Friday, November 27, 2009

Four For Friday

At a recent movie premiere this married foreign born B-/C+ list movie actor appeared to out this former A list tweener and now B list movie actor. At the premiere our foreign born actor said to a group of people standing next with him, "well you know ______ is gay." He said it very loudly and in the same room as the former tweener, although he wasn't overgeard by the former tweener. The former tweener's C list actress girlfriend was not in attendance but our foreign born B- list movie actress wife was.

#1 - foreign born actor
#2 - former tweener
#3 - former tweener's girlfriend
#4 - foreign born actor's wife

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

No special top photo today. It is just how things ended up that Amy Winehouse ended up on top. A Christmas present from Amy Winehouse that isn't OxyContin rehab? That has to be interesting.
Our long lost mascot, Ben Affleck.
The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.
Georg Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis who looks ready to give it all up.
That is Hilary Duff's mom over on the right side.
Jennifer Aniston spent her Thanksgiving getting paid to be at the re-opening of a hotel in Morocco.
"Maybe if I am subtle about it no one will see me picking my nose."
Kevin Federline has lost some of his weight but he is still willing to get paid by Ed Hardy by showing up at the Brisbane location.
Michael Douglas and his daughter watching the Macy's parade.
More people getting paid to be in Morocco. Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom and Goopie.
"And now I will blow up the remaining $24 I haven't spent on outrageous stuff." Nic Cage in Bath, UK
I really need to watch Knight's Tale this weekend. I loved Paul Bettany in that and there is Heath. Great movie.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
So, the people on either side of the Vice_president crashed a White House party. The fact they were filming that day for RH-Washington DC makes me think this was all about publicity for the show.
Salma Hayek also in Morocco. Did no one want turkey and pie?
This could be the first time I have ever seen Seth Myers in a pap photo on the street.
I think Saorise is just as amazed as I have been with the amount of weight Peter Jackson has lost. It's stunning.
In Zoo Weekly in Australia they found a 6ft 8 model from the US and paired her off with a model who appears to be about what? 4 foot 10?

Your Turn

The Friday after Thanksgiving. Did you do Black Friday? Your favorite Black Friday story? Best deal you got? I know lots of you went today. I saw those Facebook status updates counting down the hours. It was like watching those old commercials when the people would be standing outside the store saying, "open, open, open."

Tiger Woods Seriously Injured And Hospitalized In Car Crash

According to CNN, Tiger Woods was seriously injured in car crash at around 230am near his house in Florida. It was a one car accident and he was taken to the hospital. The golfer faces criminal charges, but apparently they are not alcohol related. If you want to watch live news reports, click here.

What Do You Think?

Robbie Williams was on an Australian radio show and during the show he invited his girlfriend Ayda Field into the studio where he asked her to marry him. She said yes. Now Robbie's spokespeople said it was all a joke and that Robbie isn't getting married. So, despite the fact that Robbie's mom believed the engagement was real and was buying the couple an engagement card when spotted, and despite the fact Ayda and her family thought it was real, Robbie didn't so it doesn't count. I hope he isn't planning on staying with her very long because you can't take someone on national radio like that and then say it doesn't count.

Here is what I think happened. Listen to the show below and it sounds like the announcers kind of goaded Robbie into asking, BUT Ayda was not involved in that and thought she was being asked. Robbie's mom thought he had asked. Was it real? Was it a joke? Was only Robbie in on it?

Rihanna Says You Need To Send Naked Pictures To Your Boyfriend

Apparently Rihanna feels like you are not being a very good girlfriend unless you send naked pictures to your boyfriend. She just doesn't like it when the pictures get released to the internet. Speaking on Hot 97 Rihanna responded to a woman's question about sending naked pictures by saying, "If you don't send your boyfriend naked pictures, I feel bad for him."

After she said that she started talking about her own experiences and what happened when her photos were released to the internet. "I just felt like my whole privacy was taken before that and then, when that came out, I thought, 'Oh great, so now there's nothing they don't know about me and my private life'. It was humiliating and it was embarrassing - especially my mom having to see that."

So, if it was humiliating and embarrassing then why is she encouraging people to send naked photos. I really don't understand the logic. Of course logically there are lots of things I don't understand about Rihanna. We can jut add this to the list.

Today's Message From Courtney Love

Courtney was busy this morning.

#1 - wow holy fucking wierd thanksgiving, two members of Spears FAMILY found me , watch this shit, Brit i think i may have just FREED your ass, you owe me a good forensic workover, fo ryourself as well and we need to destroy the pboc ill show you this post when you get out . im sorry noone else stuck thier necks out for you.

#2 - NOW you other little rockstars some have been lovers some are friends, look at this shit watch this weekend and wonder why the hell we call ourselves Friends if we arent a community of people who help each other. CHRIST its fun to be the brave one. pats back.

#3 - NO edward i do NOT want to have this discussion in public in answer to your text not by any means last i checked you had a "roomful of kenyans" and then you were "running the marathon with Alanis Morissette" i love you man but business is business besides wich bloggy asswipes apparently called me a crackhead in a cart ,they love to write me off, you KNOW that, its thier favourite pasttime with me,

#4 - FEMINISM is on my mind.

Do We Care About Avril Lavigne Or Is It Slow?

Sometimes I worry whether I am missing out on some trend or some new wave of celebrities. There is so much out there to be seen and heard and discovered and I am just one man. A very large man to be sure and wearing Zubazz until New Years for sure, but still just one man. So, I worry that I may have missed something important or that people care about someone more than I thought. I was under the impression that most people though Avril Lavigne was kind of a waste of space. She is to Gwen Stefani what 98 Degrees was to N'Sync. I was going to use O Town instead of 98 Degrees but to be fair Avril has actually sold a few records and I blame O Town for the fact that Diddily Piddily is on MTV 24 hours a day.

If you were too late or too young to hop on the Gwen Stefani train you could hop on to Avril Lavinge's train and she would provide you with pop music and a clothing line while wearing things you have never seen anyone else wear in public that didn't charge by the hour.

So, that was my general impression of Avril. Sure it is nice to talk about her divorce and random hookups with celebrities, but I saw a report in Radar that said she was making out with a guy no one recognized at a bar in New York while the guy kept ordering her bottles of champagne and vodka. So what? I didn't really care but at least 20 sites including that Holiday Inn guy all wrote about her and the story. Really? Do we care about her? Am I missing something? Am I going to see a bunch of people in plaid skirts and a tie and purple streaked blond hair storming my grocery store?

Better Sell More Tapes Michael

To further ruin your post holiday meal, I am forced to talk about Michael Lohan. Well, not forced to really, but there is not much to talk about and I think it is ironic that he makes his living exploiting his kids but according to TMZ is about $15,000 behind in child support. I guess he needs to start making more tapes or start exploiting all his kids so he can pay for their support and his. Wow, he is like his very own economy. Obviously not a very stable economy or he could pay to take care of his kids. If he gets any further behind he might have to bring out his secret tapes or the ones he has been saving when he really falls behind on his Ed Hardy charge card or finds a Lindsay stripper he really loves.

Adam Lambert Controversies Day 5

It's hard to believe it has only been five days since the American Music Awards and the whole Adam Lambert controversy and it feels like much, much longer. In case you have been busy this week and missed the news, let me recap.

Sunday night during a performance at the AMA's, Adam engaged in some simulated oral sex and made out with a male band member.

Monday, ABC retaliated by canceling Adam from Good Morning America. In his place they let Diane Sawyer tell the world why she sold her soul as a journalist and why she works for a network that embraces domestic violence.

Tuesday CBS said,"come on over to Adam" and he went on their morning show and performed.
HOWEVER, CBS blurred out the same sex kiss when reporting on the story. HOWEVER, CBS did allow the Britney Spears and Madonna kiss from MTV to be shown in its entirety.

Meanwhile over at ABC they were busy making headlines again because they decided to book Chris Brown and help him make money. You know, because domestic violence is in and same sex kissing between men is so uncool. Seriously ABC? Really? So what you are saying is that if you beat up a woman and I mean really beat the ever living crap out of her its ok and ABC will open their arms to you and let you be interviewed by a woman and let you perform and say, please make a buck off our network. However, if you kiss another guy as part of an act you are banned for life. Just wanted to check. Note to Adam Lambert. Stop kissing guys and go beat some women. ABC and the entire Disney family will love you. Oh, and that includes ESPN. Does the person who made this decision at GMA still have a job?

And at NBC they continue to have Ann Curry stalk the Jolie/Pitt clan.

People Magazine Hits A New Low

I don't know what Kneepads Magazine owed the Lohan family but whatever it was it must have been huge. They interviewed Dina Lohan and I have never seen such crap journalism. If you were a reporter and you had the chance to ask Dina Lohan questions what would you ask her? Well, keep that in mind as you see what Kneepads asked her. Oh, and the picture above is one they used. Pre lip injections and during a stage where she was not coked out of her mind.

People - What do you have Lindsay doing in the kitchen this Thanksgiving?
Dina - "Lindsay is making the garlic mashed potatoes. They are amazing!"

(If she is doing anything amazing she must spike them with something)

People - How is Lindsay doing?
Dina - "Lindsay is doing great right now. She's happy and very busy working. She works a lot and so we're excited to have her home for Thanksgiving."

(How does she find the time to work between her stealing and clubbing and drugging? Is it hard for her to organize? Is there a time management system you prefer?)

People - What are you and your other kids doing in the kitchen to help?
Dina - "Ali is doing the stuffing and I'm doing the turkey and making sure nothing burns."

(Ali is now her only other child apparently.)

People - Do you have any special traditions?
Dina - "We go around the table and say what we are thankful for. I grew up with it and it's just a Thanksgiving tradition we have going on at our house that we grabbed onto … We are so blessed and it's important to share what we are thankful for, and not to take things for granted."

Like kiss ass magazines and drug dealers that give discounts. This is the biggest piece of crap I have read in awhile. People should be ashamed.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

There won't be any updates tomorrow, but I will be back on Friday. Hungover and full, but back. I want all of you to know that I am thankful for each of you. Over the past three years all of you have become like my family and I love getting to see you everyday. I wish there was a place big enough in the world for all of us to sit down and eat together and drink and have one big party. Every day I wake up in the morning and am so thankful to have all of you in my life. Wherever you are headed this weekend or whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great time, make wonderful memories and stay very safe. I want to see my family back here on Friday!!

Ted C Blind Item

Enough with the skanky, closeted "straight" movie stars out getting photographed with their pretend girlfriends while doing guys on the side.

This week we're goin' back to those sneaky heterosexuals who originally wrote the book on cheating on their partners, not to mention the public!

Quidget and Bridget Barks-a-Little are a Hollywood dream couple, as in they both do it all with darling personalities and multitalented careers. And oh, aren't they gorgeous to look at, too, what with their sweet smiles and even sweeter kiddies?

Then there's the much darker celeb duo known as Harry and La-Feelya Fun-Tanked, an amazingly hard-partying twosome who are much better known for their combative social and cohabitation skills than they are for any picture of domestic bliss.

I mean, most folks don't even know Harry and La-Feelya have kids, that's how much their domestic side is never played in the press—or any place else, for that matter. White-picket-fence types they're so not.

So isn't it so interesting that La-Feelya, who's still awesome-looking with her curves and cat-like attraction, and who has pretty much decided she's had it with too-far-gone Harry, just recently set her sights on a bacon-earner with a little more, how shall we say, predictability (i.e., steady paycheck and richly rewarded career)? Yep.

So much so that...

La-Feelya just went whole horny hog on the poor Quidget (who's marginally handsome) and seduced the crap outta him—almost literally! Quidget almost forgot sex could be this hot again! Which explains, of course, why he and La-Feelya have decided to leave their respective families and hook up together, permanently. So glad to know it's not only the gays who make dumbass decisions after a few really hot nights in bed!

Only one little prob: Quidget and La-Feelya haven't told their spouses yet. Ouch.

Wonder if this heartbreak will actually come to pass? Something tells me that once Bridget Barks-a-Lot finds out what her ordinarily soft-spoken hubby's been up to, she's gonna call up every soccer mom she can for a little sympathy. Then she's going to see to it that every cent of her family's money will never be touched by slinky La-Feelya's slim and very gorgeous fingers.

In fact, I guarantee it.

So, here's what I predict: Once Quidget tells Bridget of his departure intentions (which I hear he's planning on doing momentarily), he will be knocked so far back on his slightly soft ass he'll just as quickly beg Bridget to forget it—he just can't go through with it all, breaking up his family like that.

But it will be too late. Bridget ain't the type of gal to go for that weakass apologetic crap. She'll want out for good. It's a certainty.

Oh, and what's Harry doing through all of this turmoil, you ask?

Just getting high. He doesn't care either way, really.

And It Ain't: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes; Sting and Trudie Styler; Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Carly Simon gets the top spot. I don't think she has ever held the top spot here before so it is well deserved.
Alice Cooper - Manchester
Amy Winehouse and her new engagement ring. I wonder where Blaaaaaaaaaaake stole it from or if Amy had to buy it.
So who gets to keep the ball? I also think they need to have a best of season with all the winners.
Eric Dane is one step away from losing it all.
Gordon Ramsay had to carry his own books to his book singing. Or as he probably said, "I can't believe I have to f**king carry my own f**king book at my own f**king book signing. F**k it."
This is Day 2. On Day 1, Holly learned to say, "Do you want fries with that?"
Long time no see James McAvoy.
Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley out celebrating her birthday.
Kim Kardashian before diet pills
And now she has completed the transformation to bobble head doll.
Meanwhile UK coke mom is out picking up her kids at school while smoking. She is a great mom isn't she?
Only 363 days until Miley can legally strip everyday.
I give Victoria Beckham a lot of crap, but this is her at Barney's returning shoes she bought. No assistant and they are shoes she paid for. I'm stunned that she can be this normal. Granted that looks like a Louboutin box so they probably cost $1000, but it is kind of normal.
I love you Noa Tishby. I really, really do. You know that, but I really don't know about this puffy shoulder pad thing.
Claudia Schiffer did the same thing.
Meanwhile Rihanna has discovered the porcupine look. If those are real, they look like they would hurt.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
And then Robbie Williams slipped and tore his groin.
I will say Suri looks like her mom.
Spiderman opens water. Maybe.
The Specials - London
Zac Efron is not ugly. Love that suit.


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