Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blind Item #4

This B list teen celebrity took off her only undergarments at dinner the other night and set them on the table and told her actor husband to put them on. He went to the bathroom and did just that and she made him show her right in the restaurant.

Blind Item #3

This B- list mostly movie actor, who is foreign born and made his fame in a franchise split with his actress girlfriend because she caught him in their hotel room with this B- list mostly movie actress who was once his co-star.

Blind Items Revealed

February 14, 2013

Remarkably enough, this A list mostly television actor has rarely had sex with any of his co-stars. He has however made a few exceptions and he said recently of one of his current co-stars that, "She might not look like much, but she gave me the best b**w job I have ever had." Apparently this was just a one time thing.

Charlie Sheen

Blind Items Revealed

February 13, 2013

This C list celebrity of A+ list offspring went to the emergency room this week. He burned himself with Nair while trying to remove all the hair in his genital region. Guess his older B list celebrity girlfriend likes him smooth.

Sean Stewart

Blind Items Revealed

February 13, 2013

This B list celebrity/designer was overheard telling her assistant at the conclusion of a show how everything they just saw was s**t, and that she had never seen anything worse and that the designer should kill themselves. Our celebrity then made directly for the designer and air kissed him while saying she had never seen anything better.

Rachel Zoe

Blind Item #2

Out shopping this week, this B+ list celebrity/talk show host/manager was not happy with the level of service she was receiving. As in, no one was paying her any attention because she was not actually doing anything but walking through the store. As soon as she saw someone, she stopped them and said the infamous don't you know who I am bit and demanded that someone walk around the store with her in case she decided to buy something. 45 minutes later she walked out without buying anything. NOT Kris Jenner.

Blind Items Revealed

February 1, 2013

This A+ list all movie actress was asked to appear at an event. For charity. A well established charity. The actress said she would be happy to but wanted $250K for her appearance plus another $50K worth of stuff and only promised to be there for 30 minutes. She said her time is valuable and that no matter the cause, her time was more important. The charity declined and then found five other actors and actresses who were huge hits at the event and did it all for free.

Nicole Kidman

Blind Item #1

This A list mostly movie actor who seems to cameo in whatever you want him to show up in is married. He has had lots of affairs which would probably surprise those of you who are fans of him and women and men love this guy. Always in popular movies. Has made several all-time classics and he is good looking and is an incredibly nice guy. He just likes to have sex with other women. Not so much women he picks up because he thinks that is the way to get busted. Nope. He prefers getting a hotel room, preferably a long way from home and then having someone who does not speak English come to his room and take care of him. This is a regular thing.

Blind Items Revealed

June 11, 2009

What aging but not really old Academy Award winner/nominee A list actor recently had a heart attack and passed out but refused to go the hospital. Instead, he had his doctor come to the house and hired a nurse to watch over him for a few days. He even went to a sporting event three days after it happened.

Jack Nicholson

Blind Items Revealed

June 10, 2009

This Real Housewife was asked to leave a recent high profile charity event because of inappropriate behavior. She got really drunk and kept thinking she was at Mardi Gras and people were throwing her beads.

Danielle Staub

Blind Items Revealed

April 30, 2013

This former B list reality star/singer wannabe freaked out her latest guy by always calling him daddy and had photos in frames of her dad everywhere around her place. Well over 20 by his count.

Brooke Hogan ( He must have got over it though since they are still together)

Blind Items Revealed

April 30, 2013

This A+ list celebrity who really could not have enough ++ after his name to show how ++ he is, has had a steady stream of female visitors since his celebrity wife has become busy with her latest project. He loves this time and says he has learned to enjoy it. One of his visitors is a B list celebrity who seems to be seeing him much more frequently than in the past.


Friday, August 09, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

The top spot today goes to this group which includes Gwen Stefani and her husband and Bono and his wife. In France. Wearing underpants.

Alec Baldwin explains to his wife how best to belittle a person in under ten words. his version of Suduko.

Andrea Bocelli leaves a party with his wife. A very invitation only, more women than guys party.
This is Bradley Cooper, although it could be Jimmy from down the street and who would know.
Speaking of down the street, Bruce Springsteen looks like he is about to take off his suit. I love the random head in the photo.
As the week goes on, Britney Spears' wardrobe has gone from her version of church clothes to wearing what she wore to bed out the next day.
I have something for you if you are a Camille Grammer fan or a
fan of her boyfriend.

Random Photos Part Four

A first time, and long overdue appearance for Danny Pudi in the photos.

Cameron Diaz looks pretty pleased with herself.
Emmy Rossum acts like she did not call the pap about 20 minutes earlier to tell him where to be.
Emma Roberts after she tried to cut the line in front of 200 people to get a cronut.
Hilary Duff was very bright yesterday.
Jonah Hill takes his new girlfriend shopping.
As much as I loved what Jennifer Hudson was wearing the other day is how much I dislike this.
John Stamos paying it forward and showing some love to this woman who looked like
this four months ago before contracting meningitis and losing all of her limbs.

Random Photos Part Three

I believe Ashton Kutcher is wearing makeup here.

Keri Russell shows off her hip bone. Wants to play Operation.
This is the entire Jane Seymour family.
I think this is the first time Neve Campbell has been on a red carpet since she gave birth.
Hello Jennifer Coolidge.
Stephenie Meyer has turned to movie producing. Great way to lose all of her Twilight money really quickly.
Kendra Wilkinson after lunch.
Lana Del Rey and her pajamas. Interesting look. I would give her my change.
Luke Wilson films his new movie.

Random Photos Part Two

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth really seem into each other don't they?

Lots of smiles all around. Like being on Fantasy Island.
Harrison Ford was there and did his version of a smile with his daughter and his wife.
Amber Heard was there acting like a big shot.
Mark Wahlberg on the set of Transformers 62.
Nicole Scherzinger seems to be sticking out her chest? Yes? No?
And yes, Ryan Gosling is the dumbest guy in the world for splitting up with Rachel McAdams. And Michael Sheen too.

Hello Bill Nighy. You really should be in the top spot. I have now watched every movie in which he has ever appeared.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

This guy, Rick Saloman, has had sex with Tommy Pickles, Shannen Doherty, Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson and now Pamela Anderson again and is still alive. The wonders of modern science.

Meanwhile, in NYC, Parker Posey walks her dog.
Rita Ora is back in London and has been faithful to her boyfriend for...
Amanda Seyfried shows off some glasses and some surprising foot speed.
Sheryl Crow gets an early start on her Pirates Of The Caribbean costume.
The Bachelorette with the guy she will split with in a few weeks.
Zach Braff films the movie all of you paid for and he will make all the money on.
Zachary Quinto heads to Broadway to spend a Thursday night.
Seth Green and Clare Grant were there too. Why did I think she was pregnant?

Blind Item #10

"Oh, he is the one who is gay. Right? The one who sings. I didn't know he was gay. We went on a date. He put his arm around me on the red carpet and then never touched me again. We didn't even talk. He just smiled when he saw cameras. Lots of cameras. Lots of smiles. No cameras, no smile. Got waiter's phone number. he smiled then."

B list reality star on a very hit network show who has been on the show since its inception discussing this former A list celebrity from a celebrity family during an interview.

Slo-Mo Water Balloon Fight

Blind Item #9

This C list mostly television actor was all over a woman most definitely not his A+ list mostly television actress girlfriend who has a history of guys cheating on her so they can get out of being in a relationship with her. This time though it is not just a break up that is involved.

Blind Item #8

This former A list mostly television actress who you have to stop and remind yourself used to be the biggest thing on television and was everywhere walked up to this B- list actress and told her to stay away from her A list actor husband. Our former A lister knows what the actress tried to do. She knows how hard she was trying to hit on her husband and trying to set him up to be caught up in a scandal. Apparently our A lister knows a few things about the B- lister and said them right then and said the tabloids would be the next to know. Then our A lister smiled and walked away.

Blind Items Revealed

May 8, 2013

At a party last night, this B- list mostly movie actress who is in this space repeatedly, told a friend that she had missed her period and fears she might be pregnant from a one night stand with this former B list mostly movie actor who has been known to impregnate. Our actress then went and sat on the lap of this B list athlete and canoodled him before leaving with him later.

Ashley Greene/Ryan Philippe/Mark Sanchez

Four For Friday - That Is A History

Tis Friday and I have always wanted to use tis in a sentence. No real announcements other than the usual I will be here all weekend writing my fat fingers to the bone and will have lots of reveals this weekend. I saw one or two super hot peach juicy that I want to reveal. I have peach on the mind. My mom made four pies this week. All peach and all gone within an hour of making them. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter where I talk about other things, have been known to drunk tweet and follow people randomly. I am @entylawyer

I have wanted to write about this person for sometime and have never got around to it. It really should be a movie because there is so much to say. I guess the place to start is that she was basically hooking for drugs at 15. That is a nice beginning. She got married to one of her better customers who also kept her turning tricks. She was expected to bring home other women for them to have and to work for him. Meanwhile he also beat her on an almost daily basis, but nothing visible to keep the customers away. He cheated on her with lots of other women and kept her hooked on drugs and to this day she is still hooked on drugs and booze and has just as much sex as she ever had before. The only difference is now that she is a B+ list reality star on a hit network show, she does not have to get paid for sex. She is happy to trade drugs for sex though because she loves free drugs. Oh, and if you have ever wanted to have s threesome or foursome with a person on a network show, then bring the coke and the people and she is your lady.

Your Turn

How many hours a night do you sleep?

Blind Items Revealed

May 7, 2013

This B-/C+ list actress/former reality star found some guy worth millions about 5 minutes into the party and then literally held on to him the entire night and told someone she had to go to the bathroom so bad but was afraid he would find someone else or leave if she went to the bathroom. She held it and held on to him and left with him at the end of the night.

Julianne Hough

Blind Item #7

This NBA all-star who has never been in this space before better check those age of consent laws before he tries to bring that underage teen from Atlanta and set her up in a place on the west coast. The states have different laws about the age of consent. In Georgia, she is legal, but not many other places. Bringing her across state lines would be a no no too. Oh, and what about your wife and all that promotional money that comes your way everyday? Risking it all for a teen?

Blind Item #6

This A list celebrity/singer who used to be A+ list is having a tough time staying sober. Oh, you never knew she had an addiction problem? That is because she does not share everything with her fans. No, she only shares the things that make her look good. She had plans to make an announcement when she was a year sober and pat herself on the back and tell everyone how easy it is, but she has not managed two weeks since she got out of rehab.

Blind Item #5

This C+ list mostly television actor who was on a very very hit network show until recently will probably drop down to D really quickly. He could barely hang on to B- while being on the show. Anyway, one of the reasons he was let go was his constant fighting with one of his co-stars. The reason? The better looking and nicer co-star once had sex with one of the more outgoing members of the cast who now has a serious boyfriend. The one who was let go thinks the woman was stolen from him. Not true at all, but that is how his crazy mind works and why he will probably do a lot of jail time in the future. This will be revealed.

Lindsay Lohan Parties All Night - Does Not Drink Cherry Wine

As soon as I wrote the headline I had to stop and watch Jermaine Stewart. That usually takes 30 minutes because I move on from one of the greatest party songs of all time and then start thinking about other songs with catchy lyrics and then I totally forget that I am writing about Lindsay Lohan and how things were so much better while she was locked up in rehab and that i wish she would go to Europe and be gone for three weeks or forever and just give up on this Hollywood thing and go marry one of the guys she escorts for or David Miscavige and we would not hear from her for a very long time. I wonder if anyone would file a missing persons report for her. Michael would. Yeah. But they could get rid of him by offering some women he could abuse and a cash stipend for keeping his mouth shut. Do you think if someone offered Michael Lohan $1M to never say another word about Lindsay that he would take it? I bet he would, but you would have to pay him in installments.

Anyway, Lindsay partied all night with The Wanted and was sober, but only because she had a sober companion with her and she did try and ditch the companion a few times. I think as soon as the companion is gone, so is her sobriety. Oh, and the companion will go as soon as they stop getting paid which should be any time now.

Blind Item #4

"You are so small. My teen fantasies just went to dust." This B list reality star/television host when she accidentally walked in on this former boy bander turned reality star turned boy bander/host when he was naked in his dressing room.

Khloe Kardashian Gets Out Of Los Angeles

Khloe Kardashian was pretty safe from paps at her house where she has been holed up for what seems like a week. Yesterday though she tried to break free and flew out of Los Angeles. She is wearing her wedding ring in the photos and seems to be trying to show it off. I guess she hopes that people will stop with all the pressure if she shows off the ring. I think what they want to see more is her with Lamar Odom, but he is not having any of it. Think about this. The guy has had two affairs publicly revealed and she is the one who is begging Lamar to stay. There are supposedly two more women ready to come forward and tell their stories and Khloe is the one who wants him to stay. Fighting for him to stay. I have no problems with them working out their marriage and staying together. That is her decision, but don't you think he should be the one putting in the effort and not her.

Blind Item #3

I don't know if this almost A list television and movie actor is into it, but he is dating and has been with his girlfriend for awhile, so you would think he would be into it or experimenting. She is a very well known and very well paid dominatrix. She is not just doing it for show either which makes me wonder about our actor. Maybe that is why he always dates women half his age.

Blind Item #2

This former A list mostly television actress who crashed so hard and fast to C list that all of our heads spun is now probably a B- list mostly movie actress who everyone knows. Everyone. Well, if you watched the television show or knew of it. Anyway, she pays her husband a monthly sum of money to stay quiet and to watch the child(ren) because she loves to be able to use the dating and wedding story in her interviews. In reality she has been practically living with a studio executive for the past year. Time with her child(ren)? The studio executive does not like kid(s) so our actress never hangs out with the kid(s).

Blind Item #1

This C+ list celebrity moves up and down from an almost A to almost D depending on how much her family keeps her in the spotlight. It is never because of her own doing, these moves up and down the ladder of fame. She did make a name for herself the other night though as she had sex with two different celebrities at the same party within a couple of hours. The two celebrities are almost A list, and know each other very very well, but don't know they both had sex with her. This will be revealed.

This Week In Florida - Mother & Daughter Offer 2 For 1 Sex Specials - Man Posts Photos Of Dead Wife To Facebook After Killing Her

It has been one of those weeks in Florida that makes you just wonder what is really going on there. I don't know if it is the heat or humidity or the fact that Scientology has their headquarters there and everyone goes a little stir crazy, but this was one of the stranger weeks in the state.

The news that got the most attention was the man who killed his wife and then posted photos of her dead body to Facebook and in the caption said "I'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife." Even though he killed his wife, he did spare the woman's 10 year old daughter who was found unharmed yesterday afternoon in the home the couple shared.The husband said he killed his wife because he could not handle being abused any longer and that she was always punching him. This is interesting because a woman would be able to use that defense. I wonder if he will try and use that defense.

The post on Facebook remained for four hours before being taken down by the company.

In other Florida news, a mother and daughter have been arrested for the second time in as many weeks for offering 2 for 1 specials for $160 an hour. The pair offered to have sex together with a policeman or just let him watch. Yeah. Police say the pair are trying to support their drug habit.

James Lee DiMaggio Is Armed With Explosives

It has been six days now since James Lee DiMaggio kidnapped Hannah Anderson. It has been six days since he burned down his own home and killed Hannah's 8 year old brother and mother. Despite one of the most intensive manhunts ever, police are no closer to finding James Lee DiMaggio then they were when he fled. They did say they have reason to believe that he may have armed himself with explosives and that his car and body may be bobby trapped. Police also have reason to believe he is infatuated with the 16 year old Hannah and thinks they can build a life together. It was first suspected that DiMaggio had kidnapped both Hannah and her brother, but authorities have discovered the remains of a child in the burned down home, but were unable to extract any DNA from the body.

Karen Black Has Died

Karen Black, the prolific actress who appeared in more than 100 movies and was featured in such favorites as "Easy Rider," ''Five Easy Pieces" and "Nashville," has died. Black's husband, Stephen Eckelberry, says the actress died from complications from cancer. She was 74.

Amanda Bynes Goes To Court

This morning, Amanda Bynes will be back in court. She is growing very familiar with this court and it seems like she has appeared there several times over the past two weeks. Today a judge will have a choice to make. The choice Amanda wants is to be set free and to do what she wants. The judge could order her to go back to the hospital for 30 days which could also mean putting the state in charge of her. The way that would happen is if the doctors ask the court to keep her. If the doctors say they don't see the need for another 30 days, the judge could order that Amanda be placed under a temporary conservatorship of her parents who could then put her in the hospital themselves at least until the end of September when a permanent hearing would be held. There could be other variations of the above plan put in place too. Later this morning we will find out if wig shops need to be on high alert for an Amanda release or if things will continue to be really quiet with her locked up.


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