Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chris Brown Quits Twitter - World Applauds

Apparently yesterday I missed this wonderful piece of news. Chris Brown shut down his Twitter account. One less opportunity for him to reach out to people which I am grateful for. Now if he would just stop making records and go live somewhere quietly. He shut down the account because people asked him about the Rihanna beating. Gasp! Shock! Seriously, I think people should flood his Twitter account with it everyday all day. Get all those people who were occupying Wall Street to occupy his Twitter when it inevitably restarts. Every five minutes one of those people can show a photo of Rihanna's face or describe the beating or ask him about it. All day everyday.

His response to the questions was, “I don’t say s**t to anybody and everyone feels its cool to attack me. GROWN ADULTS!!!! that s**t happened three years ago! I know alot of you wack @ss(OLD) celebrities probably wanna f**k my ex but talking s**t on me wont get u far. And to be REALLY HONEST… yall wonder why n**ga spazzes all the time? Lol. MY MUSIC DOESNT PROMOTE VIOLENCE nor will it ever! only thing it will increase is the pregnacy rate!”

Yeah we will attack you and will do it all the time. These are just words. We are not the ones who beat a woman in the face with fists, bit her, and then left her there in her own blood maybe dead or alive. I don't care if it happened three years ago or thirty years ago, you will always be a woman beater. Charlie Sheen will always be a woman beater. Taylor Lautner will always suck at acting. You can't change who you are.

You can learn how to spell pregnancy though.

Prince Harry Has Hit Vegas

If you are in Vegas right now and were at The Wynn last night and did not see Prince Harry, you probably missed your best chance. Although, I guess you could go stakeout the town he is training in and hope for the best. Anyway, Harry got to The Wynn about midnight last night and stayed in the VIP room and was only seen dancing with one woman and hitting on another. He drank Grey Goose all night and no one other than people who were already in the VIP room got close to seeing him.

I was kind of hoping for his first trip to Vegas he would go on a crazy Vegas bender and that, while not ending up like The Hangover, he would at least have a hangover of his own and maybe go from bar to bar drinking his way down the Strip before taking off his clothes and jumping into the fountain at the Bellagio. If anyone could do that and not get arrested, it would be Prince Harry. Are you going to be the hotel employee who calls the police? I don't think so. Instead, we got a quiet few hours of minimal drinking and very little dancing or interaction.

Cop & Teacher Run Porn Business From High School Classroom

Does it seem like to you that teachers are in the news almost everyday because they are involved in something sexually? Either it is sexting naked pictures of yourself to your students or having sex with them or getting pregnant by them or having them over to your home for some group sex, there is always something going on, almost everyday. This one though may just take the cake.

You have a special education high school teacher in Stockton, California, named Heidi Kaeslin. She is married. Then you have a policeman who is way older than the high school teacher who is assigned to the school. Somehow the two interacted a lot and fell in love. The husband of the teacher found out about the affair and when he discovered the affair he also discovered his wife had been creating porn with the policeman and running the sites from the computers at the school. Most of the website names have teacher in the titles. Apparently one says they were inspired by a teacher who spent most of her class periods having the guys staring at her breasts.

Matt Hardy Kicked Out Of Rehab And Arrested

I'm constantly amazed at how you can get drunk or do drugs at rehab. If you are not allowed to leave and are not allowed to get visitors, are you getting them from workers? Second of all, in a facility filled with sober people, the thought you are going to get away with it is crazy. Matt Hardy found out the hard way. The guy just had a month left of rehab and if he had finished he would have been golden and out of trouble with the law. The judge that sentenced him to rehab even said, if you fail at this, you will be jailed on a million dollar bond. A million bucks? Crazy. That child molesting coach at Penn State only had bail set at $100K. People charged with murder get out on bond for less. Well, Hardy drank some booze at rehab, got tested, got kicked out and got sent back to jail all in one really bad day. Hope that drink was worth it.

Robert Wagner Not A Suspect?

I don't understand the whole reopening a death investigation because you have new information and that one of the people on board who saw the victim last is not a suspect. How does that makes any sense? I guess someone in the Sheriff's office is a fan of Hart To Hart because they announced that Robert Wagner is not a suspect. Now, Lana Wood is also jumping on that train saying she does not believe Robert Wagner did anything intentionally and that he loved Natalie Wood, but that she just wants answers and how the accident happened. If it is an accident then why reopen it? They called it an accident 30 years ago. I thought they were reopening it because the police had new information which would make them think it was not an accident anymore.

This seems like just a big publicity thing for everyone now because of the anniversary of the death. I was hoping to get some answers.

Katie Holmes Is Halfway Through Her Contract!

Yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of the marriage of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. It also marked the halfway point to the end of her contract. Everyday now, Katie can walk with a little extra spring in her step and know she is on the downside of the last five years. It seems like it has been every day of that five years doesn't it? The only thing that seems long ago was the couch jumping episode on Oprah. Between that and his Scientology rant that was broadcast to everyone, Tom has had a few tough years trying to make a comeback. That and some really horrible choices movie wise and the dumping of his co-producer and trying to keep every job in the family.

With that Ghost Protocol thing coming out and his probable utter destruction of Jack Reacher, he will be in two really high grossing movies this year. Does that make him a huge star again? I think you could put anyone in those two movies and they would make a ton of money. He is just a puzzle piece.

As for Katie? These five years have seen a promising acting career go much the way of a downward spiraling toilet. Pieces Of April was so long ago. Now when she is given a leading role she destroys the movie. Yes, she is in Jack And Jill and tell me if you find one good review at all. Even in The Kennedys which got some acting nominations, Katie was not going to get them. She is good t one thing now and one thing only. Sweeps casting. Put her in How I Met Your Mother or So You Think You Can Dance and she does ok. Anything more than that, and no. I think her problem is she got spoiled. She went from being another mid-level actress who drove herself everywhere and chain smoked to stay thin to being whisked around in private jets and helicopters with 24 hour bodyguards, becoming a mom and dealing with Tom Cruise. After the five years is up and she goes back to being normal, I think we will see a solid few acting performances from her. The big question is does she get to keep Suri?

Chelsea Handler Says Ashton & Demi Had Threesomes

Chelsea Handler was on Piers Morgan and got to talking about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore and said that although she did not know them well, she was under the impression the couple had threesomes frequently and that Demi likes women and that at some point, threesomes became twosomes without Demi and that is cheating. Do you think it is the cheating or the fact that Demi has been humiliated in public twice in the past year and it makes her look like an idiot?That first humiliation was with a woman that Demi saw Ashton flirting with and getting a phone number from and she never seemed to care, so maybe it is the if you do this you better not get caught. I'm sure Demi was probably way more selective about the women she found and brought home and knew they would not say anything. That might change now, especially if the divorce gets messy.

Jeremy London Wanted By Police

The Palm Springs police are on the lookout for Jeremy London. Should not be too hard to find him. Go to every place that sells drugs and look for the guy who is volunteering to carpool everyone over to the liquor store. Jeremy is being sought because his girlfriend is saying that Jeremy assaulted her. Apparently they were fighting over custody of their child and the fight became violent and she suffered injuries. Jeremy was on Celebrity Rehab and also was in trouble with the law most recently after he says that he was forced to take drugs or something by a guy who stole his car. It was ridiculous. I hope that guy did not serve any time in jail because Jeremy's story was crap. Now, he was married, so now it is a girlfriend, but they were arguing about a child so I am guessing he got back together with his wife? Either that or someone else was stupid enough to go out with him and make a baby with him.

Arrested Development To Return - On Netflix

Yesterday it was announced that Arrested Development will be returning with new episodes. I think that is great and fantastic news. I am a little bummed though. Apparently because Will Arnett is finally on a show that did not get canceled after the first 3 episodes there is a chance he might not be as willing to do the show as he was before. Ditto Portia de Rossi who also has a high profile show in the works. No offense to anyone, but you need to have those two to make the show really work. Another downside is that Netflix won the bidding war to stream the shows. What that means is the shows will only be on Netflix. Yep, you are going to have to subscribe to the service to watch. Finally, the news is that despite the announcement and contracts being signed, the soonest the show will start airing is the first part of 2013. Umm, we are in 2011 right now. And the early part of 2013 is the soonest which means the show will have been off the air for 6 years by the time it airs. Kids were born and are in first grade now who never saw the show on the air. Will it even be relevant anymore? Will people to pay to see it?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Great photo of Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon and Jay-Z at the GQ party last night.
They then share Tom Cruise short jokes.
A frumpy looking Jessica Biel was there.
Love Aziz Ansari. He was totally getting a photo with Jay-Z no matter what.
Adam Lambert and Jared Max at the Out party.
Beyonce finally showed off her wedding dress.

Peter Frampton has returned to the stage. Or at least his outfits on Cee Lo.
A very cold looking Elizabeth Olsen.

Random Photos Part Two

Emma Roberts and a very stiff looking Anton Yelchin hanging out. And when I say stiff, I mean look down below if you know what I mean.
One of these days I will find another bad photo of Heidi Klum.
Justin Bieber in meat.
Johnny Galecki and Anna Faris.
The Zooey canoodles with Joel McHale. Corona guy huh?
So, do you think Andy Cohen really does drink on his show or does he just talk about it?
Kelsey Grammer taking the new wife shopping in Beverly Hills. She is a lot different from Camille.
Katharine McPhee shows off her love of guns.
Leonardo DiCaprio filming his new movie.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

I would feel the same way kid.
Not sure why Paula Abdul even bothered to wear a dress.
Paula Patton shows off the girls to Ali Larter.
Rihanna gets herself an Ellen Snuggie.
I actually meant to post a photo that I saw that looked like Rose McGowan smiling. It was from the side though. Here she is with Eli Roth and Michael Fassbender.
Ryan Reynolds out on his bike in LA.
Seriously? Sammi is getting her own perfume? What's it called? Domestic Violence.
A very skinny Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson share a laugh in Madrid.
Zachary Quinto hooks up with his Star Trek co-star, Chris Pine.

Your Turn

I had a very interesting discussion last night at dinner with some friends. Usually I don't have discussions at dinner. Not because I do not enjoy them, but I prefer buffets and am generally either at the buffet table or eating as fast as I can for fear they will close the buffet before I can finish.

Anyway, the topic was this. If a woman has a right to choose whether or not to abort her baby, then why doesn't a man have the right to choose whether or not to help support the baby. In essence, a paper abortion. What do you think? Should a man have that right?

Who Doesn't Love A Cat Video?

Everyone loves cat videos. The fact that this one is also a public service announcement for pet adoption just makes it that much better.

Ted C Blind Item

People have a right to live their lives, let's be clear about that. And that's why we do not out gay stars at AT, never have, never will.

But when matinee idols like Toothy Tile and Fey Oil-Tush choose to involve other, non-gay folks in their clandestine lives, it changes the rules.

For instance, Crescent Kumquat's latest beard was beginning to wonder why the heck the handsome star never laid a finger on her in private. Well, she just found out the reason the hard way:

When the gorgeous, tall stunner Crescent had been parading around to parties just happened to hop over to her man's place to surprise him (and she found that he was not only home, but, the place was pretty open). Only it was she who got the shock when she walked in on Crescent having sex with a dude!

And not just a little petting or oral action, either, babes, Crescent was right in the middle of getting done to him what the gorgeous, real-blonde chica had wished he would do to her!

Now, we gotta say we're starting to wonder just how much dope Crescent's doing these days, because not even outlandish sex Vice Super-stars like Toothy and Crotch Uh-Lastic take this many chances—you know, like leaving the house wide open while getting it on with a guy inside.

But then who'd have thunk the gf would come over for a surprise? Well, all the more reason to actually give these beards a little lovin' once in awhile, boys. Ya know, so they're not so damn horny!

But the discarded chica does get the last laugh, we must note. Won't be getting that nasty social disease Mr. Kumquat's known to have, whew!

Wonder if that latest blondie CC's been out with will be as lucky?

AND IT AIN'T: Tom Sturridge, Charlie Sheen, Robert Pattinson

Hugh Grant's Baby Mama Gets Restraining Order Against Paps

I know the fact that Hugh Grant had a baby with Tinglan Hong was interesting for one day, maybe two, but is it really something you are thinking about everyday? If I saw a photo of her I would probably post one a year unless she was with Hugh so I don't know why the paps are giving her such a hard time or at least she says they are.

In obtaining the restraining order which applies to all paps I guess, that she is being followed day and night and that she had a car accident because she was stressed about being followed. They wait outside her house all day and night. Really? There are very few people paps do that for here and over there I think she would not be worth much in photos. Do people really care that much? She got the restraining order and was snapped by paps as she left.

Nick Loeb Says No To US Senate Run

Nick Loeb, the long time boyfriend of Sofia Vergara had been thinking about running for the US Senate for about a year in his home state of Florida. I thought he was going to run, but he said yesterday that because of the car accident he still is not 100% and is not up to the rigors of entering the Republican primaries for Senator. I think there is some truth to that and I also think he did not want to be away from Sofia for all that time. Remember, they were pretty close to splitting up before his accident and then she said she saw him in a whole new light.

Four For Friday - The Two Hookers

Quite some time ago, I had a little tiny blind item about these two and how they are basically hookers. Later I had another little item about one of the two. Well, today, I thought I would write a little more about their escapades. Oh, I like that word. I bet some teen mom has named their kid Escapade and meant Escalade.

Anyway, these two started out hooking about ten years ago. I can't believe it has been that long. At that time they started out at the same level fame wise. Hooker #1 had some early fame and got her own reality show and then that came and went and she had to go back to hooking. Now we are not talking about standing on street corners or being an escort somewhere. They basically just let it be known they were available for a price. Hooker #2 was jealous of Hooker #1's early fame but Hooker #2 has skyrocketed past Hooker #1 in the fame department and now the two people who used to have the $10,000 a night combo special together do not even talk.

If you ever saw Hooker #1 on a talk show or a guest spot on a television show, you can put it in the bank it is because she slept with someone. Usually they would be customers who would trade her a spot for free sex for a month. Hooker #1 used to command $5000 a night and at one point had slept with just about the entire NY Yankees roster. Now though, time has worn her down some and she gets about $1500 a night and has been forced to have sex with executives rather than celebrities or stars. The good news for her is that she has started to get some job offers from her new customers.

Hooker #1 also introduced Hooker #2 to one of her most famous boyfriends. After paying for Hooker #1, he found out that Hooker #2 was available and it was the last time the duo ever did one of their combos.

Why Even Keep Astro?

If you are one of the 9 people who watched X-Factor last night, then tell me why the judges even bothered to keep Astro around after his diva act. I mean he basically told the judges he was not going to sing to save himself and if they wanted to get rid of him they could. Even though they criticized him, he stayed. Why? For ratings? He sure is not going to get fan votes any time soon. This was the same guy who was at the audition and he is not going to change in the future. This guy is going to get so much worse in the divatude. Just get rid of him now.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH of the Bravo “House­wives” just broke up with her lesbian lover? The single mom is always talking about sex, but is very careful never to mention her lover’s gender! WHO is she?

Pointer Sister Arrested For Drugs

Bonnie Pointer was arrested this morning and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. She made bail about three hours after being arrested. Pointer is 61 years old. See, here is the thing. When you are a young singer or musician, the drug thing seems glamorous and cool, but if you are still having to use at 61, you have some serious issues. The Pointer sisters were huge. When MTV first started, The Pointer Sisters were on there as much as Duran Duran. Then they kind of faded away and make money singing at casinos. Apparently enough to feed their drug habits.

Goodbye Regis Philbin

After 17,000 hours as a host of television programs, Regis had his last morning as the co-host of Regis & Kelly. Somehow I don't think he is going to retire because he would not know what to do with himself if he did nothing all day. What he should certainly not be doing is riding scooters any longer as he discovered last night on Letterman. Can you imagine if he had hurt himself and could not make it to his show?

BuzzFoto Blind Item

After years of homophobia, this NFL athlete is deciding to change his ways. He has been inviting gay rights activists to his home for dinner so that he can educate himself on the issues. He is considering ‘coming out’ as a public supporter, but first wants to know how and where to direct his energy.

Casting Agent For Super 8 And Other Kid Movies Is A Registered Sex Offender

I guess the good news about Jerry Sandusky being exposed for his horrific crimes is that it heightens the attention everywhere on such things. Think about how many stories you have seen over the past week about people coming forward that had never done so before or accusations that had been hidden are now public and just more research and digging. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that contrary to California law, Jason James Murphy who uses the professional name Jason James has been working alone with children and casting them in movies like Super 8 and Bad News Bears.

Back in 1996, Murphy spent five years in prison for kidnapping and molesting an 8 year old boy in Seattle. He was featured on America's Most Wanted when he took the boy and fled to New York City. When he got out of jail he moved to California and was required to register as a sex offender but he registered under his real name and uses a different one for work.

Police are currently investigating if he broke sex offender registration laws. They might want to talk to all the kids he has worked with over the years too.

Producers Need To Just Say No

The NY Post has a story posted about how Nicki Minaj is making the producers of the American Music Awards crazy with her demands. Do you remember when the American Music Awards were the best thing ever except for the Grammy Awards? They happened a month before the Grammy Awards and it was the greatest concert on television. Way better than the Grammy Awards for performances and everyone was always there and then they decided to change months, more awards shows started airing and they did some things to make people lose interest and now it is almost on the scale of the People's Choice Awards.

Anyway, Nicki is refusing to perform unless two young British girls who appeared on Ellen rapping Nicki's songs were also there. So, the producers had to fly them from England with their parents and pay for lodging and this put them over budget. Just that put them over budget? Seriously? Four airplane tickets and a hotel room put a network show over budget? Crazy. I don't believe that part. The producers also say that Nicki is not going to tone down her act and that she will have a vibrating phallic symbol between her legs during the performance. You know, I don't understand why producers don't say no. I think the same number of people will watch the show with or without Nicki. This is not like Michael Jackson has just been discovered in a cave by his disciples and is going to perform if you will give in to his demands. This is Nicki Minaj. Drop her. As soon as you do she will come back. She wants the record sales boost. When you give in, it just encourages diva behavior and establishes a new baseline.

Kristin Cavallari Hates The Kardashians

Oh how times used to be good when Kristin Cavallari dated Brody Jenner she got along great with all the Kardashians and Kourtney was her bff. Now though Kristin hates anything to do with the Kradashians. Earlier this week Life & Style published an article claiming Kristin hooked up with Scott Disick a lot. Even while he was with Kourtney and also when they were taking breaks. Taking breaks is just an excuse to go have sex with someone else. I don;t care if you are male or female or gay or straight, if someone says to you they want to take a break, they just want to go have sex with someone. But, at least they talked to you about it before they had sex. Usually. Sometimes the break conversation can come after the sex, but you feel guilty then ask for a break.

Anyway, Kristin is ticked off because she denied the story but with the exception of Kourtney saying it is not true to one media outlet, the rest of the Kardashians let Kristin stew. Heck the Kardashians are probably the ones who planted the story. Take some heat off Kim. Kristin thinks the story was planted so people will watch their show which premieres next week. Apparently Kim is going to be the victim and Kris Humphries the villain. Whatever. This better be the last season. What's going to suck is that ratings are going to be really high for the premiere.

The Idiot Of The Week - Graphic

It always amazes me what people will do when they are drunk. If there is one thing I have repeatedly hammered into my head it is do not go to the zoo drunk. Obviously this guy does not live by that rule and decided he would visit this Brazilian zoo drunk and to go ahead and visit the spider monkeys while he was there. Sure, they look cute, but they will bit as he found out. He should just be grateful he came across the spider monkeys before he saw the tiger exhibit.

Dean McDermott Learns Valuable Twitter Lesson

Tori Spelling has worked tirelessly for years to never let anyone see her breasts. Not that anyone really wants to considering how often they look messed up, but still, she has always kept them private. No Playboy for her and no getting naked in movies. Hmm, not that she has been offered that many movies. She really is a bad actress isn't she? Well, still she probably could have got a Playboy pictorial. Anyway, yesterday Dean McDermott thought he was being cute when posting a photo of Liam's bandaged head. Only problem is that Tori was topless in the background and Dean did not notice before he posted the photo to the world on Twitter. Think he might have got into a little bit of trouble? Does Tori lay around topless frequently? To see the uncensored photo, click here.

Natalie Wood Murder Case Reopened

Proving it is never too late to try and arrest someone for murder, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office announced yesterday they are reopening the murder investigation of Natalie Wood who died 30 years ago. I wrote about Natalie's death last month and although there was not much new information, I think there is enough outrage at what happened or the lack of an investigation when she died that the Sheriff decided maybe they should take another look.

I agree. Everyone is still alive. No statute of limitations for murder and someone needs to do a proper investigation where everyone is questioned. Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner better try and remember what they told police back in the day. If Robert Wagner was charged with murder, think about all the celebrities his age who have been. Robert Blake, Phil Spector, OJ Simpson. Think about how many celebrities got away with murder too. I think if the internet had existed in the form it does today back then that someone would have been charged. There is a news conference scheduled for 11am today Pacific time to explain.

About The Whole Demi & Ashton Thing

A couple of people e-mailed me late yesterday afternoon wondering why I had not bothered to gloat or update about the splitting up of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's marriage. You know, as a person who has gone through divorce multiple times, it is still never easy and you never want to gloat about the demise of a marriage. Well, except for Kim Kardashian's. Can we agree on that one? I mean I think everyone thinks it is pretty effin cool that one has disintegrated. But for everyone else, you know I think we all want to see marriages work. One thing I have noticed since Ashton's latest affairs went public is they genuinely looked like they were trying to work things out and overcome their difficulties. Two public affairs and the countless non public affairs just were too much though. It's obvious Ashton is and was going to continue to cheat and Brittany Murphy had a reason for calling him an a-hole. It is going to be strange seeing Demi with someone else and I wonder if Ashton will now hook up with one of the step kids. You think he would not hit on them? Watch.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Amber Heard making out with someone who does not look like her girlfriend.
Ashlee Simpson and Vincent Piazza are going out almost every night. Is Pete watching Manhattan Jungle Book?
Horrible photo quality but Beyonce is certainly enjoying the Jay-Z concert. All that is missing is a Goopster sighting.
Does Jojo even sing or act anymore? All she does is wander around red carpets looking like she wants to be a ring girl.
Jamie Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferarra discuss who broke up with whom.
John Stamos is very skinny and has a much larger nose than I thought.
Probably the two least flattering outfits they could find. I feel like Kourtney is dressed like my 2nd grade teacher who bought all her pants suits second hand from people who bought them at Sears.
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth at a Drake concert.
Growing up, Melissa Gorga always wanted to be a flamingo.
Derek Jeter's ex-girlfriend at a Michael Kors store opening.
Nikki Reed trashes cast mates, smiles with them in New York.
Ronnie from Jersey Shore invades Los Angeles.


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