Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Photos

Madonna - Vancouver.

Anne Curry but kind of looks like Sandra Oh.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. How come Kathie didn't wear a costume? Yeah, yeah, like you wouldn't have said the same thing.

How many times do you think Matt Lauer tripped in that thing?

Meredith Viera got the short end of the costume stick.

Alan Jackson-CMT "Giants" Honoring...Alan Jackson

Wow that dress is tight on Beyonce. I mean your whole body must just feel squeezed.

The Dandy Warhols- Sydney

Well it is Halloween so I went for scary.

Brittny Gastineau shows her true self. No, actually she has been very nice to me lately as you will see in a few weeks.

Kris Jenner actually looks good here. I know. Must be that Halloween punch they served at lunch.

Kim Kardashian looks decent, not great, but decent as Wonder Woman. What gets me is she has the wrong color of tights on. It looks like she borrowed them from Reggie Bush's uniform.

Everyone gets happy with a boa around their neck. The Prince actually looks like he may have had a few to smoke.

Richie Rich, Joe Korniewicz, Lydia Hearst - I want to hear your captions for this one.

Snoop Dogg-Sydney

Mariah Carey and her assistant.

Your Turn

Hey, it's Halloween. The one time of the year that my parents actually look normal. This is one of my dad's favorite days of the year. He gets no greater pleasure than in scaring the hell out of elementary school kids who are finally going to front doors by themselves. But, he does make up for it by always giving good candy. You know the brand name stuff. There is none of that dollar store candy at our house. None of that go to the grocery store, spend $10 and get 20 pounds of candy stuff. We go for your Snickers, Milky Way, Reese's. You know, the big boys. I hated going to houses when I was little and having some mom give me a popcorn ball or an apple. Dammit, I wanted candy.

So, today in Your Turn, we have two things for you to respond to. I need to know your favorite Halloween candy, and your most memorable costume. And when I say costume, I am talking about one you wore for Halloween, and not one you wore on your anniversary that says Open Here.

Kate Hudson Finds Another Victim

In the revolving door that is Kate Hudson's love life she must have found something she liked in athletes because she has chosen another one. This time she is dating Baron Davis. Baron, who I think is in business with Cash Warren has been apparently been getting busy with Kate over the past few weeks. According to Star they have been hanging all over each other everytime they go out and always end up back at Baron's place at the end of the night.

Baron currently plays for the LA Clippers and is a childhood friend of Kate. Those are always the best aren't they? You find someone you haven't seen in awhile and the next thing you know the person you were playing doctor with at five is screaming out your name and singing Black Crowes tunes while you do it.

Now that they have been going out for two weeks, Kate will probably introduce Baron to the family and announce their engagement sometime in the next week. If she was so desperate to get married again, I don't know why she didn't stay with Chris Robinson. Oh, that's right, he couldn't stand her.

Daily Mirror Blind Item


Which actor had to be tricked into drinking water to sober him up?

Its Thisclose

Two years ago it almost happened, and now next April it really looks like it will happen. I know most of you don't care, but I do. The Smiths are about to play one show and one show only at Coachella. Two years ago they were offered about $6M for one show, and they turned it down. This time though the offer is up to $10M. I don't know where the organizers are going to get that kind of money unless for the rest of the show it is just going to be one big Karaoke fest. That would be cool but the waiting list would be lengthy.

The sticking point in this whole reunion thing has always been Steven Patrick Morrissey but apparently he wouldn't mind one more big taste of the fame. It is not really about the money as in needing the money. It is about the money as in they want a whole bunch for an ego thing. Whatever. I don't really care. I do know that if they play, you can bet my big, fat, butt will be right there. You can come join me if you like, but I must warn you that desert heat and I really don't get along well, so make sure you bring plenty to hydrate me, and I'm not talking about water unless it is an ingredient in whatever else you are giving me.

He Must Be Making A Buck Off It

Larry Birkhead must have figured out a new scheme to make money. He told Life & Style that he was selling Anna Nicole Smith's house and moving to a place over next to Denise Richards and Kim Kardashian. First of all, I'm not sure I could handle living in Anna's house just because it would freak me the hell out. Not that Anna once lived there but that Bobby Trendy decorated the place. I would wake up screaming and seeing feather boas everywhere.

Larry says he is moving because there is no backyard. I think he is moving because he figures he can sell photos of the new house to some magazine. See. Larry gets money for taking care of the baby, but he doesn't get as much for himself as he would probably like. This is why of course he is always exploiting his kid for money and selling photos of themselves to the tabloids. This will be no different. You watch. In a couple of months when they are all settled in and he has convinced the court he needs all this new furniture for the house, some magazine will run a cover story featuring them and the new house and he will pocket enough to live off for the next few months and his next money maker.

90 Days?

In one of the most shocking verdicts I have ever seen, Wynona Judd's ex husband was sentenced to 90 days in jail after he plead guilty to two felony counts of attempted sexual battery against a minor. The minor in question was 13 years old and Dan Roach was 51. All he got was 90 damn days? That's it? And this was in Tennessee. I thought Tennessee would be a state that would frown on that kind of behavior but I guess not.

Yes, he got ten years of probation and if he violates it he will do the whole ten years, but 90 days? People spend more time in jail for bouncing a couple of checks. So, for all the 13 year old girl went through. All the dreams she is going to have for the rest of the life, she can be comforted by the fact that this sex pervert ass got 90 days in jail for ruining her life.

How in the hell does this happen? I'm also pissed at Wynona. She says that she was shocked that her husband would ever do such a thing. I hope she would be, but I don't know where the hell her outrage is. It wasn't evident last year when she was interviewed and said she still wears her wedding ring and was having a tough time letting go. To me that says that she is an idiot and that she has some sever problems she needs to address. What if they had kids? Would she still be having trouble letting go if he had done the same thing to their daughter.

There are very few people I dislike more than Ashley Judd but I bet she had no problems calling this ass exactly what he is. 90 days? If judges are elected in Tennessee, someone needs to vote this judge off the bench.

I'm Sure It Will Still Be A Big Hit

So last week Jermaine Jackson got up and said that the Jackson 5 were reuniting. He said Janet Jackson would be the opening act and that Michael was fully on board. Well, Jermaine must have told Michael Jackson that it was going to be an 18+ crowd because Michael threw Jermaine under a bus yesterday.

"My brothers and sisters have my full love and support, and we've certainly shared many great experiences, but, at this time, I have no plans to record or tour with them. I am now in the studio developing new and exciting projects that I look forward to sharing with my fans in concert soon."

Of course those plans could change if Jermaine could line up some performances at elementary schools or something. Here is a suggestion Michael. As much as you might be excited about all the recording and wonderful projects you have going on, do you really think you will sell more than ten copies of anything you do? I really don't understand what he has against his brothers. It isn't like he is the biggest star on the planet. He is the strangest star on the planet and the only one I know who doesn't need his own Halloween costume, but would it kill him to go out there and help his brothers make a few bucks? Everyone is getting old now. Hell, I think some of them must be getting close to 60. If he goes on tour with them for three months he will never have to worry about them calling him or asking him for anything. You know the only reason they call now is to make sure they are on his Christmas list.

I'll Buy It Baby

I know it happens everyday between actors and their girlfriends, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite in a way, but it is so funny to see Cameron Diaz rushing around to buy a house so she and Paul Sculfor can have a place of their own. I mean what has this guy done really? He doesn't do anything but try and latch onto women who can take care of him. He tried and struck out with Jennifer Aniston who is as stingy with money as anyone I have ever heard about. Apparently Paul either wasn't getting enough gifts or was asking for too many because it ended.

So, with nothing better to do he wanders from party to party until he finds Cameron Diaz. A few false promises and fake I love you's later, she is out looking for houses for them. According to the Daily Express in the UK, Cameron looked at a bunch of places and then brought Paul along to look at two. I mean what does it even matter what he thinks. She is the one buying the place and she is the one who will be selling it when she finally wises up.

Do I wish them the best? Hell yes, I wish them the best. I am a romantic at heart. I think you have to have a sense of optimism when you are living with your parents well past middle age. I mean if you were a negative sort in my position you would probably mope around the basement all night drinking and eating and making a mess of yourself. Umm. Forget that last part and just stick with the romantic.

Can you imagine the conversation they had when looking at it? "I don't know Cameron. I mean my $200 a month is not going to go very far in this place."

Bye Bye Pushing Daisies

I know how many of you enjoy this show, but I'm sad to tell you that after the 13 episodes ordered for this year have been aired, the show will be saying so long. I guess if there was some kind of huge ratings swing then somehow it might be saved, but it is not going to be saved by a letter writing campaign. ABC loves the show but hates the ratings.

Ted C Blind Item

Okay, babes, we're back to you skanky hets this week! I swear, straight folks are getting as kinky as us gays, are we teaching you that well? Apparently so.

Shafterella Shoshstein sure seems to be taking lessons successfully, and has been for some time, who the hell knew? When she busted up with her man not that long ago, everybody was sympathizing with poor S2. How could such a sweet, darling little babe have deserved such treatment from her male-slut partner for all those years? She's too talented, too charming, too damn dazzling to have to have endured such wretchedness, America cried!

Turns out we were all weeping for the wrong partner, perhaps. S.S.'s ex is just now starting to put the truth out there, via a few tanked encounters with his fave bartender. Damn, sure hope this good-lookin' lad doesn't have to become full-blown alcoholic before we find out the full truth of the matter, but jeez, keep on drinkin' there, buddy-boy!

Oh, and Shafty, shame on you, girlfriend. Cannot believe you penis-partied galore all that time, while letting your less-designing other half take the tabloid fall. Actually, I can. They don't pay ya the big bucks for nothin'.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today's Blind Items

I guess this actor is B list, because he was the lead in a popcorn flick. It did not do as well as expected. He really is more of a name than a great actor. When asked about his most recent girlfriend and how they met, our actor came up with about five different stories leading most to speculate he purchased her for the evening. Not so. The reason he is shy about where she came from is she spent six months stalking him. One day he was lonely and invited her in, and now they are inseparable. This won't end well.

Random Photos Part One

Estelle Reiner - RIP
I don't think AnnaLynne McCord is all that or anything, but I do hope the fine people at Blackberry or Verizon will take it upon their kind souls to go ahead and send me a new Storm free of charge. Yeah, yeah, I'm whoring myself out, but I want that phone. I don't ask for a lot and I really don't shamelessly plug things except for friends, but I want that phone and I'm not going to apologize for it.

Beyonce in Japan waving to an imaginary crowd. She thinks they should be there so they are. It works on the same principle as she thinks we should care about her career. But, we don't so there is a flaw in her theory.

Holy crap Batman, Bai Ling is wearing clothes.

When I saw this photo I was reminded of the line from Sixteen Candles where the grandmother says something like, "Oh, look. Samantha got her boobies." And then she gave them a squeeze.

Corey Feldman looks like he is already preparing for that Jackson 5 reunion tour for next year with Janet opening. It is going to be named "We Need Money Your 2009"
It's Catherine Tate and Zachary Quinto. Dr. Who won some award, but honestly was too lazy to check to see what it was.

DJ AM back at work. I'm glad.

Is it sacrilege for me to say that to me Danni Minogue is my choice in the family for who I would rather date? I just think she would be more fun.

Wow. Fergie is going to star in the new FOX show, "When Chemical Peels Go Bad."

Only Grace Jones would wear Hammer pants. Oh, you thought I would make fun of the fur or the veil?

My favorite photo of the day by far. Gwen Stefani and the baby look gorgeous. And she didn't sell them. Nice.

I owe so many good nights to this man right here. Some really awful mornings, but some really good nights. This is John Paul DeJoria. He is the owner of Patron Spirits and my hero. I may cry here. Hang on.

Probably the best photo of Kristen Stewart I have seen.

Yeah, it's Kate Walsh. Next. OK, I do like the dress. Compliment made. Next please.

Notice the subtlety of the middle finger Lily Allen displays.

Leona Lewis - London

Macy Gray doesn't have a boyfriend does she? Wow, I would not want to get into an argument with her.

I know. They made the Michael Jackson wax figurine a tranny.

I am going to leave it up to you to decide if Nicollete Sheridan looks good here. I am on the fence about it.

Someone who always looks good is Olga Kureyenko.

"Ahh. I wish we still were allowed to punish people by hanging them. Unfortunately we have laws now, so..."

How many times a day do you think Dr. Phil's wife tells him to stfu?

That must have been an interesting conversation. And yes, that is the mother of the baby.
"So, I told Clay it could be a hornet and a tick that are doing it. It don't matter unless the sun comes out."

So, if I were to pick two people to go get drunk with, I've decided that it would be Prince William and Harry.

Robert Pattinson looks much better than yesterday.

But if you want that Twilight scare you out of your mind look, here you do.

Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Nice combination.

So, what do you think the purpose of this party was? Any guesses? To sell eye wear. Yep. Makes sense.

Umm. A bodyguard who can't catch his breath after two steps is not really going to do you much good.
Slipknot - Perth

Yeah, that is Whitney Port and this is on the set of The City. Yes, I said set. Oh? It's reality I forgot.

It's The Stig. I love Top Gear.


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