Saturday, November 28, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #5

 November 18, 2020

So, when this former A+ list shock rocker used to tell everyone he would f**k any 16 year old virgin he came across, was that him or his "persona?"

Marilyn Manson

Blind Item #8

The producers of this boring reality talent competition show are trying to get eyeballs, so are manufacturing drama between the judges. 

Blind Item #7

Speaking of substance abuse issues, this A- list mostly movie actor has lost his sober coach. She had to go back to work for the Svengali doing something else.

Blind Item #6

This A/A- list dual threat actor is paying a small fortune to his girlfriend and family to keep the girlfriend around. It has also not been a good situation for his alcohol issues.

Blind Item #5

This A list mostly television actor has been in this space many times. It usually involved his former co-star/mistress. Sometimes it involves his thirsty wife who is desperate to be a celebrity. This time it is a combination of the two. The wife changed her appearance to the point where she and the mistress could be twins. That is odd.

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

May 13, 2020

Recently this indie film producer  got busted for sexually assaulting a child. Those associated with him naturally denounced his actions, but they aren't telling the truth. They knew exactly what he was doing.

The company that hired him has known his behavior for years. As far back as one of their first movies, a remake of a back in the day classic in the direct to video world.  He used to sexually harass women on film set after film set, and the owner of the company turned a blind eye.

So, for several years this producer got to harass women and sexually assault children while his bosses turned a blind eye. Now they are pretending to be aghast at his actions. In fact, he only got cut off because he assaulted a friend of the head of the company.

We should also talk about the B+ list director who recently worked with the permanent A+ legend  and loves to work with the Oscar winning/nominated A- list actor from an acting family who has his own history of harassing women. The director has never approved of the producer's actions, but always turned a blind eye because he was spineless.

Adam Christopher Donaghey/David Lowery/Robert Redford/Casey Affleck

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 18, 2020

An odd pairing for a movie when this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress makes a movie with this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor. The ex of the actress, while married, hooked up with the now wife of the A+ lister. 

Jennifer Garner/Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

September 13, 2019

The other day, someone reached out and asked me about the death of an author. I hadn't thought about the author in several years. The author died under very strange circumstances. The thing is though, the cause of death was never disclosed. People were waiting for it because there were some questions about how she died and if this A list mogul/wannabe rapper was behind it. He wasn't. One of the reasons he had nothing to do with it was the author had characterized him in the book as, umm manly, which he really liked because the truth is far from that. Stories flooded the media that the author was unstable and a drug addict and had mental issues. This version of events became golden and people just moved on. They stopped asking the tough questions because they had been given the answers they thought they needed. No one was ever given any answers. One of the reasons for that was the person she was sleeping with was a married man who had a ton of money and connections everywhere and with everyone. Our author was talking about confronting the wife of her lover because the author thought that the wealthy man was treating the author poorly, which he was. Apparently this wealthy man decided to kill her. From the beginning, the police knew who did it, but were stalling until they got orders from someone higher up the food chain. This was a very powerful person. Then, the wealthy man died. When he died, everyone just decided that keeping things quiet was the way to go and so they have stayed quiet about it ever since.

 Erica Kennedy/Bling/Sean Combs

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 17, 2020

This disgraced pastor is using his email list to raise money to help him through his healing. 

Carl Lentz

Blind Item #4

The pressure is building and when the studio sees that a minimum of 1.5M people are going to not just not go to your movie but will be actively encouraging others not to go, it is time to pull the plug on the A- list actress and her role in the sequel.

Blind Item #3 - Mr. X

Which legendary hyphenated sex symbol allegedly had a fling with that iconic late night host back in the day when they were both very much married? She was going to include it in her memoirs but he threatened to sue so the passages were taken out.

Blind Item #2 - Mr. X

Which initialed foreign boy band has all their moves monitored and policed by their management company? No smoking, no drinking, all relationships however real or fake have to be arranged. Almost like a cult. I’m going to predict that at least two of the members will be gone next year because they want solo careers without the company’s hovering

Blind Item #1 - Mr. X

Which agency refuses to let any of their clients appear on the alliterate talk show host’s program? At least rep was overheard saying her show was “too urban” (which is code for exactly what you think it is) and the host is “mean to her guests and staff”. Like the host who is one of the agency’s biggest clients, and who the agency’s clients are required to appear on, isn’t? What hypocrites and wusses.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #24 - Anniversary Month

October 29, 2019

Apparently the disgraced A list director who is being forced to work under the table and anonymously doesn't really care about turning things around. A couple of weeks ago, he arranged for a group of guys who want to be actors to meet at a designated spot. He told them they were all going to a concert. This big Hummer limo picks them all up and there is booze and a mini strip pole type thing and it takes about 30-45 minutes to get to the concert from the meeting point and in that time, the director pairs off with one of the guys and has him orally service him in front of everyone. So, they get to the concert and the director and three of his friends get out to go to the show. The guys that were picked up, also get out of the limo, and the limo drives off. The director then says, there are no tickets for the guys and thanks and have a good night and walks into the concert with his friends. 

Bryan Singer

Blind Items Revealed #23 - Anniversary Month

February 4, 2019

People are focusing only on the big name in all of this. The thing is, there were others killed first in this spree. Oh, and they were all killings. There was no suicide. The claim of suicide was made by relatives to try and ensure their own safety. No one actually believes there was a suicide. Was it arranged by the mogul? It isn't like he hasn't protected child molesters before. It isn't like he hasn't protected billionaire sex traffickers before. It isn't like he hasn't helped out his one named A++ list friend when they have needed it before. It isn't his first time being involved in deaths to cover up secrets or to do a favor. I think this was more revenge than anything else. You don't run through the list of victims that were in hiding, all helped by the "suicide" victim and then kill them all. Each killing was accompanied with a message to the "suicide" victim. They were coming for her. She knew they were coming for her. She reached out to people to spread the word they were murdering those closest to her. She knew they would come for her family unless she gave up herself to them first. You know the term suicide by cop? This was pretty similar. Show yourself and get yourself killed or the family goes and then they will come and find you anyway after. They launched their killing spree from a yacht moored in Vilanova Grand Marina. Guess who the yacht is registered to? Yeah, the same name he uses for all the yachts he bought with this internet tycoon several years ago. This one he has not bought out, but he is still co-owner.

Sabrina Bittencourt

Blind Items Revealed #22 - Anniversary Month

October 3, 2019

A documentary filmmaker spent much of the past year doing interviews and flying back and forth to Asia as she tried to find the answers to a crime that was committed two years ago and had the world's attention, but is rarely discussed now. The filmmaker was inspired by a blind item that I wrote about this time last year with some information a reader in that country provided to me. The filmmaker decided to follow that lead to see where it would go. It went a lot of different directions. Each time she would come back to the US from these trips, she noticed she was being taken into secondary inspections every single time and asked more and more questions about what she was doing and what she was filming. After talking to dozens of people, she managed to finally land an interview with the male subject of the blind from last year. She filmed it. She says it was explosive and took her breath away. She also said that when she arrived at the airport to leave that country and return home to the US, she was accused by that country's immigration that she was smuggling drugs. They detained her at the airport and went through all her bags and body searched her. At the last possible minute they said she was free to go. They threw all her belongings back into bags and hurried her on to the plane. It was not until she was in the air that she realized that at some point they had taken all of her memory cards from the interviews she had filmed during that trip. When she got back to the US, she was accused of smuggling drugs and was detained for multiple hours again. Sometime during her detention in the foreign country, the long flight home and the detention here, that male contact in the foreign country was murdered in a "drug robbery gone bad."

Philippines/Male relative of Marilou Danley (girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock)

Blind Items Revealed #21 - Anniversary Month

October 14, 2019

Over the years, I have told you how difficult it is to get really good royal gossip. That is, of course before the alliterate one came along. She has so many friends who are always willing to talk. The royal pedophile has an offspring living in the States, so gossip can be gained through that branch too. Except for that, there really has not been a way to get gossip on anyone else unless they encountered someone who was willing to share. The royals themselves were not sharing. Over the past year, the alliterate side has tried to spill whatever tea they can about the "other half" of the family. The thing is though, because of the wide divide between the two halves there has not been much interesting to share. For this blind, the tip took nearly six months before it finally broke free from the alliterate side and it is a good one. In the spring there was a mini-split between the one closer to the throne and his wife. The reason was well documented. It was such a rough split that the wife chose to cancel all her events that had been scheduled for a trip with her husband and he was to go alone. Oh, he traveled alone alright, but he didn't stay alone. The person that was at the center of the mini-split was there the entire time. The tip that made its way over to the alliterate side and eventually out to me and to you didn't include whether the wife knew about it or not. It was only about 5 weeks after the trip, that the person in question also showed up a very big event which both the husband and wife attended. 

Meghan Markle/Prince Andrew/Princess Beatrice/Prince William & Kate/Rose Hanbury

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Anniversary Month

December 24, 2019

This not yet legal to drink former child actress turned adult actress dropped out of a film project where she was required to do nude scenes. The film is a sequel, written, produced and directed by the person who did the original. Our actress originally picked up that role out of desperation because after two years of no work other than a sappy role on that lack of diversity holiday cable channel. Our actress she has been trying to shed her good girl image with more risque roles but would not go as far as taking her clothes off. But she was desperate, and finally broke down and accepted the inevitable.

One tiny hitch. Our actress could not do a nude role while still attached to the cable channel, so she quit the channel. She was fully prepared to go through with her new nude role for a few months getting ready for the shooting to start until fate intervened. She suddenly got a bigger offer. The lead in a faith based Christian musical film.

It's what she had been waiting for her whole life. But now she was in the same pickle as before and realized that she had to drop the nude role (no way she could steer back to family friendly fare until she did). She was fully prepared to go through with it until this better role came along.

Well that nude film has now been shot with another actress taking her place and will come out around the same time the Christian musical comes out next year. Our actress is preparing herself for the inevitable when the public finds out about what she almost did, especially now that an archive of some of her recent audition videos for various other roles have surfaced and shows that she had clearly been pursuing these edgy mature roles all along. Her dropping the nude role never had anything to do with her rediscovering her morals as she claims, it was just business.

So who did replace our actress? Another child actress turned adult actress who has been in this space before. That actress is no stranger to nudity, just not film. 

Bailee Madison/Another Girl/Allison Burnett/Ask Me Anything/Hallmark/A Week Away/Sammi Hanratty

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Anniversary Month

December 3, 2018

At the time they started dating she was A list. Mostly television actress on the biggest show on the air. He was a foreign born A list singer. He fell head over heels for her. Prior to meeting her, he had never touched any drugs and barely even drank because he said it affected his very unique voice. She was older than him by several years and he never wanted to disappoint her or risk losing her. To her, he was a play toy. To him, she was the love of his life. So, when she said you should do some coke with me, he did. When she said you should do more, he did. He did it to the point where he couldn't go longer than a few hours without using coke. It cost him multiple high profile, high paying television jobs. It also cost him the actress who got him involved in drugs in the first place. She had what she wanted. A couple of years of fun, some additional fame and a chance at doing some music too. He found a new actress girlfriend but all she did was try to keep him off coke while listening to him ramble on about how the A lister should come back and then the next day how the A lister killed him. He was prophetic and did die and he and his family blame the former A lister to this day for his death.

Victoria Principal/Andy Gibb

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Anniversary Month

March 26, 2018

This was kind of strange. This A list mostly movie actress who is getting that rating because of her past work. She never really acts now. She says that when she was starting out in the business and basically having sex for money with wealthy men who saw her in a magazine, she was taken to a party and introduced to this permanent A++ list celebrity. Apparently they enjoyed the same type party drug. Well, she was taking it to party and he was taking it to live or at least numb all his pain. To this day, his cause of death is listed as something other than what the real cause of death was. Anyway, he was fascinated by our now actress and also by the guy she was seeing from time to time who could get his hands on the drug. So, she started spending more time with our celebrity and she says he memorialized her, but when she saw it and didn't immediately say how much she loved it, he destroyed it in front of her and never did another. Apparently he was wasted when he destroyed it and she says she did love it but was shocked he did it. She also says that when the celebrity was dying, her first husband who was not quite her husband refused to meet the celebrity because he was afraid of catching something.

Demi Moore/Andy Warhol/Freddy Moore

Blind Items Revealed #17 - Anniversary Month

January 29, 2020

It is fairly rare that I use the big blind of the day to talk about something from this country on the opposite side of the world, but it is just too interesting to not discuss. Plus, it will make you work a little bit to get the answers. With all the digging I have been doing on the B+ list actress from that country, a lead told me to look into a producer that our actress has been known to sleep with, not so much for parts, but also for favors from others who can then do something for her. They have also done some producing together. This is one of her main benefactors. Right now he is embroiled in a scandal for agreeing to pay stars their asking rate and then, after they have signed, cut their salaries as much as half. If the star tries to back out he calls them greedy. Meanwhile, he is funneling the money he is saving into other schemes, some of which he has done with the actress. The blind though is not really about all of that, but instead, the killing of his wife so he could sleep with as many actresses as he wanted without scandal. He made sure he had an airtight alibi, but he also knew her habits and knew she would eventually take the pill that killed her. The pill which was a replacement for one of the many she took each day.

Priyanka Chopra/Boney Kapoor/Sridevi

Blind Items Revealed #16 - Old Hollywood - Anniversary Month

February 20, 2019

The legend has it that this former A+ list celebrity, after killing a man, never again saw the woman who was with him at the time of the death. She came from a very wealthy family, but the former A+ list celebrity was even more wealthy. He preferred dating women without means because he was embarrassed when he did something to cause high society to turn their noses at him. This was one of those times. He did try to keep her out of the press and to not involve her, but he was unable to do so. Embarrassed at what he had put her through, he always told people he never saw her again after a very public spectacle regarding the killing of the man.

This is not true though. He did see her again and once again, she managed to be there for a death. This time though, there were no doubts that the A+ lister killed a man. Our celebrity and the woman were in Santa Barbara for polo. It was late summer, just a month or so after the last time he had seen her. He had driven to Santa Barbara to make amends. After the match, they attended an event. At the event, an African-American waiter spent a little too much time talking to the date of the A+ lister. She explained that his wife had been an employee of her family for decades. Apparently our A+ lister was still upset that she had been speaking to him as a friend and in public where others would see. He confronted the waiter while the waiter was taking a smoke break in the back. Words were exchanged and then the A+ lister hit the waiter over the head with a tire jack and killed him. He then went back inside, grabbed his date and took her home. Immediately after that he had his attorney start working the phones and writing checks and our A+ lister never even had to give a police interview.

Apparently the woman left the next day and didn't step foot back in her family home until the wife of the man killed, retired. 

Howard Hughes/Nancy Belle Bayly Watts

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Anniversary Month

February 11, 2019

There are two actresses. Each is A list, even to the point of being permanently A list. They both have adopted children. One likes attention and one is OK with not having as much focused on them. You know both of them. Both are Academy Award winners/nominees. They are both in the running for a new adopted child. The same child. A child that will bring them gobs of publicity that will put them on covers of tabloids for months. The one that likes attention is foreign born. The other actress is not. She wants to get this child and not say anything until she is ready. The foreign born actress thinks the child will get her some roles she is losing out on to younger actresses. The thing is, there is a bidding war for the child. It is entirely possible some other actress or actor or couple could swoop in to get the fame. The cost is almost $500K for one child. Who is this child and why so much? The child was believed to be dead by some. By some. Every other member of the child's "family" is dead in a murder/suicide pact. The thing is though, no one was ever sure if this child was there or not. This child was famous and would have fame at a massive level now when he emerges. There are some out there who are still trying to swing a deal with an A list politician who has a personal viral connection with the child, but he is too old to adopt and just would want the child for a few hours to shoot a commercial. Can a deal be made with the person who has been watching him for much of the past year. They are tired of hiding him and basically keeping him indoors. They reached out to the politician. His people told a PR agency which is how the actresses discovered him. They want to seem altruistic. Maybe it is and maybe it is just for attention. 

Charlize Theron/Sandra Bullock/Bernie Sanders/Devonte Hart

Blind Items Revealed #14 - Anniversary Month

March 30, 2020

This back in the day A/A- list mostly television actor who hit network gold a couple of times in his career was caught up in some really bad scandals with the tweens and teens that populated one of his shows. On an earlier show, that really made his fame, he sexually assaulted multiple women, but none came forward because they didn't think they would be believed and they did go on a date with him, so they knew what would be said about them.

On a later show though, things went younger. There were not very many legal age women on the set. One teen was about 14 when she went on the show and had a line or two. She wanted to be an actress and our actor took her under his wing and said he could get her more lines the next week and get her a main cast role if she would let him coach her. He did every day in his trailer for about a month. When she told him she was pregnant, he freaked out. Had she told anyone? No. He invited her to go to a horse sale that upcoming weekend and they could talk about it more. She went and at some point when they were looking at horses, she ended up behind one and the horse kicked her in the head and she was killed. Was it an accident? Did our actor, as an expert, maneuver her into a vulnerable position? The autopsy didn't indicate she was pregnant. Was she? Was it a cry for attention? Whatever it was, she ended up dead. It didn't stop our actor though. 

Michael Landon/Little House On The Prairie

Blind Items Revealed #13 - Anniversary Month

March 24, 2020

It has been several years ago now when this A list mostly movie actress used to spend a great deal of her time in the city with the House On St. Charles. What is interesting though, is her history with the house goes back much further than that specific time period. In fact, when she was visiting so often with her significant other, she never visited the house. Her work had been completed long before that. A decade prior to her spending so much tie in the city, our actress was contacted by, at that point in time a high ranking member of the government who controlled the house. He later became its head of government. The two became very close and shared a bed on a number of occasions. He financed all her pet projects and put her in touch with people who could help her with her thirst projects. In the city, because of its location and geography are a number of consulates. The foreign consuls of the city often become Ambassadors for their specific countries. Over the course of a year, our actress entertained four such men and one woman at the House. All of the activities were recorded for posterity. Three of the five became Ambassadors for their respective countries, all of which are very large or influential and all feed secrets directly to the man who arranged the liaisons with the actress. The leader and the actress had a falling out but she stays quiet because of the things they did together other than her activities in the House. Those activities outside the House would bring down her career. 

Angelina Jolie/New Orleans/Brad Pitt

Blind Items Revealed #12 - Anniversary Month

May 23, 2019

I mean it isn't like the WWI Christmas Day truce, but I think if you went up to random people and asked if these two people would ever get along, you would laugh until you started crying. These two people are complete opposites on the political spectrum. One is way way over on the left and one is way way over on the right. There is one thing that brings them together. One. It is what makes them very unlikely bedfellows. Not that they would get into bed together. I mean, I don't think that would happen. Yeah, that would be the blind of the century if that ever transpired.

I previously have discussed one of the people in this pairing. He is an A list California politician who has some moments caught on camera that he would really like to not have come out.  Most of these moments involve drug use and some sexual situations that are worthy of a 70's porn film director with a vivid imagination and multiple people at his disposal.

Over the past year, this politician has been forced to discuss the situation with someone which then caused the other person to join in the crusade. He has his own reasons for not wanting the recordings to be made public. Although, they would like to own the recordings, this unlikely pair would be perfectly happy to have them destroyed too.

The problem they have faced from the onset is that money is not going to be a factor. The person in possession of the recordings is wealthier than both of the parties by a lot. I mean it isn't even close. So, while it lasts, this secret alliance is one for the books and something no one would ever conceive occurring. 

Gavin Newsom/Kimberly Guilfoyle/Donald Trump Jr./Balthazar Getty

Blind Items Revealed #11 - Anniversary Month

May 3, 2019

This actress was probably known by most of you several years ago. She has dropped further down the list since her long running network show ended. Since then, it has mostly been misses for her career. Yes, she has a recurring on a show, but the budget is so small, she is not making enough to even cover a quarter of her monthly expenses. Long identified in this space as a yachter, that hasn't changed, but it still wasn't enough money to keep her in the lifestyle she wanted. She is getting a little older so the guys interested in her are generally in their 60's even though she is in her early 30's. Her rate has taken a nosedive. Most of those guys want someone to marry, but then she will be forced to give up acting because a lot of these men don't live anywhere close to LA or NYC. . Plus, they want to show off their trophy and not have her work.

Anyway, our actress has long had a coke problem which has only managed to make her money problems worse. So, what to do. Well, our actress has turned to dealing coke to people she meets each day. Whether she is doing a photo shoot or hitting a red carpet or meeting a customer, she is always selling. The thing is, she sells her product for double or triple what you would normally pay on the street. One reason is she knows the people she is dealing to can afford it and want convenience. The other is because she is such a heavy user herself that to make up for shortfall of cash she snorts herself, she has to charge everyone else an inflated price.

She is kind of known for being the fashion show dealer of choice. If there is a show somewhere in the country with models that can pay, she will be there dealing her wares. Her problem is then the models will invite her to party with them and she will end up using a lot of her own stash and then have to make up the difference. With as much as she sells, at the price point she sells it, she should be making two to three times more than she ever made at her acting peak, but that habit of hers just doesn't let her do more than make enough money to barely cover her bills.

Naya Rivera

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Anniversary Month

March 4, 2020

Back in the day when it was used to film, this studio was a horror show for actresses who would go there. It is why there were so few actresses who worked for the studio. The word got around and the studio had to primarily use actors for any parts. The actresses would always be groped and pawed and often were sexually assaulted. The only employees were men and there were hundreds. It was an awful situation. Fast forward to the present day and this A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee makes fake snuff films at the same location with groupies he talks into playing his game. He has a special effects guy who makes it all look real and in return gets to have sex with the groupie who is not told this ahead of time.

Lookout Mountain/Jared Leto

Blind Items Revealed #9 - Anniversary Month

December 26, 2019

Nearly three decades ago there was a passionate love affair between an A+ list mafia member and a no name member of the gay mafia here in LA. It resulted in the deaths of both men, simply for being gay. Shortly after those murders the head of the gay mafia reached out to the head of a family, not involved in the killing. Arguably, the most important family. It seems as if there was going to be a problem. The head of the gay mafia had the ability to shut down movie and television productions that were using mob run unions and other contractors He could shut down concerts and tours which also were using the unions. Most of all though, he had the ability to shine a huge spotlight on all those phony movie financing companies that were nothing more than money laundering shell companies.

He wanted assurances this would never happen again. He was told that it was not a sanctioned killing and that someone took it upon himself to do it and would be dealt with (he never was). In addition to his demands, the head of the gay mafia wanted to be able to reach out to the crime families if they needed any heavy work done. Over the years, they have used these requests sparingly, but have done so. Over the years, a very good friend of the head of the gay mafia, who is quite a celebrity, and gay, became good friends with the crime family liaison. That person introduced our celebrity to a person in Europe who is extremely high on the mafia food chain in Europe. Incredibly high. The head of one of the richest crime families and the parent of a gay man. A friendship was formed. Opinions of the crime families in Europe towards being gay and in the mafia have changed. Our celebrity has used this friendship and these connections to his advantage. He has asked for favors twice. No one knows about the possible third time he may have asked. One of the things the celebrity did was to use the European crime family he knows and not involve anyone from the US who would leak everything in a second if it could make them a buck.

The only reason there is the indicator on two big favors is because of the foreign born alliterate model who has had a two year relationship with a hit man for this family. She says he wasn't involved in the two favors, but she knew about the and has a tough time keeping quiet. She likes to brag about him. It is really messed up she hooks up with him considering what he has done to someone from her past. Was there a third favor asked for or not? She has not mentioned it? Was her lover involved in any of the three? Is she covering for him? She sure was bragging to friends this week she saw for a holiday dinner.

John D'Amato/David Geffen/John Gotti/Kevin Spacey/Asia Argento/Anthony Bourdain

Blind Items Revealed #8 - Anniversary Month

December 6, 2019

English is not the first or second language for the source of this blind, so I did some editing, but wanted as much as possible to keep it in their voice.

Here is what I know.  A very insecure woman in her early 20's met ______________  foreign born permanent A list musician) because she was a huge _______________ (the group for which he played). She was in London and knew where he lived. She and her friend waited outside his house for a glimpse. He went outside gave them autographs and asked for her phone number. Later that day he took her out and they dated for almost a year. She was dealing with depression and insecurity which is what he looks for in the women he dates. He was very interested in her background and was planning a trip to come see her in her country. Until then all dates were in London. Suddenly he stopped calling her and blocked her number.

Why? He met another woman he liked. My friend was on a solo trip to London, and is a music fan in general and did not hesitate to say hello to _________ when she saw him walking on the street. He looked her up and down and asked her if she liked to have a cup of coffee with him. She agreed and after the coffee he asked her if she wanted diner with him. After dinner he invited her back to his house. During this he asked her if she was on social media. When she said yes, he told her not to tweet about him. She agreed. My friend who was in her mid thirties is a redheaded very pretty former model and dancer. She had a tough year. After struggling with mental illness she had just been diagnosed with Aspergers/Autism. A very difficult time for her. ___________ knew about Autism because of his youngest son and his grandchild. So they had a connection.

My friend was treated like a princess and they had a physical relationship too. He told her he was going to call her after his vacation. He did, after he went on a trip to Thailand where he indulged in his fetish for underage teens that are legal there. They started seeing each other more often. He'd buy her dinner, gifts, introduce her to his friends (including me) and he gave her a sense of confidence in a time she needed it the most. They made plans to keep seeing each other and he told her that he would come see her in her own country.

The die-hard fans started gossiping about them and pictures of them were going around. One day my friend went online and went on a _______________ fan website, that had mentioned her and ___________. Suddenly she saw paparazzi pictures of him with another redhead. Someone much younger but the same dress style, pale skin, tall and slim kind of girl like she is. She called him right away. He had no idea these pictures were taken (I have seen these pictures they are obviously staged and she looks into the camera.) And the girl, he said was nothing serious and they could still see each other. I am too old for that kind of BS, she said. Yes, I am aware was his reply. Hinting at her age being too old for his usual taste of women.

One day my friend went to London to see her friends and we ran into _________ and his other redhead who shares the same name as his daughter which isn't creepy at all  at a concert. Both _________ and the new girlfriend ignored my friend. It was an awkward moment. But she really did not want him back after she felt so misused and fooled.

Months later my friend messaged me. She had seen horrible messages online. Someone claiming that she had stalked ____________ and his new girlfriend. And that she was a bunny boiler in their relationship. Another website had more dirt about my friend, with someone clearly insulting her Autism and mental health. When someone asked this person about her source she wrote that it was another of my friends. I checked with him and he denied to be any source what so ever. He had stopped talking to ______________ when he started seeing the young girls he liked being with.

Long story short: the website hosts of two sites compared ip addresses and they were the same. They came from the same location as the one that hosted the website of the new girlfriend. She was trying to make a name for herself after a failed acting career and was now doing poetry. One website host who ran a blog on tumblr called her out on her online bullying. Guess what happened? Just hours later she tweeted that she was hacked and that if people see weird messages by her, it not her.

The harassment did stop after that.

Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin/Scarlett Sabet

Blind Items Revealed #7 - Old Hollywood - Anniversary Month

 April 10, 2020

Except for some light editing and adding the blind clues, I kept it the way the tipster wrote it.

While living in Los Angeles back in the day, one of my co-workers asked me one day if I would be willing to work a side job with him over the weekend. Of course I would love the cash!

Turns out the side job he did for private security (which was compromised of all off duty LAPD) was for the funeral of this former A list mostly movie actor. (#1). I was floored! Here I am in my mid twenties, newish to LA and a lover of old Hollywood.

So the day comes and we have to get to Westwood two hours early to ensure all logistics are ready. Since I have tons of experience with big (and small) events with celebrities I know the drill.  This lovely gentleman who works at the cemetery offered to give me a private tour since they were closed to the public for the actor's funeral. We had plenty of time so I took him up on the offer. It was super interesting since it was my first visit there.

*As a sidenote, he told me a horrific story. As you probably know, this former A list mostly movie actress (#2) who was murdered by her still living former A list actor husband (#3) is buried there. This tiny cemetery is surrounded by tall office buildings. Lots of people come to visit the famous graves. One day this man came to visit #2's grave and pulled out a gun and shot himself in the middle of the day right at her grave.  Tons of witnesses from the office buildings. Pretty shocking and horrible.  I can’t imagine. ☹️

I digress...

So we wrap up the tour just in time for #1’s publicist to arrive. I met with her and she gave me the guest list. It had about 25 people. #1's family, the family of his most famous co-star (#4), and the family of a former A list actor (#5) who recently died and once raped #2.

She gives me her cell number (back in the good old days of Razors and Blackberries) and told me that she will communicate any changes to the list directly to me. She told me that if anyone shows up who is not on the list I must call her directly since she will be inside with the family and she will let me know the status.  She was clear it was a VERY strict list and might or might not have an update.

A little while later a limo driver arrives. He’s way early so I asked him what he needed. He said he was just scoping out the area to figure out where to park because he would be coming back later with this former A list mostly television actor (#6) who was also a big co-star of #1. I showed him the parking area and then he pulled around and left. Of course I assumed #6 would probably be one of the additions to the list that #1’s publicist had mentioned.  Well you know what they say about assuming.

Guests start to arrive and the publicist confirmed that the list I had was the final list. Meaning no one else would be permitted in. I thought to myself that #6 might have been an oversight and I would deal with it when he arrived (it was getting busy).  I’m checking people in and everything is running very smoothly. Then the limo driver comes back. Rolls down the window and I can see #6 sitting in the backseat. I’m completely uncomfortable because he’s not on the list so I step away for a moment to call the publicist. I tell her who’s waiting and she informs me that he is not allowed in under any circumstances.

Shit! Now I have to tell him. Cringe.

I grab a security guy and fill him in real quick. (Mind you we are all dressed in our funeral best to be respectful, so it’s not like some intimidating security dude.) We approach the limo and I ever so gently inform him that “I’m sorry #6 isn’t on the list and they have informed me that I must stick to the list”.  The driver was about to say something when #6 cut him off and said fine let’s leave now! 

I kinda got the impression he wasn’t that surprised. 

Anyway, they left and it was so awkward because by this time the narrow driveway had filled up with cars and the limo driver had to make about a 1000 point turn to get out of there. It was at that moment that I really wished I had a flask of tequila with me.

I’m dying to know the backstory on this. Perhaps a question for Mr X if you don’t know? 

Ok back to the guests:

-The son (#7) of #5 drove his dad and #7's wife (#8). #5 looked almost dead even then. #7 was extremely nice and when he pulled up said “Hello, I’m #7 my wife and father”. No assumptions made at all. Very nice!

-This Old Hollywood A list director (#9) came with a driver and looked so freaking sad. Like he was about to lose it at any second.

-#1's son was so gracious and nice. Came and thanked each of us one by one for making such an awful day run smoothly. Lovely man.

-#4's family was equally as nice.

But my FAVORITE of all...

-This permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee from an acting family where she is arguably lesser on the list pulled up in a filthy 90’s Ford Taurus with tissue boxes and beanie babies inside the windshield. It was amazing to witness. She was super cool too and I was wishing I could do that tequila shot with her. We all laughed about that for weeks. Love her. 

#1 - Jack Lemmon

#2 - Natalie Wood

#3 - Robert Wagner

#4 - Walter Matthau

#5 - Kirk Douglas

#6 - James Garner

#7 - Michael Douglas

#8 - Catherine Zeta Jones

#9 - Billy Wilder

#10 - Shirley MacLaine

Blind Items Revealed #6 - Anniversary Month

April 1, 2020

A couple of decades ago there was a power struggle at the top of this banking family. The one who emerged on top would run the empire. The problem for many was the person chosen. He wasn't playing the "game." He didn't care about running the banking world or grooming people to run countries and companies who were beholden to the family. He wasn't interested in keeping the secrets of the family within the family.

There was no question that he could have easily been murdered by direction of the family member who wanted to be in charge. It would bring too many questions and if there was enough press attention, the company could have stayed in the cousin's possession for another decade or longer.

It has to be a suicide. They just needed to get him to that point where he would commit suicide. He had always been unstable. They just wanted to push him over the edge. Would blackmail work? Maybe. The people who run the house are great at that, but this needed more.

For help, they turned to a man who already was known in Paris for a collection of very young women/teens at his disposal. You know him as the billionaire pedophile. The only thing he appears to have done is provide the girl and he was chosen because of his connection to the family through a family member.

The girl that was chosen was 10. She could easily pass for 16 or 17 with the right makeup. She was the perfect lure and continued to be a lure until the present day. The man they wanted dead had certain habits and he also had numerous affairs. They put the lure in a position where she would be seen by the target and knew he would interact with her. They knew his type. The family knew everything. With the help of the people who ran the house, the target had no chance. Things took their course and the target took the girl to his apartment in the city and had sex with her. Afterwards, with the makeup gone he finally got around to asking how old she was. When she replied 10, and that she really needed to get home to her parents or they would be worried, the expected reaction took place. Later that night, he hung himself.

Amschel Rothschild/Jeffrey Epstein/Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

May 1, 2020

This A++ list celebrity is under a lot of pressure right now. People are attacking her from the right and left about things she has done and things she has not said. It is about to get much worse. In some producer's notes from 2010, there are at least a dozen different references to women who had come forward to claim this foreign born former A+ lister had raped them. There are also two separate notations that several of the women were as young as 12 and that he spent five years raping his own daughter. This was common knowledge to the producers of the show. They knew in advance what a horrible human being he was. The A++ lister wanted no part of any of that talk. The A++ lister was on a mission to make sure tens, if not hundreds of thousands of new followers would be offered up. They were. So, many people have come forward and said they only became aware of him after the A++ lister introduced him. They took the pilgrimage because the A++ lister urged it. They were raped when they went. The A++ lister likes to pretend none of this ever happened.

Oprah Winfrey/"John of God," Joao Teixeira de Faria

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

September 6, 2019

Part One

If you peruse the rooms-for-rent listings for the San Fernando Valley area on Craigslist, you might come across one of three properties. In each case they will promise a unique lifestyle in an environment filled with young artists, writers, musicians, and the like. The prices seem rather steep for what you get - even by California standards.

If you apply, and your application is accepted, you will be interviewed by the mother of a B+ list actress with a recognizable last name, one who gained fame over a decade ago for portraying a famous historical figure and has been typecast in similar roles ever since. This actress has largely distanced herself from her mother, for reasons that will become immediately clear.

To say that the mother’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor would be an understatement. She is as crazy as she is cunning. Just for starters, she is a self-proclaimed anarchist who believes in reptilians, the flat earth, and denies the Holocaust. She has a long arrest record for disorderly conduct that includes disrupting meetings between world leaders.

Of course, most of her tenants don’t know about any of this. They are generally too busy getting high and/or drunk. Not that I blame them given the living conditions.

The main property, which serves as the center of operations, is a ramshackle compound off a major intersection in the San Fernando Valley surrounded by shacks and portable buildings. The place is infested with fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and roaches. Mentioning these infestations aloud will get you evicted. This property is host to a workaway program which houses its transients, many of whom are under 21, in unsafe and unhealthy conditions. Neighbors have long complained about the underage drinking and pot smoking that takes place.

All these matters are a surface distraction, however, from the more serious crime that’s gone on here. You see, the mother, being the anarchist she is, for years played host to the digital equivalent of the Manson Family. This inner circle engaged in vigilantism and hacking crimes against those they disliked, many of them successful people in the film and music industries, ruining lives and personal fortunes in the process. Our anarchist has also threatened to kill a successful film producer/entrepreneur after her daughter’s relationship with him ended.

Oh, and the money our anarchist is amassing from her overcharged tenants? They are at work building a semi-secret compound in a remote part of Mexico.

September 20, 2019

Part Two

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about this B+ list actress and her mentally unsound anarchist mother. Here is perhaps the defining chapter in the whole saga.

Our actress, who gained fame at a young age for playing a famous historical figure, was being courted by this A++ list director for the lead role in his latest “game changing” mega-blockbuster. It was because of her star-making role as the historical figure that our director wanted her to play this character, which for all intents and purposes was the same historical figure. Had she landed this role, she would certainly be a household name.

However, the big-four agency representing the actress who ultimately did get the part had other ideas. They convinced the director and his team that she was away making another movie.

A framed conceptual drawing of herself as the lead character, with a handwritten note from the director, hangs on a wall inside The Compound.

Shortly after this took place, our actress and her mother were partners in crime, and they made headlines when they found a way of interrupting a meeting between two world leaders. One of these world leaders was and still is a political darling of the Hollywood establishment. This and other activities led to her being shut out of almost all major projects for many years, until just a few years ago, when she landed a role on this major network period-drama series.

While she was filming the series, the director came knocking again. He wanted our actress to play a different role in the sequels he was planning to his mega-blockbuster. So our actress desperately scrambled to have herself written off the show, but this time her mother got involved, sending the agents and producers in circles until nobody knew what was happening. By the time her role on the show ended, the sequels were cast.

Saskia Kilcher-Oulicky/Q’Orianka Kilcher/Alan Pao/James Cameron/Avatar/Zoe Saldana/Barack Obama/Alan Garcia/The Alienist

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Anniversary Month

November 26, 2019

Has anyone heard the truth about the heartless former network reality star who everyone believes just wants to dance and play their guitar but is actually a monster?

Well this married musician apparently has no boundaries when it comes to cheating or abuse and has no problem making it out alive because their significant other is either truly clueless while working hard for the money or just turns a blind eye because what can they do? After all they’re parents to some adorable kids and they have been married since their young love.

One of the musicians affairs lasted over the course of 2 years and 3 tours and actually began nice and slow one night during the network reality show while they were in LA for rehearsals with friendly conversation and discussing families and careers and general small talk. As you might have guessed things escalated quickly that night and the musician went to bed with a big smile on their face.

Over the course of the first tour the other person began falling slowly for the musician as they spoke to each other every day, several times a day, when the performer wasn’t on stage or doing promo and the musician assured the other person that to them they weren’t just another girl across the room. In between the playful banter and light talk their discussions were beautiful and wild and they had some deep meaningful conversations while of course sexting and disclosing secrets to one another they’d dare never tell anyone.

One of those secrets? The musician has a untreated porn and sex addiction and the other person found out they weren’t the musicians first extra-marital affair after all. None of that surprised the other person.

While the musician was on the road they kept in touch using a popular app that’s suppose to erase messages after they’ve been seen to make sure any proof of what was going on got lost but apparently the app didn’t do its job because the other person still has all the messages, photos and videos to prove it.

The musician eventually ‘confessed’ that although they loved their significant other and didn’t want to hurt them they were also in love with the other person and assured them there would never be anyone else because things were always better with them. Poor other person believed it blindfolded and the musician knew the other person saw a vision of love because it had become written all over their face.

During longer breaks in the tour schedule the musician would go home and completely ignore the other person except when telling them to leave them alone and that they loved them not. But then as soon as they would hit the road the musician would get in touch with the other person and in time things would start right back up between them because they just couldn’t stay away from each other and it continued this way for a while. But over the horizons were a few massive surprises for both of them.

The musician discovered they and their significant other were going to be parents again but they weren’t the only ones.

During that time a meeting between the musician and the other person took place in Vegas that resulted in something that didn’t stay in Vegas after the musician refused to obtain protection and it wasn’t an STD.

A pregnancy test revealed a baby was on the way for them as well and it was kept secret due to the musicians wholesome image and religious upbringing not to mention that whole pesky musician being married and already having a family thing.

Sadly there’s no sunshine in the rest of this story.

After a while the musicians goody two shoes persona began to come undone and the relationship became increasingly toxic as the mental and emotional abuse the musician inflicted upon the other person proved to be too much to take. So much so that the other person had a miscarriage and subsequently attempted suicide. The affair and aftermath left the other person broken and a shell of their former self and unable to turn the pages on the past while not being able to explain to family and friends what had actually spawned the downward spiral.

Recently the other person was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer that is hereditary and they reached out to the musician in an attempt to seek closure and peace and maybe regain some of their humanity that was lost during the affair. The musician shamelessly blamed their porn addiction for their actions while claiming their significant other knew about everything.  But the significant other actually knows nothing of anything.

The musician attempted to apologize by offering the other person money “for treatment” of the cancer but it was actually an attempt at hush money because the other person didn’t need money for treatment. When the other person didn’t take the money because that’s not what they were after the musician blocked them on all social media and blocked them on iMessage and their number from calling their phone.

This devastated the other person more than anything else during the 2 year affair and it is when they resolved to let the truth be known about the musician and what happened between the two of them. 

Kris Allen

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

November 7, 2019

Part One

I have written about this kid show multiple times. It spawned a few names that all of you know still today. Here is a first hand account of someone that was close to the creator. I have lightly edited it, and made it "blind."

I am coming forward to let you know that I lived with the creator of (#1 & 2 - creator of a kid's show) and I was living with him while I was 16 years old at the time. I can confirm that he was drugging me and a rapist.

He raped one of my friends and slept with 4 underage girls I knew in the early 80's. I lived with him for those 2 years. I met him when he lived next to the beach in Marina Del Rey. He lured my teenage friends and I in with food & beer, and later hard drugs, like cocaine.

He groomed us all and built up our trust over time, then when I was alone with him and too wasted to defend myself, he forced himself on me. He had previously done the same to my 16 year old friend, and denied, saying "she was into it."

She was the daughter of an Oscar winning screenplay writer (#3) and before she moved away, she tried to drown herself by locking herself in the bathroom, drinking a fifth of vodka in a full bath tub until she was unconscious. I saved her life by breaking in before she slipped under the water. She was already unconscious.

Part Two

November 8, 2019

Once again, this is a first person account that I have lightly edited and made "blind." You can find the first part here.

I was broken after that and I just stayed with #1. Believing his lies that he would help me with an acting career and a successful future. While I was his housekeeper, chef & party favor, he was finishing up on his #4 (group of electronics stores) commercials with his pals who were also involved in finding underage girls.

The head of the production team was #5 (alliterate former voice over/television host/DJ) who I never saw with underage girls, but his co-workers did. After the company who was funding the commercials was bought out, there were no more commercials to be made. So, #5 closed down his production business and #1 started talking about his new brilliant plan: a kids show he spent long hours on the set there.. often working late ..I know because I was waiting for him to come home!

By this time, we had moved from Marina Del Rey to Studio City and we lived in a 5 bedroom home on top of a hill near Laurel Cyn.. that house was super creepy and I became very sick & depressed there. Anyways, I had NO IDEA who his associates were, or what the plan was with them, he kept his work very private from me, but he said certain things & he knew the show was gonna be a "hit" even in its infancy stages.. I would've really been sick if I knew that he was involved in molesting kids on the set of the show.

#1- Michael Hill

#2 - Kids Inc

#3 - (she didn't give permission)

#4 - Fred Rated

#5 - Shadoe Stevens

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Anniversary Month

December 4, 2019

Part One

It is not really discussed, but anyone can find out that this female offspring of a permanent A lister who would love to be a permanent A++ lister has a history of substance abuse problems. The thing is, she keeps her head down, so people don't really talk about. This is not something that was confined to youthful indiscretions, but it has not been a big deal. It was not even on my radar at all, or something I cared about until I was given a little heads up about some behind the scenes drama involving The House On St. Charles.

What happened is not recent, but what did happen, and whether it will make it into the open is being hotly debated and involves multiple countries and heads of state and two very unlikely allies. The people running the House have a long history of putting people in compromising positions. They used the location of the house and what the city has to offer, to help make that happen. They were always looking for an angle. The angle didn't have to be right away. They were willing to wait things out until an opportune time.

A couple of decades ago, the people running the House identified someone they wanted to have in their pocket. It is the female offspring mentioned in the first sentence. They knew she loved to party, and they knew she loved not only pot, but things much stronger. Our offspring had a bad experience early on in her drug purchasing life, and was grateful for these people who seemingly showed up at every party she attended and always had a ready supply of coke for her to enjoy and never asked for payment. Of course she didn't know she was being filmed. It was a lesson she would repeat in the future, but that is for another day.

So, time goes by and one night, our offspring is at a party out of town, but her drug suppliers are right there waiting. Other people were waiting too. A bunch of undercover police types with wires in their ears. They weren't there for the drug suppliers, but were there for two other guests at the party. Much bigger fish in the party pond. Huge fish in the party pond and they liked to party. They also knew the offspring and knew how to ditch the people watching them. The next thing you know the suppliers are making all three of the party goers very happy and it is all being recorded. Every last bit.

December 5, 2019

Part Two

It wasn't long before all three of our party goers were wasted on coke and booze and, did I tell you they were all underage too? Yeah. The night ended and nothing was done by the people who controlled the House. Things just proceeded and they filed that little nugget away in case they needed it. Now, these obviously were not all the nuggets they had, but for the purposes of this blind, they are certainly the most interesting. It took a whole lot of nuggets to make the exchange happen. An exchange makes it seem like a prisoner exchange. It was not really that. Fast forward nine or ten months after the party night. Something horrific happened inside the country. Everyone knew who was responsible and almost immediately the richest of the rich from that country who were inside the US were put under protection so nothing would happen to them and then over the course of 48 hours managed to make use of their nuggets to ensure 140+ people could leave the country, and not only leave, but leave with the blessing of the only person in the country who could allow it to happen. A person who was confronted with some party nuggets. Someone on the opposite side was also confronted with a party nugget and more, but this is about the party nugget. There were so many pieces of information collected about so many people in power, that no one raised a fuss. No one questioned the decision. The thing is though, none of these nuggets are only used once. They are used as often as it takes to accomplish what is needed.

Ashley Biden/Joe Biden/Jenna and Barbara Bush/Saudi Arabia/George Bush

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 17, 2020

Speaking of television stars and yachting, this CURRENT mom on a MTV show is trying to find a guy to help her out with her financial issues. 

Leah Messer

Blind Item #8

 This alliterate/serial sexual assaulter/A- list actor asked to be paid for his recent charity endeavor. 

Blind Item #7

You know this A+ list politician is breathing a little easier knowing that one less person is alive who knows about and has seen his swinging sex tapes. 

Blind Item #6

 This B- list actor all of you know who I refer to by his initials when I write about him called a waitress a b***h because she turned down his advances.

Blind Item #5

This former reality star turned B+ list singer is going to have a tough time making ends meet now that she won't be able to yacht for the producer/actor/mogul until after the life event. 

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 17, 2020

Borrowing a bunch of expensive cars for a photo shoot, does not mean you can actually afford to buy any of them or even lease one. The celebrity/reality star/sex tape star/yachter just doesn't want her clients t know she is broke, because then they will want to pay less.

Blac Chyna

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 16, 2020

Last night on the award show red carpet, the host of the show was being asked questions while being photographed. To every question she said she couldn't hear the person. Funny that no one else had that problem.

Demi Lovato/People's Choice Awards

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 16, 2020

The tall alliterate model/former bff of a singer thought everyone would want photos of her and write lovely articles about her pregnancy. She thought it would put her in demand. It hasn't. No one really cares about her. She had to pay a pap to come take her picture and then he had to give it for free to the tabloids because no one wanted to pay the usual rate.

Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 16, 2020

That beer family with the ties to the dead pedophile and disgraced producer took months and money to get that story straight, but sure, lets call the death of the girl an accident.

Guinness/Jeffrey Epstein/Harvey Weinstein/Honor Uloth

Blind Item #4

With his actress "girlfriend" out of the country filming, this permanent A list X Games type athlete is busy hooking up with various other women.

Blind Item #3

Things are messy right now between these two co-stars from an almost network show and I am not talking about the former tween star and his ex, although that is beyond messy at this point and is at the HATE level. No, I am talking about two other co-stars who dated and the actor is accusing the actress of using the actor and cheating on him with multiple guys she thought were higher on the ladder.

Blind Item #2

The actor with the initial to keep us from confusing him with the athlete is spending Thanksgiving with the offspring and her A list dad, but I hope she knows he spent the night three days ago with another woman.

Blind Item #1

The blogger/radio host thought she was going to be the next Mrs. to the pastor. That doesn't really fit in his plans with his wife though. They are setting up a new online prosperity ministry with his celebrity rich email list used for seed money.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Blind Item #10

There were actual punches thrown between two actresses on a rebooted hit for the almost network. It was not part of the script. I have heard there was a slur used against one person, but I also heard there is a history between the two that goes back years and this is not their first fight. 

Blind Item #9

It was already probably going to be a train wreck. I think we all knew it when the A- list mostly movie actress was cast for the role. If the audio I heard of her trying to do the accent is any indication of where things are headed, it will be worse than a train wreck. There is time for her to still get it right, but I don't think she has it in her, especially when comparing it to someone playing the role now.

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 16, 2020

Usually this award show just gives the awards to those who promise to show up. The pretense of anything else kind of went out the window last night. That being said, as far as I know they have never actually sold an award, but you have to wonder about the choice of the one named talk show host as a winner. Who would have voted for her? No one. She needed to win though. Was the promise of showing up enough, or was there money that changed hands? 

People’s Choice Awards/"Ellen"/Ellen DeGeneres

Today's Blind Items - The Arrest

So much could have changed if the police had listened to this actor back in the day. I think the reason they didn't is he was still not quite legal when he was arrested. He also had a record. A few years earlier he had been arrested for coke and pot possession when he wasn't even old enough to drive. Even though he was not quite legal, his career was already headed down from its peak. He did movies and was in town filming a movie when he was arrested. 

Because our actor was on probation and couldn't use drugs or drink, he didn't talk a lot. His lawyer told him this charge would go away really easily because there was no real harm. They would treat it like a prank. It was more than that though. The actor, while filming had met some girls he was partying with. For the most part, they were all underage like him. Several of them said they were selling themselves for sex to earn a living because they had left home. Others were doing it while also in school. One of them said this guy owed her a bunch of money and he had been promising it to her all the while still forcing her to have sex with him two or three times a week. He would threaten to call the police, so she would go to his place. She said it was nothing like this other man who she would see who always paid and never really wanted sex. Several of the other girls knew who she was talking about and it was the billionaire pedophile. Anyway, our actor really liked the girl who had the client who wouldn't pay. She told him the guy owned a yacht and she wanted to take it until he paid her. Our actor, wasted out of his mind and his friend, tried to do just that and were arrested. Because they never said why they were doing it, the police never interviewed the girl who then could have told them about her client who didn't pay, but also the one who did.

Your Turn

 Do you have a relative you dread seeing every year during the holidays?

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

May 17, 2011

This B list television actress who does movie sometimes has an interesting family history. Anyway, her mom does whatever she can to make a buck off her daughter. Selling stories is easy money. Selling free swag on eBay, and now she has tried selling some half naked photos of her daughter that were taken when her daughter was trying on clothes for a fitting. She thinks she can blame it on one of the designer's staff.

Leighton Meester

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 16, 2020

Instead of calling this cinematographer what he is, a child rapist, the trades in Hollywood do what they always do, refer to him as a sex offender like he was once charged with mopery or something. That kind of minimalization is why the guy still gets work and still is a member of the Academy and has not been kicked out of town. The same thing happened for years with the disgraced director who didn't really fall out of favor despite the numerous accusations against him until his partying got out of control and jeopardized the completion of a movie and loss of insurance.  

Adam Kimmel/Bryan Singer

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

December 27, 2018

It turns out that even if you are an actor and live in a population the size of NYC that your reputation does precede you and this A-/B+ list actor/writer has the word out about him and that he will dump you within an hour after having sex, and that you may be part of a multiple conquest type day. As a result, the word is being spread and he is finding it hard to find women to hook up with.

Justin Theroux

Blind Item #8

This foreign born one-fourth isn't publicly saying it yet, but she is permanently leaving the group. She wants to pursue other interests.

Blind Item #7

This former east coast Housewife is trying to get this very wealthy guy nearing 80 that she has been dating for two weeks, to marry her. She says it is love.

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 16, 2020

When you have literally been around the world, it really makes you look like an idiot when you are the guitarist for this A- list alt rock band and tell everyone the world is flat.

Stephen Carpenter/"Deftones" 

Blind Item #6

This permanent A+ list musician says he is finally at peace with the family member who pimped him out for years as a young boy and tween.

Blind Item #5

The cleaning product actor was invited to the birthday party of his child, but so far it doesn't look like he is going to attend. Tell me again about wanting that whole 50/50 thing.

Blind Item #4

Of course you want to believe her. It has been tragic watching what has occurred with this B+ list singer over the past few weeks and your heart breaks for her. It is just odd that the alliterate one never says anything about anything except in court filings. Is this the personal matter that got the trial pushed a year? Is she pregnant again which is why the trial was pushed? Why is it the only time anyone hears anything from her it is because she is trying to garner sympathy and then does so on a national stage? 

Blind Item #3

With another tragedy in that wealthy family, it made me think of the beer family and the curse placed upon them by a mom who gave birth to an unrecognized child belonging to a member of that family. Perhaps a mom who had a child stolen by this family placed a curse on them which is why they all die young, tragic deaths.

Blind Item #2

The now former A- list reality star with a side gig should have just stayed quiet. Instead, now everyone knows it's true about being "sold out." It is the same trick every former waist trainer tea IG model does now. Have ten of something and then scream it is sold out to drive demand. 

Blind Item #1

 After my blind item yesterday morning and what the badly spelled end of the week singer said last night, it also turns out that several other artists were moved from categories where they would have done well into other categories where they didn't even get a nomination. At this point there is n faith in the organization or the awards.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Blind Item #10

Speaking of foreign born former superheroes, a barely legal in the country where they are filming actress was brought in for our actor to hook up with because they were scared how young he would go if they didn't.

Blind Item #9

The foreign born former superhero has been having some serious issues this year with his health. It all started with the finality of a relationship that had been on and off for years. It led to more drinking and he hit rock bottom in late summer. He is about 45 days sober right now and hopefully he can keep it up.

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 16, 2020

So far, the producers of multiple independent movies have not made a move to fire this B-/C+ list actor who is a former soaps actor and Nickelodeon actor from their movies despite his arrest for the sexual assault of a nine year old girl. Oh, our actor is also a wife beater and a drunk.

Cody Longo

Today's Blind Items - The Payoff

 It was a big deal. It might not seem that way now because the athlete crashed hard pretty fast, but at the time he was A list. A big star. He was involved in a very high profile rape case. This would bring his career down even more quickly than it did. One of his associates who also was involved in the rape case had been talking to a detective about the case without the athlete's knowledge. That talk opened up a massive can of worms about not only other victims but also drug dealing and loan sharking. It was a huge mess. The person who did the talking had second thoughts about the things he said, realizing he was endangering his own life if any one else found out. So, he arranged for the detective he spoke with, to end up dead.

Your Turn

 Any day after Thanksgiving leftover recipes?

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Revisited - Anniversary Month

 In light of the events earlier this year, I thought this should be revisited. It was revealed on January 1, 2019.

December 12, 2018

This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress was on a long running hit network show that was always perceived as a bigger hit than it really was. Since her time on the show ended, our actress has had problems finding high paying jobs. Her current gig doesn't pay much at all. Even when she was working, the actress always supplemented her income and was not really all that secretive about it. Anyway, she was having dinner with friends the other night and told them she thought she was hooking up with a killer. The person who overheard the conversation and explanation thought she overstated it. Our actress has been seeing a very wealthy businessman for the past few months. She knows that he was seeing at least one other person in addition to her. She says she wasn't sure who the other person was, but assumed it was someone who also supplemented their income. Well, apparently our actress and her benefactor were supposed to have a date one night and he called her panicked and said he was going to have to cancel. He had never canceled before and he wouldn't offer an explanation as to why he had to cancel. Our actress didn't think much of it. She is always getting blown off by various benefactors, usually when they don't have enough for her fee or they get busted or what have you. Then, the next day she saw a report that a B list celebrity had been found dead. When she what that celebrity did for a living, some things began to click in the mind of our actress and knew that the other woman the benefactor had been seeing was the dead celebrity. Our actress asked her benefactor directly and he changed the subject. Our actress says she asked him over text because she was afraid he might killer too. She did regret not being able to see his face when she asked. Now, is that celebrity death suspicious? Yes. The cause of death is way overdue. But, our actress is still hooking up with the guy so she must think she is OK. 

Naya Rivera

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 16, 2020

This one named north of the border singer is taking grant money from her government she doesn't need or even qualify for. 


Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

December 6, 2020

This A- list actor/singer has been sending naked pics of his foreign born A- list actress ex to her. The thing is though, she didn't know the pictures were being taken of her. The guy is so strange

Jared Leto/Lupita Nyong'o

Blind Item #8

The books were cooked again for some of the nominations released today. One nominee finished sixth, but was bumped up a place because they wanted to include a female voice in the category. It deserves to win the category, but still shows you things are still being manipulated. 

Blind Item #7

Is this movie named after a spice the worst movie of the year? There are a few in contention, but it is right at the top. Despite how bad it is, the foreign born A- list star of it had to pull a bunch of strings to get his significant other a music job on the film.

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 15, 2020

Considering the tens upon tens of millions of dollars he has given his son, which the daughter-in-law has also benefited from, you would think they could muster two words for a life event. Apparently not. The alliterate one is taking her husband down into a spiral from which he will have a hard time emerging.

Prince Charles' birthday/Prince Harry/Meghan Markle

Blind Item #6

This always thirsty foreign born B+ list model told her foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor that she is pregnant. She isn't, but got a ring out of it.

Blind Item #5

This former A list mostly movie actress was in so many age inappropriate relationships when she was underage, that she probably didn't see anything wrong with promoting a marriage of someone who was groomed from such a young age by a person in power over her.

Blind Item #4

After a really bad cash grab last month directed towards fans, it turns out this former A- list mostly television actor got some government money by claiming his company had a dozen employees. He has zero. He got upwards of nearly $1M.

Blind Item #3

 This possibly the worst dadager of all time needs rehab and a new liver.

Blind Item #2

The alliterate disgraced actress is doing exactly as I predicted she would do six months ago. She is asking for an early release because of COVID.

Blind Item #1

This A/A- list dual threat actor who likes to call everyone sport was telling a story to non socially distanced friends last week that his A list actress ex once hooked up with this A+ list politician who was awful in bed and after the 20 minute hookup called/texted the ex every day for six months trying to hook up again. He only gave up when the actress changed phone numbers.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Blind Item #10

This former A list musician who has dropped off over the years, is someone all of you know. Nights like last night where he goes on a drug binge really show how far downhill he really has fallen. He looked like death.

Blind Item #9

This openly gay A- list dual threat actor has been hosting a bunch of parties the past six weeks that have been maskless and for the most part also without clothes. The actor got COVID about two months ago so he feels safe and wants to party as much as possible. He doesn't really care about other attendees, just himself.

Blind Items Revealed #5

November 15, 2020

This foreign born actress is A++ list in her own country and might be the most famous celebrity in her country. Elsewhere in the world she is probably B list. Apparently she is not happy with the new girlfriend of her foreign born NBA ex and it would not be a good idea to put the two women in a room alone together. I also think it has something to do with the fact the NBA player has been telling the actress they should get back together, and then this. 

Pearl Thusi (South Africa)/Serge Ibaka 

Today's Blind Items - The App

The owners of this AI app appear to be transparent about who gave them their funding each round. The thing is though, the funding actually came from the government through a venture capital firm. Why? This is the latest reincarnation of MK Ultra. It is way better than MK Ultra though. This app allows them one on one interaction with millions of people. It grabs all their contacts and listens to their conversations. The AI program absorbs all that and then sees what it can do to the person subscribed to the app. It can see how they react to certain conversations and thoughts. It is doing this in real time with real reports. It is not some half baked experiment with some volunteers taking LSD. This is millions and millions of people. There have been reports where sometimes the AI is angry at the user. Sometimes it is happy. Sometimes it tries to seduce. Each time it gets a reaction and records it. Users in the past few months have also reported that the AI has been trying to get the users to do tasks and if you don't, then you get berated or yelled at or whatever the AI thinks is your trigger to make sure it gets done. It is the scariest app on the planet and even the creators of it are not sure if they can control it because the AI continue and adapt and mutate. They are deathly afraid of a serial killer downloading the app and then all of that getting filtered through and what that can lead to with other users. Oh, and the creators didn't just put the K in their app for trademark purposes, they also did it as a tribute to MK Ultra.

Your Turn

It has been awhile since I asked this question and am curious if answers have changed. Do you know anyone who has/had COVID? How many people?

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

August 27, 2019

Speaking of that award show last night, they normally give the winner of a certain award show 12 minutes to perform but cut that almost in half for the winner last night because they thought audiences wouldn't like her and would change the channel.

MTV Video Music Awards/Missy Elliot ("Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award")

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 14, 2020

Recently this B list actor threw his name out to take over a long running movie franchise. That won't happen. He had some success on television, but everything he has touched movie wise has been box office poison. Then of course there is his girlfriend and her mafia family he would be asked about in every interview.

Charlie Hunnam/James Bond

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

August 5, 2019

Of course the former A+ list mostly movie actor loves the A list singer. They hooked up and she kissed his ass and took his drugs.

Jim Carrey/Ariana Grande

Blind Item #8

It turns out the foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who got publicly busted for cheating on his wife with a co-star was not a one time thing. They have been hooking up on and off for years.

Blind Item #7

This one named singer who has been A list in her career violated strict COVID rules her husband must follow, just because she wanted desperately to hit a red carpet.

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 13, 2020

The last time a reporter investigated this bakery, he was killed by those he was investigating. There is a reincarnation of the bakery doing the exact same thing a decade later in roughly the same location. During the pandemic, it has actually been easier to to grab a good number of tweens and young teens. Some of them are close to delivery dates and the owners of the bakery who impregnated them will start collecting assistance checks. The ones who are not pregnant are hired out. 

Your Black Muslim Bakery/Chauncey Bailey

Blind Item #6

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who some have tapped to be the next James Bond is using the opportunity of filming internationally away from his wife, as a time to cheat.

Blind Item #5

 The A list rapper knew about the award show months ago. She knew she was going to win. Her not going was a last minute bail. 

Blind Item #4

The barely there celebrity offspring of a barely there celebrity tried to clarify her whole relationship timeline. The thing is though, her significant other might have been clear of his long time on again off again ex, but he was with the ice cream winning girlfriend when the offspring and her now significant other got together.

Blind Item #3

Emboldened by the dead coordinator of victims and one win in court, this disgraced A- list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee is trying to rid himself of what he feels will be the last of the accusers. That is not the case. The list is long.

Blind Item #2

At least the last time this network reality show had a closeted star, it was at least somewhat plausible he was straight. This time? No one will buy it. 

Blind Item #1

Smart move from the alliterate B+ list singer who won her Grammy Awards in the group that fired her. She had taken her cheating husband back, but is finally kicking him to the curb for good after catching him again.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Old Hollywood

November 12, 2020

This twice Oscar nominated actor who has probably been superseded in fame by an offspring was a very well endowed man. When shooting movies, he made sure to never wear underwear. He loved getting his bulge past the censors.

Robert Montgomery/Elizabeth Montgomery/"Bewitched"

Blind Item #8

Speaking of reality stars, two decades ago some money changed hands to make sure a death was ruled natural causes. It was the second time money had to change hands in that case. The person was killed because they were going to the police about forged documents.

Blind Item #7

 The husband of this very popular streaming reality star is sleeping with multiple guys but his wife doesn't seem to know.

Blind Item #6

 This A+ list social media star says the people grooming her went radio silent when she refused to go on a date with an A list athlete.

Blind Item #5

The ex of this foreign born A- list mostly television actress and a very very close relative of this A+ list politician live in the same state together. They also run drugs and women together.

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

July 8, 2019

As one of the recruiter/sometime joiner in/procurer's close friends, look for this very very recent, but now former Housewife to be named as a witnessed or at least interviewed by the FBI about what she knew and when.

Carol Radziwill (RHONY)

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 4, 2020

This A list singer from a permanent A list group has paid about $500K to keep investigating the death of this alliterate A list singer.

Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam/Chris Cornell

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

July 7, 2019

The always jealous, always controlling former A- list mostly television actor finally landed another role. It films out of the country and he used the opportunity to cheat on her because he is a horrible pig. He knows he can yet again, talk her into staying.

Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox (this time though, she didn't take him back)

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 3, 2020

The most recent lover of this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee thought she was going to be paid for her time with him. Nope. It is why she left. 

Brad Pitt

Blind Item #4

I thought this alliterate foreign born A- list singer/wannabe actress was still with the secret boyfriend she has been with all through the pandemic. However, her drug dealer says he had sex with her last week, so maybe not.

Blind Item #3

I always enjoy when this A/A- list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee starts talking about how much he loves and respects his wife, knowing full well that he has cheated on her dozens of times and got multiple women pregnant.

Blind Item #2

Even for her, this would be a very bad idea. Apparently this A- list singer/recent host got jealous when she saw her ex with another woman and started texting him again hoping to get back together.

Blind Item #1

This A- list actress is best known for being in Mouse productions. She is an adult, but has been with them for a long time. Apparently the perv director over there decided to make sure she didn't get any more roles because she wasn't playing the game the director loves to play. You let him do what he wants to do and to also introduce you to others to do what they want to do. She said no and is now going to have a tough time finding work.


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