Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone in the US has a great Memorial Day Weekend. I will be spending quality time with the parents this weekend out in the wilderness. As in no internet. So, on Monday if you are in desperate need for some gossip, I suggest the following sites.

and if you need a blind item fix,

Be safe. Enjoy your weekend, and don't forget what the holiday on Monday is all about. I will see you Tuesday with reader photos!

Four For Friday

#1 - This very popular female tweener who tries to portray herself as wholesome spent last night in a hotel room having sex with two of her bodyguards.

#2 - What celebutante and former reality star tried to get attention for herself yesterday by purposely pulling a Basic Instinct move on national television. Thankfully no one noticed.

#3 - This B list television actress who is without a show at the moment threw a huge hissy fit when she entered a store yesterday. She brought coffee in and they told her no drinks allowed. She pulled the don't you know who I am routine and a manger was brought over. The manager let her keep the drink. The actress then told the guard that this is the way things work in Hollywood.

#4 - This female C list singer/reality star had a promotional appearance the other day for which she had been paid in advance. Everything was set up and ready to go. When she arrived she demanded an extra $5000 for herself or she would leave. Because they were in a bind the very large company paid her, but after the event told her they would not be using her again.

Random Photos Part Four

The Family Ties mini-reunion gets the top spot today.
Alicia Keys is pregnant. I think some reader on here first guessed this a long time ago.
Thankfully not pregnant is Katie Price.
I think this is a first time appearance for Adrianne Palicki.
Ashley Tisdale headed to Canada with what appears to be her dog. Could be a toy. No, it's a dog.
Congratulations to Ben Kingsley for his star. Here he is with his wife and son and
a kiss from Bruce Willis.
Speaking of kisses, Mia Michaels plants one on Cat Deeley with Adam Shankman there to watch.
Not sure what Cloris Leachman is doing.
David Beckham tries to put a name with the face.
It was Zac Efron. Here he is with Ryan Rottman and Nina Dobrev.

Random Photos Part Three

One of the best reasons to watch How I Met Your Mother, Cobie Smulders.
If you wake up here one morning, then congratulations. You just woke up in Daniel Craig's bed.
A first time, and long overdue appearance from David Denman.
Why yes, Dita, thank you. I will have some Cointreau. Will you be serving it?
This is what you call a kiss strictly for the cameras.
Fergie and her James Dean shirt.
Hugh Jackman on the NY subway.
Isla Fisher and her still unconfirmed baby bump.
Jessica Biel and her Conehead hat.
Jimmy Fallon does Brian Williams. Well not does him does him.
Jake G and his action figure. Neither of which are actually Persian.

Random Photos Part Two

Joe Jonas and a friend go for some coffee.
The first look at James McAvoy in the new X-Men movie.
Jessica Rose - New York City
Kelly Brook and her rugby playing boyfriend Danny Cipriani. Kelly Brook is best known for umm, dating Billy Zane? Oh and for being so dumb she was going to be fired from a television show.
Kristin Cavallari displays her warm and loving side.
Kate Hudson on the set of her new movie. She and that guy from Melrose Place who is in the movie too are supposed to be an item now.
Not hooking up with Kate Hudson is Keanu Reeves.
Kate Walsh hanging out with Paul Sparks.
Hmm, it could be the perfect role for Lindsay. It's not like she has to have any acting skills and many porn stars are alcohol and drug abusers who obviously like to exhibit their naked body.
Muse - Lisbon
Niecy Nash and Camryn Manheim pick up some extra cash for promoting Lean Cuisine.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

One Republic - New York City
Canadian television star Paul Gross is on the left, while the guy on the right hosts the best show on television. The Hour. His name is George Stroumboulopoulos. Great, great show.
Hey Peaches. Daryl Hannah called. Wants her outfit from Splash back.
Russell Brand has a charity. Part of it I guess involves returning Katy Perry's dress she wore the other night.
Reese Witherspoon out in Brentwood yesterday. Apparently she and the boyfriend are going to move in together. Umm, I wonder how come she and Jake never did. They went out much longer.
More Sex And The City. This was from the after party last night at Kensington Palace.

This is the writer and director, Michael Patrick King. I was going to say this is it for SATC pictures, but then I saw
this picture from the Rome SATC2 premiere. This guy is Davide Di Porto and he was the big name at the Rome event. I haven't checked, but Michael K needs to make this guy the hot slut of the day.

Your Turn

I was going to use an idea I got from Sue Ellen the other day in the comments about garage sale finds, but with the passing of Gary Coleman that kind of sounds random. I don't know. I'm sure he loved a good garage sale though. Anyway, I can save that for next week. This week, lets talk about our favorite childhood television show. Something you remember sitting down and watching every week as a child. Or even the first show you remember watching. Some type of television memory.

Gary Coleman Has Died

Former child TV star Gary Coleman has died, at the age of 42, the day after it was announced he suffered an intracranial hemorrhage at his home.


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