Friday, August 07, 2009

Four For Friday

I don't really feel like posting anything terribly juicy because I am still in mourning over the whole John Hughes passing. However I have some light ones which really don't need to be blind but are still fun to guess.

#1 - At The Grove on Monday this former right on the cusp glasses wearing A list movie star and now a solid B in movies and television was walking with a woman past some tables set up outside a restaurant. At each table someone would stop him and want our actor to pose for pictures. Each table. He never stopped smiling and posed patiently for each person.

#2 - At the Four Seasons on Sunday this controversial magazine publisher had a multi-hour brunch while his bodyguard/driver never moved an inch from a separate table five feet away. When someone would walk up to the bodyguard he would talk and converse but his eyes never left the table of his employer.

#3 - Also at the Four Seasons on Sunday this former C list television actor with a very bad past drinking problem which basically got him booted from a hit network drama didn't touch a drop of alcohol even when it was offered to him.

#4 - At Chateau Marmont on Sunday an impromptu dinner party for 30 was held to honor this Olympic Gold medal snowboard winner and frequent skateboarder.

#5 - FYI - The grieving brother was also at The Four Seasons this past Sunday.

Mr. Tori Spelling Wants To Be On Dancing With The Stars

I'm guessing that Dean McDermott wants to step out of the shadow of his wife and find honest work. You know something where he can make some money on his own and not have to rely on his wife's name to make a buck. Oh, I know he gets a paycheck from Oxygen, but lets face it, he wouldn't be getting that paycheck if he hadn't married Tori Spelling. All he would be doing is sitting in Toronto with his wife and kids waiting for some bit part in made for tv movies.

Now though he has dreams. Big dreams. He wants to be on Dancing With The Stars. “I’d love to be on Dancing with the Stars. It looks like the scariest thing in the world. I’m a huge fan of the show and it looks like a lot of hard work. I tend to gravitate towards anything that’s a challenge.”

Well he took on the challenge of being married to Tori. Does Dean have any dancing skills? “I have no dancing skills whatsoever except for the improv stripper moves which Tori thinks I’m pretty good at."

Yeah, I just threw up a little.

Cocaine Was A Factor In Billy Mays' Death

The Miami Herald is reporting that the autopsy report of Billy Mays showed he had used cocaine as recently as a few days before his death. Although he died of heart disease, cocaine was a contributing cause of death. (Thanks Audrey)

Random Photos Part One

Sam The Koala - RIP
Whenever I see Adam Arkin all I can ever think about is Northern Exposure. I know he has done so much other than that, but it is what comes to my mind first.
Do you feel that? The world stopped spinning. Aubrey O'Day is actually wearing clothes and a modest amount at that. She isn't going to be teaching Sunday School anytime soon, but she looks normal.
So, who do you think is enjoying the GI Joe premiere more? Channing Tatum the star or his wife Jenna Dewan? Yeah, like she wasn't counting down the days to this one.
Then Carl Weathers went to the craft service table and made himself a stew.
I like David Boreanaz a lot but he kind of looks like a funeral director here.
The Emily attending said funeral.
Eric Dane doing his best Matthew McConaughey impression but with clothes on.
I am always posting Halle Berry pictures. Meanwhile all I get is e-mails telling me about how Gabriel Aubry is the hottest guy alive. So, here you go.
Hugh Laurie hasn't been in the photos for awhile.
I always feel like Henry Rollins is one step away from giving someone a beat down.
Jason Biggs looks hammered or he just had sex with his wife on the way over. They must have been listening to Jada Pinkett Smith marriage advice CD's.
Joshua Jackson teaches the press to count to ten.
Ever wondered what Justin Long's hair looks like in the morning? Now you know.
Jason Mraz - New York
Kirsten Dunst and in the background checking her teeth or Twittering is Demi Moore.
At the same party was Brittany Flickinger. Here is what I imagined she said when she went up to Demi Moore.

Brittany - Hi Demi. The paps on the red carpet just wouldn't stop taking pictures would they?
Demi - Do I know you?
Brittany - Well I won the BFF competition on Paris Hilton's reality show.
Demi - You must be so proud.
What the hell happened to Kourtney?
It is hard to believe it has been like 25 years since Married With Children first aired. Katey Sagal looks great.
All of the pregnant moms to be were out yesterday celebrating Nicole Richie's new maternity line of clothes and tanning spray.
Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd were there.
As was Tisha Campbell.
This is Pete Doherty and his son. Alone. In Germany. Scared?
Great family vacation picture, but still no bikinis or wild yacht parties.
The one and only Wanda Sykes. Love her.
Rachel Nichols might want to be careful when she sits down. She has a toy poodle attached to her butt.
All of those people taking pictures have no idea who in the hell Sienna Miller is.
Sarah Michelle Gellar never walked her dog. Suddenly when she is pregnant that dog gets more time on that leash then Freddie.
Vampire Weekend - Chicago

Put Some Shoes On Your Baby Or We Will All Die

Apparently a manager at a Burger King store takes his job a little too seriously. Everyone has seen those no shoes, no shirt, no service signs but has anyone actually seen them be enforced? Even if you have seen them enforced do they apply to a six month old baby? Well, yesterday a woman in St. Louis decided to stop into her local Burger King and had her six month old baby with her. The manager took one look at the baby and said because the baby wasn't wearing shoes that it would be a health violation for the baby to stay in the restaurant. The manager didn't indicate how many people would die from obesity after eating a diet of Burger King.

The manager was willing to sell the woman some food but she would have to get it to go. Well, the problem was that Jennifer Frederich who is the mom of the baby was with a group of friends who were headed to a concert. She didn't want to eat outside by herself and so she came up with a solution. She put socks on the feet of the baby. Not good enough for the manager of the restaurant. Even when Jennifer said the baby didn't even own any shoes, the manager wouldn't budge. When he threatened to call the police everyone left the restaurant.

Burger King didn't have any comment except to say they have a new dollar menu that tastes like shoes but you still have to wear shoes to enjoy it. Or go through the drive-thru.

Your Turn

Since I already have a Your Turn running from yesterday I figured today would be a good day for all of you to plug whatever it is you want to plug. A site, a movie, a YouTube, your garage sale or band. Whatever it is you can think of that you want to plug, now is your chance.

Noooooo!! GOOP Is Going On Vacation

As I do every week I read Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP site to see if I could find any of her pearls of wisdom to share with all of you. When I got to the newsletter portion all I saw was one sentence from Gwyneth and some recipes and the note that GOOP was going on vacation until September. Seriously? What am I going to do for the next three weeks without the site? Who is going to give me something to write about when no one has been arrested or made an ass of themselves?

Taking a three week vacation shortly after you have started a site doesn't seem like the best way to have someone take you seriously. It isn't like the people over at GOOP are working 24/7 to bring us that thing. Granted if any of them have to deal with Gwyneth on a daily basis they have probably been ready for a vacation since day one.

All I can hope for is that when Gwyneth comes back she can give us great tips like she did back in April when she said using shampoo causes cancer. Now I guess I know why her hair has that greasy look to it. Where else am I going to learn how to cook a chicken or see what people have wronged her over the last several years?

I can only hope that when she comes back she will have lots of new ideas to share with all of us like the body oil she slathers over herself after every bath. Homemade, but not by her. What is in it? Extra virgin coconut oil which she buys for just $500 a bottle. What? You mean you don't have any at your house? Nothing like going to bed smelling like a Mounds candy bar.

One of her tips that left me nearly blind was her three stage body scrub. First you clean your pores with Turbinado sugar and only Turbinado sugar. Nothing else will do. It is also the most expensive. Then you rub yourself down with some olive oil and top it all off by scrubbing ground coffee into your skin. What she doesn't say is not to touch your eyes during any of this process. There I am a fat, sticky tiramisu going blind. Not fun.

I had not energy left to rub it all off with a honey and oatmeal mix and then clean myself off with aloe. The sad thing is she probably does this every night. I hope she has plastic sheets.

Juliette Lewis Talks About Brad Pitt

Maybe I have never noticed before or maybe Juliette Lewis just doesn't give very many interviews, but this is the first time I can remember her talking about her relationship with Brad Pitt in a very long time. In an interview with Black Book Magazine she talks about her three year relationship with Brad which began when she was just 16 and ended three years later.

"It was such a lovely time in my life, well, in both of our lives, because we were anonymous. We were both struggling actors and Brad blew up after we were together, when Legends Of The Fall came out. We both had our turning points. There were six months between the release of Thelma And Louise and Cape Fear - but for half of our relationship, we were just unknown young actors in LA. Then we split and he became Brad Pitt, and I became whoever I am now."

It is hard to think of them as unknowns sitting around in LA waiting their chance at fame and wondering if it would work out. I also love how there is no blame game or any drama. She just reflects on that time in their lives and nothing more.

Break Out The Juicy Fruit - Wrigley Drops Chris Brown

Congratulations to Wrigley for doing the right thing. When Chris Brown was arrested for beating up Rihanna the chewing gum company suspended a very expensive advertising campaign featuring Chris Brown and one of his songs. At the time they only suspended the campaign and didn't drop him because of things like due process and innocent until proven guilty. They didn't have to suspend his campaign. They could have used that same reasoning to keep the campaign going until he was convicted. They did the right thing then and they have done the right thing now.

In a statement released yesterday, Wrigley said it was ending their relationship with Chris Brown. They joined the Got Milk people who dumped Chris right after he was arrested. I don't think he has any endorsement deals left and hopefully he won't be getting any new ones.

STFU Jada Pinkett Smith

In the latest issue of Good Housekeeping, Jada Pinkett Smith was interviewed. Take a guess at what the interview was about. Yep. Sex. How she and Will Smith have sex everywhere and how they takes risks and she can't believe how much they have sex.

"My husband and I always make time for sex! Always! No matter how busy we are. And if I told you the places! You would not even believe! It's crazy the risks that we take, but that's what keeps it so much fun."

Has there ever been an interview she has given where it has not led to talking about sex? I found this interview she did with Fox & Hound last year.

F&H - So do you have any dogs?
Jada - Oh Will and I have dogs and we take them out for walks at night and have sex on people's lawns.
F&H - What kind of dogs do you have?
Jada - Oh mostly mixed breeds. It's so funny when we are having sex in the bushes or on the porches of houses our dogs will kind of watch and stand guard.
F&H - Do you believe in canned or dry dog food?
Jada - Oh that reminds me last time Will and I went grocery shopping we had sex in an aisle at the supermarket. He just pushed me up against the Campbell's soup cans and we had great sex.
F&H - Do you recommend dogs for families?
Jada - What I recommend for families is two parents who have as much sex as I do with Will. We almost don't have time for our kids or dogs or jobs because we have so much sex.
F&H - Yes, well then I am glad you were able to find the time to speak to us on the phone for this interview.
Jada - Oh, it's no problem. I have been having sex with Will during this entire call.

Sincerely, John Hughes

Today I came across a blog post by a woman who had a friendship with John Hughes that spanned 20 years and started after she watched The Breakfast Club as a teenager. She loved the movie so much she sent John a fan letter. He wrote back. You will love this post whether you are a John Hughes fan or not. It is a great story.

Jennifer Aniston Must Be So Sad

The most popular game in the tabloids has always been guessing who Jennifer Aniston is dating and then if she is dating someone guessing when she will get pregnant and married. Now though it appears the newest game in town leaves Jennifer Aniston completely out in the cold. Instead of her dates we are left with a bunch of tabloids all trying to guess who the next judge will be on American Idol. Yesterday was the news that Victoria Beckham will be a judge today at the auditions in Denver, and Katy Perry will be judging a round of the auditions as well.

Now comes news that Kirstie Alley is being considered for the position. Well, at least that is what her publicist wants us to believe. Radar Online ran this headline. "American Idol May Take Kirstie Alley After All." I guess Kirstie has been tweeting that she is set to replace Paula Abdul and so Radar went looking for confirmation from her spokesperson. Well her spokesperson unplugged himself from his e-meter and told them “She is ecstatic at the prospect.” Yeah, well I think any of us even if we hate the damn show would be ecstatic at the prospect of picking up a few million bucks and some free Cokes and getting to see Ryan's dye job up close.

That doesn't exactly provide an answer. But being the good journalists they are they recognized the statement was for crap and asked what that statement meant exactly. The rep just repeated the same thing word for word. What exactly would make Kirstie qualified for this? I can't imagine giving her this kind of platform so I hope this is all a big joke.

Lady Gaga Admits She Is A Hermaphrodite

Because of the video below, Lady Gaga was forced to come out as a hermaphrodite. The spot in the video which necessitated this is at the 1:10 mark.

"It’s not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that I go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself a female. It’s just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life. The reason I haven’t talked about it is that it’s not a big deal to me. Like come on. It’s not like we all go around talking about our vags. I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot. I have both a poon and a peener. Big f*cking deal."

I don't think she should be ashamed at all. It isn't like I am judging her music based on what she has between her legs. I personally don't care if she is man or woman or a little bit of both. She considers herself a woman and so I will think of her that way. Hopefully by coming out she will help others who are in a similar situation and make them feel more comfortable about themselves.

Ted C Blind Item

Most featured Blind Vice babes just guest star in this blolumn, but Morgan Mayhem's practically a series regular here at the Awful Truth. Truthfully, she should be happy for the work, especially since she's favored her drama and drug addiction over any semblance of a once spot-on career.

We're almost falling asleep at Morg's predictable downward spiral, and it looks like she's bored, too—she's looking for a change.

Not in lifestyle, like sobering up finally and screwing her head on right, but in drug choice. M2's party days of dipping her nose in the white stuff just don't thrill anymore, which may be why she turned to meth (Wonder if she and Emma Uh-Oh ever hung out in the same crystal-abusing circles?). Morgy got bored with that, too, and has moved onto something entirely new to stick in her bod.

And it's deadlier than blow or meth, if you can believe it:

If Michael Jackson's death can be used as a cautionary tale, Morgan Mayhem's new fave things, prescription drugs, are the most dangerous things to abuse. Why? Well, (a) they're easy to get and keep getting, as long as you get that first prescription, and (b) abusers don't exactly consider themselves to be abusing drugs in the naughty sense of the D-word, since they got 'em straight from a doctor. A medical "professional" gave them to me, so it must be OK! Right?

So wrong. Morg's constantly up on Adderall, among other happy pills. Some wouldn't be surprised that the unfocused honey's got ADD, but this is strictly for recreational use as opposed to anything M2 actually needs—gives her a much-mellower high as opposed to an anxious tick like blow, and she can actually get some work done! Girl can actually fake being sober a lot better than she could before, which only encourages her to keep pill-popping like mad. But deep down she must know something's not right, since she still tries to hide her habit from everyone around her.

But she's not always successful: M2 was just caught red-handed with the script stuff by her dearest friends—the paparazzi. Spilled all over the sidewalk, reds, blues and purples falling out of her purse, M-hon scrambling to pick them all up. She begged her photo friends to erase the pics, which they did—and they would, if they wanted Ms. Mayhem to keep calling them whenever she goes out on the town.

So can't anyone help poor Morgan? Anyone?

And It Ain't: Kristen Stewart, Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton

Thursday, August 06, 2009

John Hughes Montage

Your Turn - John Hughes Edition

There won't be any blind items today. I just don't think it is right. Instead I hope that all of you will list your favorite John Hughes movie. Here is the list of all the movies he wrote.

# Drillbit Taylor (2008) (story) (as Edmond Dantes)
# Beethoven's 5th (2003) (V) (characters) (as Edmond Dantes)
... aka Beethoven's 5th: Big Paw (USA)
# Maid in Manhattan (2002) (story) (as Edmond Dantès)
... aka Made in New York (USA: poster title)
# Home Alone 4 (2002) (TV) (characters)
... aka Home Alone: Taking Back the House (USA: DVD title)
# Beethoven's 4th (2001) (V) (characters) (as Edmond Dantès)
# Just Visiting (2001) (screenplay)
... aka Les visiteurs en Amérique (France)
# Beethoven's 3rd (2000) (V) (characters) (as Edmond Dantès)
# American Adventure (2000) (TV) (characters)
... aka National Lampoon's American Adventure (USA: complete title)

# Reach the Rock (1998) (written by)
# Home Alone 3 (1997) (written by)
# Flubber (1997) (screenplay)
... aka Disney's Flubber: The Absent Minded Professor (promotional title)
# 101 Dalmatians (1996) (screenplay)
# Miracle on 34th Street (1994) (screenplay)
# Baby's Day Out (1994) (written by)
# Beethoven's 2nd (1993) (characters) (as Edmond Dantès)
# Dennis the Menace (1993) (written by)
... aka Dennis (UK)
# Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) (characters) (written by)
... aka Home Alone II (USA: short title)
# Beethoven (1992) (written by) (as Edmond Dantès)
... aka Beethoven: Story of a Dog (Australia: cable TV title)
# Curly Sue (1991) (written by)
# Dutch (1991) (written by)
... aka Driving Me Crazy
# Career Opportunities (1991) (written by)
... aka One Wild Night
# Home Alone (1990) (written by)

# Christmas Vacation (1989) (written by)
... aka National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (UK: complete title) (USA: complete title)
... aka National Lampoon's Winter Holiday (UK)
# Uncle Buck (1989) (written by)
# The Great Outdoors (1988) (written by)
# She's Having a Baby (1988) (written by)
# Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) (written by)
# Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) (written by)
# Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) (written by)
# Pretty in Pink (1986) (written by)
# Weird Science (1985) (written by)
# European Vacation (1985) (screenplay) (story)
... aka National Lampoon's European Vacation (UK: video box title)
# The Breakfast Club (1985) (written by)
# Sixteen Candles (1984) (written by)
# Nate and Hayes (1983) (written by)
... aka Savage Islands (UK)
# Vacation (1983) (screenplay) (short story "Vacation '58")
... aka National Lampoon's Vacation (UK) (USA: complete title)
... aka American Vacation (Europe: English title: video title)
# Mr. Mom (1983) (written by)
... aka Mr. Mum
... aka Perfect Daddy (Philippines: English title)
# Class Reunion (1982) (written by)
... aka National Lampoon's Class Reunion

John Hughes Has Died

John Hughes, the prolific director of films such as 'The Breakfast Club', 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' and 'Home Alone' has died of a heart attack while taking a morning walk during a trip to Manhattan. This one really hurts. This man made the movies of my life.

Random Photos Part One

Budd Schulberg - RIP
On any other day this probably would have got the top spot. This is about as close as I am going to get to seeing a That Thing You Do reunion. Plus Steve Zahn is in the picture. He could make the top spot all by himself. I love that guy.
The newly engaged Anna Paquin who seems to be wearing her ring and very proud of it.
And here is the man who gave it to her.
BJ Novak plugging the new season of The Office.
Benjamin McKenize is in the photos for the first time in awhile.
Cyndi Lauper & Rosie O'Donnell - New York
And Christian was blinded for life because Kim couldn't stop posing for the cameras.
Don't worry Charlyne you can do so much better than Michael Cera.
Is anyone else disturbed that David Copperfield seems to enjoy posing with rope like this? I only posted his picture to see if anyone has any updates on the woman he allegedly kidnapped and raped.
All of these people are waiting patiently to see
David Cook.
Ellen & Portia looking really happy.
Jennie Garth looks lovely.
Someone please explain to me the purpose of a tattoo in this location. I understand when you don't want it to always be visible, but it isn't even visible to her unless she looks in a mirror.
I didn't recognize her but I like the new look of Katharine McPhee.
A first time appearance for Kevin Pollak.
Kevin Smith wants to know where his weight loss supplement deal is.
I think Kimberly Stewart is still in her 20's. You wouldn't think it by seeing this photo.
The ridiculously good looking couple of the day award goes to Milla Jovovich and Timothy Olyphant.
Milla up close.
Congratulations to Molly Ringwald on her new twins.
Paula Abdul looks remarkably happy for someone who walked away from millions of dollars a year.
I'm not opposed to seeing pictures of Prince Felipe on his boat. However, what I want to see when Spanish royals are on a boat is the Princess in a bikini.
Quarters for the meter Rachel Bilson or something else. For the record she was wearing her ring.
And the horse was crushed by the weight of Russell Crowe.
I will leave you alone and give you some quiet time with Ryan Gosling's photo.
A new hair color for Samaire Armstrong.
Lance Bass has been working out. Here he is with Simon Rex.
Taylor Lautner on his way to Vancouver.
And in Vancouver going to the gym is Kellan Lutz.
Taylor Schilling's look towards Michelle Trachtenberg says it all. Oh, and seriously, Michelle. A little sun would be ok.
Tiffani Thiessen promoting her show.


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