Friday, June 05, 2009

Weekly Thanks

It is that time of week again where I thank everyone who has helped contribute to the site. Thanks to Mim for the movie review and to everyone who sent in tips and suggestions this week. Although it may not seem like it sometimes I read every tip you send and use lots of them. There are way more of you than there are of me and I am amazed at what you find out there on the internet and send my way. I appreciate it.

I also appreciate all the readers who decided to advertise on the site. A new one this week is Second City Style which has a link on the very upper right. They have a great fashion magazine and blog on their site and as the name indicates, it is Chicago based. As always, if you need tickets to a sold out event or are too busy to keep hitting refresh at Ticketmaster, then Ticket Liquidator will be happy to help. I love them because they are not StubHub or some TicketMaster monopoly. The A to D list is slowly being compiled and as always could use your help doing it. There are lots of people to classify. If you are suffering from Panic Attacks, then Panic Away is a great system to use and if you don't want to use that, then search out vacations or airline tickets from Travelatime.

Finally, our very own Adrianna Costa has been invited to blog all summer for, so be sure to check out what and their other writers have to say.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Next Friday will be a FFF week so you have something to look forward to all week long. As always, it is your comments that really makes the site, and I appreciate all of you taking the time to write, comment and discuss. You are the best!!

Four For Friday - Parenting Edition

#1 & #2 - This intense B list movie and sometime television actor takes parenting very seriously. He knows the reputation of bars and clubs in Hollywood to serve underage celebrities. So, to make sure his B list actress daughter doesn't drink he calls ahead to wherever she is going and makes sure they know they will be in for a world of hurt if they serve her booze.

#3 - She might not always be the best role model as a mother, but this former B list movie actress with A list name recognition is extremely controlling when it comes to the location of her kids. Not only does she have GPS trackers on the cell phones of her kids, she also doesn't allow them to go out at night unless she or a parent is with them. She knows what kind of mistakes she made as a teenager and doesn't want her kids to make the same mistakes.

#4 & #5 - At the opposite extreme from the above parents is this B list movie and television actor who has been around forever. While raising his C list actor son, he had only one rule. Don't get arrested. Other than that he didn't care if or when his child came home or what he did as long as he didn't get caught.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

I wanted to show Amber Tamblyn some love. Her show didn't get renewed, but at least she picked something that wasn't formulaic and contrived. Also, she gets the top spot because she is Amber. Yes, she would beat out Betty White. ECA.
Ashley Tisdale in Berlin. Apparently they like her there. Her albums fly to the top of the charts. I think they believe she is the love child of David Hasselhoff.
Christopher Meloni and his lovely wife.
You don't see Caroline Rhea out very much anymore. I miss her on The Biggest Loser.
Denise's show starts Sunday. I only watch it for her dad and her sister and brother-in-law. Oh, and to see if her dogs will pee on her bed.
Even if you don't like Denzel Washington as a person, he is an incredible actor.
Somewhere in the world Victoria Beckham is screaming right now because she realizes Eva stole her hat.
This is a look I haven't seen from Eve before.
Goop on GOOP.
For those of you who are very young, this is what everyone did with their fingers in photos before everyone started doing the scissor salute.
Justin Bartha's hair seems to disappear right into the bush. Oh, wow, on a second glance that could almost be considered sexual.
Josh Lucas might need to start thinking about plugs. You don't want to wait and then have a Nicolas Cage comeback from baldness because then everyone knows.
Kelly Ripa eating. Definitely CNN worthy which is why Anderson Cooper is there.
Nick and Mariah headed to prom.
The lovely Michelle Williams.
Didn't even recognize Nicole Kidman.
This is the best I have seen Paula Abdul look in a long time.
I think it might be time for an Entourage marathon this weekend. I need to hear Perry Reeves swear at Piven all weekend.
Rachel Bilson in what is described as Mischa Barton fashion.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Rob Thomas enjoying a cigarette and a drink. You will notice he leaves his wife empty handed.
Robert Vataj is not a bad looking guy.
I think someone gave Sienna Miller an award. I think it was for staying out of the tabloids for three consecutive months.
Taylor Swift - Enterprise, Alabama
Still no signs of Usher's wife.

Your Turn

All of this talk about food the past two days definitely makes me want to talk about it some more on here. I noticed lots of you were talking about your favorite cereal in the Crunchberry post. My mom would not allow any cereals which had the first ingredient listed as sugar. I think it needed to be 3rd or lower for me to be able to eat it. When I would spend the nights at friend's houses I would cry with joy when I saw Fruit Loops and Cap'n Crunch and all of the other wonderfully sweet cereals I longed for on television. I never wanted to stop eating them. The funny thing was that my mom would let me put as much sugar on my cereal as I wanted so to me that kind of defeats the purpose. Cheerios with a quarter pound of sugar on them are probably not that good for you.

Today I just want to know about your favorite food or cereal or your favorite meal of the day. I don't care what you say as long as it is about food. I love all cereals and will eat it 24 hours a day. I love big one pound greasy cheeseburgers two at a time. Chocolate covered donuts are my favorite, although I would not turn down a few dozen glazed Krispy Kreme if you went and got them and put them in front of me.

Yesterday's Blind Items

Normally I would have included this in a little note at the beginning of Four For Friday. However, I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle. The last time I checked there were over 100 comments and guesses and yet, none of them were correct. Just saying.

Ben Widdicombe Blind Item

Which married male designer likes to take his wedding ring off before heading to the South of France for a few weeks of carousing every summer?

Melissa Gilbert Spills Dirt On Rob Lowe And Shannen Doherty

In this age of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, it is easy to forget that back in the day, Melissa Gilbert pretty much was the it girl and dated anyone and everyone she wanted. Well, she just finished writing a tell all book and it actually tells all. So far. I mean I get all excited about these things because of the excerpts and then it turns out the only good parts were the ones they released in advance. That is why I always suggest that before buying a celebrity book, spend some time in your book store and read scattered pages to see if there are more stories, or just one story and a bunch of pats on the back.

Oh, speaking of books. Yesterday there was this big scandal on the internet about how the show runner from Dawson's Creek trashed Katie Holmes and the entire cast. They acted like it was all this huge news. The guy wrote a book a few years ago and said the exact same thing but no one freaked out. I guess when it is in a book no one notices, but when it is on the internet, then it must be true.

Anyway, back to Melissa. Here are two excerpts. One is from People and one is from Star. Both are only in the actual magazines and not a link to their site.

Rob and Melissa met when he was 14 and she was 17. They were together for a long time and were totally in love and in 1986 he asked her to marry him. So far so good right? Well, everything was great until the day Melissa told Rob she was pregnant. "Finally, with [Rob's] voice trembling and tears in his eyes he said very softly, 'I can't be a father,' Before I could respond, he said, 'I can't be a husband. I'm so sorry,'"

Nice move Rob.

Shannen Doherty is probably not on Melissa's Christmas card list. Melissa Gilbert and Bo Brinkman were married from 1988-1992. It was during that marriage, that Shannen Doherty decided, that according to Melissa at least, that Shannen wanted to be like Melissa. The best way to do that was to seduce Bo. Melissa implies in the book that it was Shannen who sought Bo out, purely because she wanted to be like Melissa" and adds that when Gilbert learned of the affair, "Shannen just looked her straight in the eye, smirked and made a snide comment."

Now, in 1992, Shannen was just 19. Melissa doesn't say how old Shannen was when this affair happened. The fact she doesn't could lead one to speculate that perhaps Shannen was a minor when it happened. Nice Bo.

Donut Day - My Favorite Day Of The Year

I always enjoy a great food holiday and Donut Day is by far the best. It is the one day a year where Krispy Kreme gives me donuts all day for free. Sure, I only get one at a time for free, but the fun of the day is driving to all the different ones and seeing everyone so happy to get free sugar. Dunkin Donuts are the spoil sports. Oh sure, they will give you a free donut, but you have to buy a coffee first. The problem with that is that with that much coffee in your system, the drive to the next Dunkin Donuts can be very, very long and you hope the line to the bathroom is very, very short.

The other thing I love about this day is that it has been around forever. It started in 1938 so this isn't something that was some PR dreamed up a few years ago. Nope. Instead it was started by the Salvation Army as a way to raise money for their needs. At Krispy Kreme and at Dunkin Donuts there should be a way for you to chip in a few bucks to help the Salvation Army and not have to listen to them ring that bell of theirs.

If you decide to go to a Dunkin Donuts they are having their contest to determine which donut creation from an individual will be sold for a year at all Dunkin Donuts stores. Every year I submit my tequila glaze donut and every year I come out a loser. The favorite to win was the sm'Oreo donut and they were really winning by a lot. It sounded amazing. However, I think the corporate people realized it would be really expensive and so some guy won who put some toffee chips on a plain donut. Yeah, I love a candy bar on my donut as much as the next person, but I can get the same taste at every ice cream store around the world. You give me a smore and an oreo and a donut, that is a new taste experience.

Rubina Ali Writes Her Memoir

When Miley Cyrus gets a five book deal to write about her life I always wonder why. I know such a book will appeal to her die-hard fans but there is not really much other point in a series of books that document her life. We see her life every day. The last thing I want to do is go home and read about it, especially when I know it was written by someone who probably just watched her for a few days and asked a couple of questions. I also ask myself, what a 16 year old has to share that is worth reading.

So, with that in mind you would think that I wouldn't care at all about what a 9 year old has to say about her life, but you would be wrong. Rubina Ali has lived more of a life in her 9 years than most people live in a lifetime. I want to hear about her life growing up in the slums of India. I want to read about what life is like for her on a daily basis. I want to feel good when she talks about going to Hollywood and seeing something she had only seen about on television or heard about from people who had seen television.

On July 16, Slumdog Dreaming will be released and in it, Rubina will "tell her story of playing marbles with her friends beside the sewers of Garib Nagar in Mumbai, to dancing along to the Bollywood films she and her family watch on their old television set."

To me that is much more interesting than why Miley chose a certain color of nail polish or the funny story about how she had to ride to a concert in a two year old limo instead of the new ones she prefers. My only complaint about the Rubina book is that I really think there should be a children's book with it. I think children should realize the whole world is not Nickelodeon and Disney and that everything is not a fairytale. It is one thing for a parent to tell a child there are less fortunate people in the world, and quite another if they are seeing pictures and reading the words of a nine year old who is one of those less fortunate.

Let's Talk David Carradine

I need to start off by saying I think the death of David Carradine was an accident. I think the most likely explanation is the one I first thought of when I heard how he had been found and that he died of autoerotic asphyxiation. It makes the most sense to me. Today and yesterday there have been theories that he committed suicide. The reasons range from the fact he was depressed to that he was desperate for money. I don't think he was so desperate for money that he would commit suicide. David was still able to generate a significant income through movies and appearances and I also think he knew enough people where he could raise a significant amount of money quickly.

What I think is happening now is that his team is trying to cloud the issue and make the death questionable as to how it occurred. His manager said that his hands were found tied behind his back. What that does is get everyone to think it may have been foul play. Why would anyone want to kill David Carradine? Plus, there have been no reports from the Thai police suggesting that his hands were tied behind his back and the maid who found him never said that either.

There was another report that Thai police now say the death was "suspicious." However, that is not in any of the official reports from the scene. I think what his team is hoping is to raise questions as to how he died so that way people will not focus on the way he most likely died. Maybe they are embarrassed or want him to be remembered in other ways. Whatever the reason, I think they are trying to advance those possibilities so people will always speculate.

I think instead of trying to spin the way he died, that instead, they should be focused on a career that lasted over 50 years. A career where everyone still knew his name and the movies in which he appeared. Celebrate the life and don't try and spin the death.

2009 Playmate Of The Year Ida Ljungqvist Accused Of Stealing Money From Kids

I don't care who you are, headlines accusing you of stealing from kids never turn out well. When you are the Playmate of The Year and you are accused of stealing from kids it sounds even juicier. According to TMZ, Ida Ljungqvist has been accused in court papers of conspiring with a guy to skim off $90,000 in child support payments that were supposed to go kids, but instead went into Ida's pocket to help hide assets from her boyfriend's soon to be ex-wife.

The scorned wife is named Katrina Kantner and she alleges that "her husband has given Ida over $90,000 in cash and gifts — while during the same period, he's been stiffing Katrina out of the $10,000 a month he owes her in child and spousal support."

Ms. Kantner is not amused and wants the money back, plus interest. Whatever the reasons that Ida ended up with $90,000 in money and gifts and whether she knew where the money was intended to go, this won't turn out well for her. No one is going to remember the Kantner name. The only thing people are going to remember is that A Playmate of The Year was stealing money that should have gone to support children while their mom struggled to pay bills each month. While mom was eating canned tuna, Ida was living the high life and rolling in gifts and cash. Sure, the husband here is the big a-hole, but no one will remember that. This one should be fun to watch and will probably get much, much better when the husband responds.

Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant?

I want to make it very clear that this is not a Jessica Simpson fat story. I don't write those kinds of stories and I believe that everyone is beautiful no matter the size. I am a huge f**king guy and so I am the last person who would ever dare to call anyone overweight. This is just a drunken conversation with friends on Thursday night turning into a Friday morning post because there is not a great deal of which to talk.

The first picture was taken over the weekend in Dallas. I think the important thing to note is that Jessica looks fuller in the face and is covering her stomach. The second most important thing is that she is with Tony Romo and that has been kind of an iffy thing the past few months.
The picture above was taken two nights ago at Nobu, which is a sushi place and so would probably be a strike against. However, as was pointed out to me last night, they have other fish besides raw tuna. Jessica has brought out the very large bag and a jacket and is playing the SMG to full effect.

The two pictures below were taken last night. Again we have the big bag and there are no head on shots at all. The jeans look tight, but the shirt, at least in the uppermost photo does look like it extends outward. Again, we also have another Tony Romo appearance. I'm not sure, so I will let all of you experts decide.

Britney Spears Wants To Meet The Queen

I think this is one of those stories that sounds great in a tabloid when Britney Spears is in your city, but probably has nothing to do with any kind of reality. The Mirror says that a source said that someone else said that an insider of Britney's camp said that her cousin's hairstylist said that Britney really wanted her kids to rub shoulders with royalty and that no matter how busy Britney is she will find time for the Queen as long as it is not between 2-3p because that is when she watches reruns of Springer.

It seems like forever ago that Britney was talking about how she and Prince William used to exchange e-mails. I wonder if they ever hooked up. Ever since I read this article I have been trying to think what a meeting would be like between the Queen and Britney and I really can't imagine it at all. I keep thinking that Britney would show up in fishnets. I just know she would. I don't think anyone would tell her not to.

I think that is a great idea of a play right there. "When Britney Met The Queen." You could go the whole chicken wing, fried food angle or you could say that for one remarkable hour she pulled it all together and didn't even say ya'll once. Three different acts and three different scenarios.

Ted C. Blind Item

The funny thing about the uproar over whether or not Robsten exists (they "so" do, as sources from Summit have even told us) is this: There's an equally sex-a-licious member of the Twilight team who's making tongues wiggle, wag and gossip in overdrive!

Meet Terry Tush-Trade, who likes both boys and girls. I mean, why limit yourself to just one sex, isn't that every bisexual's mantra? It certainly is that of Triple-T, who's as smooth about hooking up with members of both sexes as Ashley Greene is about finagling photo ops.

One question, though: Does Terry's also-famous partner know about Tush-Trade's predilection for both sexes?


That's precisely why they work so well together. See, Terry's other half also likes to swing both ways. Uh, are you getting absolutely dingbat dizzy at this point?

Well, hang on, because it's just begun: Terry, so slim, so hot, so breathtakingly badass, and said partner were brought together in the first place because somebody else who possesses major power in the Twilight franchise also likes to get it on, bisexual-style. And there's even more!

Terry's gotten it on up in Vancouver, and elsewhere, with somebody besides the significant other everybody's always photographing TTT with. And it's created a messy, sticky sitch within the cast. So much so, the upcoming filming of Eclipse is going to make The Hills seem like a Golden Girls rerun.

Cannot wait.

And It Ain't: Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Reaser, Chris Weitz

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Today's Blind Items

This actor is C list, and has done 90% television. At one time in the not too distant past he was B list and decided to roll the dice for A list and came up empty. Since that roll of the dice it has been all downhill at a very fast rate. Even though our actor barely works, he was on a very big hit show for several years. People recognize him. He doesn't have a problem picking up women to take home. The other night he had four competing for his attention at a nightclub. A very crowded club. Instead of being a gentleman about his potential one night stand for that night, our actor said the one who took off the most clothes and got the most dirty while standing on the table would get to go home with him. All four ended up getting completely naked. This resulted in the actor and the women being asked to leave the club. When they got outside, our actor was asked who he had chosen and he replied, "None of you. I just wanted to see what you would do to f**k me."

Ridiculous Break Up Story Of The Day - Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale

A site named Hollywood Dame of which I have never heard, but probably all of you know says that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are splitting. There are so many things wrong with this story so let us take them one at a time. Sure, I have work to do, but this is far more amusing.

According to an alleged girlfriend of Gavin, power couple Gwen Stefani
and Gavin Rossdale have broken up.

So far it sounds like the National Enquirer template we all learned yesterday. I think Brangelina were a power couple also. Does Gavin really have any power?

A source spilled to Hollywood Dame that Gavin has been dating other women. One girl, whose name rhymes with ‘Gidget,’ claimed that she is currently dating Rossdale. Not believing her, she produced over 7 photos of the two of them together.

Over 7 photos? Does that mean 8? Anyway, Gwen & Gavin might break up someday, but it won't be because Gavin is with other women.

In one photo, seen by one of my spies, Gavin and Gidget were in a tight embrace and sharing a kiss. It was also overheard that Gwen and Rossdale are caput and are planning to announce their separation after they are done touring.

So, basically in one of the over 7 photos they were together? If it is such a great photo then sell it. You could make some bucks. My guess is that Gidget is a fan and got a hug and kiss on the cheek after a Gavin Rossdale show. And why would you announce your split after the tour? Do it now. Get massive publicity and jack up your ticket prices.

Lets hope Gidget was duped by a convincing impersonator. However I am told the photos looked legit.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

David Carradine - RIP

Posing with a shovel is not the same as using a shovel. Who thinks Andie MacDowell did anything but show up?
Just every so often I would love to see a photo of Alicia Silverstone on the red carpet where she isn't biting her bottom lip or appearing to at least. I almost said just once, but then I would be singing that damn James Ingram song for the rest of the day.
Whenever I see someone like Bryce Dallas Howard pose like this, I expect them to go a little lower, throw up their arms, yell "Superstar" and then smell their hands.
Even Bai Ling is doing it.
Bart Connor & Nadia Comaneci. Nadia was probably the most famous woman in the world for about a year.
Britney Spears - London
Two consecutive days of Sibi & Christian Bale.
So, now people are saying that Chace Crawford's co-star in Footloose is going to be Julianne Hough. Can she act? I guess we know she can dance.
A first time appearance for Alden Ehrenreich and probably his last unless someone volunteers to type his name for me everytime. Francis looks good.
A first time appearance for Hal Sparks. That is an oversight which shouldn't have happened.
So, the other day I was talking to someone about Dunston Checks In and its subtle humor. No, seriously I had mentioned that after Pretty Woman, if Seinfeld had not come along, Jason Alexander was going to spend an entire career playing the a-hole sleaze parts.
I always say it if it is true and Jessica Biel looks very, very nice in this photo.
After that video was released yesterday, Joe Jonas decided he need to go on a date with Camilla Belle.
If it weren't for the tattoos, I don't think I would have recognized Kat von D with her new hair color. She looks totally different.
The best name of the day goes to Moon Bloodgood.
Maggie Grace in one of her charity appearances. If you want Maggie to show up at an event it better have something to do with a charitable cause.
The dress Mariska Hargitay is wearing reminds me of this time I had to sew something for Home Economics. I was running late so grabbed the tablecloth off the table, cut a hole in the middle and called it a poncho. I still wear it when I haven't washed clothes in awhile.
A rare look at two of Michael Jackson's kids without their masks in place.
Mandy Moore - New York
Rachel McAdams on the set of her new movie.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
The very lovely Sofia Coppola. She is another person I would love to get drunk. Sure, it would have to be on her dad's wine, but hopefully she gets it for free. I don't know if you know this, but I can drink quite a lot.
Shannon Elizabeth is just thrilled to actually be on a red carpet again.
Suze Orman and Kathy Griffin who looks like she must be on some buy 10 procedures get one free plan at her plastic surgeon.
The best dressed man of the day goes to someone I also didn't recognize at first. Tommy Davidson.
Will and Amy crack me up and they don't even have to do anything except stand there.
Zach Galifianakis and his beard which grows like a pumpkin in Alaska.
Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana fight over the Pez dispenser.


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