Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blind Item #9

People don't seem to be willing to forgive this former cable A list host who is slipping to B because of the hate. A person confronted the host this weekend and the host started yelling at the person. Obviously lesson not learned.

Blind Item #8

Smiles out front and daggers behind. This current A list model who does not do runway, wants to be famous for more than modeling and wants her own show. She takes every chance she can to tell producers they should fire this particular talk show host and hire our model instead who says she will get lots more viewers and especially guys to watch. Meanwhile she pretends to be the bff of the talk show host.

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

May 23, 2014

Which has been was seen circling that Oscar winning producer at a party like a vulture? Thankfully he didn't go near her.

What same producer skipped the premiere of his latest film, saying he was doing humanitarian work for UNICEF? excuses, excuses, excuses.

Lindsay Lohan/Harvey Weinstein (Grace Of Monaco)

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed

May 23, 2014

What Oscar winning legend was seen wearing a noticeable wig, sparking rumors that she's battling cancer? (She isn't)

Sophia Loren

Blind Items Revealed

May 26, 2014

This B list entertainer(singer) is trying to get people to think she is pregnant, but that just isn't going to happen unless her actor husband goes in for a little procedure.

LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian

Blind Item #7

This aging former A+ list singer turned bad actress turned singer turned everything shills for a weight loss company but gets lipo every time she has to film a commercial for the company. 

Blind Item #6

This B list celebrity/singer would probably be C- if not for her A++ list family member. Our B lister was getting in her car to go to an event this week and someone noticed all the bruises and black and blue marks and cuts all over our celebrity's body. It looked like a car accident victim. After several minutes of discussion our celebrity changed into something which would cover her from head to toe.

Blind Items Revealed

May 26, 2014

This B list entertainer(singer) has been telling women he is hooking up with that he and his celebrity girlfriend are having problems so what he did this weekend is probably going to put a damper on him using that pickup line.

Jason Derulo/Jordin Sparks (he let her take a photo of them in bed together. Didn't really slow him down though.)

Blind Items Revealed

May 27, 2014

This A list mostly movie actor likes to have the public think he is still with his mostly movie actress wife, but this holiday weekend he had the kids and his new girlfriend and the wife was all alone.

Michael Douglas

Blind Item #5

This aging former A list mostly television actor from a hit network show turned A list mostly movie actor turned mostly television actor on another hit network show is married. His wife and everyone knows on the set of his show though that his stylist does no styling and is his long time male lover. Our actor refuses to ever come out of the closet and at this point in his career after hiding for decades, no one really expects him to.

Blind Item #4

This aging A- list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee who has A+list name recognition. Despite her age she also has a big problem with bulimia and failed to pass a recent physical and saw her part in a number one movie go to an actress of the same generation.

Blind Items Revealed

January 14, 2013

This former A list tweener who is starting to make a name for herself outside her tweener comfort zone in some very good, small roles had enough of this former A list tweener whining all night about her ex-boyfriend. Ecstasy was produced and the whiner was ordered to take three of them by her companions. She did and said it was the first time she had ever taken any pills. The whiner was so easy going after her pill popping that she decided she didn't need to wear panties and left them on a table and she finally got along with another former A list tweener who she has been fighting with for years.

Ashley Tisdale/Selena Gomez/Vanessa Hudgens

Blind Items Revealed

January 8, 2013

This A++ list celebrity has been suffering from bad performances because she has a pill problem. It is the same situation that landed her in rehab years ago. She says they are for pain and the other ones are to lose weight. And the wine that she downs with them?

Mariah Carey

Blind Item #3

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who is now an A and maybe moving down to A- is not thrilled with the latest news about his relationship that has been released. Apparently he was told the whole thing was an accident, but he has his doubts. He split with every other woman that ever wanted this because he doesn't.

Blind Item #2

At an event the other day, this A list male model/part-time reality star/sometime actor would not stop hitting on this female A list model who also happens to be besties with someone A+. When she asked him about his girlfriend, he said they have an understanding. The female A list model then held up her cell phone where she had been texting his girlfriend and showed him that she didn't have the same understanding he did.

Blind Item #1

Everything was going great at dinner between this long time celebrity couple. The couple consists of a former A list mostly movie actor who was on a hit network television show and has been working non-stop for decades. His wife is an actress too and has had almost as much success. When our actor started drinking though, things got crazy and when he took his shirt off at dinner things went awful. The attempts at hugging all the women as he left just kind of put things over the edge, but the wife was patient. No yelling.

Tim Hauser Has Died

Tim Hauser, a singer and showman who founded the Manhattan Transfer, a Grammy-winning vocal group that brought four-part harmonies to several decades’ worth of American popular songs, died on Thursday. He was 72. Their critically acclaimed album, 1985’s “Vocalese,” earned 12 Grammy nominations.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

There were lots of fashion parties last night. One for Michael Kors had Blake Lively and
Halle Berry.
GiGi Hadid and
Jaime King
were also on hand to congratulate the designer who was flanked by Anna Wintour and her daughter who I kind of have a thing for.
Wonder Woman sang for everyone there.
Shia LaBeouf and Brad Pitt in Fort Benning promoting Fury.
Brooke Shields and
Kristin Chenoweth at the premiere of a new play.

Random Photos Part Four

Donald Faison is either saying that Cacee Cobb is pregnant again or
just likes touching her body in public.
Cat Deeley and
Cindy Crawford were at a Jimmy Choo party last night.
Dianna Agron counting down the days of her employment.
David Beckham in velvet.
Ariana Grande takes a photo with a fan, showing her left side.
Iggy Azalea in ridiculously tight shorts.
Jennifer Garner goes green for the paps but when they leave goes for Slurpees.

Random Photos Part Three- Alexander Wang for H&M Party

Dakota Fanning
Kate Mara
Melissa George
Missy Elliott
Jessica Chastain
Natasha Lyonne
Justin Theroux
Solange Knowles
Mary J Blige

Random Photos Part Two

Julianne Hough has taken over all DWTS promotional duties.
Kevin Costner waves to the paps in London and scans the crowd for women to talk to after his wife goes home for the night.
Katherine Heigl on the set of her show which starts in a few more weeks.
Lily Allen out in LA last night.
Laverne Cox got an award and
Taylor Schilling showed up to lend her support.
Michael Douglas continues to film Ant-Man.
Nicole Richie gets lost inside a huge coat.
Portia de Rossi with a big group of guys to protect her on the way to Kimmel.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Pink shows off an interesting look as she heads into Kimmel.
Ryan Reynolds carried his luggage through NYC.
Reese Witherspoon in a really good mood yesterday. Must be free wine day somewhere.
Sarah Jessica Parker out shopping with a friend.
Sienna Miller and Steve Carrell at the premiere of their new movie.
Sharon Stone walked another red carpet. She is good at that.
The Rock with fans in China.
Uma Thurman didn't answer questions last night about her child custody case.
Speaking of children, Harper Beckham is growing up so fast.

Leah Messer Cheats Again

For the millionth time, Leah Messer was busted cheating by the guy in her life. By my count she cheated on Corey with four people and went back to all of those four people multiple times. Surprising no one, her second husband Jeremy Calvert also caught her cheating. I think he has only caught her once, but there have been two other times that I know happened but she managed to talk her way out of them with him. This time though he went on Twitter and blasted the mother of his child and called her a sl*t. You really can't take that back after you throw that out there. "Mom, why did dad call you a sl*t?"

Neil Patrick Harris Is Awesome

Can the 2014 Oscars opening number be better than the 2013 Tony Awards opening? NPH has a ways to go to be able to top himself.

Blind Item #7

This former A list performer turned A list actress turned host smokes pot for hours before and after each show just to be able to put a smile on her face and perform.

Off Topic

A guy in Florida cleared a courtroom when he said he had Ebola and would like to have his case continued. Yeah, you knew it had to be a guy in Florida.

Blind Items Revealed

January 16, 2013

This A++ list rap star was asked about being faithful to his wife. The star said that he is faithful when he is actually with his wife. As in the same house or out together. Otherwise everything is fair game. Apparently this is why he has no issues spending time with the celebrity who is going to have a great record. Ten tracks. Ten different guys she has slept with.

Jay-Z/Rita Ora

Four For Friday -Traditional

Two weeks from today is Halloween. It is rare when Halloween takes place on the weekend like that. The great thing about it is that I think the time changes Saturday night so it is a perfect time for a party. Speaking of parties, if you don't have any to go to this weekend, I will be here blogging all weekend and would love for you to stop by. I am also on Twitter. Find me @entylawyer

#1 - This foreign born A-list mostly movie actor who everyone thought would probably be A list by now after his franchise ended certainly has a type when it comes to girlfriends. Edgy and someone who prefers women more than men.

#2- That didn't last long. Cheating on both sides is ending this marriage quickly. B+ list actor/performer/reality star and his B+ list celebrity wife.

#3- This A list network host is really young for his job. He was even younger when he used to hook up with the man who held the same job long ago.

#4- She (married B list celebrity/former model) posted one photo to social media, but the rest of the photos when she took off what she was wearing she sent to this C list celebrity offspring to convince him to make a sex tape with her. He has been wavering on whether he wants to. It will be a big seller, but he doesn't need the money and is not that desperate for fame. She is. 

Your Turn

When is the last time you used a VCR or recorded something on a VCR. Do you remember what you recorded? 

Blind Items Revealed

August 6, 2014

This C- list celebrity refuses to leave the side of this A list mostly television actor for fear he will find someone else and dump her before she can collect big bucks. This even includes an ex who she was previously close to but has grown increasingly close to the A lister. Hey, threesomes will do that.

Brett Rossi/Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller

Blind Items Revealed

January 16, 2013

This former A list reality star and now trying to hang on to fame anyway she can is just about of money. She is working everyday to try and hustle to pay her bills which are out of control thanks to her "boyfriend." She has sold almost everything of value she owns and is now selling her last big asset. She says she is selling it for other reasons which make absolutely no sense when you hear her explain it.

Holly Madison

Blind Items Revealed

October 5, 2014

This C- list celebrity would not even be on a list if not for her A+ list significant other. She is hoping to get pregnant, but he refuses to have sex with her and is just having sex with his usual assortment of hookers and one of his exes. He won't split with the C lister though because she never signed a confidentiality agreement and it will cost him plenty of money now to get her to sign. Low seven figures is what she told her friends she wants.

Brett Rossi/Charlie Sheen ( I guess the decided on a dollar figure in the past two weeks)

Blind Item #6

This lead singer of a one hit wonder band with a strange name had women throwing themselves at him two years ago was playing at a club the other night and told a woman he was the singer of the group that was headlining. She said she had never heard of the group so he started singing the one hit and told the woman they should go back to the bus and he could show her around his bunk. She turned him down cold. 

Jon Gosselin Is Now Homeless

After bouncing multiple rent checks, Jon Gosselin was evicted from his Pennsylvania house and is now effectively homeless. The father of eight, lost his job and blew through all of the money he was paid for Couple's Therapy last year. Apparently when he has worked a regular job he expects to still be treated like a celebrity and is kind of a pain to work with. If I were him and I thank everything that is holy that I am not him, I would push the club promotion thing hard. There are enough clubs out there who would pay the guy $2000 to show up for the night and enough people who would be fascinated around the country to come see him and he could make a decent living. It does not take too many $2000 nights to make six figures and give him the rest of the year to spend with your kids and have a place that you can afford. 

No Jail Time For John McEnroe And Tatum O'Neal's Son

Last summer, the son of John McEnroe and Tatum O'Neal was busted ater buying a very large quantity of prescription pills. The 27 year old Kevin McEnroe bought 30 different pills and when he was arrested he was charged with buying with the intention to sell which would have resulted in some serious jail time if he was convicted. Bring in the lawyers, and the plea deals and the the next thing you know, having 30 pills on you is just misdemeanor possession and if he does some rehab and stays clean for just six months the whole thing gets dismissed like it never happened. Six months? That is nothing. At least throw a couple of conditions on there like drug testing or something. Meanwhile, his grandfather Ryan probably called the kid and asked him if his mom was looking hot these days.

Blind Item #5

This B list mostly movie actress ran away from her former A list mostly movie actor boyfriend. He is right on the edge of A and B. Anyway, he went into a drunken rage and came after. When she came back to him after the last time he did it, she said she wouldn't ever give him another chance if he did it again. Strange thing is she went and moved in with his mother.

Blind Item #4

This aging married almost A+ list mostly movie actor has taken off his wedding ring and is hitting on college students right and left. Still no statement from him or his actress wife but in the past couple of weeks he has not been shy about his leering and groping and spending the night with them.

Blind Item #3

I don't understand why this emerging A list mostly movie actress does not just come out already. If I read one more article about how she can't find the right guy to date and how she gets turned on filming sex scenes with guys and loves guys, but then goes home to her girlfriend from NYC and their two cats, I will scream. 

Charlie Sheen And His Porn Star Split - Did He Get Brooke Mueller Pregnant?

Some of Brooke Mueller's friends were downright giddy yesterday and in between hits on the crack pipe said that Brooke Mueller is pregnant with Charlie Sheen's baby. Brooke is a pretty brave woman for not only having sex with Charlie Sheen, but for wanting to go through all of this again. They have not exactly been poster children for great parents. Charlie said in a statement about his split with his latest porn star girlfriend that he wanted to spend more time with his kids. Considering he just sold Denise Richards' home and kicked her out of the neighborhood, that only leaves two minor children and an adult child who probably is happy just to get a monthly check from dad and not have him show up on her doorstep in the middle of the night wanting to bond.

Considering Charlie spends most of his time drinking and drugging and occasionally going to work to pick up his $1M paychecks, maybe there is something to Brooke's friends spouting off that Brooke is pregnant. We can only hope that if she is pregnant, that multiple trips to rehab are not necessary this time. Crack is not a baby's best friend. 


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