bunch of children. Silly me assumed that because she was taking fertility drugs that she didn't have any other kids and that she and her significant other had been trying for a long time to have kids.

It turns out that the woman lives at home with her parents with the six kids. Now, I may have missed something here, but it also sounds to me like there is no significant other. Hey, whatever. She can do as she pleases, but I just found it odd that one person would want to raise 14 kids by themselves.

If you had six kids before, then I am having a tough time understanding why you would undergo fertility treatments. It seems to me that whatever you were doing before worked pretty well. Did she wake up one morning and say to herself, "you know, the six kids are only coming about once a year. I need to do something that produces more children more quickly."

I understand that I am an ignorant guy and that I am probably missing a reason or some other story which explains all of this. Maybe she was testing the drug for money to help support her other six kids. I don't know. I do know that if her wish was to get a television show she is probably going to get her wish. 14 kids and raising them all by herself. That is a television show. Sure, there are grandparents to help, but when they are promoting the show it will be single mom and 14 kids.

I also know that the Duggars better get with it or they won't have the most kids on television anymore. Hell who cares about their 18 kids. They have two parents and a bunch of older kids helping them. Mrs. Duggar better start taking fertility drugs as well. I won't be happy until they have at least 30 kids. Meanwhile, the woman who gave birth to the octuplets is supposed to be pretty young. Like in her 20's young and so she has a great shot at getting to 40 at this rate. I mean sure, she shouldn't expect more octuplets but she can probably get quads or quints on a pretty regular basis.

This is all insane.

Ted C Blind Item

Crawley McNugget is a quasi-pint-size playboy in the fickle and lust-filled town of Hell-Ay, even though he may not look the part. Like, at all. Regardless, Crawley's somewhat public womanizing track record shows he's gotten to bed many notorious (for nothing) ladies even though scores of coke-snorting bystanders manage to marvel at McNugget's success—through the haze of blow-filled highs, no less.

But look, the really ridic thing about the dude is that his real-life sex manners are not at all like the nice TV character he plays. Here's how:

As one would suspect of his unimaginative type, Crawly frequents the Hollywood club scene, a lot of the time with other famous pals, looking to score some ass. And he does too, tons. C.M. takes the babes back to his Hills home with the assumption that they're sure gonna do the dirty, and most of the time they sure do. Jeez, you straight chicks can be as easy as us gay slutty ones, I swear! I digress.

But for any gal who prefers to just fool around without closing the deal, be prepared for McNugget to scream louder than a Desperate Housewife with bad lighting. "Get out, then!" he will squeal with high-pitched yelping not dissimilar from the zealous Chihuahua he resembles. He then calls a cab for the discarded dame.

Gentlemanly? Hardly. Why, the last babe who got kicked to the curb dished to us that when the cabbie picked her up, the driver snarked, "What is this place?" She proceeded to tell him the name of the nonlikely hunk that lived there. "I'm here nightly," the cabby said. "Sometimes a couple times a night."

Guess you get cab fare whether you seal the deal or not. One thing's for certain: You don't get to spend the night. Ever. Why? Because the last honey Crawley tried to make it work with burned him for life. No joke. Life. Now, he treats his women as badly as she did him.

And It Ain't: John Mayer, Matt Dillon, Verne Troyer

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today's Blind Items

I don't even know why I am making this a blind item, so I will make it as obvious as possible. This foreign born B+ film actress with A+ name recognition and her producer/director husband have called it quits. They have been trying to make a go of it for her daughter, but it just is not working at all. They are not trying to hide it, but they haven't taken the time to announce it either.

Random Photos Part One

Billy Powell - RIP
I don't know how many autographs you can actually sign when you are facing the camera the entire time. I appreciate when celebrities go to the fans and sign and pose, but the idea is to pose and sign for them and not to show everyone you are doing it.
I have been trying to think of what song Brad Pitt would be singing in this situation and I am going to go with "Danke Schoen."
Charlie Sheen has been hiding lately. Here he is with Brooke Mueller.
The dirty trick photo of the day goes to the people who tortured this little girl. She was at a party. At the party was a pinata. The pinata was cracked open and all that fell to the ground was confetti. No candy. She got robbed. But, I guarantee you she is going to get a pinata at her next birthday and it is going to be stuffed with the good candy. Not the stuff you get at the dollar store.
Danny Devito will do anything to sell that lemon drink of his.
Including having Sylvester Stallone say that it is the reason he is so strong. Yeah, it's the booze, not the HGH.
One of the only times I have ever seen Elsa Pataky without Adrien Brody two feet from her.
Whoever invented fake tanner obviously had Guy Fieri in mind.
The "Verne" of the day.
Heidi and Spencer show you what they are worth.
Jessica Simpson wasn't smiling for the cameras. I wonder why.
I'm not sure why Kylie Minogue thought she needed to bring flowers to a fashion show, but then again, most people don't know why I need to bring a flask to work.
Lily Allen - London
The one, the only, Lauren Graham. Hey, at least she is talking to me again.
Matt Damon is a pretty good looking guy. Yeah, I just noticed it.
Orlando Bloom on the set of his new movie.
Razorlight - Sydney
One of my most favorite people in the world. Schuyler Fisk alongside Benjamin Taylor.
Obviously Sandra Lee didn't get my memo. Never, ever pose in front of an airbrushed photo of yourself.
Shia and his mom. Guess where the big spender took his mom? IHOP. Apparently their water must not be good enough for him.
This is not the Tara Conner I remember.


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