Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

A reunion of some of the Pretty In Pink cast gets the top spot.
Annette Bening at a tribute to her at the Mill Valley Film Festival.
Apparently Avril does not have an elbow.
Bijou Phillips in Hawaii.
David Hyde Pierce sporting a beard for his new role on Broadway.
Emma Stone looks thrilled to be going on Letterman.
Mr. T still looks like Mr. T. Do you think he is tired of the mohawk yet?
Guns N' Roses - London
Gretchen Rossi lets Slade off his leash for a few minutes.
Men in a suit time. Jeremy Piven.
Brian Austin Green.
Clive Owen
And Jake G.

Random Photos Part Two

A very tired looking Halle Berry shopping with Olivier Martinez.
Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene out at dinner last night.
Josh Lucas loving on a dog.
I can't remember the last time I saw Joan Severance on a red carpet.
Jessica Simpson filming a Christmas show for PBS.
Kate Gosselin looking miserable. Reusable bags! Good for her.
Kym Johnson and the longest microphone cable ever.
A first time appearance for Katelyn Pippy from Army Wives.
Also a first time appearance for Amber Stevens. Her father is Shadoe Stevens.
Katy Perry posing for her new perfume ad.
And looking a little different here with Russell Brand yesterday.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Liam Neeson on a date with a flight attendant he met on a flight six weeks ago. I'm not sure the glasses perched on the forehead is a good look for Liam.
Matthew Broderick has an umbrella holder person, but
Angela Lansbury prefers to carry her own because that is how she rolls.
Marion Cotillard walking the streets of Paris.
Michelle Williams in London tonight for the premiere of Blue Valentine. Still has that NC-17 rating here.
Also in London, Minnie Driver and Hilary Swank.
Prince announcing his Welcome 2 America Tour.
Thomas Dekker and Nikita Ramsey at an amusement park.
Taryn Manning shows Daniel Dae Kim the finer points of DJ'ing.
Usher and his two kids. They do look cute.

Your Turn

If you can only pick one of these things to be, which would you choose?

Wealthy, smart, or good looking.

Diddily Piddily Gives Breet Favre Advice On How To Make His Peen Look Bigger

Apparently Piddily Diddily suffered the same fate as many of us who decided to look at Brett Favre's peen. Because Diddily is a problem solver he has some advice for Brett in the future.
"With these new Blackberrys (smart phones) there's a certain angle (from the shoulder) that it gives you an increase in size and width that after you take the picture you cannot help but to send it to a loved one!"

Diddily also says he is a big sexter. "I'm a sex texter, sexting. This is an art and this is a relationship that men and women have had since the beginning of mobile devices. But here's the mistake - when you send the picture with your head. You have to do headless sexting. I mean you gotta keep things spicy."

Somehow Diddily does not seem the spicy type.

Actors On Angelina Jolie Movie Say The Movie Is Not About A Woman Who Falls In Love With Her Rapist

Angelina Jolie is really trying to get her film permit back so she can continue shooting her first movie as a director. The government of Bosnia had originally given Angelina permission to shoot her movie in the country but yanked it when they learned the movie was about a Bosnian woman who falls in love with her Serb rapist.

The thing is, Angelina's statement does not really correct the impression everyone has. She says that she wants people to hold off judgment until they see the movie. To me that means that the rumors are probably true but that she thinks the way she is bringing it to life will be different. I don't know. One of the producers on the movie said, that the rumor the victim falls in love with the rapist is insane. The way he said it though was that he was referring to the rumor and not the plot premise.

Neither the producer or any of the actors can talk about the movie because of confidentiality agreements they signed for Angelina. Continuing with her statement, Angelina said she would be happy to meet with rape victims and talk to them and that "The choice to make a film about this area and set in this time in history was also to remind people of what happened not so long ago and to give attention to the survivors of the war."

No More Kat Von D And Jesse James

I am shocked. People Magazine actually came up with some good gossip and they did it the tabloid way. Putting bits and pieces together to come up with a plausible story. I congratulate them for it and I think this makes two stories this week out of 100 that were not just total suck up jobs. They must have hired someone from US or something.

They suggest in their article that Kat von D and Jesse James are finished. I think after seeing Nikki Sixx and Kat getting so chummy at the Jackass 3D premiere all of us would agree there could be something. Plus, I did not even know that Kat and Nikki had hooked up earlier in the week at a Slash concert. When you start seeing a long term ex a couple of times a week, you have to believe that something is going on.

I know I was not alone in thinking the whole relationship was just to give Kat's show a boost in the ratings because the "relationship" premiered the same time as her show.

Jessica Simpson Getting Her Hair Cut By Someone Else

You know it is a slow day when I am following up on a Ken Paves/Jessica Simpson post. Last month there were reports that Ken did not even consider a friend anymore, but that she was still a client. Apparently she is not even a client anymore. When asked, Ken, said, "No." The feeling seems to be that once Jessica hooked up with the washed up football guy without a job that Jessica stopped calling or talking to Ken. He feels used and that Jessica only calls him after guys dump her.

I can understand his feelings but I think most of the time people get involved in a relationship, friends take a back seat for awhile. After a couple of months though, when you determine the other person does not cut your hair at night or stay awake sharpening knives you start including them with the friends.

Ted C Blind Item

Well, screw us with no lube, Judas Jack-Off sure has gotten more ballsy, lately! And we mean that in many dirty ways, trust.

Now, last time we checked in on poor ol' closeted Judas, he was pathetically trying to cultivate a domestic-front for the media, engaging in various exciting pastimes with his ersatz honey.

Didn't work.

In fact, Judas and his woman's shared-outing thing so colossally misfired (and Judas never got the desired press he really wanted from it), Judas has now taken to the exceptionally seedy activity of....

Cheating on his fake (female) significant other!

And not with the poor, put-upon, on/off boyfriend, Dash Dingle-Dream he usually cheats with, but, with...other women!

Frequent visitors to the place Judas and Dash most often occupy complain of seeing Judas "always" hauling in some random chick to his bedroom. "Looks pretty obvious to me what's going on," snipped a babe who's been over to the boys' hang-pad recently. "I mean, come on."

This is just beyond gross. It's bad enough Judas has tortured Dash enough with the People-mag arranged chick in his life, but, now he's got to tag on one-night stands—just in case the press finds out the real deal, that he prefers guys?

Sorry, but, this one's getting beyond anything even Shafterella Shoshstein would ever dream up for the rags! And that's saying something.

Get help, Jude. And fast. You are not well.

It Ain't: Tom Sturridge, Taylor Lautner, Vince Vaughn

Reason # 4,876,342 That Michael Lohan Is An Idiot

Much like McDonald's has said they have served billions and billions of burgers, Michael Lohan has shown us that he has billions and billions of ways of being an idiot. In his latest example of idiocy and to draw attention to himself because that seems to be his full time job, Michael has said that he plans to start drinking again and then get admitted to rehab at Betty Ford so he can be close to Lindsay. Uh huh. And what makes him so sure that Betty Ford will take him? I am guessing they won't. Oh, can you imagine a drunk Michael Lohan? You think he is an obnoxious ass now, I can just imagine when he is drinking that he must be a huge ray of sunshine.

Oh, he also says that he is going to get himself arrested at Betty Ford if they won't let him in to see his daughter. Do you think maybe Michael that what Lindsay needs is some time away from the two people in the world who seem to only see dollar signs flashing when they think of Lindsay? Yep, Michael that is you and Dina.

Rihanna Beating Photos For Sale

At some point this weekend I would expect some tabloid will cough up the money and purchase 5 never before seen photos of Rihanna after hear beating by Chris Brown. According to Radar, who saw the pictures, the photos are way more graphic than the one previously released. The photos taken in the hospital show a bloody and bruised Rihanna. One of the pictures also shows Chris Brown who has a small cut on his lip. Rihanna's show cuts and bruises and blood in her mouth where she was punched and also has bite marks on her arms.

Although I am sure the pictures will be disturbing I am all for their release. I think it will focus the world's attention again on domestic violence and cause Chris Brown to suffer more humiliation which is always a good thing.

Kate Moss Is Married - Wait Not Married

It seems like every British tabloid this morning decided today that they would write that Kate Moss got secretly married back in August to Jamie Hince. For some reason though, no one bothered to ask Kate if she was actually married. For once, Kate Moss talked about her personal life and said that she is definitely not married and any implication that she is would be factually incorrect. See, why do people have to add on the little qualifier. Just say I am not married and be done with it. Adding that last bit about factually incorrect means to me they probably got married in Italy somewhere as reported but probably did not sign a license or they are only legally married in Italy or something so therefore to say she is married is factually incorrect.

The couple both wear rings and they have been together for a couple of years and I refuse to spend any more time today writing about whether Kate Moss did in fact get married because I don't think anyone other than her family actually cares. Did you wake up this morning and say, "Ohh, I wonder if Kate Moss got married today. I can't wait to start my day and find out. She and Jamie are sooo perfect for each other." Of course you didn't. So, enough.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

These two costars are falling in love right in front of our eyes on this network show. The chemistry is palpable, and it could be because the chemistry is 100% legit in real life. The cast and crew have interrupted them several times snuggling or making out in between takes. We wonder when they’ll make it official….

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today's Blind Items

This former A list reality star and now just a celebrity with some kids has been complaining publicly about paps. What she has not said is how the other day she hid from the paps and would not let them take her photo until she did her makeup, changed clothes and then and only then just "happened" to show up right where the paps were.

Random Photos Part Four

Chilean miners on top two days in a row? Why not.
I hear that first crack in this relationship. Ali says they are taking a step back and slowing down the getting married part of their relationship.
No cracks yet with Avril & Brody.
Boo Boo Stewart getting dressed for Halloween a little early. I think that will probably come off before the 31st. Just saying.
At first I thought this was a Halloween costume, but it is the premiere of a new version of Swan Lake.
Earlier in the day they all got together in Times Square. Now I need to watch Billy Elliot tonight.
Billy Currington - Nashville
Christina Aguilera and her son at a pumpkin patch. Get that publicity machine cranking.
Danielle Fishel has lost a ton of weight. She looks great. I wonder if she got paid by a weight loss company.
80's flashback. Dan Lauria and Judith Light.


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