Friday, July 02, 2010

I Love Karma - Paris Hilton Detained In South Africa For Pot

Apparently Paris Hilton still uses drugs, and apparently decided to light up a joint while watching Brazil vs The Netherlands. Police caught her and took her from the game and to the police station.

Provincial Head of Detectives in Port Elizabeth, Mark Magadlela, confirmed that Hilton was at the police station and had been released. ” There is an inquiry? I don’t want to comment further” he said.

The picture above is from that match.

Four For Friday - Some Old Hollywood

Sunday is the big reveal day. It will start at 915am Pacific Time and then keep going every 15 minutes until they finish.

#1 & #2 & #3- Old Hollywood - So, this Oscar nominee/winner who has lately been doing television started off as a child actor. Anyway, back when he was barely in his teens he worked with this A++ foreign born movie actor who had quite the reputation. When the A++ actor learned our child actor was new to the ways of sex he introduced him to some willing co-stars who were more than willing to have sex with the young teen.

#1 - Child Actor
#2 - A++ actor
#3 - Movie they made when this happened.

#4 - This one is not Old Hollywood. This D list movie actor has been in almost 100 movies. He gets parts not because of his talent, but because when he comes to the sets he brings three or four women who work for him as escorts and service the cast and crew on foreign locations and away from home.

Random Photos Part Four

I love Dame Judi Dench so she gets the top spot.
This is the Russian spy Anna Chapman on her wedding day to her now ex-husband.
The new Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield. Think his life is about to change?
Randomness. Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse.
Congratulations to Becki Newton who is expecting a child with her husband Chris. This is them celebrating in Florida.
This Brazilian stripper was paid $1500 to give the Italian Prime Minister a lap dance two nights ago in Sao Paulo. He says that it was just a demonstration of traditional Brazilian dancing.
Britney always makes me smile. Right after this she started screaming and yelling and freaking out.
Cindy Crawford and her husband and
kids at a water park.
Chad Michael Murray on the set of his new movie.
Chris Noth doing some GQ party in Madrid.
It is hard to believe Tiger Woods was with Devon James more than once. It must have been very, very dark.
The ex of Paris Hilton hangs out with the ex of Kelly Brook. The dumb look just must come naturally.
Elijah Wood hanging out with his friends
David Chokachi who is making a first time appearance and
surprisingly enough, this is also a first time appearance for David Krumholtz and his new wife Vanessa Britting.
Lindsey McKeon was also there. I haven't seen her really since Saved By The Bell - The New Class.

Random Photos Part Three

Dragonette - Surrey, BC (thanks jax)
George Clooney and Woody Harrelson out riding their bikes.
I wish I was, but I am right here. How can we make that work?
Hilary the school marm out supporting her sister Haylie at Haylie's new play.
January Jones. Probably out looking for a bar.
Evegney Lebedev and Joely Richardson.
Jessica Simpson after a work out.
A Johnny Weir birthday party. I'm guessing it was probably entertaining.
Uh oh. The camera man should run for their life.

Lisa Stansfield is the woman on the left. I have not thought about her in forever.

Random Photos Part Two

Maroon 5 - New York City
Mary Kate Olsen has reached a new circle of fashion hell. I feel like I am looking at the Wal-Mart Halloween version of a Lady GaGa outfit.
Michael Lohan and Kate Major. It really does not get much lower in the wannabe of celebrity garbage.
Matthew M on his way to play golf.
Paramore - Roskilde, Denmark
Even though Paris Hilton is the one who took this photo, my rage is directed to the newspaper. You are in South Africa. You have the entire world watching you. World leaders and A listers from all over the world are in your cities and towns and you put this waste of space on your front cover. Seriously? And in answer to your headline, the only thing I feel is nausea.
Is there any celebrity who does not have a book? I'm sure Queen Latifah's book is great, but how about giving some unknown authors a chance.
Rihanna and her boyfriend at the airport.
Twilight in London. None of the big stars came, but Nikki Reed showed up and
Alex Meraz and other celebrities not in the movie like
Duffy and
Joe Jonas.
Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson is still filming his latest movie with Reese Witherspoon.

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

Four parts today.

Yeah, I'm sure Ron Wood's girlfriend loves him for his stunning good looks.
On the other hand, Slash still looks really good.
Reader Photo #1 - Very funny!
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Reader Photo #5
Reader Photo #6
Guess who? Did you guess Teck from The Real World, because that who it is.
Apparently Range Rover has more money than sense. They hired Victoria Beckham to design the interior of their new line. She was so happy she
started singing Wannabe
Meanwhile, David Beckham and his son ran away as quickly as possible.
Vince Neil - Las Vegas


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