Friday, August 24, 2007

DMX's House Raided--12 Dying Pit Bulls Seized

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Department conducted a raid this morning at the Cave Creek, Arizona home of rapper/actor DMX.

Relying on a tip, deputies entered the home and grounds and seized 12 pit bulls who were all sick and many close to death. DMX -- real name Earl Simmons was not at home at the time of the raid.

This is not the first time DMX has had a problem taking care of his "pets." In 2002, DMX plead guilty to animal cruelty for neglecting 13 pit bulls. As part of that sentence he was required to film public service announcements speaking out against animal abuse.

Guess he should have watched his own PSA's.

The Looks Like Oral Sex Photo Of The Day

Last time we had Anne Hathaway doing the giving to her boyfriend, but this time it's the guy's turn as Benji Madden is guided in his attempt by Sophie Monk.

Four For Friday

#1 This drug free celebutante was spotted doing lines of coke last night.

#2 This female, who is a former A list television star and B list film actress had to have her stomach pumped a few months ago because she ate a brownie laced with more than the pot she thought was in it. Turns out some friends of friends brought the special brownies, while she thought she was eating brownies prepared by friends. It happened after all the guests had left, but the hosts were still there. She started freaking out within 10-15 minutes, and then collapsed. A private doctor at the resort was called in and her stomach pumped.

#3 This B list television actress on a network show was told be her doctor recently that anymore plastic surgery would leave her unable to perform many facial expressions. She is holding off until she decides whether being a great actress or looking 10 years younger is better. Well, she isn't that great of an actress, so might as well go for the looks I say.

#4 This B list film actor's assistant forgot to bring the actor's special shoes for a recent photocall which forced the actor to wear regular shoes and be 4 inches shorter than normal. After the 4th comment, our actor decided to remain sitting for the entire photocall. Not Sly Stallone. Think younger, but also think someone who used to be A list.

Random Photos Part One

Whenever Britney leaves a nightclub standing, I think we have to call it a win-win situation. Plus, she looks decent. This is a much better wig than most of the rat's nests she calls wigs.
My schoolgirl fantasies usually don't have Mischa Barton in them. I have a hard enough time performing without thinking of her. It's embarrassing to be the only impotent self-gratifier on the planet, but admitting it is the first step. I'm addicted. Maybe 82 minutes in jail will help me see the light.

Speaking of light. Katherine Heigl is bright. Very bright.
Somehow I find this awww shucks pose of Gina Gershon kind of hot.
Notice how happy Emilie looks with the ring back on the finger.
Have you ever noticed how big Cameron's head is in relation to the rest of her body?
Wish I would have been there.

"Mama said knock you out." Sorry, had the whole hip-hop thing going from the picture above.
Now she and Jake were in Martha's Vineyard together right? Checking that baby bump huh?
"Don't want to take care of the dogs while you are in jail for 82 minutes, so you know I don't want to take care of a kid for 18 years."
Speaking of kids, is Melissa Joan Hart pregnant again or not. I can't keep up.

Victoria Beckham Is Full Of Crap

"I haven't even been shopping in LA apart from to get a few things for the house - there are so many other things to do. And I love driving about and exploring."

Ummmm. That house must be really full. These are just the pictures where I could actually confirm she was shopping. Why does she need to lie?

Shopping July 14

After Shopping July 23

Shopping July 24

Shopping July 27

Shopping August 12

Ryan Phillipe Is Full Of Crap

Ryan Phillipe says he's only interested in making serious movies and wouldn't want to spend time away from his children if it was just to do a fun movie.

He says he enjoys watching fun movies, but," if I put my time and focus into a project I like it to resonate and to mean something."

What Ryan is really saying is that he's an actor who is never offered the fun movies and the blockbuster movies so he just pretends that he only wants to make serious movies.

If you choose to believe what Ryan is saying, then, you also have to know that he's throwing Reese under a bus. Reese has spent time away from home doing fun films or big films and not just films that are serious. So, I guess Ryan is saying that he is a better parent than Reese because he only leaves the kids for important reasons, like serious films, and sleeping with 18 year old girls.

Amy Winehouse Story In Photos

Instead of rehashing an article or telling the same story everyone else has, I just decided to summarize using photos.

Johnny Depp - Cannes - 1998

Music News And Photos

Eve - Good Morning America - New York

The Gossip - Reading Festival - Reading, UK

Mandy Moore - House Of Blues - West Hollywood
Chaka Khan - J&R Music World - New York
Chris Daughtry - Red Rock Casino - Las Vegas

So Are Half Naked Pictures Of The Russian President Gossip?

I don't know if they are, but I would run half naked photos of the Bush twins and I know that if I see photos of George or Bill half naked, I will run those. These photos have caused a scandal I think mainly because other leaders don't quite have the guns of Putin. Allegedly there was run on condoms after the photos were first released in Russia last week because the women all got horny. Whatever. I thought about running some recent photos of Tony Blair and his naked man boobs, but he had already resigned, so now he was a former Prime Minister with man boobs. Not as fun.

My Children Are In A Wonderful Place

That is a quote from White Oprah who also says that "people just want to make things up and see us fail," when asked about her daughter Ali's car accident.

You know I'm really trying to figure out what people are making up about her family. Ali was in a car accident. The police admitted it. Ali snuck out of the house and went off with a boy three years older who had a drivers license, but stole his mom's car, and he got in an accident.

Now, Ali snuck out of the house at 730pm and so I don't know what that's about. I didn't do my sneaking out until 2am or so.

As for being in a wonderful place, I must admit that Utah can be a very beautiful place as long as you don't like to do your drinking past 10pm or do it Sun-Thu. However, the scenery is gorgeous and the hotel they are at is great, so I guess her children are in a wonderful place.

As far as being in a wonderful situation, I don't know about that.

Lindsay was given one day in jail which everyone should bitch about, BUT she has 3 years of probation coming to her and she will need to behave every day of those 3 years. If she can behave every day for three years, then I'm okay with the one day in jail.

Yes, she could have killed someone and is being sued by the chasee and will no doubt be sued for false imprisonment by the three boys any day now. BUT, the fact is Lindsay didn't hurt anyone and in this society we don't punish based on what you could have done, but what you did do, and what she did do was drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol and was given a sentence that was commensurate with that.

Do, I want to see Lindsay fail like Dina says? Nope.

Do I think Lindsay will fail? Probably. I think she's too young to ever give up drinking for the rest of her life, and she may not even be an alcoholic. She might just be a 21 year old who parties like we did when we were younger, but we didn't get caught. Does that make us all alcoholics?

I think she's going to have to learn that if she does drink, she needs to stay at home and not go anywhere. The actors and actresses with the biggest drug and alcohol problems are not the ones you see in the clubs people. The biggest drug and alcohol abusers; the ones of the blind item world stay locked up in their homes either alone or with a couple of friends and do what they need to do, and no one is the wiser, except for me of course, and you if you can figure them out.

Jake Gyllenhaal's Special Friend Busted For DUI

Austin Nichols who starred in Deadwood and currently stars as John in John From Cincinnati was arrested for suspicion of DUI by Jackson, Michigan police at about 2:30am. Of course, Austin is probably just as well known for being the very good friend of Jake Gyllenhaal. I think they both share a love of books and athletics.

The 27 year old actor failed a breathalyzer test at the scene and was taken to jail.

Britney's Former Manager Hiding From Process Servers

Britney Spears' former manager Larry Rudolph has been in hiding from her ex-husband Kevin Federline's lawyers, because he wants to avoid being handed a subpoena by them.

As you may remember, Larry has had a stormy relationship with Britney. He worked with Britney in 2004, was fired, and then rehired in 2006, and the fired again.

No doubt he is on the list of people that Kevin Federline's attorney wants to talk to in the ongoing child custody/visitation battle with Britney.

Rudolph has been in contact with people while gone, but will not reveal where he is or when he is coming back. He did say, "I'm hiding from Kevin's processors. "When I come back, I'm sure they'll find me."

Spears' cousin Alli Simms, her former PA Shannon Funk, former bodyguard Manimal, and staff at her former rehab centre have already been served.

Ted C. Blind Item

Mercurial Manfred’s quite the entertainer. All the the social boys 'n' girls live for the multitalented dude’s in-demand party offerings (and I don’t just mean the pretty dudes M.M.’s known for bringing along—hmmm, wonder if that’s been a very expensive endeavor on Mr. M’s part?). But not only does Manny know how to sex up a Hollywood do, he knows how to croon for his supper, too!

And most folks—more so in the Kathy Hilton set, not the fried-to-the-hilt Paris scene—who invite M2 are only too ecstatic to get the guy, after great cajoling, to finally agree to belt out a song or...16, as it sometimes turns out to be. I mean, it’s not everybody who gets Mercurial Manfred to perform at their private dos.

But honey-pies, gotta tell ya: These lucky hosts don’t feel so damn fortunate once they receive a little thank-you note, always beautifully written and composed, from M.M. the following ayem. 'Cause along with the lined note is always one very nasty little something:

A turd, you wonder? Or a guide for better party giving, perhaps?

No. Worse: a bill. Usually to the tune of several thousand smackers.

Good thing more than a few (select) folks are saying good riddance ‘bout M.M. these days, wonder why?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Was Lindsay Lohan Spotted Buying Beer?--Plus, She Gets One Day In Jail. Yes, Just One Day

Utah radio station 97.1 has a report that Lindsay and an unidentified man were seen entering a convenience store and purchasing a 12 pack of Miller Lite. The convenience store was unable to identify whether Lindsay Lohan did in fact enter the store or buy beer.

Although the pap are not trailing her everywhere in Utah, I do find it hard to believe that she managed to give them the slip long enough to go buy booze. Of course booze could have been her plan when she went to the store with her brother and sister and then she noticed she was being followed.

This report comes shortly after Lindsay entered a plea of no contest to two counts of DUI and plead guilty to the remaining five charges. Lindsay will serve 36 months of probation, and attend an alcohol education program for 18 months and to also perform 10 days of community service.
Lindsay was required to serve a minimum of four days in jail because she did plead no-contest to two DUI charges, but the judge cut that in half and gave her credit for the one day in jail she already served on the night she was arrested which means she will have to serve one day in jail.
Of course as long as she gets there at 9pm or so, they will let her out at midnight because that is considered serving a day in jail.
So basically, what it boils down to is Lindsay is going to have serve a few hours in jail, behave herself, and stay away from people using controlled substances.

Suri Is A Star--aka At Least Someone In The Family Has A Personality


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