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Jimmy Fallon SNL Audition Tape

8 minutes of goodness.

Blind Items Revealed

September 1, 2011

#1 - Which female director not really known for directing dislikes her most recent lead actress so much that she refuses to speak with her unless forced to by the circumstance. Turns out the lead actor had a thing for the actress and not the director, and the director was and is still ticked off about it.

Madonna & Abbie Cornish

Jay Leno Puts On The XXL Kneepads For Mel Gibson

Jay Leno is kind of turning into the Larry King of late night hosts. You want to tell your side of the story and not hear a peep to contradict you? Jay Leno is your guy. Mel Gibson was on last night and Jay let him tell his side of the whole rant Mel directed at Oksana and Joe Eszterhas by simply saying that it was all Joe's fault for not turning in a script and Mel has a temper problem. Jay laughed and then asked Mel if he wanted Jay to put on the kneepads for another go round or if he was ok with just once.

No Nueve Mom

I was really looking forward to seeing the woman in Mexico give birth to 9 kids and break Nadya Suleman's record. Like Nadya, Karla Perez already has three other kids so this would also be an idiot move. It looks like though the whole thing was not real. Univision spoke to a doctor who performed an ultrasound on Karla and the doctor says Karla's uterus is empty. So much for the instant baseball team.

Katy Perry And Chelsea Handler Are Worried About Jessica Simpson

I fully expect that some kind of crisis hotline or Twitter account will be set up shortly because there are obviously billions of people around the planet that are awaiting news of the birth of the baby Maxwell. Three wise men were seen in Calabassas looking up at the stars and brought gifts. Katy Perry and Chelsea Handler have taken up a 24 hour vigil and are worried that Jessica has not given birth. Chelsea recommended vodka. It is her go to answer whether it is appropriate or not. I'm actually shocked at the number of people who are so interested in this birth. Yes, she is on Fashion Star, but what else has she really done to stay in the public eye other than date people and have a dying music career. Maybe she and Christina Aguilera can go on tour and call it, We Used To Be Popular.

Mia Amber Davis' Husband Sues Over Her Death

Last May, Mia Amber Davis suddenly died after knee surgery due to a blood clot. Now, her husband is suing her doctors because he says they should not have prescribed her birth control pills and they were the cause of the clot that led to her death. He says the doctors should have known that she was too obese for the pill. One of the best parts of Road Trip is Mia. It always amazes me when people die after something as simple as knee surgery and just shows you that you need to live every day to the fullest and never take anything for granted.

Ted C Blind Item

Caesar Anchovy-Arse has always been known for being a fairly talented man. But what the world doesn't know about him really does remain his best (unknown) achievement: Preventing the world from learning just how poorly he's treated his partner, Strippa Rip-Ya.

But Caesar's latest shenanigans really do trump all his past debauched behavior, and that's saying something:

Because fooling around or getting high is nothing compared to actually hurting your woman and then claiming you were helping her along in her career path...which is exactly what Caesar's latest line is all about.

"He's claiming he made her," says a pal to the put-upon couple, regarding Strippa's professional success (which, admittedly, has been quite mixed). "Can you believe that?" asks the friend, rhetorically.

The famous couple's pal is shocked mostly because Caesar's form of supporting his wife in the past has usually consisted of verbally abusing her. Or worse. He's been an unacceptable husband, in every sense of the word.

But now, Mr. Anchovy-Arse is claiming otherwise, just so he can be assured of spending Strippa's paychecks—for now, and forever.

Jeez, is it Hollywood that creates these men, or have they always been around?

AND IT AIN'T: Peter Facinelli, David Beckham, Ashton Kutcher

The Wanted Hate Christina Aguilera

Ahh, don't you love when new bands on the scene show a total lack of self censoring and say exactly what they mean. Five years from now if The Wanted are still around they will be very careful with what they say, but for now they have plenty to say and right now what they are saying about Christina Aguilera is that Christina is a total b**ch.

Apparently Jennifer Lopez on American Idol was great to the group, but Christina didn't say a word to the band when they appeared on The Voice and refused to look at them. Reason? They have a musical career ahead of them and Christina's only career is seeing how many wine bottles she can stack in a pyramid in her living room while she looks at old platinum records.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Remember when I wrote about the Brazilian teen who was going to sell her hair to buy a home for her family?
Well, she cut it and did buy a shanty for her family.
Anne Heche barely staying in her dress with James Tupper.
AnnaLynne McCord out shopping in Vancouver.
Colin Firth filming his new movie with
Nicole Kidman.
Charlize Theron being honored for her work in Vegas.
Michelle Pfeiffer was also there and also being honored. basically if you show up they give you an award.

Random Photos Part Two

The last day ever of filming Desperate Housewives.
That's Marcia Cross hugging Eva Longoria.

Felicity Huffman at her house prior to going to work for the final day.
George Clooney and Stacy Keibler after double dating with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber.
Heidi Klum with no airbrushing and no special lighting still looks great.
This crowd of people was clamoring to see
Justin Bieber.
Jennifer Lopez tries to do Spock fingers but can't manage it.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Katie Holmes shows off her gray hair. Tom Cruise would not go longer than two seconds with gray hair. I'm surprised he does not shame Katie about it.
Another day on the Glee set and another pack of cigarettes for Lindsay Lohan.
Also on the Glee set, but presumably working harder were Dianna Agron and
Lea Michele.
Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, this is her way back in 2006, when she was just a teenager and looking a lot like Elizabeth Taylor.
Miley Cyrus got her stitches out.
"So, a doorman and a Prince enter a bar."
Solange Knowles and Nelly hanging out.
Victoria Beckham and Harper leaving Hong Kong.

The Strangest Commercial You Will See

(Thanks Meghan)

Bonus Blind Item - Parents Don't Care

As always on Fridays I like to point out that you can follow me on Twitter. The birdie is over there to the right ---------> somewhere for you to click on. Over there I write about things not on here and also have blind items not on here. Oh, and come back here on Saturday's because I reveal a blind from the archives. That is always fun.

I wanted to write this today, because I have a feeling this teen actress may be headed to rehab as soon as this weekend or next week. She needs rehab. She has parents who don't care what she does or when or who she does it with. When I say teen, I mean this actress is a teen, but she is not even close to 18 yet. She spends most nights in hotels with one or two guys she usually hooks up with. Her parents get their cut of her money which is all they really care about. Late nights? They don't care. Drinking and drugs? They don't want to rock the boat and it's not like she is addicted or anything. That is what they tell themselves. Our actress was red hot but her recent issues have caused her to be talked about for far fewer roles and the reason is producers are scared of what she is turning into. She is one big mess and needs help. What was B+ list and headed to A, is now in danger of sliding back to C. It is her few real friends that are pushing her to go to rehab, and not her parents. Our actress is resisting because she thinks she can handle it.

Out Magazine Names Anderson Cooper To Gay Power List

It's interesting that Anderson Cooper was named to Out Magazine's Top 50 most powerful gay people in America when he has never actually confirmed that he is gay. Sure, I think it is pretty much an open secret, but there are lots of people who don't know that secret. Plus, can you really be on of the top 50 gay people in America if you have never confirmed you are gay? What if Anderson tells Out that he is straight? To be a powerful gay person, doesn't everyone have to know you are gay?

Four For Friday - Kindness

I know many of you have been wanting a kindness item for a bit, so here you go. This one actually came via a reader who wishes to be anonymous, but is pretty famous for some of his comments.

In 2011, a young Marine was wounded in action fighting bravely in Afghanistan when an IED exploded directly beneath him. We’ll call him the Veteran Hero. Sadly, our Hero lost both of his legs, his right arm, and most of the use of his other arm in the line of duty. Undergoing grueling surgeries, the young Hero emerged alive - but depressed at being disabled for life while still in his 20s with little more than his military disability pay to live on - and few if any job prospects. Enter our CDAN “Reader”, and some of the “good guys” in the entertainment industry.

In 2003, our Reader felt patriotic and accepted an assignment with the government as a contractor to the Pentagon and intelligence community (to lend his creative skills to our country). It was during this time that the Reader reconnected with an A-list actor friend who was doing a USO tour in the desert with several other stars.

The A-List actor in question has been in some of the biggest movies ever and even does television and is very good at it. His name recognition is probably B+. He usually flies below the radar with his personal life.

The Actor and the Reader were talking one day in Iraq and the Actor was explaining this new charitable foundation he’d become a part of. The Actor teamed up his own private charity with a 9-11 survivor family foundation (named for a heroic firefighter who died on 9-11) and their goal is to help disabled vets return to the world. The Reader and Actor went their separate ways, but did keep in touch over the years.

When our veteran war Hero was released from Walter Reed hospital, he was confined to a wheelchair and carried massive shrapnel still in his body. The Hero was also suffering from severe depression, and had very little money to even refit his family’s house for disabled access. Our vet was born, raised, and graduated high school in a very small town. Our CDAN Reader grew up in the same community, and graduated from the same high school (although many years apart). The Reader had already lost one close Marine friend in Iraq, and had two family members still serving in Special Forces and Airborne units. When he heard about the hero’s plight from his own hometown, he knew what he wanted to do.

Our Reader got in touch with our A-list Actor and his charity foundation, and they brought in a gigantic sports company/sports venue into the mix. They all decided to help the disabled Hero, and help make his life better. They didn’t just throw some money his way or send him an autographed photo. They decide to buy some land locally, build him a brand new specially-crafted custom smart home, (completely built to accommodate his disabilities), and to allow him to never need another home for the rest of his life while being self-sufficient.

As if this wasn’t enough? Our Actor and the foundation decided to put on a concert to honor the veteran hero, with the Actor’s personal band playing the whole show. All proceeds (not just profits, but every penny) from the show goes to the vet Hero. Not a fund or charity, but directly to the Hero in an account to pay his power bills, taxes, and necessities for many, many years. The Actor and the foundation are paying the band, all costs, and travel out of their own pocket. The Actor is using his own private jet to transport the band, equipment, and people all from his own pocket. All this while keeping his commitments to other charity work, his acting jobs, and his family.

And this still wasn’t enough for our Actor to feel he’d done all he could do. The Actor enlisted the foundation to buy a set of special “smart” prosthetic limbs for the hero, and paid for them. This was a huge upgrade from the basic prosthetics the vet was using. The foundation even covered the cost of the transportation for the Hero and his family to travel to the hospital and back for appointments. The support, bright prospects, and hope was enough to lift the hero out of depression and darkness he’d been suffering.

To show their support, the biggest sports facility nearest to the Hero’s hometown named the veteran Hero and the Actor as their grand marshals for the next event, and the Hero was the star VIP for the whole weekend. The owner of the sports complex even escorted the Hero around to meet all the star athletes and the Hero got photos and phone numbers from all his favorites. He even got to bring his family with him and they were all treated like royalty. The sports facility owner personally oversaw all accommodations and travel for the vet and family all weekend. They even talked the sports stars into donating, and hosted an auction of sports memorabilia to add to the funds raised for the Hero.

The concert tickets for the actor’s band sold out in a few hours, including the expensive VIP packages where fans could chat and talk with the A-list Actor. The Actor said he’d stay and chat with fans until the sun rose so long as people got their money’s worth for donating to such a good cause. The concert was planned for a local high school in the city where the sports event was to take place that weekend.

Unfortunately, a scary accident occurred the week of the planned concert. Our A-list Actor was involved in an auto accident that kept him from making it down for the concert or the weekend’s big sporting event. The Actor was banged up, but would be okay. Sadly he couldn’t travel for several days, and it made him feel guilty. Many stars with a busy acting schedule and personal life would just cut a check or try and weasel out of his responsibilities with a five-minute videoconference. Not this one. Our Actor was so upset about disappointing our veteran Hero that he personally called him to explain.

The Reader then proposed a new date for the concert. The Reader called a concert promoter pal hosting a local music festival in May, and they worked out the details. The festival is an annual event for charity anyway, and other charities could also benefit from the Actor’s show at the festival. The Actor then rescheduled the concert for the festival near the Hero’s hometown, and personally paid the expenses already laid out. He offered to buy back tickets for anyone unable to attend, and then set up a special pre-show dinner date party for VIP ticket-holders and our Hero. The Actor then canceled two other (non-charity) concerts his band had scheduled, all just to honor his promises to our Hero, while allowing the festival to promote his appearance to help other charities.

As a result, the show will go on. The upcoming new concert date has sold out again, and our veteran Hero is even considering some small acting roles he’s been offered, all thanks to our Actor and Reader. Meanwhile, the special smart house has already been designed, the land purchased, and suppliers lined up to start building this start of the art dream house. Both our Actor and our Reader said their only big regret is that they cannot do it for every single veteran who has served our country so honorably. But with our Actor’s foundation and partners, they’ll continue to help those that they can one by one.

It just goes to prove that there are still some good guys left in Hollywood, and some guys who are not just hypocritical attention trolls only in it for themselves. Despite the setbacks, the concert-festival will launch into orbit soon, and our veteran Hero will have his new magic house very soon. He’s already got his new magic legs All because some people cared enough to use their fame, money, and power to help others instead of preach to them or hurt them.

Your Turn

So, with all the kids that seem to be missing or taken all the time, I thought back to when I was a kid and how we used to always play outside all the time and totally unattended from dawn to dusk. So, my question to you is do you let your kids play outside unattended? Would you? Did you?

Molly Ringwald Offered The Julia Roberts Role In Pretty Woman - Turned It Down

Molly Ringwald was on redditt yesterday and answered a bunch of questions from people on the site. Unlike other people who have gone on the site, she actually answered questions and didn't run away after five seconds.

It is a pretty fascinating read. Here are some of the highlights.

Hi Molly!
I read this on IMDB about breakfast club:
"John Hughes almost fired Judd Nelson because of his negative attitude towards Molly Ringwald off camera. Paul Gleason convinced Hughes that Nelson was a great actor and was merely trying to stay in character."
Is this true? What kind of behavior was going on? How has this impacted the making of the movie?

This is true. I think Judd was doing the method actor thing during rehearsals. He was wearing Bender's clothes and trying to annoy me. I was fine but John Hughes was very protective of me. We ended up having a powwow, led by Ally. I remember her telling me, "We have to get him focused. Like a laser!" I think a bunch of us including myself called John and asked him to reconsider. I am thankful he did.

Hey, is it true you were offered to be the "Pretty Woman" but declined so Julia Roberts took the part?

I think I saw an early draft and it was called "$3,000". I don't specifically remember turning it down. The script was okay but I gotta say, Julia Roberts is what makes that movie. It was her part. Every actor hopes for a part that lets them shine like that.

If you want to read the rest of it, click here. (Thanks Annie)

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH legendary singer is so addicted to Popeye’s Fried Chicken that she had it delivered to a recent red carpet event? The aging Grammy winner mortified guests when she sat in a swanky hotel lobby chowing down on the greasy chicken straight from the box!

Woman Wins $5.8M In Lawsuit Against Girls Gone Wild

Anything that can hurt Joe Francis' wallet just a little bit more is something I'm all for. Tamara Favazza sued Girls Gone Wild because she claimed that one of the producers had pulled down Tamara's top and filmed her breasts without permission. Tamara didn't realize this happened until about three months after her wedding when one of her husband's friends was watching porn and noticed Tamara. Tamara says she was mortified and that some of her family members shunned her. A judge sided with Tamara and awarded her $5.8M.

Here is what I think happened. Tamara was drunk at a club and she admits she was lowering her top a lot and the producer probably did lift the short, but Tamara did know she was being filmed and assumed no one would find out. When they did, she sued. Like I said, anything that takes money away from Joe Francis, I support 100%. I just think there is more to this story than we are necessarily hearing.

Let's Talk About Jessica Simpson Being Pregnant Still

Do you remember a few weeks ago when you would see pap photos of Jessica Simpson every single day? There she was, in our faces every second and I know everyone was tired of seeing her. How do you go from that to not being seen at all? Ever. You have reports that she has given birth and she says no, but you don't actually see her. Then when people start wondering again where she is, a baby shower video magically appears. The photo above is the key for all the conspiracy theories about her pregnancy because it would be very very tough if you were pregnant to put your foot on the dash, let alone have it be comfortable.

Kristen Stewart Named Best Dressed Woman By Glamour - Not A Joke

You know that the editors at Glamour were smoking crack on the job or something if they named Kristen Stewart the best dressed woman of 2012. They are also wanting young people to read their magazine. What better way than to have a bunch of Twi-hards start reading Glamour and the best way to do that is to name Kristen Stewart the best dressed. You know, because trucker hats, Converse shoes and jeans are better than what anyone else wears in the world.

Does Kristen Stewart have good days? Absolutely. Those days consist of movie premieres and award ceremonies where someone else styles her. Every other day of the year its jeans and Converse. If you always thought that publicists or ratings or subscribers have nothing to do with awards this should show you how wrong that line of thinking is. I bet the editors went back and forth between Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart and only picked Kristen because she has a larger red carpet gallery of photos to make their story more plausible.

National Enquirer Blind Item

THESE engaged Hollywood stars are having heated arguments over who’ll be attending their huge wedding! It turns out the singer/actor wants to invite some of his famous exes to the ceremony, but his future wife is dead set against it – she’s crossed them all off the list! Name the couple.

Nadya Suleman Was Set Up By Hairstylist Who Sold Photos Then Called Police

After seeing the photos inside Nadya Suleman's home, something needed to be done, but that being said, Octomom was set up by her hairstylist after the hairstylist had already sold the photos of the home. According to Radar, the stylist was paid five figure sums for the cell phone photos and sold them to TMZ before she even called the police to go out and have a look at the home. She was obviously more worried about selling the photos then what they actually represented. I wouldn't be surprised if TMZ told her to call the police just so they would get more traffic for the photos after they wrote the story about the police going to investigate. It is kind of like making your own news.

Fox News Adds Kim Kardashian To The Lindsay Lohan Table

Fox News is becoming quite the D list lover. Yesterday I wrote about how Lindsay Lohan would be seated at their table for the White House Correspondent's Dinner and now they have really lowered the IQ by putting Kim Kardashian at the same table. Kim, who you last saw on 30 Rock last night clogging a toilet has been to this dinner before. I'm trying to picture the conversation at the table and imagine it going something like this.

Lindsay - Umm, sorry I'm three hours late. Oh, is it almost over? I really thought the invitation said 11pm, not 8pm. Anyone know where I can smoke? Is there a private bathroom here I can use? Do we have to sit in one place or can we move around? Are there always this many old people at this club? Not a club? What? I was told this was a club. The people in here are in a club? Oh, you mean like Rotary or something? Where is the President? Is he going to come around to meet me? No one is going to pat me down before I see him right? Does anyone know where that bathroom is? I really need it.

Kim - I'm sorry I've been texting the last hour. I don't mean to be rude but I'm signing a deal to be the spokesperson for some other company you have never heard of and going to be in your faces even more because I know you like looking at me. I like looking at me so why shouldn't you love looking at me? My record for taking photos of myself is 420 in one day, but after that I got tired of changing outfits and the lighting in my room changed so I had to stop. I love the mirrors in my house. They are amazing. Not as amazing as my boyfriend though. He is the best. I'm going to marry him and have babies. Oh, no my boyfriend just broke up with me. Which of these people here has the most money? Oh, him? Yeah, I have always had a crush on Jon Stewart. He was in Big Daddy. Daily Show? Does it come on every day? Never heard of it. I can't wait to start dating him and get married and have babies. He's married? Have you seen me? Oh, don't mind the cameras. I take them everywhere. Ignore the workers, I do.

Tommy Marth Has Died

A saxophonist for rock band The Killers died earlier this week at his Las Vegas home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head, a spokeswoman for the Clark County Coroner said on Thursday.

Thomas "Tommy" Marth, 33, who played saxophone on live tours with The Killers between 2008 and 2010 and on their albums "Sam's Town" and "Day & Age," was found dead on Monday.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Pregnant

The celebrity baby onslaught continues as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr., announced Sarah is pregnant. Sarah went with the preemptive route knowing that people would not really be looking at her each day and probably not wondering if she was pregnant so she just had her publicist start making calls and telling everyone the good news. I can't believe she could not wait for one is she or isn't she pregnant story. I'm happy for them and I'm sure tomorrow someone will announce another baby. It just seems like the last two years have been nothing but celebrity baby after celebrity baby.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Amber Rose wins the worst outfit of the month award.
Beyonce wants us to know she is humble. She says she cuts her own hair. Of course she has 7 assistants each handing her a pair of scissors for each snip.
Cameron Diaz does the hold the same pose and smile for 1 full minute look.
Carmen Electra tries to do a Courtney Stodden.
Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan being watched by a man with crazy eyes.
Demi Moore, her best friend, and a rabbit. Whose idea was the rabbit?
Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are still dating.
So are Guy Ritchie and his girlfriend.
Jessica Alba and family continue theirAsian adventure and are now in Korea.
Also in Asia is Victoria Beckham.

Random Photos Part Two

Antonio Banderas, Jack Black and Jeffrey Katzenberg do their red carpet dance moves. Right, then
Jennifer Lopez shows off her very big pants. Wants to be the new spokesperson for Depends.
Jennifer Morrison goes for the Jodie Foster look but then
breaks into a smile when she sees Eric McCormack.
Also in the same movie is Rob Lowe who brought his wife with him.
Kaley Cuoco apparently likes to cover herself with body paint while on vacation.
Kristin Cavallari shows off her growing baby bump.
Prince William acts as Kate Middleton's personal umbrella holder.


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