Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I hope that everyone has a great Father's Day weekend. It is the 100th anniversary of the holiday this year. I know that I love my dad, but probably don't tell him enough except of course when drinking. Then it is practically a love fest. To those of you who are single moms and act as fathers, hopefully you won't get a really ugly tie because you deserve much more. I will be spending Sunday showing the old man some love with a box of wine and ribeyes, which leads me having to find a place to sleep Sunday night because mom hits the wine pretty hard that day too. After that, the kissing and what follows gets to be a bit too much even for the basement. So, if you see a fat man in a tent in front of a house, come say hi.

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 - This B list rock star might be rethinking his long term relationship with his A list celebutante girlfriend. It seems that our rock star has been spending some quality time with a wannabe model he met not too long ago. And when I say quality time, I mean, what you think I mean.

#1 - rock star
#2 - celebutante

#3 & #4 - This aging, foreign born former A list movie and television actor has always seemed to be pretty straight. I mean the guy has been married. Well, those perceptions might be changing because he was spotted in a dressing room groping and fondling this married, foreign born, C list movie and television actor. He is probably B list or even A list overseas.

#3 - former A list
#4 - C list

Random Photos Part Five - All Ascot

Not much effort in this one. It is like the Britney Spears of Ascot hats.

This might be an ad, I think.

Everything matches, even the umbrella.
Simon doesn't have a hat, but he does have a crowd of women.

Random Photos Part Four

What every refugee wants, an autographed photo of Angelina Jolie.
I love Alan Kalter.
Ashley Olsen doesn't look that bad.
Audrina Patridge was on Regis & Kelly and said she faked being a couple with Ryan Cabrera after they broke up for The Hills. No! Shocker! It's not reality??
Arnold has some new lifts. Must be meeting Sly.
Tish Cyrus has a lot of tattoos.
Think Carla likes being this close to Prince Charles?
Well, maybe she does. Of course maybe he had not showered and she was holding her breath. Or she burped. Yeah, I will go with that one too.
Chace Crawford partying in London.
Charice - New York City
How do you shop, text and hold a dog all at the same time? Ciara is obviously a multi-tasker.
Carole King & James Taylor - New York City
David Beckham wishing he could play. England could use him.
Does Demi Lovato have a tattoo under her breast? How old is she?

Random Photos Part Three

Gilles Marini and his daughter.
Josh Brolin and Diane Lane. You have to say this for her, she even comes to the bad movies to support her husband.
Even his dad and stepmom came.
George Wendt - Chicago
The Bieb at 9. Hell, I thought he was 9.
Judy Collins and Phil Ramone.
The John Lennon lyrics from A Day In The Life went for $1.2M. Wow.

Even Julianne Moore is a knee knocker.
Kim Carnes and her Bette Davis Eyes.
k.d. lang and John Mayer. Look how happy k.d. is.
Kate Gosselin and her fake breasts she claims she didn't get.
Oh, this reminds me. It is cherry season. Thanks Katy.

Random Photos Part Two

All the Twilight fans complain because I never post any photos of Kristen Stewart smiling. Here you go. Just for you. And look,
a fan from last night in Rome who was so overcome at seeing Kristen.
I think you are supposed to try and keep your eyes open. Just saying.
So does Luann get to be a Countess forever? How does that work?
Bret Michaels & Miley Cyrus - New York City
"Hey, look at my cleavage. Yeah, the movie sucks, but look at my cleavage."
Maggie G with some smiles lately. Or smirks. Tough to tell. I will go with a smile because it is Friday and I am half in the bag.
Randomness. I understand Boris Becker & Venus Williams, but Matt LeBlanc? He does look good though. All of you were right yesterday.
Matthew Morrison & Leona Lewis - London
Derek Jeter looks on with envy at the bigger bat of Mike Pelfrey.
I wonder if Michelle Ryan will ever get another chance to be the lead in a television show here.
Your DWTS winner, Nicole Scherzinger.
Karate Kid and Peter Cetera in the same week. Symmetry. ( I learned that from my GOOP word a day calendar)


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