Friday, October 19, 2007

Four For Friday

#1 I want to say that as far as I know Ice-T is not running a call girl ring. But, as a former pimp, if you told me he was, I wouldn't be shocked. What is shocking is that this totally straight A-/B+ film actor from a famous family has a piece (no pun intended) of an escort agency that caters exclusively to gay men. Seems as if our actor got a little drunk the other night, was talking to a waiter and when he found out the waiter was gay and looking for work, gave the waiter a phone number. Our actor said to tell who answered that our actor sent him, and that he could get some work. The phone number was to an escort agency.

#2 This recent same sex non romantic breakup is definitely not traditional. However, it centers around traditional reasons for a breakup such as hitting on a significant other and wanton drug use that almost led to the arrest of our couple.

#3 From AP-This jet set actor/actress B list couple took a few minutes out for themselves at a party the other night. The couple spent most of the night arguing about what the wife was wearing, and made up by having a quickie in the restroom. Probably would have got away with no one noticing, except that she was rather vocal and has a very interesting pet name for her husband.

#4 This jackass is back. Hiding his insecurity through a web of hateful speech, this recently divorced C list film actor spent an entire night drinking with two friends and finding whatever opportunity they could to harass this C list actress formerly of a very popular network show. The show has shot several people to the upper echelons of the "list" but not her. Our actress was there to be seen and to try and get her career jumpstarted again, but had to leave early when reduced to tears at least twice by the jackass and his friend.

Random Photos Part One

Now what the hell do they put in Suri's bottle? I think I read something about barley. Is there hops also because then I want some.
I want you all to remember that Jessica Biel was named the sexiest woman in the world just three years ago. Now she looks like one of the Hanson brothers.
This is a really good look for Heather Graham.
"Hey Jess. I borrowed your credit card to get this outfit for myself and while I was at it, ordered a hooker for tonight, so I'm going to need you to not come back home for awhile."
OK. So Zac Efron is now 20 and I want him to do something. Anything other than going to buy coffee. I don't care if he starts chain smoking or doing Micky Mouse up the butt, I can't just take another 20 years of him like he is now.

It's not often one can feel sorry for Victoria Beckham, but there are not enough drugs on the planet to make it bearable to sit on a plane next to Mel B all the way from LA to London.
Rumer Willis reverts back to fug. I really thought she was making a break for it, but she is now back to square one.
Peaches Geldof learns about the new reading program sweeping the world. Hooked on Dicknics. A more advanced version of Hooked On Phonics.
Orlando Bloom decides that whole car driving thing might not be the way to get around LA.

Bobby Brown On Hee Haw

He's not doing Hee Haw yet, and I emphasize the word yet. I know, I know it's not even on the air anymore, but with Bobby Brown in it, who wouldn't watch it? Bobby Brown along with six other celebrities are shooting the CMT series called Gone Country.

The show gives the celebs the opportunity to break out as the next country superstar. The other celebrities competing include: Carnie Wilson, formerly of Wilson Phillips. She was the heavy one who had the gastric bypass and then did Playboy to show off her hot body, but then wasn't she on Celebrity Fit Club after that? How does that happen?

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister is going to be on it and I'm sure that the Carrie Underwood demographic will make Dee the biggest country star ever. Someone who will appeal to that demo though is American Idol finalist Diana DeGarmo who finished second to Fantasia, doesn't do bikini pictures and hasn't been seen since Ryan Seacrest said good night. Julio Iglesias Jr., Maureen McCormick (The Brady Bunch), and R&B artist Sisqo round out the contestants. Maybe Sisqo could serenade Marcia with the Thong Song. See, that is quality television.

Cross Dress For Your Boss?

Well it's not as bad as that, but close. As our society goes deeper and deeper into never denying our kids anything, (see My Super Sweet 16) this one stands out.
I was going to go off on parents who do anything for their kids and will spend vast sums just to get them into a Miley Cyrus concert, when you know that she will be right back again next year. Then, I started thinking back to the days of Cabbage Patch kids, Tickle Me Elmo, and adults going crazy for their kids, and so maybe this Hannah Montana craze for tickets isn't that unusual. I think what makes it more unusual is that the other toys were for kids for Christmas and indulgence at Christmas isn't that unusual.
In this case though, this might be going too far. A local radio station in St. Louis held a race where men raced against each other for 50 yards in a pair of high heels. Eventually 150 men in heels showed up and when all was said and done Matt Austin won the event. It turns out though that Matt Austin doesn't have any kids, or none he wanted to win tickets for anyway. No, Matt Austin ran the race for his boss who has a young daughter. Now. If the boss is in a wheelchair, blind, or is just disabled from overexposure to Paris Hilton, then I apologize in advance.

However, if the boss is just a fat ass who knew he couldn't win, and "asked" his employee to do it, then the boss is the king of the jackasses. As far as I know all the other men in heels were all dads who were making a fool out of themselves for their daughter while this guy gets a marathon drag queen to do his running for him. Hell, the boss will probably just end up selling the tickets on E-Bay for $3000, buying a CD for his daughter and telling her Miley Cyrus canceled the show and is a pregnant lesbian.

Britney Spears And Criss Angel Video

This video is from The FrozenRope Comedy Troupe who are hilarious. That in itself would probably be enough reason to show it. However, when it stars the lovely and talented Jill- Michele Melean who was on MadTV and Reno 911, and is a great friend of the blog, then it has to be shown.

Why The Hell Am I Writing About Donny Osmond Twice In One Week?

When you are on a Britney break and don't want to get all excited about 3 people getting arrested for a quarter ounce of pot, then all you are left with is Donny Osmond. Actually, that's not quite true. If I were really at the bottom of the barrel, I could reach down and scrape a Kardashian right there on the bottom. Just grabbing the scraps.

So Donny Osmond once asked Michael Jackson for advice on how to reignite his career, and Michael told Donny that he should change his name because it was poison. Donny misunderstood and started a band called Poison and has been living a secret life as Bret Michaels ever since.

Michael Jackson obviously didn't want to share the really good advice with Donny. Michael wanted to keep the whole bleaching your skin and molesting children advice to himself because it was gold, and he didn't want to share.

Why is Donny Osmond in the news so much? Does anyone know what he's promoting? You know Donny Osmond would be a great game show host. I think that's what he should concentrate on. Forget about music. Just host game shows. Game shows and porn. I think on the Spice Channel and the other porn channels there should be a guy like the one on AMC who introduces all the classics.

Donny Osmond could say something like "In this film, made three days ago in a Valley basement, the acting by Jesse as she gets nailed by three guys is something on which she could build a career. Director Ron was worried about the lighting cast by the harsh shadows of light, but then figured f**k it, it's porn. So, now, here is Bum Sex 34. I'll see you after the show."

If you need to laugh today. I mean really laugh out loud, then click on the photo above and try and read the interviews with each singer. Michael and Donny had a long rap session and Michael had some heavy thoughts for a pretty young cat.

Los Premios MTV Latin America

Most of the time when I post photos of premieres or events, it's a struggle to find enough photos to make it worthwhile. Most of the time it is always the same tired people in the same tired poses in just a different venue. The only time it is ever really tough is a big event like the Academy Awards or Golden Globes and you just want to post every photo of every person because they all look amazing. When you look at literally thousands of photos everyday, you notice when something sticks out or is different. I really wish that I had the space to post each and everyone of these MTV Latin America guests on the blog. Each group or personality is so unique and so fresh. It is incredible to look at. I tried to pick the best cross sample I could and made sure to throw in some of the regulars that were there as well.

When you see the rest of the photos, Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars appear tame.
Luis Roberto Guzman

Hilary Duff was there and all tarted up.
I love the Cure, but I think everyone would be okay with the idea that middle age men don't really need to be goth'd up. It's ok to let it go Robert. We will still love you.
How would you like some Beto Cuevas? Those jeans wouldn't have fit over one of my calves.
I don't even know why I bother.
Zennoa. She looks 8 feet tall and is just so damn unique. The bow on anyone would look ridiculous but because the rest is so damn bizarre, it almost works.

Wilmer Valderrama has finished f**king every US woman and has now made his way south of the border.
Which one is Bobby and which is Marcia? RDB did actually get up and sing When It's Time To Change.
Paulina Rubio just looks like Paulina Rubio always does, except that she's getting older.
Miranda! It's kind of like White Stripes meets The State meets Green Day.
I have no idea what No lo Soporto sounds like but I am going to find out and then listen to them all afternoon.

David Copperfield Accused Of Rape

The reason all those FBI agents are swarming all over David Copperfield's warehouse in Las Vegas is that he has been accused of rape by a Seattle woman. She alleges that David Copperfield raped her while both were in the Bahamas, but didn't report it until she got back to Seattle. Because of that, Seattle police called in the FBI.

Rape is a horrendous crime and should be investigated thoroughly. However, there were 12 FBI agents who participated in the raid on the warehouse. Twelve federal agents accompanied by local police means either there is a bunch more going on here than a rape charge, or the Las Vegas FBI office had nothing better to do and thought they could all pay a visit to the warehouse known as the International Museum & Library of the Conjuring Arts which very few people have ever got to visit.

It seems that if this were strictly a rape case, you wouldn't even need to raid the warehouse unless the rape involved something from his act.

DNfromMN Movie Review -- 30 Days Of Night

30 Days of Night

It starts out with a man wandering the frozen tundra alone, in the sun.It's a stunning image. And without having read the graphic novel, I can guarantee you, it was in there.

Much like "Sin City", another graphic novel turned b-movie, there are shots that are pandering to the fans of the source material. They do make great shots, but they do add to the nearly 2 hours of the film.This is a much smoother film and easier on the eyes than Sin City was(and not nearly as campy).

The first half hour is devoted to back-story and set-up: Melissa George is the fire marshall separated from town sheriff Josh Hartnett. Barrow, Alaska is cut off from the world by winter weather and the titular 30days of night due to being above the arctic circle. The other characters: chum for the vampires. Ben Foster gets to play creepy again(see 3:10 to Yuma for him playing essentially the same character), as the Renfield ( disabling the town on the last day of sun.

After sunset, the town is quickly decimated by vampires led by Danny Huston (who you will recognize, but probably not be able to identify how you know him). The attack is so quick, that you'll wonder what the hell is going to happen for the rest of the movie.

When it's over, you do wonder what happened: it moves pretty quickly for a standard wait for people to get picked off one by one horror movie.

Melissa George continues her C+/B- list career with another horror b-movie (and her Aussie accent slips in a few times). Josh Hartnett is passable, it's a role anyone could have played well. At least he's a Minnesotan and knew how to play the winter.

This was my beef with the movie: The CGI snow is not anywhere near as good as the CGI fire. It's winter, it's -10 degrees, and people are sitting outside surviving for more than a day. People are running and pressing themselves against corrugated metal in -10 weather. No one was wearing gloves. The survivor(s) after 30 days no one had frostbite.This is what happens when Californians produce winter movies.

It's suspenseful, and you'll get your money's worth if you spend $7.50 and that's what you're looking for. There are gory parts, and it's rated R so don't bring the kiddies.

Ted C. Blind Item

Sha-Sha Shimmy is one of the most beautiful babes in Hollywood. She’s also simply a doll. Hey, she’s not only a primo g-f to all her girlfriends (a rarity in this man-stealing, amiga-backstabbing enclave), but she, like, eats! Who knew?

And guess what? SSS looks divine, full of luscious curves that buttloads of hungry guys 'n’ gals live to drool (and more) over. Sha-Sha can even act, too, come to think of it, but that’s, uh, not really her forte. However, Ms. Shimmy is damn serious about getting her less paparazzied career more on the roll, which is why she decided to slim down a bit for a part (heaven knows women over 62.5 pounds don’t get hired for nada in this two-by-four town).

So, triple S did what a lotta ladies tryin’ to lose the pounds do: No, not barf or drug, thank heavens, but she took some laxatives, which didn’t seem to work. So, she took some more. Went to sleep, forgot about it.

Next ayem, Sha-Sha remembered she needed to run some errands at the local shopping mall, which she sped off to in her smart wheels. And there she was, near Beverly Hills, comparing pillows and baskets, when—suddenly—S.S. realized she better get to a can—and fast! But, SSS hates pooping in public loos, so she sped out of the parking lot and, being impatient as she was, hit the car in front of her.

A very unhappy, very large woman got out and screamed at the top of her triple-chin curdling shrill for Sha-Sha to get out of her car—now. Sha-Sha declined, which enraged the bashed driver even more.

Finally, Shimmy was so vocally attacked by this brittle broad that she reluctantly got outta her spiffy job and—of course—let loose all over her skintight (SSS wears nothing else) jumpsuit, all the loosened stools those laxatives were so late in jimmying leaking everywhere inside, and through, her chic outfit.

Oh, and—you guessed it—the jumpsuit was the most beautiful shade of...snow white. At least, it used to be.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today's Blind Items

This married, aging, raspy, B list television and film actor who uses a fake name as his stage name had to file for bankruptcy in the past month when he ended up losing most of his money in a hedge fund in which he had invested heavily. Unable to meet some margin calls, he had to get a mortgage on both of his homes which had been completely paid off. He also had to sell many of his prized collector's items, but in the end he just couldn't get it all together and was forced to declare bankruptcy. Look for him to be almost everywhere in the next year as he attempts to start trying to build back his fortune. A male talk show host was also involved in the same fund, but had enough personal assets that he made it through ok.

Random Photos Part One

John Mayer and Sharrod Small. John looks like he's going to a funeral. When I turned 30, it was a hell of a party. Met wife #4 at it. Made out with her in a corner. Of course doing all that in plain sight of wife #3 was probably not the best of ideas.
Also not a good idea. Hayden Panettiere all of 18 at the Saks 5th Avenue cocktail party. Well I doubt anyone was being carded.
Ciara in Seoul doing press for her concert at the Woo Bar. I love that name.
Mmmmmm. DJ. Candace Cameron Bure is all grown up.
I almost went to Mel's Diner yesterday. Then I heard that the girl from The Others would be there and so I declined. Seriously, that girl in the door is seriously freaking me out. Not freaking me out like the kid hiding behind the wall in Three Men And A Baby, but still freaking me out. Oh, and Victoria Beckham was there too. If you notice in the window's reflection, some guy knew she was in the place, went home, made a damn sign and brought it back.

The people playing with Prince William are all over 6 feet tall. He's just that big.
Minka Kelly not at John Mayer's 30th birthday party. Hmmmm.
Matt Damon's wife must spend a fortune because Matt has been telling anyone who will listen that he would never do another Bourne movie. Well right after he saw how much a kid cost, he was all, "where do I sign?"
Well we had the Cruz sisters yesterday for my fantasy porn. Any takers on Lance Armstrong, Jeff Corwin, Matthew McConaughey and Dr. Sanjay Gupta for your fantasy porn?

The Daily Show Finally Joins The Internet Age

It's been ten damn years since The Daily Show With Jon Stewart went on the air and it finally has its own web site. The site went live about three hours ago and has almost every video they have done since the show's inception.

The site contains more than 16,000 video clips spanning headlines, correspondent pieces and such regular segments as Lewis Black's "Back in Black" or Stephen Colbert's "This Week in God." For now, the archives start in early 1999, covering the Jon Stewart-era. The earlier version of the program, which started in 1996 with host Craig Kilborn, could be available by early 2008.

You can't actually watch the entire show at once. If you look around though you can piece together a show through the clips, but it is kind of a pain in the ass.

The site's home page will focus on the previous night's episode, from which clips will be posted by 8 a.m. EST the next morning, eventually being pushed up to 5 a.m.

Owen Wilson Hitting The Bottle Hard

In a scene that is just a little scary, Owen Wilson was seen at the Viceroy Hotel drinking his way through several bottles of vodka. He was joined in the private room by several other friends, but it was clear that Owen was drinking the most. One guest of the hotel said that Wilson appeared drunk when he came in, and basically staggered right and left across the lobby as he left.

You have to wonder what kinds of friends Owen has that would let him drink so much when he is obviously in such a bad state. You also have to wonder if he was in fact drunk when he arrived, why the staff at the hotel gave his party bottle service and allowed him to keep drinking. Obviously it is a judgment call, and the hotel probably decided he was okay, but more than one witness said Owen appeared drunk when he came into the hotel.

Sometimes clubs that cater to celebrities just don't want to check id's or cut off celebs as they would cut off me. They are also less hesitant to throw me out of places. They can't actually lift me of course, but they have done a nice job in the past of laying down a tablecloth, dropping me on it and then dragging me out. If you are drunk enough it can take you back to the days of sledding down a snow covered hill in the winter. It can also lead to severe vomiting as one unfortunate bouncer discovered.

LaineyGossip BI

Secrets From the BFF

Old gossip now leaking, courtesy of her BFF – in whose chair she sat after her split, receiving therapy and getting pretty at the same time. That’s what friends are for.

Only lately her BFF is getting tired of her attitude problem – friendship is apparently on her terms and the BFF is treated alternately as servant and confidante. So since the BFF can be as catty as they come, secrets are starting seep, shedding light on several mysteries, including weight, children, and heartbreak, all pointing to one cause.

Male hormones???

According to the BFF, she took male hormones as a way to stay thin. As a result, she miscarried at least once, which is what resulted in the big break – she lost love because she was obsessed with being skinny…so says the BFF. The BFF also confirms that she has since stopped, which is why her body is back to lovely.

Still…her reputation, or her looks for that matter, won’t be lovely for long if BFF keeps yapping. In many ways, in one very critical way, she needs her buddy more than her buddy needs her.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which larger-than-life TV personality, who is all confidence on camera, is known to sob that nobody likes her as she downs her breakfast of Snickers bars?

Time To Go Through All Those Ben Affleck Blind Items

Hey we've all been there. The spouse, the kids, the nagging. We have had our entire careers riding on our directorial debut. Well scratch that last thing. While the wifey was out of town, and after his successful screening of Gone Baby Gone in Chicago, Life & Style is reporting that Ben Affleck was spotted drinking. In public. In a bar. No more of the only one or two people saw him so have to make it a blind item. Ben got hammered. Drunk I tell you. Wine, Guinness and was the last person left standing (barely) in the bar.

While drinking at the Four Seasons Hotel bar, Ben was extremely chatty and found plenty of people who wanted to chat back. I bet he did. All that drinking makes the playground that much tougher the next day my friend. That bright sun, beating into your eye sockets, kids screaming into your sensitive ears. Wife not talking to you for hours. (Well that can actually be a blessing.)

Ben if you recall, spent some time in Promises for an alcohol problem back in 2001. Guess he solved it.

Salma's Baby Daddy Has Some Of That K-Fed Sperm

Francois Henri Pinault, better known as the daddy to Salma Hayek's recent bundle of joy seems to be spreading his seed in more than just Salma. Recent reports are that FHP may be responsible for the one-year-old daughter of supermodel Linda Evangelista. Linda has always kept really quiet about who the father of her daughter is, but may have started the whispering herself. Maybe she needs some attention or money. Maybe she wants the world to know that FHP is no different than a K-Fed, or maybe Linda was just bored one morning and wanted to see if the world would all fall for some joke.

My guess is that FHP will be kissing a little Linda ass in the upcoming weeks to make sure this little story goes back underground and doesn't dampen FHP's reputation in the fashion community and to make sure none of his future impregnation prospects gets wise.

Ryan Gosling In GQ

Ava Thinks Reese Is A Waitress

My Golden Globes date Reese Witherspoon might be one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, but she keeps it all from her daughter Ava. It's not out of any fear that Ava might enter show business and run into people like Ryan, but rather, because Reese just doesn't want to waste all her favors in Hollywood by trying to score Hannah Montana tickets. That's right. Reese is afraid that if her daughter finds out Reese is in show business that she will make her mom use her connections to get tickets.

First, how would her eight-year-old daughter know that being in show business automatically gives you connections and that her mom would be in a position to take advantage of those connections? When I was 8, I could barely read, and was fascinated with how high I could swing before the swing set came out of its foundation.

Yes, I know the world has changed and today's 8-year-olds are like my generation's 25-year-olds, but still I think it's a stretch.

So does this mean Reese won't even take Ava to Hannah Montana? Is she going to make her stay home and listen to a bunch of crap from her school girl friends? Perhaps Reese will buy a pair on E-Bay and sit with the masses in the balcony just to prove a point. I don't see that happening either. I think the best thing would be for Reese to simply buy Miley Cyrus for n hour or so and have her accidentally show up at Ava's house because she's lost.

Hey, when I was 8 I would have bought it. Of course at 8, I also thought dirt was a crunchy after- school snack, so what do I know.

The Truth Or As Close As You Can Get On A Gossip Blog

If this were a self-promoting, hey look at me now kind of blog, I would probably have had headlines that said Exclusive, and been all breathless. In all honesty, does it really matter? Someone will probably copy and paste it from me in under an hour, and no one will remember who got it first. I do ask that if you are a blogger and cut and paste, it's okay, just remember to also link here.

Last night, while you were all sleeping, Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend Riley Giles was having a conversation with his ex-girlfriend Bree on MySpace. Because of the lies she had told previously, Riley decided to protect himself by forwarding a copy to the insider who helped me out yesterday. That insider felt the e-mails needed to be released so that the truth, no matter if flattering or not could be shown about what happened and that Lindsay wasn't a homewrecker.

The insider also felt that Bree was acting as Riley's trigger and this could lead to a relapse. He felt that if the e-mails were released and Bree got pissed and never talked to Riley again, that he would lose at least one trigger in his life and that maybe his recovery would have a greater chance of succeeding.

On a side note, I never thought anyone in the state of Utah has ever said fuck, but, that notion was as you can see, quickly thrown out the window. All of these MySpace things are always questioned because it is so easy to create an account. I left the links in which should work (at least until they wake up in Utah--Bree's MySpace is not private yet and it is pretty easy to tell it is her real account), and I am sure by the end of the day someone will be yelling at someone about how they got out which should prove they are real. In addition, the photo at the top has not been released anywhere so obviously had to come from someone who knows the couple well. The only editing I did was to make the first e-mail first, the 2nd second, etc. instead of where it would normally be in a chain which is at the bottom and makes it almost impossible to read.


From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
why u running to the media? wtf

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 10:18 PM
Ri i dont even know what to say! all i know is i hope ur ok and making th right decisions! maybe one day we can be friends. peace.... brebrah

From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
naah i went fuckin physco yesterday, they took all my shit away from me! OVER YOU!why are u runnin to the tabloids with these fake stories? wtf, whats going on? u & ur moms talkin to everyone! i shouldnt have to defend myself to everyone, and linds is not a homewrecker & u know that!

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 10:42 PM
thats fine way over it as well, one question why u denying the engagement and why did you come talk to mt and say u wanted me back, then go w her. i loved ur family they were the only normal people i could call my family that ive ever had in my life, i had you and i thought things were gonaa get better after we drove around and talked but no she got yah all smittened and star struck, so yah she is a home wrecker and ull find out who really cared for ou in the long run! Ue kidding urself ri! good riidannce and one word karma. yah and its not fair that i gotta wear a beanie hoodie and sunglasses in order to go outta the house. its one thing to go thru a break up but its another thing to have it spread in ur face every where! and people chasing me down wanting info. taking pictures its crazy and sux. what do you mean they took all ur shit away?

From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
peoples chasin you down? you serious? nobody knew about u until u ran to the media! our engagement was NEVER official, just somethin we talked about, idk wut to do im just so mad over this whole situation, was that you spreadin my mugshot all ovea the internet as well? REALLY low. u WERE my rock. i thought things were gonna change but u had to go and ruin it, im not starstruck by anyomne, you just dont get it AT all. karam DOES suck, i just dont get why your talkin to everyone, its no ones business but OURS. we needa have a chat, SERIOUSLY 1 on 1, god knows who ur gonna sell this fuckin message to

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 11:02 PM
i didnt run my mouth they found me! they knew about nicole and everything i dont know how theyed get her name. our names are repoted as our last address and they knew who i was so they came to me to find me like 5 diff mags i have a lawyer now cause of all this shit theyre attackin me holmes. i agree we need to have a 1 on 1 talk, yah know some closure r whatever. it can be totally private i wont let any one know. same would have to go for you though! You down?

From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
please, please.... u have no fucking idea of wut im going threw right now, never felt like this EVER....!!! 1on1, im so down.... idk how we gonna do this, theres peoples outside right now waitin for me to peek out tha window, its fuckin crazy.. i wish i could call you,how much u gettin for these interviews?

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 11:09 PM
call me

From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
i CANT bitch

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 11:22 PM
you jus said u wish u could why cant you? well if u decide to call and i dnt answer leave a message. ur num still the same? u dnt know how crazy my life is. poparrazzi wtf i never expected that one comin, me runnin from pop and radio stations want to have me on air. one guy even said he wanted to do a reality show i was like hell no man wtf? these people are scavangers!

From: Riley

Date: 17/10/2007
you fuckin love it. they wouldnt want more, if u wouldnt have opened ur mouth@!how much did u make off the interviews??

From: breezkie

Date: Oct 17, 2007 11:39 PM
i DONT love it. I hate it infact, fist of all u just left me hangin all the sudden ur w her so i have to go thru a breakup ontop of that its everywhere i look it hurts man. im sick of this writing shit. and how do i know what ur doin u might be showin this shit!so if u wanna communicate do it by phone, but i think we owe it to eachother to meet and talk like normal fucking people.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

CDANCON Lunch--Finally

The CDANCON lunch with Dominique Swain will be held on October 27 at noon. The location will be the Pig 'n Whistle at 6714 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028.

If you are planning on attending and haven't let me or Hez know, then please do so as soon as possible.

I know that many of you expressed an interest in having a gathering of CDAN readers in New York, Vancouver and in Australia. I can't promise DS at any of those places, but if you get something organized that has at least 20 or so people attending, I will get someone fun and at least somewhat recognizable to have lunch with you.

I would love for every reader to make it to the lunch. I know however that many of you don't want to drive across town, or fly across the country or around the world just to have lunch. Perhaps you may be more interested in carving another pumpkin, mowing the lawn, or are just a shut in. If for any reason you can't make the festivities, don't worry. The lunch will be filmed so everyone can feel like they were there. If anyone has any questions they want to ask DS about her work or her blogging or really just about anything, send them to me or to Hez and I will make sure she answers them on the tape.

The lunch should be fun and I'm working on some other guests and surprises. Also, don't forget to register for your chance to win a bottle of M from Mariah. DS will be handing out two bottles. One to a guest who is there in person, and another to a lucky reader. If you haven't entered yet, then you may do so by sending an e-mail to and put something in the subject line that says it is for this contest. Those entries have to be received by 5pm PDT on Thursday the 25th of October.

Random Photos Part One

It looks like Carmen Electra got some work done. No, look up. Not down there. Doesn't her face look really different. Maybe she just lost some weight or maybe it is just because she needs to wash her hair, but she looks different.
Any chance you think that the Cruz sisters will start doing porn together?

"Yes honey. I'll remember to put the toilet seat down. Yes. I'm sorry you fell in again."

Jesse James doesn't look like he is having too bad of a time at the Heatherette Fashion Show.

A blast from the past. Janine Turner. When she was on Northern Exposure I don't recall her being quite so busty. Maybe it was all those winter clothes or the fact that I just couldn't get the idea of Shelley and that old man who owned the diner getting it on. Try and get that image out of your head when you are trying to entertain yourself.

Is Naomi Campbell pregnant and someone didn't tell me? Who is the stoned looking chick next to her who looks like she would sleep with any old junkie who crossed her path while still trying to model despite the fact she seems to age by the second?
Another blast from the past. Lauren Holly rocking those fishnets. To me she isn't sexy though. It's kind of like if Kathy Lee Gifford started sporting a pair.
You know what would be cool. If they made Grumpier Old Friends.
Nicollette Sheridan. Is she or isn't she? I know I have different definitions for A list television stars and goes more by length of service than actual fame, but do you really think she is A list? Hmmmm.
Naomi Watts did just have a baby right? She looks incredible.
The one thing I can say about Richard Simmons is that he always makes me smile. I would buy a DVD that just had his appearances on Letterman because they are gold. Gold. Don't get me started on his little meal on the cards thing though because that just didn't work at all for me. I ended up using them as coasters.
After Richard Simmons and no Johnny Depp full frontal, may I offer at least a little Tom Welling for your viewing pleasure. Notice how he struts even when home alone.


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