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Emma Stone Dance Bombs On Ellen

Blind Items Revealed

August 11, 2011

This A list movie actor. Wait, let me stop right there. I think I should make it cusp of A list. He has been the lead in lots of movies but they don't always do well and he is sometimes overshadowed by another. That sounds mysterious huh? Anyway, after this Real Housewife got drunk and started hitting on our actor, he took her home with him for the night. What he does not know though is this was supposedly like guy number three in a three night spree for the Real Housewife.

Gerard Butler & Brandi Glanville

You Can't The Teen Out Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber might have driven a $116K car through the drive thru at Chick-fil-A yesterday, but it still marks the third consecutive day of dates with Selena Gomez that consisted of Subway, sandwiches out of a vending machine and now Chick-fil-A. Granted the chicken sandwich available at Chick-fil-A is absolutely amazing and should be savored by everyone at least once on their life. Just don't try and go on a Sunday because they are closed. Back in the day they used to only be in malls but now they have stand a lone ones. The one in Hollywood that Bieber went to yesterday is about five blocks from In-N-Out. That involves one big decision which is why I like to go to both. I don't want either restaurant to have their feelings hurt. A lesson In-N-Out could learn is the double drive thru lanes at Chick-fil-A. Yep, two lanes at once because that is how popular it is.

Anyway, back to being a teen. To teens, every date should be a fast food date. I understand that. It was years before I ever saw anything on a menu that was more than $9.99 and that was only when my parents were paying.

Bristol Palin Says Levi Johnston Owes $38K In Child Support

Levi Johnston is not exactly a prompt payer when it comes to supporting his son. Bristol Palin told TMZ that Levi has not paid any child support since June 2010. Was that when they got back together for about five seconds and that was ruined because Bristol found out Levi might have got another woman pregnant. Seriously, Levi, there is a word you should learn. Stars with a c. No, not that word. This one ends with a m. No, not that word either. Condom. Wrap it up before everyone in Alaska is in your family tree. It is not like Bristol is hurting for cash, but it is the point of the whole thing. Have a child - you should pay.

Jason Trawick Is Going To Run Britney Spears' Life Now

I don't know if it is such a good idea for Jamie Spears to let Jason Trawick be a co-conservator of Britney Spears. A father is forever and over the years I think Jamie Spears has shown he is willing to take good care of his daughter. Jason Trawick though has been in and out of this relationship with Britney Spears so you wonder if giving him a say in what happens to Britney is the right way to go. What if they get divorced? How is this different from Sam Lufti? You have some guy outside the family who is going to be in charge of her. Talk about some old fashioned marriage conditions. When Jason says he is the boss of Britney he will actually mean it. If this is a step they are taking prior to getting "married," then they must also feel that Britney is never going to get this conservatorship terminated. She is going to spend the rest of her life being the puppet for other people to make money off her.

Lets Talk Amanda Bynes

Yesterday all I had time to do was Tweet about Amanda Bynes' arrest for DUI. I didn't have time to comment on her pink hair which is a sure sign you are in for a hard fall. You should never be driving when you are drunk, but lets say you do. Lets say you risk it. Don't you think that while you are passing a police car, you should take extra care not to hit said police car. Actually what you should do is wait it out until the police car moves. Amanda hit the car and the next thing you now she was in jail and now all the stories she has kept hidden are going to start flying out of the woodwork like crazy. Everyone is going to find out why she has not been working and why she has been acting crazy and why on earth she did the whole pink hair thing.

Ke$ha Has Done Lots Of Drugs

In a story that Wayne Coyne from Flaming Lips was trying to be interesting and discuss about the time he and Ke$ha almost took acid together turned into something way more interesting when he said, "When I got to her house, she said, 'I've never taken acid, so I can't sing about that stuff,'" said Coyne. "She's done lots of other drugs, but not acid. So she was like, 'Why don't we do some acid, and then I can sing about it.' She told her assistant, 'Go get us some acid.'"

Apparently her assistant is a drug finding expert. The thing that I found so interesting about the interview is that he says that Ke$ha has done lots of other drugs. To me that means that she has done the range from pot to coke to mushrooms to pills, but does "lots of other drugs," include heroin? She does not have that waif like look that heroin can give you. I am also guessing she does not do crack for the same reasons. Probably not meth because she does have all her teeth. Hello Charlie Sheen.

Teacher Who Moved In With 18 Year Old Student Arrested For Doing It Before

Christopher Hooker has been arrested. Hooker and his teen girlfriend were everywhere a few months ago when the teacher moved in with his 18 year old student after claiming they had a platonic relationship from the time she was 14 and did not have sex until she was 18. Hooker was not arrested for his current relationship but instead for another that happened before with a 17 year old girl about ten years ago. Hooker would have been 31 then and the teen was not a student, but just someone he befriended. I actually think this guy is acting out with these young women because he is afraid to confront his own sexuality. That is just me.

Heidi Klum Files For Divorce

Apparently Heidi Klum has realized that Seal is not interested in getting back together with her. Yesterday the former model turned reality host filed for divorce. I think when she heard what was going on with Seal, she did not want to look like an idiot and still be married to the guy so she filed. What started off as some kind of pleasant civility has turned into something that is not civil at all. I think everyday Heidi is discovering more things which she did not know about before and it everyday becomes more awful for her.

That statement they released when they got separated would never happen now. There would be no joint statement and there is no more love at all. Probably not even like.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Adam West finally got a star on the Walk Of Fame. He has wanted one for years. He looks pretty good for 83.
Alec Baldwin on his way to work after dropping off his soon to be wife.
Those are actually pants Amber Rose is wearing for her meeting with Richard Branson.
Brooklyn Decker and Taylor Kitsch in Korea.
Bethenny Frankel and her husband will probably announce divorce after season ends.
Not sure if Cuba Gooding Jr should be boozing it up. Probably not a good idea.
Dakota Fanning and
Emily Blunt at some event. Emily left John and the dog and dog cage at home.

Random Photos Part Two

Debra Messing went to the premiere of Evita starring
Ricky Martin.
So, when guys look at up at the sign and wreck, at least they don't have far to go to get the car fixed.
Karen Gillan is filming her final scenes for Dr. Who. I can't believe she is walking away after such a short time on the show.
Kelly Osbourne dresses as Dorothy.
Long time no see in the photos Kerry Washington.
Miley Cyrus goes for the full out sprint and drags the dog along.
Jennifer Lopez spends the mornings with her kids and Easter Bunny and at night with
Max George of The Wanted.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Maria Menounos was going to go for a planking and then remembered that Hugh Hefner did it so realized it was not cool anymore.
Mark Wahlberg and The Rock head to the gym.
Natalie Portman is still in Paris and wearing the same coat all week.
Orlando Bloom can read, walk the dog, talk on his phone and carry the baby all at once.
Look how happy Rachel Weisz is. Oh yeah, she has sex with Daniel Craig.
Speaking of sex, Rachel Zoe looks like her mind and hair were blown.
Tara Reid continues to go for the more modest look on her press tour.
Tori Spelling out and about and showing off her bump.

Mad Men Meets Walking Dead

If you love both Mad Men and Walking Dead, then this video is for you. A mashup of sorts, but it is a spoof, so the Don Draper eating the head of his secretary is not Jon Hamm, just a look a like. It is hilarious though.

Vanessa Williams Says She Was Molested

Vanessa Williams has a book coming out which talks about her life. In the book she talks about a time when she was 10 years old and was molested by an 18 year old teen. Vanessa visited this family on vacation. I'm not sure why someone would let their 10 year old daughter go on vacation to see another family all by herself, but apparently Vanessa's family did. So, one night one of the family members named Susan came and saw Vanessa one night while Vanessa was asleep with the friend who was her age.

"She told me to lie down on the rug. I was confused. Are we going to play a game? As I tried to make sense of it, Susan pulled down the bottoms of my cotton baby-doll pajamas. 'What are you doing?' I asked. 'Don’t worry – it’ll feel good’
"I lay there paralyzed. What was going on? I didn’t speak. She kept at [the molestation] for I don’t know how long. She slid my bottoms back up and whispered: 'Don’t tell anyone.’"

Vanessa said she repressed the memory until years later she was with a guy and all of a sudden she realized she had been molested. I wonder what he was doing to her or if it just hit her. She does not make it clear in the book.

Ted C Blind Item

Stars new to the scene can be so stupid. They haul outta town and they think they can act all diva-like and nobody's gonna be the wiser.

Uh, wrong! And perhaps no one's realizing this right now better than Consuela Conveyor-Belt, a newly minted star who thinks her stuff don't stink just because she went to the Oscars.

Gosh, what did Consuela do, exactly?

She ditched that boyfriend's she's so busy pretending to be all hot 'n' bothered with and went to a resort popular with disco-eyed Angelinos. With some girlfriends.

And when the partying gals hit a club which just happened to have a cocktail waitress who caught Consuela's eye, that's when things really got interesting.

Consuela made a pass at the waitress. The server then got all offended and stuff. Probably had something to do with Ms. Conveyor-Belt sticking her hand up the waitress's skirt, ya know?

The gorgeous worker-bee screamed bloody murder, at which point Consuela screamed even louder bloody murder! How dare you accuse me, don't you know who I am, and all that self-important crap.

There was a scuffle and then management swept the whole thing under the carpet, as it were.

Lesson learned: Sanctimonious B-listers who scream enough always get their way.

Until their beards who don't like the unnecessary attention drop them faster than you can say, "Who's next on the conveyor belt?"

AND IT AIN'T: Lauren Conrad, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Madonna Does Not Like Surprise Parties

Madonna's album went to number one and her manager, Guy Oseary decided to throw a little surprise party for her to celebrate. If you watch the minute long video you will see how Madonna looks angry. Like angry as in someone gave her hydrangeas angry. Then she sees the camera and her face lights up and she does a little dance. Then she cuts the cake and smashes it into Guy's face. She tries to make it look a like a thank you or a joke, but she did not smile once the entire time.

Four For Friday - The Actor From Hell

As is the case every Friday, I like to point out you can follow me on Twitter. The button should be over there----------> somewhere. Sometimes it moves up and down, but I can only do a straight line on this. Make sure you stop by Twitter to see blind items you won't see here and also on Saturdays here on the site I pull out a blind item from the archive and reveal it.

When you see movies or hear things about actors being divas or big a-holes, I think the poster child for that person is the actor we are going to discuss today. This actor used to be just about A list. Honestly, we could call him A list from then. Now? He is a good solid B-, but has A list name recognition. Might even be A+. You mention his name and everyone knows who you are talking about.

Our actor came up through what he calls the method school of acting, but what is really just an excuse he uses to act like the biggest a-hole on the set. When he first started out he could control his temper and his voracious appetite for sex and drugs, but when that first wisp of fame hit, he was out of control.

One of the few actors to be nominated for the best and worst in his profession.

This actor is known for his a-holiness, but he has said and done some things which have long been kept quiet. When he first touched fame he used to have women in and out of his place all the time. If they were too slow to undress when they walked into his place, he would rip their clothes off and toss them naked out in the street and laugh away while he did more lines of coke. He would pass women around to his friends and beat them if they did not comply. When he started doing this with at the time an A list actress he messed up her mind for years. He thrilled in knowing she needed mental help for years after he messed with her head and body.

Our actor would do anything and everything to women and treated them horrifically. The thing is most of them came back for more because they loved the tough guy and wanted to be close to fame. Another drop dead gorgeous actress (B- back in the day and now a D) who was messed up for years by the actor said that when she made the actor mad one night he called over 10 of his friends and made her have sex with all of them until he would let her back inside. Oh yeah, this was outside. In winter. She was naked. In the backyard. The thing is when he did let her back inside the house, she stayed. He controlled her career and her future and when they split her career tanked because he had brainwashed her to the point she could no longer function without him in her life.

Our actor has had a 180 in his career recently. Well he did. He was humble while he was getting his career back on track, but with his new touch of fame again came lots of the old problems. This time though he can barely get it up anymore because of all the abuse to his body and his girlfriend laughs at him when he goes into his drunken rages.

Your Turn

I saw today that apparently I can bring back out my boat shoes from back in the day because they are cool again. Granted, mine are a little worn and are basic brown and the laces are brittle and broken in places and not this brand new one above. But, still, my decision to hold on to them for so long has been validated. Any idea when paisley is coming back because I have some boxes of that stuff. So, today I want to know your favorite style memory. That piece of clothing or nostalgia from your youth that has gone out of style but that you remember fondly. It can be clothes or your pet rock or your Atari.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH D-list actor shocked a roomful of strangers when he announced he had to have his hemorrhoids surgically removed? The 30-something star, who’s more famous for his quickie marriage to a D-list TV actress and being the son of a Hollywood playboy, didn’t get the reaction he was looking for because no one recognized him!

District 12 Is For Sale

Are you a huge Hunger Games fan? Do you have an extra $1.4M sitting around with nothing to do? Well, you can buy District 12. The town in North Carolina known as Henry River Mill Village is 72 acres and was where the District 12 scenes were filmed. It is also for sale. There have been no residents in the town since 1987 and the current owner knows that now is the best time to sell. I also think he is asking way too low of a price. There are going to be at least two more movies in this series and if they break up the last book into two movies, then you can see there are going to be visitors to this town for awhile. It can generate way more than $1.4M worth of sales over that time period. I'm actually surprised it has been on the market for longer than a day or two at that price. Almost a quarter if book two takes place in District 12, so just the fee charged to producers should get you a lot of your investment back.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This angelic child starlet, who has an upcoming movie, is anything but sweet in real life. The word is she’s so obsessed with being famous, she’ll step on anyone who gets in her way, including her siblings. She’s reportedly banned her family from visiting her on set because she’s worried directors will see her cute siblings and want to replace her.

Matt Lauer Makes The Right Move - Stays On Today

For the first time in over a decade, Good Morning America finally beat Today in the ratings yesterday. Despite that, Matt Lauer knows Katie Couric is not going to be there next week and signed a long term deal to stay as a host on Today. That is totally the right move. Let me explain. Lesson number one if you are on a hit show and getting paid an obscene amount of money, you never leave. Ever. Never ever. You have side projects? Great, do them on the side and don't let them become your full time job. If you are ready to retire, then retire. I'm ok with a celebrity leaving a hit show if they want to retire, but don't think you are going to be a bigger star or do better on your own show or a different show. Hello Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News. Think she would like to do that again? Now, if Matt said he was tired of waking up at 3am everyday and cannot do it anymore, then great, move on, but he was thinking of going the whole do my own show and become a bigger star and he finally got smart and realized he had a sure thing going and was making tons of money. Have you noticed how suddenly after a flurry of stories about his wife there has not been word one in a long time. I think the source for all the anorexic and marriage trouble stories was cut off at the knees.

The New Jennifer Lopez Video

Last night on American Idol, Jennifer Lopez debuted her new music video. In case you missed it, the video is below, but let me go ahead and describe it you. Jennifer struts around at an orgy while her real life boyfriend grabs her ass and is shocked he is getting paid not only for the video, but that he has not actually spent any of his own money in months. Jennifer showed up on Idol last night wearing a $2M ring which she probably desperately wants but probably can't afford without a nice celebrity discount. It is at times like that she probably wishes she was still dating Ben Affleck or Diddy and they would go broke trying to make her happy. I think the difference between Marc Anthony and them is that Marc probably told her, "no," and the other two guys always said, "yes."

Lisa Rinna Is Doing Adult Diaper Commercials

It was not that long ago that Lisa Rinna was having herself a career comeback. She was on Dancing With The Stars and then got her own reality show and she was being offered parts in television shows and movies and then it went away in an instant and she is doing commercials for Depend, the adult diaper. After that run of success it must have been hard for her agent to say I got you a commercial. The pay is great and they love you. Lisa probably got all excited and then her agent told her what the commercial is for and Lisa probably realized it is what it is and it is a paycheck. I love how in the video, Harry Hamlin is just kind of resigned to be there. He looks like he is 100 and weighs 10 pounds. That is not the LA Law Harry Hamlin.

Oh, and Lisa is apparently actually wearing the diapers too.

Nicole Kidman Is Going To Play Grace Kelly

It is the part every actress in Hollywood wanted and somehow Nicole Kidman managed to land the role of Grace Kelly in the new movie, Grace Of Monaco. The movie takes place over the course of one year from December 1961 to November 1962 after Grace had been a princess for six years. The script has been on the black list as one of the best scripts not yet produced and every actress wanted the role. I'm not sure I see Nicole in the role. They look alike, but all I see in my head is no one going to see it because she is in it.

Teen Has Wisdom Teeth Removed

I love that the mom had the foresight to remember to bring the video camera when she picked up her daughter from wisdom teeth surgery. Hilarious from the opening bit.

Lindsay Lohan Parties All Night

Lindsay Lohan managed to finally find a celebrity to party with who did not immediately run for their lives. As a result, Lindsay partied all the way through the night. That sounds like Lindsay is really staying at home and like she told the judge, ready to give up partying.

Lindsay went to the new club Pour Vous the other night and lo and behold Robert Pattinson was there so Lindsay immediately latched on to him like LeAnn Rimes grabbing Eddie Cibrian at a strip club. Lindsay was not letting someone like Robert out of her sight. I'm sure she would have sold her soul right then to have Robert be her boyfriend and get all the tabloid coverage. She would have let them do wedding stories and pregnancy stories and you could hear Dina cackling all the way from her nest. Or hell. Do you think Dina lives in hell or is that just a weekend place? I keep looking for it on House Hunters but have yet to see it.

Do You Really Think Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Dating?

You know that I have had almost a two month ban on the Kardashians and it has been pretty nice. It is actually a little over two months and I think I have had one post. This one though I had to make some comments on because the tabloids are going nuts over Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dating. And that is the point. Has Kim had any positive publicity lately? For the past month she has basically got herself naked and posted photos of herself to Twitter. Why? To get attention and to try and turn the conversation from her divorce and how her stars is fading dramatically to something else to keep the light shining bright. How to do it? The one thing sure to draw attention to her for more than an instant. Say she is dating Kanye. Please. They are not dating. They tried to hookup once while she was married to Kris and it didn't work for certain reasons. The same reason why none of Kanye's relationships ever work. I love how Kim and Kanye had this 24 hour date to make it seem like she just could not get enough of him and was willing to do a walk of shame. You do that walk you have to do something you are ashamed of. If you are Kanye, I can understand the shame, but nothing happened.

Tori Spelling Says She Was Shocked To Get Pregnant

Apparently Tori Spelling is just like the rest of us, which is to say shocked she got pregnant so quickly after giving birth. Apparently she got pregnant when her newborn had just hit one month old. As Tori said, "'I can dispel the old wives’ tale that you can’t get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding."

She also said on Today that this was the second biggest shock in her life. I thought she was going to say the first biggest shock was finding out someone had actually wanted to marry Dean before, but it turns out that was not it. If you thought her biggest shock was that she thought she was going to win an Emmy for her work on Mother May I Sleep With Danger, you would also be wrong. Turns out the biggest shock was when Hattie was born because they thought Hattie was going to be a boy.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Elijah Wood and Wilfred get the top spot today, because whether you love or hate the show, you have to admit its original.
Ali Lohan needs to focus less on the coffee and more on the muffins and bagels and any other food.
Christian Bale and Wes Bentley filming their new movie.
Charles Manson's photo was released ahead of his parole hearing next week. Scary looking guy still.
Charlize Theron managed to get the cover of Vogue again.
In the not quite as glamourous Town & Country, Gretchen Mol got undressed.
Rounding out the magazine photos is Dakota Fanning who kind of looks like Carol Kane here.
Ellen Pompeo and
Jesse Williams wrapping up another season of Grey's Anatomy.


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