Friday, August 20, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 - This foreign born A list female singer is huge worldwide. One secret that she has tried to keep is that she had a baby when she was younger. A member of the family raises the baby and pretends the baby is theirs. Our singer was barely of age and she got pregnant by her then married record producer.

#2 & #3- Old Hollywood - This gruff, hard drinking, A++ Academy Award winning actor who generally played one type of role once traded some pictures he took of another A++ Academy Award winning actor having sex with a teen boy and girl for a boat. The gruff actor took the pictures and was there but was smart enough to stay out of the frame.

Only three today.

Random Photos Part Three

Alanis has been one non-stop smile since she told the world she is pregnant. I wonder if Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett J ever smile. Seriously.
Happy birthday Al Roker.
And to Demi Lovato. She says she won't ever talk about a boyfriend to the public again. Uh huh. Until her next tour.
You would think with all the plastic surgery Bruce Jenner has had that he would have no wrinkles.
A mini Baywatch reunion.
No smiles for Victoria. Must be feeling bad about laying off all those people and then heading to Universal Studios for fun.
Or, she can't stand Gordon Ramsay anymore than me.
Daughtry - New York City
Denise Richards has been cupped and not in a porn star Charlie Sheen kind of way.
Constance Zimmer, Lauren Bush and Elizabeth Berkley doing some charity work for FEED USA.
Kristen Bell too.
Haylie Duff gets some pap attention after her sister's wedding.

Random Photos Part Two

The celebrity most likely to be seen in costume is Heidi Klum. So, of course
Seal has to join in too.
Julia Jones and Eva Amurri share a laugh.
Remember when Jon Secada was everywhere?
Yeah, well at least I have good memories of Jon's songs. Why is Vanilla Ice still getting attention?
Kim Kardashian pets an imaginary dog.
And not wanting to ignore the dog, Maria Menounos also pets it.
Kylie Minogue got this teddy bear from a fan. This picture was taken and uploaded to Facebook. They took it down because the bear is not wearing pants. Seriously.
Kelly Osbourne and her new hair.
Remarkably enough Katie Price chose to wear this not to sell people on the idea of fake breasts or going to her Xanadu convention but to have people buy her iPods.
Lady GaGa wears makeup to bed. Who knew?

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Liam Hensworth out solo for the night. No Miley.
Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson still together. Here they are in Austria.
And the thing is I think they think they don't look like a kaleidoscope just exploded all over their clothes.
Congrats to Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom who are expecting a baby.
A couple of Australians, Matt Passmore and Olivia Newton John. Is that a SCRAM bracelet on Olivia?
Lots of people watching Olivia Palermo, Kelly Rutherford and Jamie-Lynn Sigler shopping.
The original Pussycat Doll, Robin Antin.
Rihanna starts dating young. Actually it is her brother.
Reese Witherspoon heading off to get coffee.
Snooki decides that maybe that 14th drink was not the best idea.
Sofia Vergara sucking a lollipop. Yep, I'm good for the rest of the day.
Usher - New York City

The Beckhams Turn To Cheap Foreign Labor For Their Staff

Did you know that David & Victoria Beckham have 50 people who work for them as drivers and gardeners and chauffeurs and maids? I didn't either. Well, it turns out they don't have that many now anyway. In a move to save money the couple cut their staff by 14 people. Apparently even though they can afford the staff they just decided they had too many people. Some of the people being let go though are being replaced by cheap foreign labor. One person has worked for The Beckhams for 8 years but was replaced with two "cost efficient" foreign workers.

So basically David & Victoria are looking for people they can hire cheap and don't want to pay a decent wage to people. Do you realize they have a house in Dubai with staff and servants? When is the last time you even saw them go to Dubai?

Your Turn

We have all seen and heard parents yelling at their kids or losing their control around their kids, and maybe some of us have even seen parents hitting their kids. Well, this week a Southwest Airlines flight attendant took a toddler away from the mother when the mother slapped the toddler. No charges were filed against the mother for her actions and the mom and toddler went on their merry way after the flight. The flight attendant was congratulated for taking the child from the mother but it must have taken a lot of guts to do it. The easiest thing to do is to walk away or ignore it. My question to you today is what would you have done if you were the flight attendant and any stories you have of seeing parents behaving badly to their children in public places.

Larry Birkhead Testifies Again

Yesterday Larry Birkhead spent some of his afternoon telling a packed courtroom about Anna Nicole Smith's drug use. Nothing he said really shocked me. He said that she told him that she was not a drug addict and he believed her. Don't all drug addicts say they are not addicted? He did say he was concerned about her drug use and that at one point he tried to hide some, but Howard Stern told Larry to give them back because Anna needed the methadone to live.

Larry believed him and never hid drugs from Anna again. To me this all sounds like a bunch of people who were supposed to be friends like Stern and his sister and the various doctors all just enabled this woman to take as many drugs as she wanted because they wanted to bask in her fame. It kind of reminds me about Elvis and how no one would really stand up and say something even though they knew the drugs were killing him because they did not want to get fired or lose their access to the star.

It is kind of disappointing that Larry backed down so easily and just let Anna keep taking drugs and letting other people provide them. If you care for someone don't you want to try and help them? I am still amazed that Anna managed to even have a baby with all of the medications and drugs she was taking.

Most Misleading Headline Of The Day

Wow things must be tough over at The Enquirer today. Not a lot of news so they took two random highly publicized cases and brought them together in one headline.

Anthony-Holloway Linked

They even have a breaking news thing flashing above it. Sounds important right? Sounds like something that would make Nancy Grace orgasm. Well, it is also the most ridiculous thing ever.

The entire article talks about how there is a company that specializes in finding missing people called Texas Equusearch and the lawyers in the Casey Anthony case are going to use it and it was also used in the Natalee Holloway case previously.

Really? That is the link between the two cases? You can do that with anything. I bet it is likely that a policemen in both cases went to McDonald's at some point during the investigations too. That does not make them linked. Ridiculous and a waste of space.

Always Tip The Midwife

Apparently it is a good idea to tip midwives. Who knew? Police in China have confirmed that a woman who had recently given birth had umm, her anus surgically sewn up by her midwife after the woman had given birth. The midwife said she was helping the woman with a bleeding hemorrhoid and that she was doing it out of goodwill and because she is a good person. At first police did not believe the young mother but then had a look for themselves and discovered her anus had been sewn and the bleeding hemorrhoid had not been touched at all.

This all came about because the husband of the new mother only gave the midwife a $15 tip. Apparently she was expecting much more and even told the man that he should give her a big tip before the child was born.

Joe Francis Does Not Like To Be Mocked

I know most of you probably don't have Piranha 3D on your mist see radar so let me tell you about it. Umm, people die by fish who come at you in 3D. I'm guessing probably one or two people are saved. Someone always has to be saved so they can make a sequel.

Anyway, Jerry O'Connell is in the movie and he had been going around saying that his soft porn, underage filming and drinking character was Joe Francis. He has since been told to say that it is a character based very loosely on Joe Francis.

For some reason Joe does not like to be portrayed for who he is so he had his lawyer send a nasty letter to The Weinstein Company who is releasing the film. Apparently his lawyer is concerned about Joe Francis' name and reputation. Seriously? What kind of reputation does the guy have? Is there anyone out there who has something positive to say about him? Is some character in a movie really going to tarnish his image?

Joe even got all high and mighty with The Hollywood Reporter when he said, "I appreciate a good parody as much as the next guy, but to associate me with drugs and the filming of underage girls crosses a definite line." What kind of line does it cross? Why exactly did you go to jail Joe?

Jennifer Aniston Still Has Not Apologized For Using The Word Retard

Since I had already written a post about Jennifer Aniston yesterday, I did not want to spend more time and space to talk about what she did on Regis & Kelly yesterday (the picture above is from an earlier appearance on the show). Specifically she used the word retard. Everyone has been giving her a hard time and she to my knowledge has not apologized yet for saying the word.

I'm not even sure why she said the word. It did not seem to fit into the context of what she was saying. "You're playing dress up!" Regis told her. She replied, "Yes, I play dress up! I do it for a living, like a retard!" How does that even fit? Do the mentally and physically challenged earn their money by playing dress up? How does one get that career? It does not really sound like a bad gig. Plus, I am not sure how much Jennifer Aniston really plays dress up. Have you suffered through any of her movies? To me she always wear the exact same clothes she has worn since the first season of Friends.

You don't really see Jennifer Aniston going for the period pieces. No one is going to see her in Wuthering Heights or a remake of Pride & Prejudice.

All that being said when you get the CEO of Arc coming out and trashing Jen for what she said you would think she would have apologized the same day and got it over with. No doubt right now she is probably trying to figure out a way to be seen with a bunch of challenged people, preferably a mixed range of age, sex and race and showing how she really cares.

Ever since I read she said the word, I keep thinking of Something About Mary. So, is retard or retarded a word we should never say like the N word?

Kat Von D Is Everywhere Talking About Jesse James

Does anyone else think it is a coincidence that Kat Von D's out doing publicity for the new season of her show and she just happened to have been caught making out with Jesse James? Now instead of people hemming and hawing about whether they want her on their shows or to interview about her show, they all want to talk to her. Jesse has not said a peep about the making out incident, but to hear Kat say it, the two are dating and I'm surprised she has not said they are picking out china patterns together.

When she was on KROQ yesterday she talked about how she is Jesse's type and that she thinks he handled the whole cheating episode really well and that everyone makes mistakes and it does not bother her at all that he has cheated.

When the story first broke that the pair was spotted in Vegas together there seemed to be an effort to get some denials out there and the story kind of lost momentum. It was only when Kat did her Tweet and then took it down just as fast about dating Jesse that the story finally stuck and got some legs. Just in time for her press tour. Maybe I am just being a cynic.

Mel Gibson Spends $600K A Month On Himself

Oksana Grigorieva has been in court most of the week trying to get an increase in the amount of child support Mel Gibson pays each month. Currently he pays $6000 a month although he has only paid $18,000 since December. During the hearings it has come to light that Mel spends $600K on himself each month just for living expenses. It does not include his jet or other things, just how much he spends on himself. For a guy who ranted on tapes he has no money, reducing that $7M a year expense might be a great first step.

Mel does not think his child with Oksana needs more than $6K a month and that Oksana could save some money herself if she reduced costs on things like bodyguards for example. Not sure why Oksana needs a bodyguard. If anything happened to her people would blame Mel and I don't think anyone else is all that interested in stalking her or kidnapping her.

Still though it does seem unfair that Mel spends $600K on himself each money and only gives his baby $6K a month.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This D Lister just got his big break by getting on board in one of the biggest films of next year. The film has some big names signed on and so this pathetic actor better watch his step. Instead, he’s been irritating cast members by taking pictures of all the females on set and their chests with his cell phone. We know, very mature. He takes the photos and then shows them to everyone and anyone who will look.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today's Blind Items

This A+ movie star and Academy Award winner/nominee is a do gooder. He is considered extremely straight laced. No swearing and no cheating rumors. You barely even see pictures of him drinking. Well, in his backyard he grows his own pot and loves nothing more than spending a day sitting and smoking all day long. He even encourages his kids to do the same thing.

Random Photos Part Four

Oh how I am going to miss As The World Turns.
Want to know how powerful a flash flood is? That used to be a road.
Angelina Jolie poses for a fan in Berlin.
Andy Roddick in Vogue.
Adam Scott and Steven McQueen. First time appearance for Steven I think.
Britney filmed her Glee episode the other day and
then celebrated by taking her kids to Johnny Rockets.
Holy f**k. Bobby Trendy is even worse than last time.
This is a burglar in England who got stuck climbing in the window. He had to wait for five hours for fireman to release him.
The Crown Prince and Princess of Norway showing some rare royalty affection as their daughter started her first day of school.
A long overdue first time appearance for C.S. Lee.


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