Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blind Item #10

This A- list tv talk show host has been trying to hook up with this former A list tweener. The former tweener keeps turning the host down though because he is too old and doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.

Blind Item #9

While the world thinks she is dating rappers and other rappers while alternating between other rappers, this A+ list singer is actually dating very quietly a married record executive who doesn't even like rap.

Blind Item #8

This one night hookup of this B list actor says he played songs by his A list singer ex the whole time the couple was having sex. The hookup said it was obvious that he was getting back at the singer for something but wouldn't open up about it. Apparently people still think the actor and singer are a couple.

Blind Items Revealed

February 24, 2014

This D list reality star who only is a reality star because of her A+ list mostly movie actor ex-husband was wasted out of her mind over the weekend and started throwing punches at a memorial event for the offspring of this C list celebrity. She was throwing the punches at the C lister.

Torrei Hart/Kevin Hart/Tameka Raymond

Blind Items Revealed

February 24, 2014

This B- list mostly movie actor who will be a B+ again when the next installment of his franchise is released paid $5K to a woman to pose with him in multiple locations over the weekend.

Josh Hutcherson (Apparently he thought it would impress her and she would go out with him again. She didn't though)

Blind Item #7

This A list reality host is tired of answering questions about a two week relationship. She says that he got what he wanted and then dumped her and he opened his mouth about it so now she always has to answer questions and feels stupid all the time while he has moved on to other women.

Blind Item #6

The appearances have dried up for this west coast Real Housewife because organizers are afraid of her drunken behavior and what will happen if she comes. They definitely don't want to pay her. As a result she is having a tough time making a living like she used to.

Blind Items Revealed

February 23, 2014

These two married co-stars from a hit network show spent two hours together yesterday in a suite at the Langham Hotel.

Tony Goldwyn/Kerry Washington

Blind Items Revealed

February 24, 2014

This A+list mostly movie actor is married and is an Academy Award winner/nominee. His former model wife says that he never wants to have sex with her and he is more interested in smoking pot and looking at himself in the mirror than actually spending time with her. She says she is more of an accessory for him now that he is forced to bring with him.

Matthew McConaughey

Blind Item #5

This B list everything made it part of her deal with the network that she gets first shot at being The Bachelorette unless she finds someone between now and then. She won't though because she doesn't want to pass up the exposure and the paycheck and she has faked for money before.

Blind Item #4

Just because you are in a couple of made for tv movies doesn't mean you are the biggest star on the planet or that people will want to see you naked. It hasn't stopped this washed up has been who got lucky the past couple of years from trying to get in Playboy though.

Blind Items Revealed

February 24, 2014

This B-/C+ list mostly movie actor has become a director. He is casting a new movie now and some of the scenes require nudity. The way he is casting these specific parts is by inviting women to come to his place. If they sleep with him he will get them a role in the movie. So far he has about 30 that have slept with him and he is making good on his promise. It is not even a big movie.

Zach Braff

Blind Items Revealed

February 22, 2014

This former A+ list rapper/celeb thinks things will be different now that he is moving in a new direction. Everything will be the same because the guy he got all his rhymes from was killed two years ago and our former A+lister can't do it on his own.

50 Cent 

Blind Item #3

This almost A list mostly movie actor who goes through phases of A listerdom is now single and sober and dating the best friend of his daughter who he started hooking up with when he was still drinking and picked his daughter up for dinner one night at her school. 

Blind Item #2

This foreign born A list model turned actress at least for one big summer role has been talking about the celebrity who everyone thought was still her boyfriend. he might be, but she says that he is bisexual and that he had originally planned on having kids with a long time male partner, but they split. She also says he is fanatical about removing body hair and oils himself down several times each day.

Blind Item #1

This former A list mostly movie actor who has his movie career back on track after some rough starts when his franchise ended is losing the battle with sobriety. On a transatlantic flight recently the actor had ten drinks and a bottle of wine and kept pawing at the flight attendants. The last hour of the flight he finally passed out, but had to be helped off the plane by an airline representative.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Bradley Cooper films his new movie in London.
Also filming a new movie is Brooklyn Decker.
Chris Martin arrives in NYC.
Chloe Moretz is holding hands with a guy who is not her brother or Brooklyn Beckham.
Chris Pratt walking the streets of LA.
Chris Rock hands a foul ball he caught to a kid.
A first time appearance for Charli XCX in the photos.
Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama at Disneyland.

Random Photos Part Four

Deryck Whibley is dwarfed by his girlfriend while out shopping.
Elle Fanning is on the west coast while her
sister Dakota is out shopping in NYC.
Eva Longoria is in a new movie. I'm sure it will do huge box office.
Ashley Greene on her way to NYC.
Irina Shayk and The Rock in Berlin.
Josh Brolin doing press for his new movie.
Jon Hamm points the way to his Hammbone.
Malin Akerman shows off her kid to friends.

Random Photos Part Three - Pre-Emmy Party

Sarah Hyland
Julie Bowen
Jessica Pare and Michelle Dockery
Taryn Manning and Dascha Polanco
Padma Lakshmi
Perrey Reeves
Betsy Brandt
Zoe Saldana
Aaron Paul and his wife.

Random Photos Part Two

Nikki Reed in a really unflattering dress at a U.S. Open party.
I presume these are shorts Rihanna is wearing and not just a random piece of denim.
Adrienne Bailon was actually wearing more clothes than Rihanna at the same event that also saw
Sammi show up. It makes sense since Ronnie was on a red carpet earlier this week. Sammi has to show off too.
You know it is not really a romantic vacation Ryan Seacrest is taking with his girlfriend when you are wandering alone and
she is hanging out with two girlfriends that came on the trip and you are paying for.
Reese Witherspoon and her oldest son out to lunch yesterday.
Tom Cruise doing his own stunts on MI5 and
watching Simon Pegg film a scene.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Sean Connery and his wife on their way to lunch yesterday in NYC.
Tara Reid slouches her way to another red carpet for Sharknado 2.
Maitland Ward continues her goal to be on every red carpet this year.
Ian Ziering and his wife were at the event with
Mark McGrath not too far behind.
Tori Spelling watches her kids sell lemonade and treats while
Dean McDermott chases away paps.
So far Zac Efron's new movie seems to consist of him running from one place to another.
Zoe Kravitz and the friend to everyone, Cara Delevingne.

Blind Item #7

I'm beginning to think this B list singer/celebrity/reality star might not know her significant other had a vasectomy. Ruh oh.

A Cupcake After Working Out

Blind Item #6

This A+ list "singer" had to be convinced/threatened to go back on stage during a change in clothes the other night. The singer spent five minutes arguing and crying before reluctantly going back out.

Off Topic

Saw a termite tent on my way to work today. I assume meth is being cooked inside.

Blind Items Revealed

February 25, 2014

This married A list celebrity/reality star/sometime actor told the waitress he was hitting on last night at an event that his A list marriage was over and it was a money thing why they were not divorced. She didn't buy his story so he went and found a waitress who did.

Nick Cannon

Four For Friday- Traditional

Not much to say today so just a reminder I will be blogging all weekend and if you would like to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer

#1 - This married A- list mostly television actor on a hit network show tells his wife that one of his co-stars is sleeping with another good looking foreign born co-star on the show, but it is in fact, the married actor who is doing the hooking up. Not the first time he has cheated on his wife, but at least this one isn't a spectacular crazy frenzy like the last time.

#2 - Kindness - This B- list mostly television actress who somehow managed to move from one show to another managed to squeeze $250K out of some very reluctant business people to construct a house for exploited sex workers in an Asian country so they have a place to stay when they leave the sex industry. If they went back home, they would just be sold again.

#3 - After a pregnancy scare, this A list mostly television actor from a cable show that made him filthy rich makes his significant other take a birth control pill in front of him every day. He doesn't want any more kids but she wants several.

#4- This dadager with A list name recognition is booking plane tickets for his business and paying one amount and charging the company he works for almost double while pocketing the difference. He says it is good business. More likely he will be sued or charged with fraud and go to jail.

Your Turn

What is the most significant birthday age?

Blind Items Revealed

February 26, 2014

This foreign born B-/C+ list celebrity/sometime actress is already on to her next assignment. She is being paid $25K a week after her most recent six week run. It is astonishing to me how much money she makes from guys who want to be with her. She does get them all press though. I guess if it is for press that somehow you might be able to deduct her as a business expense. There are whispers that this is a pay and credit deal so she might get a bit of acting work to go with her fee.

Kelly Brook

Blind Items Revealed

February 25, 2014

This A+ list diva was so hammered at an event last week that not only couldn't she sing but she was having trouble even lip synching to her performance. Producers of the show were worried she would have to sit on a stool during her performance because during a rehearsal an hour before the show she couldn't even stand upright.

Mariah Carey

Blind Items Revealed

February 25, 2014

This B list reality star who is linked to an A list reality family left behind his A list reality star significant other when he and another guy took two women they picked up at a club to the other guy's apartment. Each guy paid for an hour.

The Game/Khloe Kardashian (And a short time later Khloe began hooking up with French Montana)

Blind Item #5

This foreign born A list model has been sued this week because one of her conquests says she got herpes from the model. 

Blind Item #4

This former A list singer who is still a B+ list singer sent over a really expensive bottle of champagne to his A list ex. The two then met in the corner of a garden at the restaurant where they were both eating and then again briefly on a couch where her companions pretended not to listen. Hey at least someone will get some songs out of this.

Sex Box - The TV Show

The channel WE is going to start airing a new show called Sex Box. A couple sits in front of a panel of sex therapists and talks about their sex issues. The panelists offer advice in front a of a studio audience. Then the couple goes into the box which is soundproofed and has no cameras and no one can see inside. The couple is supposed to have sex in the box and when they come out, they tell the therapists and the studio audience what happened inside the box and if anything changed from the last time they had sex. If the guy in the relationship is having performance issues then my guess is that having sex on command and then knowing you are going to have to discuss it after is probably not going to make things better. If a couple is having sex issues and go in the box and are still having issues, what is going to keep them from just telling the therapists that they had sex and everything was amazing and thank you very much we are leaving now. I'm wondering just how desperate you have to be for fame that this is the show you are banking on to make you famous. 

Blind Item #3

Look for this former A list reality star from multiple reality shows on multiple networks and cable channels to give the network whatever they want for her new show because she has already committed the money she thought was a sure thing for another season to another business she runs.

Blind Item #2

When this married foreign born A- list mostly movie actor struck out with this foreign born B+ list mostly television actress who has been giving a lot of interviews in the past week he moved his attention to this actress who is about half his age and having trouble finding work now that her show in which she starred has been canceled. He ended up getting lucky with the actress before heading home to his wife.

Mr. X Blind Item #3

What A/B-list singer, former reality star and current rock frontman says the worst sex he had was with this bisexual former A-list actor, now at a struggling B/C-list, whom he appeared with in a play once? He said it felt like the scene in Return of the Jedi where Princess Leia is chained to Jabba the Hutt.

Emmy Awards On A Monday Could Be A One And Done

For the first time that I can remember The Emmy Awards have moved from their traditional Sunday night home to Monday night. From people I spoke to this could be a one time thing, especially if the ratings don't deliver huge numbers. A few years ago The Emmy Awards and other major awards shows have for the most part started airing the broadcast live on the west coast because viewers on the west coast were able to find out who won all the awards and the ratings started to drop. On a Sunday afternoon at 5pm, people on the west coast will sit their butts in front of the television and watch the show. Those same people are not going to leave work early to watch the show live though and there certainly won't be Emmy parties at their house. This is going to lead to people getting the results from the internet and not bothering to tune in when they get home.

Another big issue is with the studios themselves. Most shows are working right now. Most shows don't work on Sundays so the actors and producers could spend all day on Sunday getting ready and partying all night long and show up to work on Monday with a reduced schedule or in about half the shows, just take the day off. That is a day of course that crews don't get paid if they are not working.

Now, with the show being aired on Monday, it means that no one is going to shoot or work on Monday because they have to get ready and Tuesday is going to be a disaster because studios hate the idea of not being able to work for two consecutive days and that is also two days crew probably won't get paid.

Another issue is that the Video Music Awards are airing on Sunday. Do people really want to watch award shows on consecutive nights? The audiences do not exactly overlap, but there is a significant number who would normally watch both, but do those people who would overlap want to park themselves in front of the television to watch back to back nights of awards?

Mr. X Blind Item #2

Which closeted former Disney tweener/boybander was overheard talking to some of his friends at a gay bar about the time he had sex with this current network reality star who wants to be as popular as his sibling. 

Blind Item #1

This married female celebrity chef and television personality just can't stop hanging out with guys who are not her husband. Our chef was at a club earlier this week and after flirting with a guy for 30 minutes and exchanging numbers they walked out separately, but got into the same car. I guess she could have been giving him a ride home, but her hands all over his body earlier in the evening would indicate some other activity.

Mr.X Blind Item #1

Which Hollywood mogul shrugged off his doctor's warnings that he'd be dead in a year if he doesn't lay off the coke, food and booze? 

V. Stiviano Says She Was Donald Sterling's Beard

Well, just when you thought you really were not going to hear anything more about V Stiviano or Donald Sterling and we could get back to a world where visors are only worn during welding or by college football coaches comes a court filing by V.'s attorneys where she says that she never had sex with Donald Sterling and that she got paid all that money and was given all of those gifts because she was his beard. She further states that Donald Sterling is gay. Well, actually she doesn't know Donald Sterling is gay. She is not even sure he has been with a guy, but she thinks he prefers men. This is a great headline maker and Donald Sterling is one of the worst people on the planet, but I don't get the whole acting like a beard thing in this case. Donald Sterling has been married for the two centuries his horned being has walked the planet. Isn't that the ultimate beard? To be married to a woman and have the world know you are married to a woman? Was V the little string of hair attached to the beard and tied off with some kind of bead? V says that Shelly Sterling knew or knows that her husband likes guys and that Shelly was ok with the gifts and money because V was just a beard. If a guy this a-holish and this much in the public eye hasn't had a guy come forward yet to talk about his sex with Donald Sterling then it leads me to believe there might not be any guys. Don't you think a guy like Sterling who is giving out millions in gifts to women and is really gay would have hooked up with guys or is this something he has just kept inside his whole life? 

Nick Cannon Confirms Mariah Carey Split

Yesterday, Nick Cannon finally admitted that he and Mariah Carey have been living in separate houses for months and that is all he really had to say. Apparently he is not allowed to say anything more than that and the past few months have seen the couple trying to figure out how to split assets and custody so Mariah could have things neatly wrapped up and present them to the world the way she see fits and presumably with some type of Kneepads cover to go with the story. Only Mariah is allowed to tell the world her side of the story and Nick has been barred from saying anything more than the couple is not living together. Nick did add that the reason they are splitting is not because of infidelity, although he never says there was no cheating. You know, if you haven't been living together for months then he might not think it is cheating. I wonder at what point he thinks they were not together and it was ok for him to be with other women. The thing is, it seems like cheating when both halves of the couple try and pretend that everything is great and release photos that show the pair together even if the photos were taken months and months ago and are trying to be passed off as current. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Chloe Moretz was at the premiere of her new movie yesterday and
Brooklyn Beckham was there.
Also there was Bellamy Young.
Dakota Fanning and her boyfriend hung out in matching clothes in NYC yesterday.
Elisabetta Canalis has a huge engagement ring.
Eva Longoria after getting her hairs styled.
Gisele Bundchen at a playground.
Gordon Ramsay and
his buddy David Beckham had dinner last night.


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