Friday, August 31, 2007

Timmy Hint

There seems to be a very popular guess that everyone is making and one website made it their official guess. However, if you read the blind you realize this popular guess makes no sense. Timmy the actress gave up acting very soon after winning the award, so when you look at IMDB and see an actress worked for many years after her win, the guess doesn't make any sense despite the fact that everything else fits. It's easy to make up biographies, but you can't hide the fact that this actress who is a popular guess was in so many movies after her win.

Four For Friday

#1 This B- , oh hell let's call her C list, but not quite a D reality star with A- name recognition decided to surprise her similar boyfriend by showing up at the hotel he was staying at for the day during a photo shoot and finding him full on making out with another guy.

#2 When leaving an LA restaurant on Wednesday night, this A list television actress on a very hit network show was stopped by the manager on her way out. Yes, she had paid, but what she had neglected to do was to fully replace the little plastic bag of white powder she had been using earlier. Half of it was sticking out because she had latched the purse closed before pushing it all the way back in.

#3 What comedian/actor/out of control mess was thrown out of a music video shoot because the band threatened to walk out if the actor was involved in the shoot in any form.

#4 Which two former A list actors have not spoken to each other in months because of a power struggle in an organization of which they are both members.

Random Photos Part One

So Cameron sets up a photo op for herself so people will know its her 35th (ahem) birthday and all she could do for herself was to buy some cheap ass dollar store flowers.
Anyone want to argue that Shiloh isn't Brad Pitt's kid. I don't see any of Angelina though.
Romeo's first day of school where all the moms show off their fake breasts and dad's show off their fake injuries.
Add 100 pounds, ten more double chins and a few missing teeth and you have a perfect self portrait of me. You know this isn't me because I wouldn't have passed up a chance to grope Hayden. She's very firm you know, and legal.
Is that the same kid that started with them in Hawaii? You know it must suck to be a celebrity parent and be judged by someone like me that your kid looks a mess but you somehow look perfect for the camera.
Almost happened. Thisclose to a wardrobe malfunction.

Pink and John Cusack in Germany. The only thing more surreal would be Tom Cruise peering at them from the scaffolding.
Twice in a month Keanu has gone out to dinner. Must be why he didn't eat it all. He's probably just in shock that he had two sets of clean clothes.
For someone who seems to spend her entire life outside, Kirsten Dunst has to be one of the palest people on the planet.
Tilda Swinton and George Clooney do their Tom and Katie impersonation.

Guess The Celebrity Answer

The owner of the top borrowed from Britney Spears is none other than Kate Walsh seen here shopping in LA on Tuesday.

Nude Photos Of Vanessa Hudgens

The National Enquirer is reporting that some naked photos Vanessa took of herself for Zac Efron have ended up in the hands of a third party and could make it out to the general public thus threatening the family friendly Disney franchise High School Musical.

First of all, while I believe that Vanessa Hudgens could have taken naked photos of herself, I seriously doubt they were being taken with the purpose of being given to Zac Efron unless it was to show him what he was missing out on.

Finally, although Disney might fear that people won't tune into the 84th version of High School Musical if somehow parents see a naked photo of Vanessa, I disagree. I think you will find many more dads interested in spending some quality time with their kids and wives while they all sit down as a family to watch High School Musical.

OK, no more on this damn show. I guess I need to watch it but I just can't force myself to do it and therefore I don't want to write about them anymore. I know many of you have kids and so have sat through the two of them, but I just can't do it and so no more reporting on any of the people involved unless they take off their clothes, get arrested or come out of the closet.
To see the naked pics and Vanessa in her bra and panties, click here. Link is current as of September 19.
If you want to see an Ashley Tisdale nipple slip, you can click here.

Charlize Theron by Nino Via

Who Knew Matt Damon Was A Big Fan Of Lindsay Lohan?

Matt Damon in a recent interview was asked about Lindsay Lohan and her current legal troubles and dependency issues.

"I mean, look, she's very young, she's very talented; it's easy to look from the outside and say, Oh, you have this big opportunity."

"It's really hard to know that when you're in the middle of it, and to see life from any other perspective other than your own - particularly when you're that young. She's obviously hit a chord with people, because people are so fascinated with her, so everybody's pulling for her, that's for sure."

I think Matt also identifies with the situation because he and Ben did some crazy things when they first hit it big, but the internet, blogging, and the pap were not what they are today and it allowed them a sense of freedom they probably wouldn't have got away with now. That has been my point with Lindsay all along. She is 21 years old. How many 21 year olds do you know including yourself given the same set of money and fame and independence would have made perfect decisions and not ended up drunk driving or doing something you hoped no one would ever notice.

Countdown Spectacular In Australia

Katrina from Katrina and The Waves
John-Paul Young
Samantha Fox

Rick Springfield
Plastic Bertrand
The Motels
Les McKeown of The Bay City Rollers

Brad Pitt Gets Turned On By Pregnant Women

In an interview with Marie Claire, Angelina Jolie says that when she was pregnant with Shiloh that Brad wanted to have sex with her every night. He told her that he found pregnancy a turn on and extremely sexy.

"I loved being pregnant and fortunately I was with a man who found it sexy, too."

She also said in the interview she was grateful to have Brad in her life, not only for her, but for the kids as well.

"I'm so happy for my children - especially Maddox. I didn't know if he was ever going to have a dad. So when I watch him and Brad having real father-and-son time it's hot." She added: "I mean, there's nothing sexier than a man who is a great father."

Sounds like Brad can get some whenever he wants. Maybe that's why Angelina's so skinny and it has nothing to do with that deadly disease that changes names depending on which tab is reporting it.

Now This Is A Reason To Cancel A Concert

Forget rehab or "exhaustion," or any of those other excuses artists come up with when they can't be bothered to leave their hotel room or their drugs, Supergrass' bassist has a legitimate excuse and probably a first for the rock world which is saying something.

Mick Quinn the bassist of the group was taking a nap after working some very long hours trying to complete their new album. At some point, the sleeping Mick Quinn began sleepwalking, and sleepwalked his way right out the second floor window.

According to reports two vertebrae were broken in the fall and Quinn also suffered a smashed heel, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

Meanwhile though the band's fall tour has been put on hold beginning with their first date September 23rd in Oxford.

Like I Needed Another Reason To Dislike David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer who hasn't done a thing since Friends went off the air has recently devoted some of his massive free time to strike a blow at British cuisine. It seems that in his past few visits to the UK, David has found it disgusting that the British serve everything fried and feels they are doing nothing to halt the trend of obesity in the world. "You guys deep-fry everything. and it makes you put on 20 pounds after every meal." He wished restaurants in the UK offered more healthy alternatives.

I actually love traditional British food and the way it's served and also think that the UK has the best variety of international foods to be found anywhere in the world. Maybe David only ate in bowling alleys or something, but my advice to David is that if he hates the UK and the food so much, then don't visit. Take your pouting, can't get any acting work self to another country.

Ryan Reynolds Doesn't Want To Adopt A Kid

Although Ryan Reynolds recently visited Malawi to help build an orphanage, he wasn't tempted to come home with a new baby, and insists he has no plans to ever do so.

"Everyone asks when you come back, 'Were you tempted to get a kid?' "A) It's not that easy, B) If I did get a kid, I'm the last person who should have one. I'd be the only person in the history of orphanages in which the kid actually asked to go back to the third world country."

It is really great of Ryan to help out and volunteer his time for a great cause. In addition you have to love that Ryan is honest about his abilities and also honest in the fact he didn't do a Jessica Simpson which is "I would love to adopt a child and I think about it all the time." to get the publicity from the statement, but with no intention of actually doing it unless the kid was a 17 year old girl and able to help out Pimpa.

Enjoy the double shot of Ryan ladies...and gentlemen.

Guess The Celebrity

An easy one today. This barely single B+/A-, television actress is on a hit network drama .

I'm Going To Take The Kids And I Want You To Pay For It

Kevin Federline's attorney has spent almost $40,000 trying to get Britney's kids away from Britney and now he wants her to pay for it. Literally. In a declaration by Kevin's attorney Mark Kaplan, Kaplan stated that Britney is clearly the monied party in this case because she makes almost $800,000 every month and K-Fed makes nothing except the $20,000 Britney gives him every month in spousal support. Hey, guess what? That spousal support ends in November, but if he gets the kids, then Britney will have to pay K-Fed child support or in K-Fed's case ho support because really what kids need $50,000 a month spent on them when Daddy needs a new ride or a trip to Vegas to see the honeys.

Anyway, California law does allow for one side or the other to request attorneys fees from the other. It's very rare when one side has to pay the attorneys fees of the other side. There has to be a huge discrepancy in income where the judge feels that the person with money has an unfair advantage over the other party. It was designed to keep millionaire husbands from hiring the best attorneys while their stay at home wife could only afford the bare minimum and ended up getting shafted.

I could see K-Fed winning the motion, BUT he does have some income, and he does have money from the sale of the house he and Britney shared. The fact that a declaration was filed means that Britney's side objected at some point to the request for fees, or Kevin's lawyer knew they would and filed the declaration at the same time the request was made which is also unusual.

One thing that is interesting to note is that in the documents, Britney's attorney stated she was going to be on vacation from August 17 through September 3 and told Kevin's attorneys that, but Kevin's attorneys still scheduled depositions and such to occur while Britney's attorney was scheduled to be gone.

There is a document that an attorney can send notifying everyone they are going on vacation and if anything is done while they are gone, it is a HUGE no-no. But in order for it to work, the actual document needs to be sent and not just hey, I'm going to be gone on vacation. Britney was scheduled to be deposed August 20, 2007 but it didn't happen because her attorney was on vacation.

Finally, it appears from the documents filed by Britney's attorney that there will be a continuance of the September 17 hearing date. I would imagine that it would be in late October or early November now at the earliest.

To read all the documents, click here.

Jeremy Piven Is A Jackass

Entourage star Jeremy Piven is acting like his egomaniac TV character, Ari Gold, and it's caused him to be banned from an LA Karaoke bar. Jeremy, 42, showed up at Orchid Karaoke Club recently with a group of friends, including co-star Adrian Grenier, "with no reservation and zero patience," said a worker there.

"Ten to 20 minutes?! What the f**k are we supposed to do for 10 to 20 minutes?!" Jeremy screamed at the staff, who tried desperately to accommodate him. "He demanded they clear a room for his party immediately," said the worker.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today's Blind Items

Well everything today will be a letdown after yesterday, but I can't let them all build up. I will say that I'm trying to gather and then share as many of the old Hollywood stories as I can before all the players are gone. To me the old Hollywood has the best stories and so I want to pass them on as they come to me. Each Wednesday I'm going to try and do a long blind item, and I have another great one from old Hollywood which I will share in a couple of weeks.

Today though we are in the modern world and this B list film actor who is usually in very A list movies with at least two children has security cameras throughout the home. He claims they are strictly for security, but what he really enjoys doing is taping, and then editing videos of his kids friends when they come over to visit. He especially enjoys the sleepovers. Turns out he was having some problems with the camera system and when a technician came over to fix the system, there were several screen caps on the computer which had nothing to do with security and everything to do with our actor's "hobby."

The security technician told the police, but it turns out that our actor only films the kids friends when they are clothed, he's not selling them, and consequently not doing anything illegal.

Guess The Celebrity Answer

tbone correctly guessed today's celebrity. It is indeed Jason Behr who starred in Roswell and won a Young Hollywood award before moving exclusively into films. He met his wife KaDee Strickland when they were filming The Grudge together in 2004.

Timmy Clarifications And Hints

Because I write these quickly, and don't always proofread them, as regular readers know, sometimes things aren't always clear or I miss a word or two. Most of the time it's not worth going back and editing because the incorrect grammar or missing word doesn't really help find the answer, but in this case it might make a difference.

#1 I meant to say the events happened within a 50 year time frame as opposed to happening within the past 50 years. To help you out more I will say that Timmy died between 1980-1985 so you need to go back 50 years from that date.

#2 Combined between Timmy AND his female persona they were in over 100 movies.

#3 It wasn't actually Blockbuster that I got the movie on Sunday. I said Blockbuster to just indicate that I rented the film at a video store. I actually went to a place that has older films, BUT, I didn't use their name more to protect my own identity for when this is solved/revealed because there aren't that many people renting this particular film.

#4 Remember that Timmy was under a great deal of pressure even back then about his biography as a woman. People wanted to know where she was from, etc. Timmy provided information and it wasn't as easy to check on stories and timelines for reporters then, and so whatever an actress said about their past was generally just accepted and is reflected on the "official" biography for Timmy as an actress. The story Timmy gave is the one still in use.

#5 Timmy had a relationship with the closeted A list actor, but it didn't continue until Timmy's death.

#6 The post was reposted on several sites and was guessed correctly on at least 3 of them. I won't say if anyone has guessed correctly on my site.

#7 This item will be revealed. Probably at Christmas when I do the July-December updates and reveals.

#8 Why does the date of death of the "actress" matter? If she is in fact even listed as deceased.

Random Photos Part One

Wow, Amy Winehouse changes clothes twice in a week. She's also riding Moby Dick.
Is that Tracy Morgan holding Ellen?

Denise Richards' left hand might just actually be a claw.
Diane Lane and Josh Brolin actually look somewhat happy.
Please tell me that the photo is messed up and that Courtney Love's face isn't turning into an Edvard Munch painting.
Does it really need a caption?
I know I will probably go to hell for saying this, but Jennifer Aniston actually looks good here.

The puffy shirt makes a comeback.
Bring It On - Paris
Gavin makes Gwen carry the groceries because, well, ummm, she's the man?
It's been awhile since Elizabeth Perkins has been out and about. Here's she joined by her daughter Hannah.
Two choices:
"I see bush."
She really is a witch.

Melissa Rivers lost her job and now her breast. Not a good year.
When I look at Mandy Moore I see her ballooning up to about 200 pounds at some point and then doing Jenny Craig.
I guess I just don't understand this new movie Lucy Liu is in and why they keep dressing her like this.
"I'm here to dedicate this playground, and to make sure you all vote for me on Dancing With The Stars.


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